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  1. Sorry Black Princess just re-checked this now!  It's mmmmm modern fantasy maybe?  Harry Dresden is a wizard of the streets of Chicago...his adventures are set in the real world but include fantasy creatures such as vampires and the fae.

  2. I've been reading Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series lately and absolutely love it.  Anyone else out there tried him?  If so I'm nearing the end and would love a recommendation on a similar series.  Help!  :D

  3. When I was in university I would head to a different area (library, breakout room, caf) to study so that I'd be unplugged and unable to procrastinate.  Of course that was in the days before wireless and smartphones. 


    To add to Bemused's comments starting a book series during exams isn't all that smart either.  My second year midterms didn't thank me for starting Harry Potter at the beginning of them.  ;)

  4. Aaaaah this is the topic I've been looking for - sorry for my repeat questions in the village square.  Overall great new site Amanda.  Is there a space where we can still report bugs?  I only ask because everytime I click on the forum title to see the list of forums to get back to village square, I get a page not found bug and then need to click on it a second time in order to get to the page I want.  Also I noticed some shiny new credits in my posession...I assume that this is what you were talking about in terms of the new shop system?