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  1. NEW DEMO Now with: - A scene involving Len and... THANOS. With the game's first CG! - The mission with Zephyr, Forte and Nero the next day! - Some more dialogue - Bugs fixed - Scrolling text (edit from prefs>text speed) and anti-sparkle textboxes - Lots of sneak previews of the full game, so theorize to your heart's content! - Music room PARTS: http://www.4shared.com/file/_U2hLt_Z/_demo_v2__Fantasia_Momento_of_.html http://www.4shared.com/file/0kIBekKB/_demo_v2__Fantasia_Momento_of_.html http://www.4shared.com/file/QaUZmmQ9/_demo_v2__Fantasia_Momento_of_.html http://www.4shared.com/file/WtE8Lu8d/_demo_v2__Fantasia_Momento_of_.html FULL DEMO DOWNLOAD LINK: http://4shared.com/file/POncj088/Fantasia_3_demo_2.html http://www.mediafire.com/?o93e6672aodfa25
  2. haha great game can't wait azure!! I'm starting to like the characters already especially Nero and Zephyr but Shea looks nice as well heh anyways for the missions how about some sort of kidnapping or loss of money? then you have to fight to find it or something XD I don't know...
  3. haha i agree that scar makes him look much more hotter than he already is btw i have a query about the item shops...can someone pm me what item helps with whose path or something? I've gotten about 30 endings already just lost track of what each item does XD
  4. i can't remember how i got nazim's unison can someone help me? thanx and if anyone would like to help with the walkthrough that would be good I'll credit you
  5. hey azure do you mind if I do a walkthrough for the game or do you already have one?
  6. i saw on the character creation contest page that you're in the progress of making a 3rd one O_O wow!!! haha and the 2nd one isn't even out yet you should really charge money for these I would gladly pay
  7. I don't know if it's a bug but when I was in the desert, after i used the crystal my party's hp and mp were all full when I looked at it via 'esc' but on the bar at the bottom of the screen their hps and mps did not change at all so I'm a little confused XD but when I save and restart it's alright
  8. at gretchen's house warming party, what exactly am i supposed to do? and how do i get out of the party i mean like how does it finish?
  9. thanks! I managed to get cyrus's path and got a little bit of nazim but not fully XD keep doing something wrong but it's so cute:P
  10. so only cain and klavios are possible? and raven? what are his choices? XD any others? and thank you for making this game and the first:)
  11. haha 'Now what should I do today? Blind her or sew her mouth together? Wait no that is dark magic. I can’t use that here. Since I have already drenched her once and singed her hair maybe this time I’ll…' LOL! sew her mouth together! Yes!
  12. nice update!! continue! I find Aaylah annoying hahha but it's good;)
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