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  1. I bring thee updates. Mwhahaha! I am winning Karma! >.> for now that is. Okay, so keeping a gazillion backups EVERYWHERE is being useful for once and even though my computer has been sabotaging my work, it’s walking slowly. Anyway, I bring a small concept of cute little Justine. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/platina0012.jpg[/img] Justine is the character to whom the Being (Paradox) is telling this story. Justine is a 6 year old kid, but he… she… it… is very smart. Anyway, Justine is the first character you meet in the story and at some points he is actually playable. Troll: OMG! That kid can only be the super secret awesome blah of blah and blah! You don't say. Once again, what matters here is not rather the wish comes true or not, but what Anini is ready to pay for it.
  2. Glad you liked it. Art of the two for you: Click me for cats Episode 2 - Best Buddies Meme Okay! You two, sit there! I have nothing better to do so I’m gonna test this meme I just made up on you! 1. Okay present yourselves! Kaer: Hello, The name’s Kaer and this my best buddy Saurva, or Kitty Saurva, I call him Sau. K.Saurva: Yo… 2. Awww such good buddies. I’ma call you Buddy 1 – K.Saurva and Buddy 2 – K.Aer, okay? Okay! So tell me, what makes your friendship work? K.Saurva: He’s a histrionic lunatic. K.Aer: Am not… He’s a sexually frustrated blockhead. K.Saurva: What?! So am not! KAer: Virgin… But, basically he keeps me serious and real and prevents me from being over-emotional or clichéd and I give him the spark and style. 3. So what do the two of you do together? K.Saurva: Cosplay… K.Aer: Dress up… K.Saurva: Pranks. K.Aer: We play videogames. K.Saurva: We also argue a lot. K.Aer: And makeout. K.Saurva: You mean make up, you perverted lun! K.Aer: We fight *gives Saurva a masterlock* 4. Where do you come from? K.Saurva: We come from the same place. K.Aer: Old School d_A Nangy’s underground lab, where he makes clones and stuff… K.Saurva: We’re clones. K.Aer: He cloned us by the rule of d_A. K.Saurva: Also completely breaking the forth wall! 5. Let’s see how much you know of each other. Buddy 1, tell us of the worst thing that ever happened to Buddy 2? K.Saurva: I’d say worst that ever happened to K.Aer was he being castrated. K.Aer: That heartless witch. K.Saurva: Now he has no ding-dongs. One of these days he’ll start sounding like Justin Bieber! K.Aer: This baby just got*puts glasses on* Ooooed! K.Saurva: -.- not funny. 6. Oooh! That’s bad. Okay, buddy number 2, share with us buddy 1’s deepest secret! K.Aer: That one is easy! He is jealous of Yaoi Saurva! K.Saurva: I so am not! You just made that up. K.Aer: What you want me to do!? You have no dirty secrets! You no fun! K.Saurva: I have secrets, that’s why they are SECRETS. K.Aer: What’s your secret? K.Saurva: I’m not going to tell you! If I announced it in a radio it would still be better guard than with you. K.Aer: Awww… 7. That’s a real secret! Describe your best bud in three words! K.Aer: Stubborn, blockhead, clueless. K.Saurva: Perverted, insane, GAY! K.Aer: I am so not gay! K.Saurva: Have you even seen how you’re dressed? That has gay… wait, did you ransack Gammal’s wardrobe or something?! K.Aer: Sure did, his wardrobe is arabesque, it was so much fun. Did you know that Gammal is actually a tittle? Cool, huh? I want a cool title like that! K.Saurva: McNutless Gay? How about that tittle? K.Aer: I am not gay! K.Saurva: You have gay written all over, even you voice is becoming Bieberized. K.Aer: I got my balls cut off, what you expected? Gackt kind of voice?! Hello! *does deep gackt voice* You see gay everywhere! I’m starting to think I was right with that “jealous of yaoi Saurva” thing! 8. A song that describes your buddy? K.Saurva: I can’t decide, by Scissor Sisters! KAer: I can’t decide, rather you should live or die! Though you’d probably go to heaven, please don’t hang your head and cry! I actually sound like the scissor sisters! Saurva’s song would be “Want you Gone” by GLaDOS! K.Saurva: I do love that song! K.Aer: Fatty, no parents! K.Saurva: That’s Wheatley, you Moroon. K.Aer: I am not a… *mimicks King Leonidas* MOROOOOON! K.Saurva: He loves doing references. 9. Good songs, good songs! Tell me one person your buddy hates! K.Aer: Humm… Aeron. K.Saurva: He’s a bad example of a man! K.Aer: Meaning, if Sau here ever married a woman, he would be uke like Aeron XD. But come on, Aeron is pretty cool, ye, over-clichéd hero, but okay. K.Saurva: *grunt* Shut up, you hate Anini. K.Aer: Oh come on! The bloody witch prefers to *censured due to spoilerific content*… Did I just got censured? K.Saurva: Yep. 10. I can see why you dislike those two. And who is your buddy’s hero? K.Saurva: Bogeyman! K.Aer: Pyramid Head is old school! I want the 2 meters tall dude with the sledgehammer and a raincoat! K.Saurva: You don’t need to go too far. The new Gammal has axe and a long raincoat looking attire. K.Aer: I said Bogeyman, Silent Hill Bogeyman, not the raincoat killer from that weird lame horror game that’s trying to mimic Silent Hill but that still beat Silent Hill Homecoming in terms of plot and mystery! And, he’s average height… K.Saurva: Who’s my hero? K.Aer: d_A’s Aesma! K.Saurva: My role model *-* And the only d_A Daeva who seems to have a sane mind. Now that’s a real demon! K.Aer: I like that one! *points to tiny yaoi Aesma eating a grandfather clock* K.Saurva: -.-‘ She’s supposed to grow up… eventually… one day. 11. What’s your buddies smexual orientation? K.Aer: Straight Uke, if that’s possible! *troll face* K.Saurva: McNutless! K.Aer: Not funny! K.Saurva: Okay, assexual retired womanizer. K.Aer: I’m going to get Mel to castrate you! 12. How about some fanservice? K.Aer: Certainly! If Mel dignates herself to draw some that is… K.Saurva: Not doing it! 13. How about some, makeout session? K.Aer: *puts lipstick on* K.Saurva: And you don’t want me to call you gay… -.- K.Aer: *kisses K.Saurva just for the sake of annoying him, even licks the side of his face* Muach! K.Saurva: Eww! You’re gross! *hits him and goes disinfect face* K.Aer: Awww, it’s so easy to troll Sau XD. Ouch… *rubs face* that hurt… WORTH IT! 14. Would you go out with your best friend? K.Saurva: No! K.Aer: Yes… K.Saurva: What?! K.Aer: Just kidding!! It’s more of a maybe. K.Saurva: I think the song “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys!” by Katy Perry would be more fitting for you. K.Aer: And you don’t even like, and you don’t even like, and you don’t even LIIIIIKE BOYS! 15. That’s good to know. Important last question, what kind of kiss does your friend like? K.Aer: I have no idea… No kind? K.Saurva: Ear lick… KAer: Ye, I do love that, that sure is a sexy kind of… HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?! 16. Great! Thank you for your time! I see a lot of future friendship. Lastly, how did you know that’s his kind of kiss? K.Aer: Idiot!*storms out* K.Saurva: I… Hummm… I Tag you! *runs away* Wait up, McNutless Gay! K.Aer: *Censured* you! And quit censuring me, Mel!
