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  1. He walked out of the twon following the group and putting away his whip. He watched back at the town. People seemed to be going somewhat berserk, without a monarch, they had nothing to worry about. “I think we should cut the chit-chat and scurry on outta here,” he heard the boyish girl say. “How did the monarch die and what happened to her spirit?” He asked looking at the group, he had work to do, so if they knew anything he might as well ask.
  2. ((Cesário isn't colaborating with me... Cesário: *busy* So now i must reap the life of Daniel... I say, I can't possibly understand what would possess Daniel to believe holding a drawer infront of his head would keep him safe from monsters...)) Ravenello held on to the man so he wouldn’t fall as he saw others from the group also making a run for it. “Hey, are you okay? And do you want to come with us or something?" the woman who jumped rightly after the man in suit of armor asked. Cesário looked side to side at first confused, but she appeared to be talking with him. He nodded and tried to pick up the man, but he was awfully heavy, so he just handed him a hand and followed the nobble woman behind carrying him. The boyish girl he had met before seemed to be also joining. As he saw the nobble woman hold onto her sword he got scooted the area around, he let go of the man, if there was a fight, he could not look out for the man. “I’m sure you can hold onto your own feet…” He said. He saw a guard swas heading their way, if they intended to leave, they had to get through it. They charged at them and Cesário walked ahead. Pulling of his whip he whipped the guard that was in the lead hitting him right across the face. The guard lingered back holding onto his nose cursing under breath as the blood streamed down his nose. Another slash caused the whip to curl around the man’s legs and he tugged it causing the man, distracted by his hurt nose, to fall flat across the floor. But there were still more to deal with.
  3. ((Anyone else going to post?))
  4. ((My guess is that the queen wanted to make sure no one else would try to solve the problems, so she sent the group because she was sure they couldn’t do anything. Typical rpg: Send a group to save the world and no one else will do anything XD.)) He bowed down at the gender ambiguous girl and walked away getting bumped by a second girl. What was it today and him bumping into people? “So-sorry!” She squeaked. “It’s alright,” he said and walked away following the group. It was obvious the group of warriors was about to get into troubles. They were being accused of having killed the queen and yet, there they were heading towards the palace. He didn’t follow the group inside and instead just became once more invisible to the regular human eye and climbed the walls. He stood by the windows to watch what was going on. He heard the woman on the lead explain what was going on. “So the queen was behind this all along…” He repeated to himself. Well, that sure answered who was behing the undead problem but there was still something odd going on, otherwise he would have already been called back. “Mommy was a saint!” He heard the young prince yell at the group and preceeded to call the guards. He had heard enough and jumped off the windows. He had to report back to Death about the queen, he could still feel the disturbance in the air. Could it be that the spirit had escaped? Suddenly, he jumped to the side avoiding by a few inches a warrior that fell from the window. He looked up surprised and then down at the man in heavy armor that just fell from it. He didn’t know how to react, should he laugh or be concerned? The man looked like he was in pain. He was thinking of just walking away, that had nothing to do with him, but that was one of the warriors of the group. So, instead, he became visible again to the human eye and leaned over the man. He was alive. “Are you alright?” He looked side to side while waiting for an answer; it seemed like the guards could burst out looking for him at any moment. He helped the man up to his feet. “You should get out of here, can you walk?” And holding to the man's arm he lead him out of sight.
