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  1. 'The lightning thief' by Rick Riordan was wonderful! It had humour, adventure and fantasy!Everyone please vote for that one too!!!
  2. eveleny

    The Immortal

    Wasn't in for the past 2 weeks so I had plenty to read and I loved what I read :loving: !!!!
  3. eveleny

    Avvies and Siggies

    All sets are nice everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I especially like you siggie Lara
  4. @whoop: *puts down magnifying glass* Nope, still can't see the cat @wolfie_girl: He is ADORABLE!!!! :loving:
  5. You look real pretty becksss!!!!! You were on vacation? @stardale: finally....the last pic I saw of yours, I couldn't see you in that looooong queue:P. Try to post one with your bangs grown, please? I wanna see that:P @MoonPRincess: You'd better not let sana see that picture. She's never gonna tire of admiring you and the cat...and perhaps trying to strangle you online
  6. eveleny

    User Names

    @natalie: oh k . And k?
  7. It would be looong. The wild chickens and ravens and spiders would take forever to defeat
  8. It was wonderful!!!! I listened to your individual pieces too. You're good .
  9. @iPink: LOL :laughing: They would definitely not be happy. But I don't second the combo idea, I think that AV should be an original AV and RPG not simulation. *shrugs* just my opinion.
  10. I guess people could advertise what they think is right. If we don;t want it, then we can ignore it, change the channel
  11. eveleny

    User Names

    @natalie: what does 2k8 stand for ? It sounds like "to kate"
  12. goody goody and a biiiiit towards Amranth
  13. @twiceth: no, I don't suppose we have seen each other yet . I'm not in Riyadh and we shouldn't reveal our exact locations. And I guess even if we saw each other, we wouldn't know :roll:
  14. :welcome: Natalie, mommoof4littlemen and Ashen Eclipse!!!
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