  3. I am alive! Sort off. This last month of college is being hetic! I barely have time to breathe. Anyway, some time ago d_A give me four nekos. a Kitty Saurva and a Kitty Aerongoth (who have been neglecting)and the chibbyyaoinekos. And the other day i got two male cats and named them Saurva and K.Aer after the nekos d_A drew for me. Anyway, Saurva is a house cat and never leaves the home, he's calm and obedient. K.Aer, on the other hand, is a bloody half-stray cat who raises havock! So my mother sent him to be castrated so he would stop chasing the other cats and maybe calm down a little so we could keep him inside. One of my neighbours is a cat killer, so keeping cats out of your home is prone to losing them. It worked. But now female cats are crazy about him, he's like their big sister (and now he harrases poor Saurva double the time!). Because of this, I decided to write this shorts, about my story original versions of K.Aer (Kity Aerongoth) and K.Saurva (Kitty Saurva). Anyway, the Box is how I call the folder where I store character profiles, plots, species descriptions and stuff, so I thought it would be a good name for this story. This is just for the laughs, don't take anything seriously. Episode 1 – Big Sister K.Aer Mel: K.Aer! *yelling outside of the room* K.Saurva: *on his desk meddling with the camera* What did you do this time? K.Aer: What makes you think I did something? *harassing the chibyyaoinekos* K.Saurva: The obvious fact that Mel is about to kick our door down? CRASH! *DOOR PWNAGE!!* Mel: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/A_195.gif[/img] Cat Aerongoth! You are in big troubles, Cat mister! K.Saurva: See? K.Aer: Hiiiii Mel! *lets chibbyyaoinekos go, who run away back into the yaoi corner* Mel: *eyebrow twitching. Shows him a cat girl with tiny k.aer-looking-dragon-hybrid-cat babies on her hands* HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY CAT GIRLS?! I don’t need little abominations of impossibility running around my already very chaotic mind… K.Aer: That was not me! Catbabies: *breathe fire like a dragon baby* K.Aer: That baby’s father must be *puts glasses on* on fire! YEAAAAAAH! Mel: THIS IS NOT MATTER OF JOKE!! K.Aer: *flinches, and puts glasses away, lifts hands up* Okay, so he’s a dragon cat, but you have A LOT of dragons! CatGirl: Hi, I haven’t seen you, have you been avoiding me? K.Aer: No sweety! Of course not! *under breath* IjustsneakedoutinthemiddleofthenightbecauseIcouldn’tbothertobeannoyed. Mel: *frown* Aerongoth much? *meanwhile in the Mary Sue Retirement Home* Aerongoth: *sneeze* Okay! Who's badmouthing me?! *Back to the cats room* K.Aer: Okay, maybe it was me… But see, she was on heat and so was I. Oh come on! We are in April, it is cat season! Mel: Kitty Saurva never goes around doing that stuff! *points at kitty Saurva* K.Saurva: Hey! Leave me out of this! K.Aer: Oh come on! He’s clueless! He’s Saurva! He’s old-school d_Agas Saurva! You know well that *puts glasses on, again* his brain is elsewhere! YEAAAAAH! K.Saurva: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/093_.gif[/img] Mel: *frowns. Breathes in deeply* You hit on every new catgirl who comes to the Box, you really want me to believe you that it is heat? What about the Christmas incident? K.Aer: Santa arrived *puts glasses again, for the third time* early this year! YEAAAAH!! K.Saurva: I hate when he does that... http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/093_.gif[/img] Mel: Grrrr! This is the last time I let you watch CSI Miami! K.Aer: I’m a man, it’s part of my nature to run around after girls! Come on! You should be proud of me; I’m probably one of the last men on this house who isn’t bi, gay or confused! You somehow managed to make every male character of yours with dubious orientation! Even the straight ones. At least I'm not dubious. Mel: That just because you're a shameless womanizer and that doesn’t change the nature of your action. But since it’s in your nature… *puts a leash on K.Aer* We’re going for a ride. K.Aer: Wait?! Where are we going to. *hugs Saurva so he can’t go* Help me Saurva! She’s going to stuff me in a bag and dump me somewhere! Mel: *drags K.Aer* Much worst! I'm going to fix your nature! K.Saurva: *shoves K.Aer off* Have fun in our ride. *watches them leave* Your gender is about to get *puts K.Aer’s glasses on* bent! YEEAAAAAH! K.Aer: DO NOT joke with my references! Horatio is epic! *dragged away* K.Saurva: If she turned him to a girl he would deserve it! [/color]*3 days later, Common Room* Anini: Aren’t you worried she might have gotten rid of Kitty Aerongoth? K.Saurva: *surrounded by cat girls* Hope not, cause we’re the only catboys around here, and if he’s gone, these girls are never going to leave me alone. Anini: Why does she has so many catgirls, they don’t even have names? K.Saurva: Oh, their part of her species profiles, that’s why they are around. According to the profile they kidnap cat-humanoid-males and drag them to their clan so they can become their personal servants. Anini: They want to make you their servant? *evil grin* K.Saurva: Turn your creepy mind somewhere else! I’m not into that stuff… K.Aer: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/pretty-onion-head-emoticon.gif[/img] You’re not into anything *Edward-cullen sparkles of awesomeness and shoujo (shounen-ai) hotness* Mel: We’re back! And K.Aer had a personality check. K.Aer: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/onion_club_manga_emoticon_large_066.jpg[/img] I wouldn’t call that a personality check. I’m not okay with it, you heartless witch, but I’ll live through it. I guess you can say… Mel: DON’T YOU DARE MAKE A CSI MIAMI REFERENCE! I’LL SHOOT YOU! K.Aer: Oh come on, after what you did to me? You could threaten to feed me to Aesma I would be unphased by it! You can actually do it that it won’t what you just did to me! Mel: Mwhahahaha!http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/100.gif[/img] We’ll I’ll let you two catch up *leaves laughing evily*. K.Saurva: You’re alive! Catgirls: Oh! You look strong! *catgirls push Saurva out of the way and surround K.Aer* Hey big sister! What’s your name? K.Saurva: Big Sister?! K.Aer: I just got *puts glasses on* Demoted! YEA… THIS IS NOT FUNNY MEL! YOU HEARTLESS WITCH! *teary* http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/lighteffect.gif[/img] K.Saurva:http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Espanto.gif[/img] Catgirls: What’s wrong Big Sister, why you sad? K.Aer: That witch! How could she! *gets on his knees, dramatic pose * http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/009_v2.gif[/img] I was proud MAN! I was a proud CAT… MAN! K.Saurva: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Confuso.gif[/img] Drama aside… what did she do to you? K.Aer: *stare* You know when cat owners don’t want cats to spray their territory? K.Saurva: Like you do? K.Aer: Don’t want them to run around late at night getting the maximum female cats they can? K.Saurva: Like you do? K.Aer: Don’t want their male cats to get into fights with other cats? K.Saurva: Like you do! Yes, I know. K.Aer: *on his knees, dramatic pose again* http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/009_v2.gif[/img] How do they deal with it? K.Saurva: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/images-7.jpg[/img] No! K. Aer: Yes… K.Saurva: Where did she got a vet who would actually do it? I mean, you’re a nekomata, not a cat! K.Aer: You know that crazy cientist who likes to play golf with zombie heads, the one from her L4D fanfiction? K.Saurva: Yes. K.Aer: *tail between legs* I met his chainsaw. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/onion_club_manga_emoticon_large_036.jpg[/img] K.Saurva: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Noooooo.gif[/img] Catgirls: Don’t be upset big sister! You are beautiful! K.Aer: I am NOT a woman! *death glare at cat girls* Catgirls: *flinch back* K.Saurva: *sticks his hand down K.Aer’s pants* K.Aer: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Espanto3.gif[/img] K.Saurva: I beg to differ! *snicker* K.Aer: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/lighteffect.gif[/img] Catgirls: Yey! Then big sister can go take a shower with us and protect us from the pervy otakus! We’ll wash your back, and braid your hair! K.Aer: Really? http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Aaaaaacantiknya.gif[/img] Catgirls: *nod* K.Aer: I think I just *puts glasses on* got in with the ladies!YEH! K.Saurva: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Furioso.gif[/img] Shut up! Or I'll hit you! -------- More coming soon.