  5. Thanks for the corrections d_A I appreciate them. Poor therepist who gives therapy to those two Esme XD. And ye, the sunscreen doesn't make sense, but it's rpg, doesn't has to make sense XD. Who is this “I”? It’s the therapist… Who is this therapist, well he… is not fitted to be a therapist, but he is a good one, regarldess. We are all a bit crazy, some more than others. He’s more than others… Day 3 – Appearances Okay, this time I successfully gave Te’ijal and Galahad a clock. I said 9 p.m in the night, and they came four hours earlier, in broad daylight. Thank Void one of my patients thinks he’s a vampire (he isn’t) so I keep that floors drapes closed up, also, thank void I have no neighbors on that floor, my liability for accidents scared them away. I wasn’t at home at the moment, and Mel (no Lars today, he had work) plus the twins were waiting for me, and I was late because the train I was in had a little accident. Anyway, while I was trying to sneak my way away from the paramedics, Te’ijal and Galahad got a perfect chance to find out what the future holds for Mel and Lars, not that Te’ijal cares, but whatever… and I didn’t question them about it. Regardless, as I got home, with my clothes burned and what was left of my groceries, I found the five eyeing me in curiosity and I was quickly bombard with “What happened?” from everyone and “You’re late!” from Te’ijal. You can’t help but get touched with Te’ijal’s understanding. “Hey, what happened?” Uma asked curious. “Did something blow up?” “Yes…” I answered. “Mister Galahad and Misses Te’ijal, I said 9 p.m, not 5!” The two brushed their heads embarrassed. “You really need a clock. I’m sorry Mel, these two have no consideration for time.” “What blew up? Did you blow it up?” Uma interrupted her mother. “Sush Uma. It’s okay, Doctor. I didn’t know Te’ijal and Galahad were your patients too,” Mel said with a smile. “Yes, they are receiving couples therapy…” I answered. “Doing charity work again? You’re too soft!” She said. “Yes… charity, free therapy.” Not… “Can you two wait while I give the twins and their mother therapy?” I asked at the vampires and just pushed the girl and twins inside slamming the door behind. For a wizard and ex-spy, Mel sure lacks a lot of common sense and intelligence. I’m going to assume her power and bad temper is what attracted Lars to her, because in good looks and intelligence… Well… Honestly, she’s a waste of power, but heh, I’m not the god of her world, so why do I bother? Noone ever listens to me anyway. As long as the Oracle keeps giving me something nice in return, I’ll fix and screw up all her chosen-ones train wrecks. So of course, she should have figured out by now (she knows how generous I am), that for me to be giving her kids free therapy, someone ELSE was paying for it. I'm good and all that (when I feel like it) but I'm no Mother Teresa. Anyway, two hours and a lot of headaches later they finally left, and since the patient that I was supposed to attend after them canceled on me (apparently he had to exorcise his murderous demon twin, which is bad news, since he does not have a twin) I was free to take care of Mister and Misses Smith, vampire edition. As usual they took the big couches and awaited for me to start the session. I’m glad to note that they seemed very relaxed and alright, especially mister Galahad who has had an “Edward Cullen hasn’t pooped in 100 years” expression for the past two sessions and today looks like he finally made amends with the toilet. I decided to cut to the chase. “So, did you do your homework?” “Yes, we did as you requested,” Te’ijal answered first. “Oh, and what did you do?” “We went to Mel’s wedding,” Te’ijal answered. “She invited us, she was marrying Lars Tenobor the VIII.” Note to self: Find a way Te’ijal and Galahad don’t meet Mel around here ever again. Last thing I want is to mes sup time, again (stupid oracle and stupid mirrors and their time distortion issues, and she blames me for HER bad timing). “And…?” I tried to push them to saying anything else. “I didn’t eat anyone!” Te’ijal said informed. “That is wonderful. I bet this made Galahad glad.” “Yes it did,” Galahad said with a victorious egotistical smile “So you did enjoy your night out?” “Yes, it was very good. It was refreshing to socialize with civilized humans and not devil spawns for a change. Plus I found out there is bottled animal blood around Ghedare. How I missed it I shall never know…” Galahad continued. “I have been pointing that out for quite some time, darling,” Te’ijal said crossing her arms. Apparently, Galahad doesn’t listen to her as often as he should apparently. “And what did the two of you do together?” “We were supposed to do stuff together?” Galahad asked. I eyed them surprised and left my head hang down smacking my forehead. Of course you were supposed to do stuff together! That was the whole point of the soiree out of Ghedare. Aaargh, I’m going to have a hard time with these two! I mean why am I so surprised? At my age I have seen practically everything! I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, I get hot female vampires with katanas, werewolves with sniper rifles and Lamborghini-riding epic witches battling demons on the shadows right next to my apartment! I guess those two surprise me because, seriously! They have been together for over three