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  1. etiniya

    hardest moment ever?

    My hardest moment for me was when I was at the Ahriman's Lair... it's too hard to defeat the enemies... even if I use Sword of Shadow spells and I am level 95. I was stuck and I have only little medicines/supplies to cure my party. I want to go back to the Stronghold Temple, but bunches of enemies blocking me...I am really stuck... I was at the Dreamworld to get the Dreamer's Tear. The enemies are so hard, and Agas... he's so hard to defeat... Mt. Orion??? You died 50 times?? XD if you want to go explore Mt. Orion, better you use both Rhen, Lars and Elini at the active party, if Rhen is alone, she is not strong enough to defeat the enemies.
  2. etiniya

    Talia and sun shrine...

    If you want Talia leaves you, you'll need to meet Devin. Go to the hermit's cottage at the southwest area of the Wildwoods. Talk to Devin. Talia and Devin will leave you.
  3. etiniya

    Ahriman's lair

    Go to the Stronghold Temple, a temple at the Demon Caverns (Southern Isle). To go to the Ahriman's Lair, enter the second room of the temple (a door at the left area of the temple). There is a locked big door there. If you already got a crystal key from Eithera, unlock it by using that key. You'll arrive at Ahriman's Lair.
  4. etiniya

    leveling up

    Can anyone tell me where I can leveling up fast? I am level 40.
  5. etiniya

    Im lost and trying to find Wild Woods

    At the Eastern Isle, go south and you'll find a place of mountains. Now, you're at the Lookout Point, then go down the ladder. Remember, before you go down the ladder, save your game first at the crystal at Lookout Point so you can load your game again if you died.
  6. etiniya


    Can anyone help me? One of the witch at New Witchwood is missing her shovel. Where is the shovel?
  7. etiniya

    about saving druids

    Thanks for your help, I found Vohu Manah
  8. etiniya

    tailor kit

    Oh thanks for your help!
  9. etiniya

    help me please

    Do you have any idea where is Tar Vedron? How to go there?
  10. etiniya

    tailor kit

    Can anyone tell me where is Doyle's missing tailor kit? (Doyle is a guy a Happily Ever After) thx
  11. etiniya

    north wind

    North wind is at Ice Cavern. Go through White Pass (a snowy forest near Candar), and search for an entrance to a cave there. Now you're in Ice Cavern. Go to the North Wind's place (you'll need to explore first this area), and fight the wind. Now the wind is weakening, bring the wind back to the Wind Lab.
  12. etiniya

    me again.. underworld entrance?

    Underworld entrance is at the cave near The Crossing. Remember, there is a guy (monster, maybe) who is guarding the entrance to the Land of Dead. You will need a death certificate to go in. You can get it at Ryva, after you completed a quest there. Hope you can find the underworld entrance...
  13. etiniya


    I did join Necromancer guild, but I've heard that Enchantress's skills is powerful. Maybe you better join Enchantress guild.
  14. anyone know how to save druid? i want to save vohu manah pliss...