  4. I did the guitar myself, here it is http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/viola.png[/img] I frankensprited Wander's turban and added the jewel piece he uses. And yes, i meant alternate expressions.
  5. Okay, finished Wander’s sprite. Both regular sprite and viola playing sprite, check it out: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/playingbard.png[/img] I also colored his portrait. I’m starting to debate rather I’ll animate the portraits or not. But I have to do it for the sake of IRS battle system -.-
  6. Je have an offer to make. I have actually been watching this topic for a while but had no idea what to comment that wasn't me fangirling over Saurva or Agas or both. Eeek silver-haired Agas is so hooot! ... Anyway, back to sanity, since I have vx ace mapping for me is easy, so, if you're interested, I could map several areas and then print screen them for you for the sake of parallax mapping. If you're interested and if that's actually something doable that is, either way, that's just a suggestion.
  7. I got them here: http://www.santuariorpgmaker.com/forum/index.php?topic=12500.0 Even though it is portuguese, the site is self explanatory. Just click on the download link. They have beutifull tileset resources.
  8. This is the new tittle "map" http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/screenietittle-1.png[/img] An I actually need to fix that pic of the tittle cause it appears "ramp" instead of rump, must fix that. Anyway, it was this that ou wanted to see d_A. I think the lump you're talking about it's a leaf.
  9. Oh, those two characters are both XP, they were just for style comparison. Anyway, I'll be using Loseleaf characters then and I already have those tilesets. Anyway, screenies using the loseleaf characters on the first topic. And Wander's concept sketch: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/sketch.png[/img]
  10. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/comparison.png[/img] I can't make up my mind. Which characters should I use? Loseleaf style characters, rpg maker xp characters?
  11. Celiana's tileset's are epic! I had to edit and mount them in templates however so they could fit as tilesets Thanks d_a. I won't be using all of the things available in the tilesets however. Since Ace lets you use more than one tileset i don't need to use parallax mapping, also because i don't have the material necessary for it (stupid gay computer, and not gay in the good way). Anyway, i also fixed the video. As i test the game I'll be putting more videos up.
  12. Main topic updated, with video ^^. And thanks for the rpg creative site, it has awesome things d_A! I would kiss you but I'm not a yuri fan XD. And apparently I lost alot more material than I expected, I shall quote Karas and say: Before i got any further I must say... MAAAAARACK!!! Anyway, i left some requests.
  13. Okay, so the game is in hiatus or whatever is spelled because my computer is a god forsaken idiot! Every single time i start a new project it starts being an arse. Every SINGLE TIME! I think it's the Karma, it can be the only explanation. Desktop with windows xp - gives problems with rpg maker vx Desktop with windows vista - gives problems with rpg maker vx laptop with windows 7 - gives probelms with rpg maker vx Decides to get vx ace for the laptop - STILL giving problems... At the bright side, this gives me an oportunity to re-write the script, since the story is filled with plot holes and I hate plot holes. So, there will be some changes in the story. The base of the story still remains however, this is still the story of Anini seeking this overpowerfull prior-to-gods entity to grant her wish of having a son (who's actually a cover up for her real selfish wish). I'll have to change some of the graphics too, because the rpg maker vx character stiles are way too different from the xp character stiles, and Ill have to resaturate and darken some of the XP tiles I'll be using. What shuld I do? Should I use XP and VX characters and use vx characters solely for kids, teens and Dwarfs? Or should I just stick with the xp characters and try to frankensprite kids even though i lack the patience and the time for that?
  14. @MarienFrae: Yes, portraits are going to be hard to emote, but i'll try. I bring to you updates on the first thread, again the faces are just fillers. I have fixed the mistake in the tittle screen also, but I still haven’t placed the tittle screen… screenshot. Valencia city has been fully mapped. Now just ad the sidequests.
  15. @d_a: No there won't be any other islands for you to go, At least for now. Each city is big and filled with areas to explore and you shall visit them all. @slimmmeiske2: what you mean by small? Should I make it bigger?
  16. Ye I know. I'll try to use pics for now, and only use that script in case i need extra shinies... Which I'll need for that area. Anyway, just finished the world map and am currently coloring Anini's portrait. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/world.png[/img]
  17. Well, before you get dismotivated by typos, I want to point out that I am not english, and even though I am awesome at english, i am not perfect, so... typos are inevitable. So i'm glad that you nitpick them, i would be thankful. So I'll be fixing the R"a"mpelstiltskin mistake. I'm glad you liked the tittle. The tittle is a special area in game that i just printscreened and edited on photshop. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the actual area in the game look that shiny without having to turn to paralaxes. I thought of turning to images to make the area shiny, but saddly, some shinies go where they are not supposed to since the whole map is huge. I'm using the japanese version of VX Ace, since it was a birthday present. I have downloaded a patch that translates most of the game commands to english, but A LOT is still in japanese... -.- About the faces, they're just fill in for now, I inted to draw Portraits for each character and not use faces. The faces are a last resort in case i really can't make time to draw the portraits.
