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  1. Thanks, I can't believe it the spot was right next to the bridge LOL the only place I hadn't checked...*feels stupid*
  2. I'm actually following the walkthrough but I still can't find it :S It's in one of those eight rose bushes right? I searched the whole area LOL
  3. Hi I'm now in area 10 Pacifica Park but I can't find the dragon...Behind wich rose bush is he supposed to be?
  4. I just beated shadow erin with pure luck but where is the next one? the yellow one? is it tarlia?
  5. thanks a lot for your quick response. I made it hopefully my ayara team will manage lol
  6. what about those locked doors, Do they open with some mechanism or something?
  7. Help, I'm stuck at shiva passage, does anyone have a guide for this dungeon?
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