centuries, Te’ijal is HOT, Galahad is charming and I mean, come on. Even if was the pope and had been bitten by Te’ijal I would still do her after a while. Seriously, how can he resist her? How can she resist him? Back to the therapy. “Yes… You two were supposed to do stuff together, that was the whole point…” I explained. “Oooh… You should have been more specific!” Te’ijal said. “How more specific than ‘have a soiree together’ could you possibly want me to be?” I asked crossing my arms with an annoyed frown. “I thought you meant just, get out of Ghedare together,” Te’ijal said. “Was that not what you wanted?” First I thought, no way Te’ijal would be that dumb, but then I saw her smirk. She’s messing with me… Conniving little leach. Got to love her. “We didn’t know you wanted us to do stuff together,” Galahad added. Don’t say it… DON’T! JUDGE, DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT. Do not say it! Don’t, think about something else… “No, I meant I wanted you two to get out of Ghedare and copulate like bunnies on heat…” I explained with a frown. DARNIT!! I said it. Note to self: Fire my therapist… Galahad looked at me shocked in horror, he got what I meant with copulate, while Te’ijal, on the other hand, looked at me amused as if she was about to burst into laughter. That is not something I should say, even though that was what I wanted to happen, I would have been happy if they just danced together or something, but not even that they did. How disappointing. Yet, I could tell by Te’ijal’s face she liked my idea, Galahad didn’t however. “How can you say that?!” Galahad asked. “Have you no shame?” “No,” I answered in full honesty. “Well you should!” Galahad said. Well I can’t, seriously I don’t feel shame, it’s a socially learnt emotion, and I can’t say I’m the best student when it comes to socially acquired emotions. “Regardless…” I started. “I was indeed hoping you two would consummate your wedding because, that is indeed and healthy aspect of a couple’s life and...” “It is shameful, not the worthy conduit of a paladin!” Galahad said. “Husband, please, don’t be so uptight, listen to what he has to say, it sounds interesting,” Te’ijal asked. “But wife, that is…” “Shut up and listen!” She ordered and Galahad obeyed grunting to himself. The two looked at me waiting for me to continue. “Misses Te’ijal, there is no need to force Galahad, I can’t possibly force him to hear me…” I said, trying to hold back a chuckle. She keeps him on a tight leash, poor paladin, no wonder he’s so uptight. Regardless of what I said, the two just kept silent. Galahad was shifting his weight side to side, grunting still to himself. It did not please him to be emasculated by his wife, I assume it’s normal, it’s not easy for any man to be forced into a life it’s not the one they wished. “What I was saying was that it’s normal and healthy for a couple to have an intimate relationship, and that is an important part of the relationship in order for it to survive,” I explained. “Do you two even have an intimate relationship?” They looked at me somewhat confused. “How often do you do stuff together?” “Sometimes,” Te’ijal answered. Maybe I should give Galahad a chance to answer himself. “I see…” I looked at them. “When was the last time you two did stuff together, like dance, or talk?” “We fought together against Ahriman!” Galahad. “Oh, that was delightful!” “That happened centuries ago…” I grunted brushing my forehead. “Well, we helped Mel!” Te’ijal said. “That doesn’t count because you fought against your husband…” I said. They looked at each other. These two are exhausting. “I mean anything that doesn’t involve saving the world like in the past year, month, week…” They stared at me blankly for a few minutes looking at each other once in while, I felt my jaw fell open. You gotta be kidding me… “Don’t you two talk with each other? You live together in same home, don’t you at least talk?” “Yes, we do,” Galahad was the one to answer brushing his blond bangs back. Even his hair is uptight, heh! I see a lot of repression and bottled up feelings and desires in Galahad. “About what?” I asked curious. “Blood…” Te’ijal answered very simply. “I remember how I hate this situation and Demon spawns…” I sighed. “Anything else?” “Oh! I told him I wanted a new ghost, my old ghost is becoming somewhat… un-depressing, and I think it’s time to get rid of it,” Te’ijal remembered calmly. I perked up. “And did you two go get the ghost?” They looked at each other. “Not exactly,” Te’ijal answered. “My foolish paladin here believes it is evil and wretched to force a poor soul to become a decoration of our home, but it’s so chique.” Well, I do feel forced to agree with him, but that’s completely unrelated. “So let me see if I get this straight, the only thing the two of you do is,” I looked at Galahad, “complain and,” I looked at Te’ijal, “more complaining. Well, at least you do something together.” They both scratched their heads and I leaned back with a sigh. “And yet you two managed to stay together for 300 years, which completely beats me. This is going to be difficult for me,” and I’m lazy so that makes it even harder. “Do you two really want to make this relationship survive? Do you want to make it work? Or are you just here because the Oracle told you to?” “The Oracle did told us to come talk with you,” Galahad answered. “She