  18. Ooops always thought it was Rampulstiltskin since that's how we say it in portuguese... My bad, thanks for pointing it out. I have fixed it. Here is the Tittle screen... http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/Menu-2.png[/img] Still not fully finished since I'm trying to figure out how to change the options window but i can't do scripts for life T.T
  19. It has been updated ladies and gentlemen. Now you have more in depth story. I suffered a little accident with this project and over 90% of the project was lost. I had to re-translate the scripts, do some re-editing all over again and lost alot of stuff. At bright side, i got some new scripts and some new awesome stuff done, like a much deeper story with LOTS of sidequests. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/para.png[/img] Title: Paradoxal Tales - Rampelstiltskin Type: Rpg/interactive story Plataform: Rpg maker vx Ace Introduction: “Three nights the Imp came and a deal he made with the queen, but when time came to pay, the queen refused to pay the fee. A way around she tried to find, To never pay her greedy debt, In the end the Imp died, And the queen lost her head.” Noone knows how or where this knowledge came from, but there exists yet on the surface a Holy one at the reach of humans. They call him the Paradox, a creature both as kind and peacefull as he is cruel and sadistic, something that has been in the realm of mortal even before the gods. With power so great he could as easily save a world as completely eradicate it from existence. It is of common knowledge, that if you ever find the Paradox, you can ask him a wish. Anything it is, regardless of how impossible it may seem, he can grant it. From a lover wanting to resurrect his dying wife, to a religious fanatic gathering worshipers, anything you ask, the Paradox can grant. That is, if he feels like it, for, being able to grant any wish, doesn’t mean he’ll do it so willingly. If the wish is pure of heart he shall grant it without any twist, however if you are filled with greed, the Paradox will ask for something in return. But, if you don’t intend to pay, the Paradox shall hunt you and use the wish he granted to cause your death or to ruin the rest of your life. And don’t bother lying to him, for he can tell, even when you don’t know, the true reason behind your wish. One thing is true, the Paradox hates fake altruism and he hates humans quite as much. Plot: It has been 10 years of a happy marriage. Anini Galatea, an ex-demon, could not feel any happier for selling her heavy horns for a happy, somewhat normal life beside the man she loves. Some of the people around the town respect her and her beloved “little puppy” would do anything she asked. However not everything is sunshine and roses. Anini’s husband, Aeron D’Avasty wants desperately to have children. But due to a big mistake Anini did centuries before, even before she became a demon, she cannot give him children. But of course, Aeron doesn’t know that. The truth is that Anini is quite jealous wife and is always suspicious of everyone around Aeron. It’s not that she doesn’t trust Aeron, she knows that out of honor, Aeron would never leave her, but, mostly due to her past, she fears that her inability to give him what he wants, will cause him to look for someone who can bare a son for him. One day, her husband apprehends a travelling Bard known as the Wanderer who happened to be studying “Necromancia” in the town. After escaping the jail and hiding in Anini’s home, to gain shelter for the night, the Bard tells Anini of the Paradox who he is looking for. He tells Anini of the Paradox ability and why he is looking for him and asks her to join him. Suspicious, she refuses the Bard’s offer, who in the same day leaves the town, without (somehow) being caught. Anini dismisses the Bard’s idea and the Legend of the Paradox, but after hearing an insult coming, from non-other than a Burden Carrier school principle who hates her for two very simple reasons, and after her own husband saying: "Dear goddess! I feel sorry for our kids! You're going to be a iron-fist dictator! That is... if we ever any, not that I doubt you'll grant me that wish." She decides to take as an oportunity her husbands trip to Sha'Mara to maybe join the bard's quest. Characters: ~The Protagonist~ Anini Galatea Species: Ex-Succubus Class: Priestess Personality Snapshot: Kind, jealous, somewhat bitchy, selfish and possessive. About her: Anini has a long complicated past that she has left back. She used to be a demon, but before that she apparently was a goddess. She never talks about it and Aeron is smart enough not to push the question around. He knows it leaves her uncomfortable and there is a 90% she'll snap and hit him with a frying pan for being noisy. How she met Aeron is also as complicated as her all demonhood acquisition. She met Aeron she was a kid, she was by the time a Succubus and was hunting his father. After a promise, little Aeron did, she became contract bonded to him and had to stay by his side until he married her. After he turned 16 and left the house to go study abroad, she sold her horns out to a priest, losing all her demon powers and her immortality in order to be able to age by Aeron’s side. When Aeron returned they got married and moved out to Isis continent, where they have been living ever since. She became a Demeterian priestess, since she actually served the Goddess Demeter (many Succubus demons chose to serve the Goddess of Love over the Demon God), and only a few years after she became a High Priestess. Curiosities: - She’s nicknamed by all the guards in the town as the “spotted hyena”; - Even though she’s no longer a demon, she still has demonic reactions, such as her aggression and her need to enforce the demon hierarchy she was used to; - Anini is battle has double potions affect: If she uses a 500hp potion, it’ll give 1000hp instead; - Anini is the only playable healer, other healers however can be accessed in town Health Centers. - If Anini gets knocked out in battle, the battle ends and you will be teleported to the nearest health center, even if all the other characters are alright. Quote: “Stay away from my husband or I’m going to kill/chop/decapitate/skin/beat the heck out/impale you!” Portrait: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/anini001small.png[/img] ~Party member number 2~ Aeron D’Avasty Species: Dragonvard (hybrid dragon) Class: Master Knight. Personality Snapshot: Virtuous, noble, calm and submissive. About him: Aeron was abandoned by his father at the age of 8, shortly after Aeron promised to marry Anini. Aeron was raised by Anini ever since, though he always saw her more as that babysitter kids always dream of having as their girlfriend. When he reached 16 he left for Guardiana Academy where he gave use to his higher stamina and strength that being a Dragonvard gave him. When he became a knight, at age 20, he returned to marry Anini to find her without horns as no longer a demon. Even though he no longer had to keep the promise to her, since he did love her anyway, he ended up marrying her a few months after. Since he had a few friends who were rebuilding Valencia Fort, he ended up moving there, taking Anini with him. They have been successful in rebuilding the town, mostly thanks to the help of Isis’ ruling Emperor. Four years ago Aeron was elected Master Knight and gained rulership over Valencia. Curiosities: - He used to have a beard; - He’s quite used with Anini’s demony side, he actually likes her “spark”, except when he is called because she’s attacking some girl, spanking someone's kid, threatning a seniour citizen or forcing a male guard to bow at her feet; - Despite being a Dragonvard, Aeron has absolutely no dragon skills, only a larger stamina and Health. He’s the only playable character who doesn’t have any kind of magic; - Aeron can’t be poisoned, having dragon blood makes him immune to most venons. Quote: “Why am I not surprised?” Portrait: ~Party member number 3~ Wander(er) Species: Humanoid Class: Warlock Personality Snapshot: Unstable, probably borderline, probably maniac-depressive, wise and perceptive. About him: Wanderer is a dangerous Warlock, who seeks knowledge around the world. They probably knows A LOT more than what he shows. They have been living in Sha’Mara for 5 years now and the Emperor has been trying ever since to get them to join the army, since for any ruler it is valuable to have a witch or warlock in their ranks. They’re also responsible for killing the most guards in the town, mostly those who try to apprehend them and force them to join the Emperor. They don’t do anything to the townsfolk and even though