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  1. You`re so good at making stories xD I simply love it !!! xD Rhen x Lars 4 ever !!!
  2. thank you aLL the people of here is so nice XD
  3. heLLo my name is Patricia I have 14 years I've dreamed to be a famous RPG maker but I'm not good enough to make one ][ and I love AP av1 av2 and I'm waiting for av3 too XD ][
  4. i can't wait for av3 XD in av3 will be guild a guild b guild c like av1 ??
  5. I've finished the game but it appears a sunset and then back to the menu :cry:
  6. where can I find a battering ram for the squirrels ?
  7. thank you aisling but I have another question .. how can I leave Elden ? it's the first time that I'm playing this game ... srry if I'm annoying you ..
  8. i don't know where can I find avrail i've searched her everywhere but nothing :cry: please help me
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