said you would make us living together more easy.” “Apparently, you and 90% of my patients come here expecting me to solve your problems instantly,” I said. “I’m not supposed to solve your problems; I can’t snap my fingers and kaching! You two madly love each other (well I could, but that always works out wrong). I’m supposed to help you two find a way to solve your divergences and for that, I’ll need a lot of work and collaboration from your end.” I should had asked this in the first session, not now. “So do you want to save this relationship or not? Because if you don’t there is no point in giving you two therapy.” “If we didn’t we wouldn’t have bothered coming a third or second session,” Te’ijal pointed out frowning. I grinned. “Very well, homework for you two: I want you two to have a civilized conversation with each other at home, and until next session I want you to know and tell me three things the other enjoys.” They eyed at each other. “So basically tell you three things my lovely crumpet likes?” “Yes…” “We can do that!” “But I mean, I want you two to talk with each other, not depart into an endless quest to get an orb that says that you!” Apparently nowadays there’s an orb for everything. “There’s an orb for that?” Galahad asked and I death glared at him. “Okay, sorry, I got it, talk with the devil spawn.” “Okay,” I got up and grabbed my digital clock. “This is for you to know the time.” “No! I shall not take that devious artifact, it shall steal my soul.” “Mister Galahad, your wife already stole your soul!” I said. “This is not an artifact, it’s a clock, a small device that says what time is it on the day. And you’re going to take it rather you want it or not, because, if you get at the wrong time again to my sessions I’ll kick you out the window…” I explained with a gentle smile. “You’re kidding, right?” Galahad stared at me surprised and Te’ijal smirked. “I would like to see you try!” Te’ijal said with a smirk. “Give me three days to go kidnap a Mister Face from an alternative universe and I’ll show you…” I answered back. Seriously, I’m not physically strong enough to do that. “How does this, clock, work?” She asked. “You just see what time it shows, it’s digital so it’s easy to tell,” I explained. “Well, see you Friday at 20:00 hours o-clock. When it appears 20:00 on the clock, then that’s the time you’re supposed to get here.” I directed the two out of my office. “Alright. But…” Galahad started but I already had slammed the door at them leaving the two outside. When session time is over, session time is over. “I really am starting to dislike that guy…” Galahad complained; Te’ijal chuckled in answer. And the two crawled back to whatever portal, mirror, sewer lid the Oracle opened for them to get here. Seriously, I wonder what they’re using to get here. Aia doesn’t exactly has space ships. Interdimensional portals, yes, she’s probably using a mirror, or one of those portals she uses to connect to Aveyond. I honestly don’t know what to do with those two, so I’ll have to study a little. There is resentment there, but they do care for each other. Maybe next session I’ll make them say what they like about each other and what they don’t like about each other. Now, let me go get my thieving materials so I can go break into the Library. Yes, I’m going to break into a Library, why? Because I’m sort of banned from it for life and the book about couples therepy I want is there.
  6. ((yey! * Jumps in*)) He stood invisible to the regular human eye, despite some of the humans, only a few of them, could still see him, staring at him weirdly and somewhat suspicious of him. He decided to just watch the auras for now, people seemed somewhat curious and concerned over the matter of the disappearance of the Queen. The townspeople seemed to be gathering to stare at a group of warriors that just arrived and he slithered among the crowd eyeing the warriors. An old woman next to him was telling another that they were the rogues the queen hired and they were probably responsible for the queen’s disappearance. “Humm… maybe they can help me,” he thought and made himself visible to the human eye. The old woman next to him yelled and jumped back. “WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!” She yelled at him and he stared at the woman expression less, scooting away from the woman and the crowd. The woman and those around her still looked at him with with growing suspicion. Maybe he should leave, it was obvious the woman was planning on throwing the guards on him. Even though he could just turn back invisible and wait for things to calm down, he preferred to not do that, it would call more attention to him if he just magically vanished with no logical explanation. He walked back until he was out of her eyesight. Humans were always so loud, maybe he should wait to speak with the said warriors. He just kept walking looking back at the crowd, even though he disliked the idea, apparently asking humans what was going on would be better than wondering around aimlessly until the answer fell in his hands. Suddenly, he felt himself bump into someone and looked forward. “Oh, sorry boy, I didn't...” he apologized to the archer boy, but as he looked better, he realized it was a girl, a girl with very few feminine characteristics. “You’re a girl… Forgive me for confusing you for a boy."