people fear them, few have complaints about them. They can be found usually in the Golden Bridge Academy or the L’Fleur Erotic Brothel house. If he can't be found, just talk with the Longlover Twins in the brothel, they ALWAYS know where to find him... them... it. They seem to work mostly as a Summoner, summoning spirits out of Eyes (Cores of Spirits that no longer can be reborn without proper purification). He... they... it seems to be looking for the Paradox, because the Eye they call Platina is becoming unstable and these Spiritual Cores, if not properly balanced can cause a lot of mishap. Also, without proper balance, the Eye is useless. Curiosities: - Wander seems to have lost perception of his own gender and it’s actually a doubt amongst the other characters if he even has one; - Wander is always reading a book, more exactly: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Julliete. No one knows where he got it from and only Aeron and Karas seem to know that it’s an Earthlian book; - Wander gets randomly confused in battle, that usually happens when he’s exhausted, uses spells or gets hit many times, or simply the battle prolongs itself for too many turns; - You can’t control Wander’s battle, he randomly chooses to fight or not. Quote: “Vaius Paradox, igorius kine!” Vaiersta for: Dear Paradox, ignorant humans! Portrait: ~Playable characters number 4~ Karas Stanford Species: Human Class: Spellwarrior Personality Snapshot: Sharp, kind, hero-sindrome. About him: Karas used to be a famous hero, but when he became older, he started losing his strength and skills and even his memories. In the past, he was able to stop a powerful Warlock who was trying to make an army of solely spell-casters to destroy the world and was famous and well renown for that. He even married a princess he saved, making him the typical famed hero. However this all changed when in Mercarter continent he was diagnosed with a degenerative disease similar to Alzheimer’s disease (not Alzheimer’s, because in Demeter they know how to treat it and prevent it). He is ever since convinced, that if he wishes to the Paradox eternal youth, that he’ll be able to stop and vanquish this disease. He meets the group in Nubia, before they depart to Avina island. Apparently he’s been in Nubia for a couple of months now and for some unknown reason left his homeland and his “queen”. As the group arrives he just goes greet Wander and decides to join them. Curiosities: - Karas is the only character (other than Wander) who can use offensive magic; - Karas sometimes seems to forget what’s going on, that actually causes confusion in battle; - He’s constantly saying “Marack”, a swear word in Vayersta, he probably says it in Vayersta because barely anyone remembers that language and the few who do, don’t mind swear words; - He seems to know where Romeo and Julliete came from and what the story is. Quote: “Maracking, maracker!” Portrait: ~Special Playable Character number 5~ Special: This character can only be unlocked to play if the right things are done. Like Anini this character has double potions effect and can use offensive magic almost as powerful as that of Wander. Other Characters: Sir John Wynter Species: Human Class: Scholar Description: He is a Scholar that ends up traveling with the group. He is not playable, but he has several side/mainquests you can do that will grant you items. He also knows about every town you stop at, forest and cave and tell you things such as the history of the town, the wild life, etc. Can be Found: Valencia Demeterian Temple, later on in whatever town the group is. Onix Seti Species: Black Seti (holy beasts similar to a fusion between a wolf, a fox and a jackal, black colored seti are quite common) Class: Herbalogist Description: He is a very tall man who’s usually in every town the group goes too, collecting mostly rare plants the group finds. You can trade groups of plants for potions. Can be Found: Lower levels of Valencia, by the Waterfall, later on in whatever town the group is. ~Antagonist~ Captain Alexander Jones Species: Human Class: Capain Knight Description: He is a Burden Carrier knight in Valencia who is Aeron’s right-hand man. He hates Anini since he believes Aeron was forced into marriage with her, he also hates her because she’s a Demon. The Red Queen – The Original Old Hag Species: ???? Class: Witch Queen Description: A strange girl who walks around stalking the party. She’s trying to prevent Anini and the group from finding the Paradox. Usually she summons smaller and weaker old hags, also called banshees to deal with the group. She takes two shapes, that of an old woman in read cloack and that of a little girl. Objective: Unknown. Curiosity: -The Red Queen always appears after or before the "Big" Old Hag, what causes people to believe that she’s the Original Old Hag, she can also spawn other smaller old hags who are called Banshees; -Little Red-Riding-Hoods alone in the woods are 95% of the times the Old Hag is desguise, hunting for pedophiles or nice lumberjacks that she's going to bruttally murder and skin. New stuff to be expected: -Story orientaded - This game is mostly orientated towards the story other than the battle experience. There are several sidequests and puzzles that give both the characters and world more depth; You can also find in the game several books that tell the story of Demeter and Isis, such as the Gothlyan Myth book and the Rise of Warlocks. -IRC: First person battle system- Instead of the side view battle system, it’ll be used an animated faces battle system, a similar battle system to the one used in Skyborn; -Khas Light System – Even though the game doesn’t have a real time development, as you go through some maps there will be a changing in light. - New Island- I decided to ad a whole new island called Avina. This 100% snow island is higher and farther away from the sea than Isis Island having practically NO beaches, instead just rocky chasms that fall into the sea and requires an airship to get to. It’s constantly covered by snow, it also as several new monsters, side quests and dungeons to be explored. What was lost or dropped: -Sideview battle system: It’s overused and really not that good. Using an animated faces battle system will mean more work, but I like the look more than the sideview system. -Valencia original map: Valencia is a bit of a steam based city so I dropped the medieval quiet small town original design of the city. I thought, what will give this city it’s flourishing economy? It’s in the top of a mountain, all the way up, you can’t exactly plant a lot of stuff in the mountain so for food they need to do commerce, the only usefull place for food is the forest but that is infested with wild life, the fort is carved down the mountain with tons of tunnels and they probably found some rivers of lava down there. So lava plus natural springs equals steam. Steam based technology in a fully miner city. It’s mining city/defensive fort city. -Chapter based advancement - I removed the chapters, I was giving it a chapter feel, so every time you gave a step forward in the story you’d get a new chapter and I decided to drop that. Instead of the chapters, at key points of the story, the Narrator of the story (The Paradox) will sometimes start talking about it. Screenshots: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/screenie.png[/img] This conversation seems to be having a turn to the odd. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/screenie3-1.png[/img] When you decided to be a guard you should have expected to fight Ghouls, and zombies, and probably water monsters with tentacles and probably dragons. But don't worry, they'll give you consacrated sulfuric acid, blessed by Demeter all mighty herself! http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/sceenie2.png[/img] And this is how you deal with people who want the complaints book. Videos: - Tittle: Checking if the skip tittle menu scene is working properly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbm5sAhbPIE&feature=youtu.be In work: - Original portraits and faces for the characters. - The Being’s sprite. Requests: - Tittle Idea for books (Tittle Author); - NPCs. Credits: - Enterbrain for RPG Maker VX/ACE, XP and 2003/2000; - Khas – light and other scripts; - Victor Sant – add-on scripts - Alex Crosslight – battle scripts; - Yanfly – message script; - Victor J – menu script and others; - RPG Maker Brasil – Tutorial, story evaluation and overall support; - Santuário RPG Maker – Portuguese translation of scripts; Tileset Graphics, character graphics; tuturials. - Rpg Revolution Forums – Character graphics. - Rpg Creative – Character graphics.
