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  1. I found it, but I need 2 nectars to make the truth serum and I only have the 1 that I just got. Does the beehive regenerate itself and how long does it take. Thanks.
  2. Where is the behive so I can get more nectar. I must have used it on something else and now when I want to make the truth serum I don't have it. Thanks.
  3. How do I know what I need? The walkthrough says nothing about needing something to get a weapon fortified. I do see a gem with each of the weapons, but it's greyed out. Thanks.
  4. Sorry. Now that I got back to tyobi and got the offer of fortifying weapons, I can't figure out how to do it. Last night I tried to get it done, and now I'm still in te same boat. Maybe by asking you I can do it myself, again. That's how it seems to work lately. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the help but while waiting for an answer I found my own way out. I was looking for two desert holes to be on the same level and wasn't looking in the right place. I stumbled on it and there I was, back in Tyobi. Thanks again. Gramma
  6. I have copies of the maps that I printed with the walkthrough and they don't seem to be of much help except in the tunnels they show which exits link up with other exits. The desert is very vagues about these because the back of the mesas don't show up very well. Besides that, they go nowhereexcept back to the same hole I came out of. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi -- I'm finally getting back to Aveyond and find that the more games I do the harder they become. Now I'm in the Worm Tunnels/Desert and can't figure out how to get out because the tunnels lead to a desert section that goes nowhere and vice versa. I do still need to get a shield, and I think I know which tunnel to follow, except that I'm not sure how to get there. However, I had to start further back because I had made a mistake and at that time I had all the "guards". Please help with being able to leave the place once I do get the shield. Thanks. Gramma
  8. Thanks. I hadn't thought of that. I know I can use either mouse of keyboard, but have been using the mouse, Thanks again. Wish I could figure out why I can't udr the shovel out of items. Gramma
  9. Hi -- I'm back to playing games after a hiatus with needlework. I'm trying to get the Aveyond games done and am now on GoN. I know where the pile of dirt is that needs to be shoveled to get something hidden, but when I go to items to get the shovel is is greyed out and I can't take it to use. Also, it takes me forever to get anything from my items because it doesn't stop at a place where I can get items. It runs down and when I click the bottom it continues to run to the very bottom and doesn't stop. I'm not explaining myself very well, I do hope you understand. Thanks for your help. Gramma
  10. Must have missed it in my running around. Thanks. Gramma
  11. Hi -- It's been while. How do I buy Grimm's Farm. I've been there time and again and no offer is made either by Ean or the owner. Do I have to have someone tell me it's for sale? Thanks for the help, Gramma
  12. Hi -- First off, what do I have to do to buy the farm. Whenever I go there no one mentions selling it. Next question, I am in Seri and have enrolled Emma in the tournament. Had no trouble with the first fight. She used the long sword and first hit the opponent with the Chicken curse. After that it was a piece of cake. Now she's fighting the Shadow and I've used up all the scrolls as well as the Chicken Curse and he still hasn't died. When I hit him he only loses 1 point, I've even used up the Blizzard Ring. Do I need a stronger weapon or what? Thanks for the help. Gramma
  13. I finally really looked at the two maps and discovered how to get to Seri. Thanks for our help anyway. Gramma
  14. Hi -- I've been going nuts for the last 2 hrs. at least trying to find my way out of the Greystone Pass/Caves. I have a walkthrough and maps, but my eyes aren't what they used to be and it's difficult for me to read that tiny print. The walkthrough tells me to go in a direction I can't go in unless I want to end up where I started. I'm told to go to my "return" place and I've been there zillions of times and not finding where i'm supposed to go. Please help. Thanks. Gramma
  15. Hi -- I'm Gramma and I just finished Aveyone1:Rhen's Quest and am starting Aveyond2: Ean's Quest. You'll probably be seeing my silly, dumb questions as I get further into the game. I have started it a couple of times, but never finished it, so now's the time. Thanks in advance for any help any of you can give me. Gramma
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