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  1. @shadowshed:- So can we safely agree tht knowledge is definitely useful when verifyin a reliable source...i hope u mean this....cause if u dn't then i guess i really m slower than the average person (2 topics closed cause of me....lol so much 4r my return to am forums frm 3 years back....maybe i'll become a silent observer again....it wz nice meetin all the new nd likewise old members )
  2. @kenneth:- wow u understood wat i wrote...or maybe this is a fluke....same thing i said to shadowshed...go back several posts nd read....oh wait u can't understand me.....so dn't go back nd read....ok...calm dwn... my sarcastic side is actin up so sry....bt kenneth i can't jst write everythin i jst wrote be4ore nw can i?
  3. @shadowshed(Open mouthed gasp) No, i will nt rehash...read my former posts plz... nuthin wrong with adoptin.....people who have problems conceivin a child can adopt.... I disapprove of gays?....yes do they fall in love with their own gender? yes i agree My definition of marriage? it shouldn't bother u....it's nt like i m askin u to accept it... orphans? Ofcourse i care about them....my actual plan is to have kids of my own...nd along with tht i will also adopt orphans.....no child has to be abandoned by parents...it is horrible.... y i object to gay marriages? GO back several posts cause i m tired of rehashin... @all:- I have no idea wat u want frm me....i will alwayz disapprove of gay couplings.....people pushed me to reveal y i dissapproved....so i did...it is jst an opinion....u dn't like it, fine....u want to question it? go ahead...bt dn't assume stuff nd make me look like a monster... Did i ask anyone here y sumone chooses to be gay? NO..... So y does it bother anyone here tht i jst dn't like gay marriages? @kennan:- ryt try nt to comment on any of my comments without understandin.....nd i m sure animals hate tht they r brought into this argument...nd if u couldn't tell i m bein sarcastic....
  4. lol go to page 10 of this thread.....i have posted a post in 2008....nd guess wat? it has animals in it read again...i m not a christian
  5. @kenneth:- Halleleujah.....get rid of the animals.. Of course they agree with it....u make me sound like a dictator.....ND DUDE I M NT A CHRISTIAN so stop assumin i have to research about wat the church says @theone:- Wow nd the cycle keeps goin....jst because one thing is natural, doesn't make the other unnatural, homosexuality is natural along with heterosexuality. I m askin y r we bringin animals in this argument of homosexuality.... ND 4R THE LAST TIME PEOPLE CAN BE GAY BT I DISSAPPROVE OF IT, i m nt proposin to burn these people....or ban them....U can justify homosexuality with reference to animals....bt 4rgive me if i refuse to be compared to an animal...
  6. @kenneth:- Many people where i live accept my definition of marriage.....i dn't know about ur homophobics group....m nt burstin out....where i live, people accept my definition of marriage.... @ theone:- ryt thank u 4r pointin out the obvious...so we should compare everythin we do with animals? y? wat logic dictates tht? i mean y r we takin them as equals?
  7. Ohhh....lol...so no "4r" but "for".....sry my furry friend( should i take this back?).....spellings r dismissed in a forum....another of my beliefs.... Sry 4r changin ur topic....i jst found one of ur sentences to be connected to the heart of this topic, so i jst wanted to discuss it.... i m sry i did nt mean any offence.....however, since it wz done i apologize....