  20. -Chronicles Shorts- Ho, Ho, ho! Merry christmas. Anyway, i bring thee, cute short stories. Some have a moral ideal, others are just for laughing. They may be original fiction or fanfiction. First up: Orginal fiction straight out of the world of Eden! Notes: "God": refers to the god Gaviel who is known for having made angels. Angels solely obey to Gaviel and don't consider other gods gods, calling them Spirits or Entities instead. The Being: is the only Paradox who is still a full Paradox for the fact that if his body dies all Spirits and the whole fabric of space and time shall collapse with him causing the Universe to start all over again. Gabriel: is a female, but, as every other angel he sees himself as genderless, so he refers to himself always as a "he". Sammael: Entitled Lucifer the Morning Star Archangel, after his fall he became known as Lucifer the Emperor of Demons, Satan and the Archangel of Death. He isn't really that much of a Satan, he doesn't has horns, nor any kind of tails and the weapon he uses is a Scythe. He mostly appears has either a very poise gorgeous dark winged angel, or as the grim reaper. Issues Type: Original Fiction Characters: Archangel Gabriel Fallen Archangel Sammael The Being Archangel Michael xxxXXXxxx Gabriel eyed with despise the abomination that had broke his way into God’s domain. It wasn’t bad enough he had been caught, he was also sharing his cell with that abomination, the Being. “Cheer up Gabi, the worst he can do to us is tentacle rape!” The Being said to worsen the things. “Shut up your abomination, you affront to god!” “Isn’t it about time you broaden you lexicon to insult me?” He asked. Gabriel felt his eyebrow twitch. Then he heard sound and saw Sammael – Lucifer- in a great black cloak getting closer to the cell, it was time for judgment, but, for his surprise, his brother Michael the archangel was with Lucifer, following him. Had he too betrayed God? “Sammael you can’t keep Gabriel here, God’s going to throw a fit!” Michael said looking at the cell. “I have come to get him back, before troubles arise in Heaven.” “Don’t worry, I’m letting them out eventually, when they GIVE ME BACK MY SCYTHE!” Sammael yelled at the two prisoners. “I no longer have it,” the Being said lifting his hands. “She does! She can give it back.” “Never!” Gabriel said. “She’s hiding it on her bra!” The Being whispered to the angels. “If you want I can yank it off her!” “You traitor! How dare thee speak such nonsense?! And I’m a he!” “Okay. Tranny’s hiding it on his bra!” The Being corrected. “If you want I can yank it off him!” Michael smacked his forehead, why wasn’t he surprised. That Scythe stealing prank those two pulled out every now and then was starting to get old and getting to Sammael’s nerves. Very soon the Emperor wasn’t going to joke around anymore and he would beat that Angel and that Paradox senseless, next time they pulled it off. Regardless, he would have to recover Sammael’s scythe from Gabriel later. Once Gabriel stopped trying to strangle the Being with her own bra. "Sammael, you should install a security system ont that scythe of yours!" Michael suggested. "Good luck with that, I'm surprised she hasn't bitten, Gabriel." "She?" "Yes..." "You have issues, you know that, right?" Michael asked. Sammel stared at Gabriel. "Name me one angel who hasn't..." "Touché..." xxxXXXxxx
  21. The story still needs more depth. Okay, so magic seems to be something normal around, but apparently those three are special. You need to describe more what's going on. Regardless, I'm liking where this is going.
  22. About the grammar and spelling... i sux at that... so I can’t actually criticize it. But I am good at criticizing plots. The story is small, which is good in a way, short chapters makes it easier to read, on the other side, smaller chapters mean less in depth story, less description and on. I think this story is somehow lacking on descriptions and in depth development. Means, idk how the characters look like, I don’t know how they think? Mary looks smart, she also sounds egocentric. What about Rachel? I wouldn’t like in the story be known simply as Franz friend who can do magic and gets tired from it. I don’t know why they went on a journey is this some short of ritual? Or is I just something they do every month cause they are bored? Idk what world they live on, is it normal earth? Magical Earth? What war is this? Is it going to be explained at any moment? Idk if it’s normal for them to have powers or not, are they the only one or does everyone in Somerset has powers, or is a Buffy the vampire slayer kind of thing? One advice, imagine yourself in that situation, usually helps on knowing how a character would react. If suddenly my powerless friend poofed out a barrier magically, I would bombard him with questions: “Where you learnt that? Or better yet, how do I do that?” I am not trolling or trying to be mean, I just think you’re going somewhere with this plot, just needs a little more depth into it. Hope I may be helpful, and I’m not trying to be hater, just trying to help. Anyway, I would like to read more.
  23. Well, he is giving therapy, eventually he has to actually do some therapy not just b**** out... Even if it's for the lols, he still has a job to do, and sometimes, things will go deep. Ye... I don't really care that much about Gyendall since he turned out to be such a fail villain.... if he wasn't a fail villain, i would adore to mess with him, but nah. I only played Aveyond 3 so far. Still trying to get someone to borrow me or gift me Aveyond 1, or wait until i get a job to buy it. And... "a teenage girl from one of those Twilight-knockoff Mary Sue romance novel"? Really? He sounds like that? Why does he sound like that? *scratches head and reads the story again* really, why do you say he sounds like that? If I can, I'll give him a personality makeover... He's the only character I have who has a good excuse to never have the same personality two chapters in a row.
  24. Hello all. Ready for more couples therapy? And Yes D_a, he’s a man. He’s somewhat bitchy, but depends on the day and his mood. Actually, depends in a lot of things, like I said he’s not fitting to be a therapist because he himself needs one. He can however be a very mature, intelligent and logical man. … PFFFT… *loles* yep, couldn’t keep a straight face throughout that sentence. And when he said Lars he meant Lars the VIII... And I'm glad your haing fun. Today's session will be more professional. Anyway, have fun. Day 4 – Emotions vs Reason Humans are by far the most irrational creatures I have ever met. Human nature is based on their emotions and not on their reason. Even animals can be more reasonable and act in a more understanding, predictable pattern than humans. Humans are unstable and unpredictable; they do not follow the laws of rationality they themselves created, in the end… “Oh my!” Te’ijal exclaimed. And boom! There goes my overly elaborate conclusion about human rationality. I say, whenever I’m having an epiphany someone always ruins it somehow, like doing a useless remark at an inappropriate moment. I set down my papers over my lap and eyed the couple of vampires standing disturbed at my door, staring at my current client. “You are early, by 10 hours…” “There is a naked old ghost floating in your living room!” “Why! How rude!” The naked “old ghost” said crossing his legs. My eyebrow twitched. I did not need to see his wrinkled… focus Seres, focus. “Mister and Misses Teomes, please leave! You are upsetting the Baron, once I’m done with his session, I’ll call you in,” I calmly said fixing my glasses onto my face. The two blinked somewhat surprised with my behavior. “Please forgive them, Baron, but they do not know how to see the time.” Galahad, looking ashamed and embarrassed, dragged his wife who apparently wanted to say something at me but because he dragged her out she could not. I really relate to the Baron. I mean, like me, he is away from his real world and away from all those dear to him, which means he has to do some pretty evil nasty things just to return home (this last part doesn’t apply to me, I just can’t return home for multiple unrelated reasons that do not require me to do anything to fix them - the gods really are not going to let that one slip). Regardless, I have been trying to make the Baron see that intentions do not justify the means, even if it’s to get back to your wife and loved