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  1. ok Thanks! I'll get to it when I get back to my computer.
  2. ok. I know I have Love Potion, Moth powder, Purple warp egg, quicksilver, Grow potion and ice bomb. I don't know if I'm missed collecting another recipe or not. I know that the Quicksilver one took me a couple of tries to make.
  3. I'm very close to the end of the game but right now I'm tying up loose ends (sidequests) and I was wondering where do you find the Truth Serum.
  4. You need to go to the Great Tree after you get Yvette
  5. I just recently bought the Lost Orb game from here and I see the golden fish but how do I catch it? I have searched the forums but I didn't find anything on how to start the quest.
  6. I honestly didn't know and I have taken that website that I had saved off of my computer. So I will take this as something good that did happen so that Amanda can take care of it since it was a pirated blog.
  7. I didn't know. I was just surfing and saw that website.
  8. I couldn't remember the name of it earlier so I had to look it up.
  9. At first I was in front of him. Luckly i saved before talking to him. I got the game off of another website.
  10. After you give the bust to Walt in Thais, I can't move.
  11. go to http://smrpg.net/ and you can download the game from there
  12. I know. I only mentioned it to give you guys a heads up about it. i can't wait to play the game either. I'm actually going to play Moon Child all the way through when the next version comes out
  13. he didn't really say too much about it only that it takes place 2 years later from the Moon Child game. But like I said just check out the link above and you can see what I'm talking about
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