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  1. Lol hot Moony! Obviously anyone can and should wear their hair as they want. As a 29 year old in a business setting at work I never wear pigtails-it definitely gives the impression of too young.
  2. Stardale-just want to clarify what you mean by 'if we do this the economy goes down'. Do you mean that if the Philippines did this, that it costs money which would then come out of taxes, which the average person would not be able to pay and thus bankrupts a society to cause the economy to go down? I assume that's what you mean but I'm not sure as the link isn't direct.
  3. Argoyle-your point on tort law is really interesting. I hadn't thought about that argument at all-and certainly haven't read it in the papers here (although I haven't exactly been reading a whole lot of articles about the US health care system). So that leads me to another question...who's going to be in charge of the system (taxing, rules etc)...feds or each state? Does tort law fall under feds or state? My assumption is that tort law is state while health care is federal...but I don't know. If my assumption is correct, then it would be very interesting to see if states who have the strictest tort laws also have the least expensive medical costs... In Can health care is national (so it must have been brought in federally) yet it's the provinces that are in charge of managing the system...so depending on the province there can be some major differences (ex. I think that avg. wait lines are way longer in ON vs. the Maritimes, however in terms of specialists there are way more in ON over the Maritimes). So how is the US going to be managing it?
  4. tireswing-I actually have a Super Nintendo Although I suppose most things from Super Nintendo I could download for Wii....for some reason though I seam to enjoy the computer over a console better...are any of those games adapted for here?
  5. crdcc-totally curious here...does it force the employer to pay for health insurance, or does it force the employer to align with an insurance company that the employee has to pay into? I was thinking about it last night, mainly the comment of if you want health insurance get a job....I do think there's a lot of grey area for people who do work but still can't afford health care on their own...ex. Mom & Pop stores, new businesses, shift workers, part time employees. I get it that there will likely be a lot of people that abuse the system (it definitely happens here) so then I guess the question is, is it worth it to help the people that really are working their darndest and truly need the help (and just how many people in that category are we talking about)
  6. Welcome all of you! Gramma-never worry about questions...I definitely ask many a silly one myself!! Reg-Wow, super cool you made your own system tireswing-I haven't tried any of those-are they similar to Aveyond? Connie-couldn't agree with you more!!
  7. I know almost nothing about the US health care bill. Will your taxes be raised directly to pay for it? I assume it will (also from Ontario we do get an extra health care levy on top of our normal taxes-which also go partially towards health care). If not then what are the premiums/how will they be paid? Does it force employers to have to give health insurance?
  8. Tiniponi's done a great FAQ which is great in place of the strategy guide. Anyhow, it answers a lot of questions including where to find gems...here's her answer: Q: Where can I get Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Opals, and Topaz,? A: As follows: - Diamonds – dropped by Glowbugs in Fauna Caves - Emeralds – dropped by Emerald Slimes in the Crystal Caverns - Sapphires – dropped by Snapdragons in Blueleaf Forest - Opals & Topaz – The Brown Worm in the Root System drops one of them when defeated. After that, fighting the Worms in the Worm Tunnels will get you as many as you want to spend time getting.
  9. Jayshe


    I bet the people she caused to die wouldn't agree with the hero's death It sounds like yes, she did something to try and redeem herself...and in fiction it feels like heroism....but as Elemental said I think RL would be different. I mean, a second degree murderer sacrificing themselves wouldn't exactly make up for the people they got killed, would it?
  10. BFG launched it at the same time if that helps?
  11. Belinda-this hasn't happened on mine so it shouldn't be a Lost Orb thing. Alt-Enter?
  12. Sir Tact-thinking about your post I think you're actually bang on. I did start from my saved TLO file which had me start at a higher level than 30...likely because of that I didn't need to level up as much, but because of the gold loss I was conscious of having to go back to specifically fight for gold. Thank you for that-it definitely makes sense.
  13. Shaz-not sure if you're referring to my post or not but maybe it's just the cautious way I tend to play the games (meaning many a battle) but no, in the past I've never felt that I've ever really been lacking for gold. This chapter more than any of the others I was very conscious of the state of my gold as I seemed to need to fight a lot before having enough to buy what I needed. It could very well be a subtle change in the way I played given I started with testing vs. flat out playing.
  14. What level were you playing on? (curiously) I found in this chapter more so than the others that I never had enough gold to buy all my equipment properly in one go so would subsequently have to go back and hunt down many a monster.
  15. @Foxxy-your girls look adorable...love that pic as it shows your personality come through! @Michael-I can say the same for your pic really...you seem like a really fun guy.
  16. Jayshe