ones (even though I do not agree with this, most of the cases, the intentions do justify the means). I just don’t like him when he prances around naked. I mean, Galahad and Te’ijal just saw his wrinkled behind and became truly disturbed! I, in the other hand, inevitably have to stare at the full ‘package’ every session, especially when he’s crossing and uncrossing his legs, and he’s a really old dude, so the view down there, ain’t good! How I can hold to my professionalism with the Baron I am truly unable to explain… My own brain is a maze of unknown… Pffft… Back to serious business. Anyway, when the Baron finally left, looking alive and not ghost, dressed and walking (not floating), Te’ijal and Galahad could finally come meet me. Te’ijal seemed annoyed while Galahad looked like he was being constipated again. They sat down and Te’ijal started. “How dare you kick me out?!” I brushed my head and sat back down. “You were disturbing my client…” “Since when do you care about your clients?” The mirror behind me asked. “None of your business you, voyeur!” I yelled back at the mirror. That’s going to bite me back in the behind when this session is over. I should probably get rid of that Portal but last time I did it the Oracle literally went to get James’ Pyramid Head to chase me around with his great Sword. It was the most amusing chase I ever undergone. I mean, I had to wait and taunt PH for him to catch up with me and every time he caught up with me, it took him half a year to lift up his sword which gave me enough time to flee and joke with him again. After an hour of this I got bored and just went to the Oracle and asked her if that was the best she could do, then she pulled out the Staff of Destiny and preceeded to beat the crud out of me with it. That wasn’t very smart of me, but you can’t blame me, at the time that witch had stolen my left eye and made a orb out of it, and my left eye is responsible for my traits of intelligence, logic and etcetera, etcetera… Thank god I already grew it back otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything other than raise mayhem… “You’re mirror is still possessed…” Galahad pointed out. I sighed. “Did you two do your homework?” “Yes we did, and we did not quest for any orb,” Galahad informed. “We found a mirror instead,” Te’ijal informed. “The Legendary Mirror of Good Traits,” Galahad answered. “We had to battle a group of man eating vicious harpies to obtain it.” SNAP!! The two flinched staring at the pencil I just subconsciously broke in my hand while smiling at them with a peaceful expression. “A-are you okay?” Galahad asked. “I’m fine, may I see it?” I asked still smiling (my jaw face is starting to hurt but I can’t stop doing this annoyed smile). Galahad got up and handed the mirror to me, a beautifully adorned hand mirror with two mirror glasses on each side. For a moment I saw my true reflection the next… the mirror literally cracked. “Oh, it broke.” “What?!” The two yelped and I got up and threw the mirror out the window. I heard it hit someone downstairs and someone yelling. I flinched and looked out the window. Thankfully it just scared a girl up who was now making rude gestures up at me and calling me an insultuous name that insinuated that I was homosexual. “You threw the mirror! How are we going to do what you asked us to?!” Te’ijal asked. “It cracked with my reflection…” I said. “Maybe you have no good traits,” Galahad sugggested. “Then it would show no reflection, not crack,” I explained. “So how are we going to do what you asked of us?” Te’ijal inquired again frowning at me and crossing her arms. “It’s really not that hard,” and I sat back down crossing my legs. “Just look at each other and tell me what you like about each other.” They stared at each other. Silence fell for a while and I frowned analyzing their expression. They stared at each other not with confused looks, they knew well whatever they wanted to say to each other, but neither wanted to be the first to go, neither wanted to resign to the other first. Both equally stubborn, both strong willed in whatever principles that kept them living, it was obvious they weren’t going anywhere. I waited a bit more before finally speaking, it was quite amusing seeing they giving each other’s commanding looks, trying to silently make the other give in. It was a mental battle royal of will. “One of you has to be first,” I finally interrupted their silent quarrel, they looked at me. “Why don’t you go first Mister Galahad, since your wife was first last time?” Galahad, resigned, brushed his head and looked at his wife concentrated, then, blushing in somewhat embarrassed and reluctant way, he unwillingly murmured. “I like how… se can be really, really brave.” “Is that the best you could come up with?” Te’ijal asked unpleased, she apparently wanted to ear another kind of compliment, maybe something of a more devilish nature? Yet, I could see the corner of her lip’s frown twitching involuntarily to a smile. How cute… “Hey! It’s hard to find good traits on a forsaken devil spawn of your kind!” Galahad growled pointing his finger at his wife, annoyed and with her taking his attempt in such low consideration. “So you think she’s brave…” I said. “Yes, she can face terrible demons and monster for the sake of the world!” “So she’s altruistic too?” I asked. “What? No, I usually must force her!” I eyed Galahad and then eyed Te’ijal. “I find it hard to believe that you force her to help you.” “She is an evil devil spawn!” He said, he was trying to reason with what I was saying, I could see a certain rage and disgust on his behavior. “I must make her help, she never helps no one of her own free will!” “Why you? What about with Rhen? You did not make me to help her! It was my choice!” Te’ijal exclaimed obviously insulted. “Same with Mel, I was the one who went to get your suicidal behind so we could stop my bratty brother!” “Well, but that time you were a human you wouldn’t help!” He said. “THAT’S BECAUSE I COULD…” oh dear, she’s cursing, “… DIE!!!” “But that is…” “Shut your trap, husband!” She yelled at him. “I didn’t want to go because I could die! I was a human! You have any idea how pathetically FRAGILE humans are?! And I actually like humans, but THEY CAN DIE!” “When we were vampires, VAMPIRES, who are stronger, faster more powerful than humans and that can withstand most attacks a human can’t, I HAD to drag your suicidal behind after me because you were too worried and too sad about being a ‘monster’ to do anything yourself!! Why you sorry excuse for a man! And now you’re saying you had to force me to help? Seriously? SERIOUSLY, GALAHAD?” Okay, the vampire is positively angered. I just stood watching not knowing if I should look surprised, smile, or just chuckle of how entertaining this whole scene was. If Galahad could sink in his seat he would. Poor paladin, I now understand why he’s trying to hold on to his virtue. I can imagine him shackled to the bed and Te’ijal in leather with a whip ready to give him some bossing around. “I was the one dragging your behind! The only time I didn’t want to I had just been turned into a HUMAN! A puny, fragile human that even a priestess like Stella could beat the heck out of me if she felt like it! So did I want to help? OF COURSE NOT! I COULD HAVE DIED!” The argument was extending so I tried to stop the two. Lifting my hands I interrupted the two before that turned into a fight. “Okay, that’s enough you two, there’s no need in to start the battle for Thais in here!” “I hate how he is always so goody-goody!” She said crossing her arms, staring at her husband. “And I’m always the bad one!” “I thought you liked being evil…” Galahad said. “Oh my...” He finally got it! Halleluiah. Te’ijal blinked and realized what she just said. She covered her mouth and looked away dumbstruck. I just stared at the two. I say, I think my logical eye is keeping my cheerfull irresponsible one in shackles today, normally I would have burst into laughter by now, yet I was able to hold onto my professionalism. “That is good,” I said fixing my glasses that were menacing to fall off my nose. I really should fix them. “I didn’t mean any of that!!” Te’ijal started trying to reason out all of what she just said. “Like I would be afraid of anything!” “There is nothing wrong with what you said,” I informed. “Do you agree, Mister Galahad?” Galahad looked down and started playing with his fingers silently. He avoided