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  1. FullMoon

    Fantasia: Grand Finale (GXB, VN+RPG battles)

    Any idea when is the game coming out? n_n
  2. I don´t know if anyone has mentioned it before, but I think there is a little grammar mistake in the game. Shouldn´t it be "...she will not eat..." or something like that? o:
  3. FullMoon

    Save files

    Thank you so much!! n_n
  4. FullMoon

    Save files

    If I want to use these save files, what folder exactly should I put them in? I know you are suppose to put them in "The Lost Orb" folder, but when I do that nothing happens.
  5. I see. Well I didn´t know that
  6. One slide after this, the game shuts down and the notepad opens with this:
  7. I didn´t say that. See? I looked back and MoonPrincess said that, not me
  8. You are welcome n_n Yes, I did say with "s" Huh? I didn´t say anything about that o:
  9. I was playing through different "decisions" and I think I found few typos. I could be wrong (my first language is not English), but it just sounded weird n_n Screenshot Shouldn´t it be something like "I know, but sometimes he never thinks before doing something...."
  10. FullMoon

    Problem with opening the game.

    Ok, I got my game working again n_n Thanks for help! Can someone please lock this topic? :3
  11. FullMoon

    Problem with opening the game.

    Ah, yes, I am admin in my PC.
  12. Ok, I bought the game and played it. Then I had few days a pause becuase I was really busy. And now, when I tried to open the game it said: http://i829.photobucket.com/albums/zz212/SilveryFullMoon/Untitled.jpg[/img] O: What should I do?? Why does it say that? ._. I bought the game from here (if needed I can show e-mails I got).
  13. I have program named "Online-Armor" and it says that this game has a virus called Backdoor.Rbot!IK. o.O
  14. FullMoon

    Dreams - Newsletter

    Well, I am still young My dream is to become a professional photographer. I am working on it