    Aeternus-I was there!!!! I have pics just like that one (once I get it off my camera lol)! My voice didn't come back until Tuesday Of course noone at work really cared because they had all been going crazy too. My brother lives in Vancouver (and his work shut down for the full two weeks lucky dude) and he said it was even crazier there (no doubt). I totally agree with you on the people out there...people of all ages, races, backgrounds, whatever were all hugging, cheering, and singing together. Amazing!! I am going to remember that day for the rest of my life. Isn't it funny how sport can truly unite a country? (of course for most other countries that sport is soccer instead of hockey!!)
  17. June-I tried kangaroo while I was in Australia over Christmas-it's yummy! They serve kangaroo steaks all the time...as well as crocodile
  18. Jayshe


    Definitely an amazing hockey game-broke all the television records here. The streets were insane after the game...I'm in TO and our main street was essentially shut down in the downtown core because of all the people celebrating. I also lost my voice!! haha Great times...an even better game played by both sides. I feel like I'm in Olympic withdrawal now without it being on or talked about all the time! Guess I'll just have to wait for the Summer ones...although World Cup this summer at least gives something else to be excited for in the mean time.
  19. WOW! Congrats. Did you get yellow too? Smoking.
  20. Jayshe


    I'm happy that Finland one...both countries are very deserving but it's nice to see them rebound after a bad game. I think Kipper still has a few years left under hist belt before retirement...at least Calgary sure hopes so! haha Big game for Canada today...if Canada wins the streets downtown are going to be crazy!
  21. Niya-this is straight tiniponi's guide...it's not the ingredients but tells you who to talk to get it triggered: - Love Potion – from Burnaby or his niece, Loretta, in Burnaby’s house in Harburg (which one gives it to you depends on whether or not you reunited Burnaby & Hanna in LoT.
  22. Jayshe


    Leelah-you never know, the Finns could pull it out...if Kipper has a good game he's next to impossible to beat! Super stoked for a CAN-USA re-match. Wyst-I know, I don't know what I'm going to do with my evenings when the Olympics are over haha. At least there's World Cup this summer, woohoo!
  23. Jayshe


    hahaha Me too Aeternus!!! I didn't know what to cheer loudest for. I'm pretty sure my neighbours hate me for all my yelling during the game...and then during bobsleigh!!!!!! On to the semis. Would LOVE to win and have a re-match with the US on Sun. :)
  24. I was actually one of the successful couples to make it through 4 years of long distance as me and my guy went to separate colleges. I can tell you that 1) it's not easy and 2) both people need to be absolutely committed to it or it just won't work. If he doesn't want to commit to a long distance relationship it's pretty impossible to have one. I love whoopdeedo's saying above...it doesn't mean it's the end if it is eventually meant to be!
  25. Jayshe


    Curling definitely looks like a funny sport...I mean how many 40 year old Olympians are there? However, I've tried curling a few times and it's super fun...a really strategic game that turns out is not so easy when you're slipping and sliding around on ice. (Okay I slip and slide on ice, clearly the ones on tv have better balance and can use those feet slidey things better than me!) Regarding Canada/US hockey...all I can hope is that it's like what came to pass with the juniors this Christmas...Can beat US in the prelims but then US beat Can in the final. Let's (okay Aeternus and I ) hope it's the opposite here in Vancouver! (Assuming we get past the Russians on Wed...I'm assuming tonight against Germany is a done deal lol) Super big win for Virtue and Moir!! First North Americans to win and youngest coupled ever. I loved that they're best friends with the American couple who came in second...they all looked so genuinely happy for each other.
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