my looks. “Alright…” I said and I got up walking to the window. “What just happened Misses Te’ijal?” I know the answer for that, but want her to think. “I… I don’t know why I lost my temper,” she answered ashamed of herself, brushing her cheek and looking at me avoidant. “I didn’t want to say that, or even let it out.” “You got carried away,” I said leaning against the ledge of the window. “You got excited and left yourself go with your emotions.” “I am a vampire! Emotions are useless for us! We don’t feel them!” She said outraged. I chuckled, for a vampire who ‘doesn’t feel emotions’… she’s being quite emotional. Yet I should be used to this, since Aristoteles, most Human species have a growing disregard for emotions when in comparation to reason. Reason is in the top of the chain and emotions are just an annoying accessory… little do they know that it’s the other way around. “Isn’t shame an emotion? Because I’m sure you showed that just a second ago,” I asked crossing my arms, an amused smile on my face. Oh, I’m having a blast, I love emotions and anything that has to do with them. “But emotion just gets in the way,” Te’ijal said. I smiled, Te’ijal had returned to her usual self. Getting emotional isn’t something usual with Te’ijal, she’s well poised and controlled, even more than Galahad, and her grin had returned. “And you’re not going to deny to me that emotions can make you humans do pretty stupid things…” “One, I’m not a human. Two, how so?” I asked hoping to be directing them to the road I wanted. Te’ijal stared at me and frowned, but the one who answered was Galahad. “Well, huh, emotions can get in the way of you doing your duty, like killing devil spawns and evil-doers. If you can get distracted and do things… wrong? Or not think right? Or maybe you’ll feel pitty and let an evil doer off and… yes…” He was analyzing my expressions, trying to see if his answer was what I wanted to hear. But I did not change my expression, just kept smiling, yet he kept looking for an answer. Is he seeking my approval for his answer? May his behavior be a sign that he has a social need to be accepted by all those he considerers to have even a hint of social morality? His repressed self may be a result of his need to be socially accepted. The best way to gain social acceptance it’s by being good and righteous at all time so that society does not condemn your “wrong” behavior. “Humans disregard emotions so much,” I said. “Emotions are essential for survival and are inevitable. Even soulless creatures feel emotions, many of them feel no social emotions, but they do have the others and even empathy.” I walked to side explaining them, like a proud psychology teacher getting excited over his favorite subject. “Emotions are complicated but there are basic ones that all sapiens, demons, vampires, werewolves… all humanoids, all creatures who can call themselves ‘human’ feel. Wrath, fear, happiness, sadness, disgust, anticipation or interest and surprise, all are necessary for survival, necessary for our mind and our bodies to work with the striking perfection they do. And because ‘humans’ like to complicate things, these basic emotions have complicated and boiled up into a pretty tasty fillet mignom that not even Chef Ramsay himself could prepare.” They stared at me completely oblivious of what I was talking about. I brushed my cheek. Note to self: Not use Earthling humans in analogies directed to non-Earthling humans… “Love, embarrassment, shame, guilt, anxiety and many many others fill the criteria for the complex ones. The pain in the derriere of Emotional Psychology, the coup du grace of this subject,” I said. Okay, I’m running away from the subject of this session and I’m confusing the two. Stay on focus, don’t go around explaining what emotions are, just stick with the program. “My intentions today were to watch your emotional behavior. The way you would react to one another over hearing what the other considered to be the best off you,” I explained. “All I saw today, sadly, was just repressed anger, disappointment and bitterness and a very, very neglected relationship. Is there any love in there? I don’t know, there is devotion. Te’ijal is devoted to you Galahad, so much she desperately is seeking for you to accept who and what she is.” The two blinked and stared at me, Te’ijal was going to say something but I lifted my hand asking her to wait. I know she was going to contradict me. “And you Galahad. I don’t know if you love Te’ijal, and I don’t know where your devotion for her starts and the need to accomplish a wedding contract ends. Either way you two are neglecting each other emotionally. Like I said, emotions are essential for individual survival, and for a relationships’ survival. They are the fuel of our behavior, our reason, everything about the ‘human’ entity depends on them.” “We’re vampires…” Galahad said before I could stop him. “I said human entity, not human being nor homo Sapien Sapiens… When I say human, I refer to everything that has a human entity, and I have seen in-human sapiens and extremely human demons. So in my standards, vampires, demons, sapiens and even the Predator from an alternate Universe and Planet are humans. But that’s off topic.” Great, now I lost my wheel of thought. I brushed my head and walked back to them sitting on the sofa. “So what should we do?” Te’ijal asked me. “What you think you need?” I asked. If I giving the answers solved everything, James wouldn’t still be dragging Pyramid Head around. They stared at me and I sighed, sadly, sometimes, I do have to give the answers. “Simpathy, affection, support and understanding, what you think that is?” “What we’re lacking to make this work?” Te’ijal answered. Finally, an answer I was waiting for. “Today, no homework. Just think about what I said today.” “But we still have a few minutes left!” Galahad pointed. Please don’t ruin this moment. I’m feeling glad, fulfilled today. The therapy got to the point I wanted from it, so please don’t ruin it. “There’s nothing else needed to be discussed, but if you want okay…” I said. The two sat quietly looking at me, for a few minutes no one spoke and I just looked occasionally to my clock. “We should leave…” Te’ijal finally decided. “What time do we come again?” “9 pm…” I answered as they got up, I directed them to the door and closed it saying. “See you next Friday.” Aaaah, I walked back in stretching my arms. Great, the day has barely started and I already feel drained. No wonder, a dose of the nude baron followed by Bella and Edward’s nemesis in dysfunctional vampire relationships is enough to drain the life out of any god, being, angel or spirit… I walked to my desk to check who else I had for today and whimpered. Greeeeat, I have the Phantomhive brat, absolutely adorable. Just what I needed, be annoyed by a snoby, narcissistic brat, who, surprise of surprise, did a deal with a devil so he could avenge his parents, and then, after accomplishing his revenge, became a demon! Oh my god! And of course, his perfect, flawless demon butler will come to serve his master... Aaaah, clichés, people never get tired of you, do they? “Oh… my… goodness… You were professional today!” A voice in the mirror said, and the old hag, the Oracle slid out. “I suppose you’re not here to rid me of my two next clients are you?” “Oh no, I just wanted to congratulate you for sounding like a therapist until five seconds ago!” She said crossing her arms with a smirk. Oh, oracle, you drive me insane! Which is to be praised since my mental health is nowhere near sane. What would I do without her? Probably wage more mayhem. xxxXXXxxx He's such an… abnormal person. Anyway… have you noticed that in The Darkthrop (sp?) Prophecy… Stella is even stronger than Te’ijal? Seriously? She was even stronger than Galahad! You two should be ashamed of yourselves… Therapist: That’s because you leveled up Stella when the two weren’t in your group. So you finished the game with Stella five levels above everyone else. Also, you never added Galahad to the party, only time you did was when Edward died in a battle and you had nothing to revive Edward and even in that battle Galahad was useless, and once you revived him, you got rid of Galahad again. That’s it; you’re never watching me play games again. Anyway, I shall cya next session. Hope you enjoyed this one. Like I said, the therapist can be professional.
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