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  1. New Year!!

    Happy New Year guys! 2017 was a bit rough to me, I’m hoping to get everything back on track, keep writing and drawing, and start to play around with RPGMaker a bit. XD Meanwhile, I’ll stick to my daily routines of reading (I’m currently reading Lolita) and Ballet Beautiful exercises! Good luck to everyone with your 2018 plans! Enjoy this brand new year! ❤️❤️
  2. Hiiiii!!!!!~ Thank u! I’ve been dying to talk about Lydia with somebody! XD Ya know, if I had to make lists like Lydia does, she would be on my favorable one. Lol She’s kinda cute in her spoiled, misguided way... 👑💅🏻
  3. Regarding Act One: Haha, I just can’t wait to share this one. Lydia and Edward — despite how they are not into each other, I believe they still have spent quite a bit of time growing up together, and that grands them with a certain sort of intimacy, whether they like it or not. Lol Ed and Mel — since originally in the game Ed first reached out for Mel, I thought it would be fun if Mel was the first person to do the reaching out (kinda) thing in this story. X)
  4. . Act One . ( Lydia&Edward, Mel×Edward ) Some quick AU settings: Hi there. (: So I’ve been developing their characters in my head, and I figure these pieces can be put together into one whole story that makes a little bit more sense (hopefully Each act features one or more pairings (not necessarily all in a romantic sense). They could be read as separated short fluff if you like, I guess. ^ ^
  5. Aveyond ships

    @moonpeace You made me wanna attend Shadwood Academy! Haha, if only I had magic... /:
  6. Hi there, I guess I just finished reading Part 1 but I HAVE to leave a comment right away! I love your story and writing style! Rich, vivid, with sprinkles of humours here and there! Everything fits in perfectly with canon storyline and your unique, beautiful personal interpretation allows you develop their characters in a truly charming way. ^ ^ This even cured my disability of not being able to get through with a long story I think. XDDDDD I adore Edward and Mel very much and I’m so glad to have discovered a wonderful story of them like yours! Btw, I believe I’ve came across some of ur other Edward/Mel fanfics at archiveofourown and my favorite so far would be Shiptime, haha! Love that brief, delicate and sweet chestnut! I’ll keep on reading and praying for updates... XD
  7. @moonpeace Haha thank you! Got that fixed. ^ ^ I haven't finished playing AV2 but I definitely plan to do so. XD
  8. @BlackPrincess I remember the old Amaranth website and there was this Collegium (?) place where fans shared fanart, fanfic, etc. I spent quite a lot of time hanging around back then! XD What characters are you fond of btw? (: Lars would be my all-time-favorite, except that Edward is slowly gaining more and more of my attention XDDDD
  9. Mu11berry's Art-ish Looking Things

    @Mu11berry Haha no problem! I totally love ur Te'ijal&Galahad fanart, like that one where they’re in Halloween costume! That underworld village they live in (sorry I forgot the name) is pretty Halloween-y itself (with pumpkins and skeletons all sorts of things), so I suppose they could dress like that everyday there! XDDDDD
  10. Welcome back, Azura! :kawaii-silly:

    1. Azura


      Yay I’m back! Once again haha! XD Good to see you’re still around Meroko!! >3333< ❤️

  11. Aveyond ships

    I would also nominate Lars&Lydia! These royal kids sure know how to make trouble and cause a scene!!! XDDDD And I can’t help but image when Lars becomes a teacher, all mature and grown-up, and has to cope with a spoiled brat like Lydia herself.... Mmm this should be fun!!!
  12. @moonpeace Hehe! Lars practically made history by — other than defeating Ahriman together with the hero party — being incredibly beautiful lol I'd say he's the star boy of Aveyond series (; Glad you like these stuff! ❤️ Thank u!! (Btw, do u happen to know how to insert hidden content in a post? I wanna put those earlier drawings in a hidden content box... to help people not get distracted by them, hopefully XD)
  13. Aveyond ships

    @moonpeace Yes Senpai! Exactly! And John's feelings towards Mel would be... like a less complicated or passionate version of Lolita... haha! I just feel bad for love potion bringing John and Elini together somehow. ): That’s not the way people are supposed to fall in love...
  14. Crack Generator

    Anyone fancy Lars×Edward?? ( ᐛ )
  15. @Mu11berry XDDD Thank you! Those earlier ones were made around 2010, and my style has been developing and changing since then... haha~ i like ur drawings too! Aveyond needs more fanart! ; w ;