  7. Cesário doesn't approve cannibalism either. Using spirits however is a whole other question though.
  8. Good for you and your character.
  9. @shadowshed: Yes, he's wingless. It's not truly a necessity with them. I don't find your character similar to mine. Your's has two spirits that he turns into scythes. Mine summons spirits who take forms and act as helpers and not weapons. He gives the cores to someone who turns them into weapons, he doesn't use them nor turns them into weapons.
  10. Don't worry Yuffie i won't make him too powerfull, i changed some of Cesario's skills, removed his Knowledge skill and edited the Death Angel Status one. If you're worried about the spirits he summons, don't worry, they all have catches.
  11. NAME: Ravenello Cesário (prefers to be called by his last name). AGE: In Death years he would the equivalent to 21 years old. GENDER: Male (Though, as all other Death Angels he doesn’t see himself as either a male or a female). CLASS: Death Angel -Hunters, mages and summoners, is what Death Angels are. They are the ones who clean up afterwards. Their duty is to make sure after death Pure and Regular Spirits cross over safely to rebirth or eternal bliss. It’s also their duty to hunt down and take the eyes (power cores) of corrupt spirits or spirits who refuse to cross over. And, it’s also their duty to fix time and space holes that spiritual abnormalities leave. WEAPON: Whip. ITEMS: Book of Spirits (just materializes it); Whip; Small pouch with gold nuggets, some crafting tools and water; SKILLS: Agility – He can be weak physically (one heavy hit can knock him out), but he sure is hard to catch. Guardian Sight –Gives him the ability to see spirits, Vitae (karma or aura), the intention behind people’s behavior or how they really feel. It’s no X-ray vision, but if there’s a spirit inside that iron box he can see it. Eyes – They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, that’s why Death Angels love when spirits become corrupt. He can rip eyes (spiritual cores) and imbed them in his Book of Spirits to later on summon, or give them to a someone who use souls as a weapon. Death Angel Status - He can comunicate with Death gods who are nearby and with Death itself. He can also become invisible to the human eye (undeads, animals, necromancers and special humans can see him still though) and phase into room when there's no other way in. BATTLE SKILLS: Phisical Whip Dance: The whip is his favorite weapon, also the only one that allows him to do a lot of damage using his agility without actually having to be close to the enemy. He can use his whip to damage, tie up, temporarily immobilize or choke an opponent. Spiritual summon: Requires the use of the book of Spirits, no spirits however is flawless or perfect. The spirits he summons work more as a sidekick or helper than actual summon, these spirits can be harmed. If wounded enough, the spirit vanishes back into the book. This happens to all but Greed. Can Summon: Dextera and Tirana: These two can only be summoned together. Fire and Water Spirits respectively, despite being summoned together they can be used separately to perform water spells or fire spells. When used together they can either create a large area Earth Spell (falling of pikes, Earthquake, or ground breaking) or a large are Air Spell (Steaming tornado, Steam walls, or Geysers). -Warning: Harming Tirana will cause Dextera to become out of control and berserk, attacking not only the enemies but also the party. Lunarius: A moon Spirit that can perform strong Healing and Regeneration spells, can also sing a Lullaby causing an individual to fall asleep. She can also be used to illuminate a dark areas because she shimmers. She can cast minor love spells. -Warning: She can be easily dismissed if hit by dark magic or heavy melee attacks (one hit can make her disappear). -Second Warning: She tends to cast minor love spells on people she finds atractive. Natura: A childlike clumsy little girl spirit that can control plants and animals. For some reason she always makes a dog or a mosquito bite Cesário before being dismissed. She refuses to control bugs for she finds them repulsive. -Warning: She has a bad vision so she doesn’t always hit her target when she’s controlling plants. Greed: A Paradox. He can use the target’s wishes, desires, nightmares and dreams and turn them against themselves