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  1. candy

    dark forest

    thanks for all the help you guys
  2. candy

    dark forest

    I'm not talking about the cottage. I'm talking about the door in "Dark Forest" up the stairs... it's locked and I need to know how to open it. thanks
  3. candy

    dark forest

    How do I unlock door in Dark Forest? I can't seem to figure this one out... Thanks in advance!
  4. It's so close... only 10 more days. I'm also excited about the voice pack.
  5. Yay!!! 11 more days! I'm soooo excited!
  6. I'm with you Juliio, every day does seem like an eternity...
  7. thanks for answering my question you guys. I get it...
  8. I don't know if this question was asked or not and going threw 23 pages is to much so, I'll ask. Why was the game divided into "books" or "chapters"? Why wasn't it like AV2?
  9. candy

    GoN Quests?

    oh rats! I didn't realize that I had to get the soul in this chapter... oh well, it's a good excuse to play it again
  10. candy

    Witch advice?

    your characters are probably to weak to fight her yet. you should try to fight more monsters to get your level up or buy level eggs and use them on your party to get stronger. good luck!
  11. candy


    before you can go there, you need to go to stormwood (not sure this is the correct spelling) and learn to skate.
  12. hmm.. I wonder who the green hair girl is in gates of night. luv the first chapter! can't wait for the second!