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  1. I hope that the future Aveyond has this things and make it more explainable happeing in Aia sine AV0-3D)
  2. Well We hope the future game will spill the beans
  3. 4) Who make the Shadow Sword? 5) Whats was the role of Alexander Pendragon (ancestor and founder of thais as mention in AV0) 6) For the love of god, What is the true nature of oracle (as goddess and a priestess)
  4. Or this is alternate way, they travel to the past and fight the Rhen's or Ean's or even Mel's team as an lingering will or ghost like that or go to the deeper past where the Sword of Shadow are made in the great demon war includes Ahriman (1000 years before AV0) and the full story of Haruvatat and her Dirkon Town and the Oracle's mystery (includes the nymphs).
  5. or maybe the Oracle should be a boss like that to get ultimate weapon or spell or whatever something
  6. thats what I mean and I hope we can kick-butt former endboss as superboss like ahriman team up w/ his daevas or snow queen w/ heptitus
  7. thats "Endboss" not super boss, superboss like not consider in story line but rather more powerful than endboss like shinryuu and czar dragon in final fantasy or red/steven in pokemon.
  8. Not surprisingly the disappearance of Mule Express after AV1 is one of the reasons of the Phenomenon in Aia.
  9. I wonder what will the Aian's geologist reactions?
  10. Messing the Aia's landscape is priceless and not surprisingly many ppl relocate their towns and also the behavior of the oracle is epic ("O_O") so what kind of goddess is she? not as benevolent as she? a landscape messer or what?
  11. Gratz to the new moderator
  12. king_arceus

    Last Scenario

    tower of redemption is at lv 60 and you should train there or in judgement hall
  13. king_arceus

    Getting the music

    Even playing the game theres no sound unles you open Windows media player, how to fix this bug
  14. king_arceus

    Golden Fish Scale and other two items

    i forgot to ask how bout human repelent? should I give to hercules?
  15. Does anyone notice the ruin in brightwood forest in Aveyond 3 ? this is cointain spoiler just highlight it http://www.aveyond.com/uploads/newbb/49_4a71d0ff8933e.png[/img] http://www.aveyond.com/uploads/newbb/49_4b7983a4a322a.png[/img] I have many theory about it and most of all I think that ruin is Candar or AV 1 Thais.Notice the picture bellow. but I prefer to Candar http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/8335/candarcitycopy9ix.png[/img] notice the design of the ruin compare the old Candar and the river shape.Oh I almost forgot this, notice theres a watefall at the west and also in the ruin map too and http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7597/candarcopy4fv.png[/img] it also locate at the south go back to Brightwood Forest, the location of the Ishtir forest is at north and its snowing similar to Glenvale that also snowing and north of it and notice the apple farm is also there and probably trought time its branded as moo hatchery that also a farm, so thats mean the place of interest of the ancient brightwood forest is changing its location, how irony but theres Q? 1* the main entrance of witchwood is at shioa plain acording to the old map but the newer map does not instead moo hatchery take place 2* the southwest of old map has a dessert but the newer map have the chateau lenore 3* in Eans quest, Candar is at the north of thais answers 1* that could make sense,witchwoodian witches probaly migrade on the eastern isle due to the event of AV 1 because ahriman blasted the whole thais which one of the witch said in new witchwood in eastern empire and thus after the event of AV 1 the witches and Gavin also return to their homeland which locate at the peninsula of center mainland in AV 2 and the location from southern brightwood to sandstone but du time it changes and the sandstone turn into sinoa plain due to erosion in that area 2* there or option, thais had experience deluge or ahriman blast the dessert or moved westward but in AV O the westward of the map is Tar Verdon but it does not appeared in av 1 and 2 and in av 3 its location is at the south of mainland, srange indeed but IDK why amanda put it at the south but in av 2 the south portion of the map is lush green island and I think that area has been drought so much that leaves only deserting the area and the location of aveyond change again 3* do candarian move north or their are thaisians who move north, remember what an npc said in thais, thais is the oldest kingdom in the mainland and does make sense, candar in av 2 is new candar and their are the descendant of old candarian who once live in the ruins any question or sugestion about this topic will be reply back and the chatting is open to ask
  16. king_arceus

    The Mystery Of Western Brightwood Forest

    You guys are right though but "Im" sure that this ruin is one of the famed city in the past. even idk if this Candar or not but I just give what im thinking on the ruins
  17. king_arceus

    Golden Fish Scale and other two items

    and where I can use the truth serum too? cuz im in Ashera tomb and leveling to defeat the "Gigantic crab"
  18. king_arceus

    Life in Sedona (Mild TLO spoilers) - FINISHED

    I wonder if they have a baby after this
  19. king_arceus

    Golden Fish Scale and other two items

    um whats recipe is that O_o cuz I havent notice on that thing on game?
  20. king_arceus

    The Mystery Of Western Brightwood Forest

    w8 a min how bout the ghost town in AP? isint it the town ppl there turn into a spirit cuz of the monster curse on forest guardian? and the place turn into a ruin
  21. king_arceus

    The Mystery Of Western Brightwood Forest

    just curious
  22. king_arceus

    The Mystery Of Western Brightwood Forest

    hmm maybe in AV 3-4 this ruin has more deep purpose and I hope the answer of the ruin lies in new game
  23. king_arceus

    The Mystery Of Western Brightwood Forest

    how irony, even the location theory is right but the time is not on exact scenario, maybe this area is the 1st thais or the 1st of all city in mainland.