or an enemy or even the party. Greed is the only summon that speaks and actually has a personality. He is not a regular summon, he cannot be summoned using the Book of Spirits, he’s attached to Cesário’s eyes. He also wears a blindfold but appears to be able to see very well. Greed can be used in case the party needs money, for his wings can be discarded and when discarded they turn into solid gold. Greed seems to sprout endless spiritual cores and wings, that however doesn't mean he willingly lets people take them. - Warning: Greed doesn’t always accept to help when summoned. -Second Warning: Even though Greed cannot be dismissed by being harmed, if annoyed he will leave on his own regardless of Cesário's wishes. He will also leave on his own if he finds the battle or situation boring. OUTFIT: He wears gray sleeveless turtle neck shirt, brown trousers, black military boots over the trousers, a long black jacket with gold bands holding it, a large brown belt with a whip holster. WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: He is relatively tall and elegant, somewhat athletic. His hair is completely white (not platinum blond, white), and his skin isn’t very pale (he’s not Albino). His eyes are gold, narrow and sharp, despite looking kind. On the outer side of his eyes he has large scars that almost look like someone ripped his eyes off. He looks pretty expressionless most of the time, and shows little to no emotions except in very specific situations. On his back he has the residual tatoo(black tribal wings) of once having wings but having chosen to dismiss them. (here’s a meme I did of him: http://leonoriel.deviantart.com/art/Do-you-know-your-OC-meme-258488925) INFO: Ravenello became a Death Angel by Spiritual choice. He has had his share part of hard times, for not everyone is willing to cross over after death, and many have to be kicked into the light, literally. A few years ago he made a mistake that cost him to lose his red eyes, the core of his spirit, without his eyes, his spirit would vanish, but Greed saved his life giving him his own eye cores (Greed apparently sprouts eye cores endlessly) as a present. Gaining the gold eyes from that Paradox, as the new core of his spirit, made him gain his summon abilities and a more profound. Lately, he was appointed with five other angels to investigate the undead ordeal in the world, they have splited and each is alone investigating. He has headed to Velacia to investigate what is going on. ---- Is this character okay? If it's not, ic an always put up the minstrel.
  12. oh my... thanks Diamond. What character should i play, i have been working on two lately *-* Can i put a Death Angel? Since i'm indecise between characters. One's a minstrel the other is a death angel. Edit: Nvm, I decided, shall be the Death Angel because I have his profile already done ^^' and a pic of him. Don't worry, death angels are pretty killable (remarkably). I shall post my character sheet tomorrow!
  13. ((Sorry for taking so long. Busy busy... Should I map the catacombs?)) A sound caught Malicat’s attention he looked back and realized Sheza had once more taken the wolfman form. Maybe that would be useful, wolves were known for being good at tracking things, if they could have a reference of the catacombs they could come up with a better idea than just rushing into the catacombs and getting lost down there, with zombies, shadowcrawlers and the lovely Old Hag. Malicat eyed Eira for a minute or two and brushed his chin. “So you bes not havings…” he interrupted himself. It annoyed him that he still slipped to that speech once in a while. “I mean. So you don’t have any maps, even older than 20 years? Even if it’s old, maybe it could help, even if just for us to have an area of reference.” He asked her. “At least that way, if we get lost, we can with map find a reference area to come back out. The catacombs is not a place you want to get lost in.” He jumped up to the wagon and signaled the others to take their places, he waited for Sheza to take again the place as the driver. It was time to head back to Sultana, he grabbed the book again and gave a last look to it, more words had revealed to them, but they made no chance. Sealed in the eye in creation, but creation is useless. If they found Seres they could find out what that meant. “Let’s head to Sultana, we'll come up with a plan there."
