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  1. i am at bluebeards cove and i have a dragon. the only thing i have on mylist is to use the stone on mel... i am trying to level up and buy supplies and i want slime and toxic sludge.
  2. I was at the witch city once, but want to return to open blue chest and get slime dont remember how to get back. Help
  3. thanks will do. that is the missing piece i was looking for.
  4. i am hopeless lost. i have talked to the king and he tell me the story about it daugher. if i needed to take the letter(black mailing), i did not and she back in the house. i have talked to everybody twice and still have no idea. help...everybody got there stuff, fan and quill now what.i read the notice about the thief, and have deliverd the package. i have seen the medal that the slave girl has and ask me not to tell. what am i missing.
  5. i know who it is it's Lady Anara, i know why...i know where the daugher is Sara, what i don't know is how to get her from the lady who does not want to sell her. i have talk to sarah, but how to get her back to her family is my quiestion.
  6. the only things left in my journal are find out who is working with thieves, and search for kings daughter...
  7. i found the king's daugher, but have no idea what i need to do now. i don't have the quest to find king daugher, how do i get that.
  8. So i need to get this right, i loaded my "save file from book 3" and i was set at level 5, i have nothing else. No gold, no weapons nothing, is that normal. Then my second ?, is... I am having no luck tranferring my files from one computer to another. We tried tranferring everything, not just the saved game, but all Orb files and nothing. This has happen trying to tranfer to two different computers. Help.
  9. I am almost done, i just have to give the blind guy the eyedrops. Can my party go back to ghe'ahre? Just looking to load up on supplies. thanks. I love all the Aveyonds, but i am sure my kids and husband hate it. Not much gets done around my houses and my kids barely eat. just kidding...a little. haha
  10. i look through old post did not find the answer. i got bite by wolf and i am now cursed...how to un-cursed?
  11. can anyone tell me where the magic mushroom farm is?
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