  8. @yuffie:- Yea lol, the mods were all over me...though i wz well a little more foolish then..... @shadowshed:- i think ur choice of words rn't offensive at all,... unless of course ur worst is yet to be seen
  9. @kenneth:- i dn't care about the first post...i m addresin the question "Religion: Does it cross the border?" nd tht is nt spam... Oh nd i asked u where do u have problem in understandin my english....sentence structure,grammar ,vocabulary or wat? Oh nd it is nt a must tht u must reply to every post....u can comment on sumone elses post....of course this only is tht if u cannot understand me....cause well english is hard 4r me to grasp @KTC:- well u atleast have brought up emotion in ur equation.....bt i understand ur faith is nt in supposed " higher being" or prayer.....though one must have gud control over his/her emotion to think rationally out of every solution...whether u do i have no idea....bt i respect ur opinion
  10. @shadowshed:- i agree with u....bt u do seem to be sayin the same thing i m sayin bt with different phrasin.....u can disagree.....bt both topic(religious,scientific) does matter along with source
  11. @KTC, shadowshed:- because they try to have kids nd cannot....nd those who r afraid of transferrin genetic dieseases r jst nt ready cause of fear....m i repeatin myself....well yes i m...i jst cannot understand ur point on majority:- slavery is among humans....the same species....we,...no u people r comparin gay characteristic of humans with gay characteristic of animals.....i disagree with using this rational e to solve this question...... Nd hw do i know penguins r exception? they probably r nt.....maybe the majority fall in luv....bt as u said:- A majority rules doesn't mean its correct or the 'natural' way. So we fall into the same stalemate as we both can use this argument to rehash on who is corret or wrong...... Basically ur sayin to ignore wat the majority does nd then continue with an argument? @kenneth:- ryt animals are smarter than us.....i will accept tht.....nd since u're the animal specialist....tell me should we jst compare everything we do with animals? it is pointless.... Nd 4r heaven's sake my definition of marriage is my own .....i dn't care wat churchill said about marriage.....or wat saddam hussain said.....i believe marriage is sacred.....though luv can be obtained without marriage nd so can kids....bt couples producin kids without marriage are normally disagreed upon....however luv without marriage is nt frowned upon. Bt marriage with both kids nd luv is nt frowned upon either...... So yes, marriage at sum degree does encourage u havin kids....
  12. @fanofaveyond:- wz a semi-finalist...or wz it quarter-finalist at the fifa world cup once....i think it wz the wrld cup where france won i remember rootin fr them cause i liked their uniform I m frm Pakistan.....a really green country with unpredictable rain...nd lots of resources....nd ofcourse a really corrupt government
  13. @KTC :- Fine,....i will nt use gorillas bt alpha male chimps...(Wow, u do pounce on the obvious?)...Dn't know about the penguins....bt we r more closer to chimps then penguins dn't u think? Interestin thing about the parthenogenesis.....so nature does have exceptional cases...so this proves sum animals of sum species except mammals can reproduce without a male....doesn't have a link on whether animals fall into luv... ur point about penguins in luv is quite legtimate....bt besides tht check the majority... i remember in high school,a girl brought this topic up...i jst didn't buy it then...cause she didn't have ample proof...funny hw things work out... @kenneth:- Wow....u're pissed...m nt surprised....so i told both ipink nd theone tht i would annoy sumone.. ok...because of my english u could nt pick up on my ideas...so i'll lay them in clear english point by point:- 1) Do i like gay couples? No, because they violate my definition of marriage, along with several beliefs 2) gay people lust 4r sex? rehashin again? i think i will be mentionin this 4r like the umpteenth time (KTC, this is a figure of speech....dn't pounce on it ) I never said tht.....luv does exist between them bt they R NT to be compared with other animals...because animals do nt fall in love...except maybe penguins....most likely true...anywayz tht wz all i meant... 3)Do i dissprove of gay people as a person? No, i have sum gay friends nd they r pretty gud comedians nd i enjoy their company.... 4)Y my opinion is here on this thread? Cause i wz pushed to have it on this thread..... 5)My english? uhhhhhh.....where exactly is the problem comin frm....grammar, my application of vocabulary, simple sentence structure? dn't say spellins i dismiss them in a forum
  14. @shadowshed:- Now we r discussin semantics on hw a topic is to be discussed upon? Forgive me, bt we r talkin about whether information on the internet is reliable...nd wat do we think about people who dn't think it is reliable...(wow these topics r so specific, a little vagueness must be allowes ) How ever, ur argument is interestin...nd i would luv to follow up on it....do we have to make a seperate thread?
  15. @KTC :- LOL sry if u thought i wz tryin to convert u....i seriously wz nt.....i have met many atheists through out my short life.....at sum point they would agree tht there were sum problems tht could nt be solved through logic or rationality.....because tht particular situation jst did nt allow the human psyche to be rationale..... U may be jst stubborn (won't be surprised , bt i actually admire the way u solve any question.... No more tryin to convert u.... All hail Darwin? @kenneth:-uhhh....Dude sept 11 2001...what happened? buildins fell dwn a lot of people died...cause a plane crashed into the buildins.....whether it wz done by religious extremists or wz a conspiracy on it's own....Nd because religion created these extremists...so yes it does cross the border sumtime.... Dude gay-lesbains are sum other topic nd i did nt discuss them here....people will go to hell? When did i say tht i wz jst subjectin KTC to a series of annoyin questions jst to see whether she could solve all problems with jst rational nd objective....apparently she can so i will cease my questionin
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