  14. Thanks for the correction, d_A. ^^ I fixed them up. I never read the one about Elini, gotta check it out. Today, there will be more therapy turned. Day 2 – Baby steps When I said 11 in the night I meant 11 in the night. Not 4:33 in the morning. Anyway, since those vampires have no consideration for time I got those two a clock, a digital one… Galahad smashed it, thought it was a cursed item designed to steal his soul. He seemed to forget the vampire he calls a wife already did that so he had nothing to worry about. I should probably diagnose Galahad alone, just to make sure, he seems just a tiny bit paranoid. So I changed to work clothes and poured myself a cup of Coke and sat at my office to start therapy again. Galahad was very curious about the bubbly beverage I was consuming. Apparently on Aia people don’t drink Coke. “What is this beverage?” “It’s called Coca Cola, good for five things, keeping you up when you want, keeping you up when you don’t want, killing your brain cells, unblocking pipes and recently I found out that it is a great substitute for cursed items to feed an Imp, though it makes them swell like a balloon for a while, and they actually float like one too.” “How have you found that up?” Te’ijal asked curious. “Lets just say I do therapy to two twins who are very eager learn the wrong way,” I explained. Yet again, does anyone want to learn the right way? “So what are we supposed to do today?” Te’ijal went straight to business. I love a woman who’s straight forward. “Did the two of you discuss our conversation yesterday?” I asked crossing my legs. “Did we had to?” Te’ijal asked. I blinked surprised and scratched my head. “Huh… usually people talk about their sessions with their partners…” “Oh… we didn’t,” she said with a smirk. “Do you ever talk at all?” I asked. “Oh yes, all the time! He’s always reminding me what a devious devil spawn I am. I love how he flirts!” She said and Galahad grunted annoyed and I eyed him. “But he’s mad at me now.” His utter annoyed expression showed me she was right. He was sat down with a pronounced frown, his legs and arms tensed and so stiff you could confuse him for a statue, or a man who hasn’t pooped for a week. All he lacked was to start sending flames off his nostrils! “Did anything happen yesterday?” I asked eyeing the two. “She broke the deal!” Galahad explained very quickly. The what? “Oh come on darling, it was a onetime slip up, besides, that little runt was asking for it!” “He was just a kid!” “Yes, for ‘just a kid’ he handles a knife pretty well!” Te’ijal said shoving her hand on her husband’s face, she had a thin red line on her hand that was healing very well apparently. “But he could die while you…” Galahad started almost jumping on his wife in a way that obviously pleased that unusual red-haired vampire. Once again, she was confusing her husband’s outburst and outrage for a flirt. Even though in my opinion, what those two need is consummating their wedding… I would really appreciate if they did not do it, right now (Note to self: Inform them that every rated +18 stuff in my office… will cost them extra!). While the two discussed about something that I have no idea what, I eyed the two in confusion, apparently they had no intention on filling me in on what happened. “Oh husband, not here!” She said chuckling. “I am not flirting you idiotic devil spawn! Humans can die while you can’t!” Well, not exactly. Last time I checked vampires are pretty mortal creatures. I killed one with a pencil last week; sadly I haven’t been this lucky with Edy… “Just because I am already in the deceased list doesn’t mean I will let brats do as they please!” “Yet…” “Can you to please stop and tell me what happened?” I finally snapped causing Galahad to blush embarrassed and scoot away from his wife. Te’ijal just eyed me unmoved by my words. “But she…” “But he…” The two started at the same time and eyed each other. I brushed my head. “Okay, one at the time, what happened, Tee’eyejal? Tê’eejal? Tee’êjal?” I said trying to get the pronunciation of her name right. “Can I call you just Tei for short?” “No, and it’s Te’ijal!” She corrected a frown crossed her face for a second or two. “What happened is very simple, yesterday, while making our way back to the portal a little human brat tried to assault us.” “And she almost killed the kid and drank his blood, then left him bleeding to his death there!” Ooooh, that explains why I saw a skinhead leaving the parking lot yesterday afternoon as if he was high on drugs and with a bleeding vampire bite on his neck. But since past week I saw a troll dragging a woman to a mini-van, I wasn't that surprised so, I decided not to question what happened to the skinhead. “Well, taking in count the situation it is acceptable,” I started. Galahad got up outraged with my comment. “How can you say that? That devil spawn could have killed the kids, he’s probably a minor still.” “Don’t worry husband, I wasn’t going to kill him, besides, I only left him dizzy for a while, he’ll bounce back up!” Te’ijal said with a smirk, but that didn’t make Galahad feel any better. “Why are you so surprised she bit him? That is the natural behavior of a vampire,” I said eyeing Galahad. “She PROMISED she wouldn’t eat any more humans!” Galahad shouted looking at me as if asking for help. I blinked actually surprised at what he said. If he indeed considered his wife a devil spawn, and evil creature, why would he stay so upset over her accidently breaking a promise? It is expected for demons to break promises. Te’ijal looked away annoyed. “Much against my own will, I admit I might have slipped, but it was an accident, can you please stop exasperating over such a trivial matter?” I smiled, such a break through already in the second session. It’s obvious the two do have feelings for each other, and probably they couldn’t find any other way of living… undeadness without each other, however, probably due to built up resentment they can’t find a way of working together. “Everyone makes mistakes, and what you are doing is depriving your wife of a vital need for her survival,” I said. “Vampires need blood.” “See husband, even the crazy thief agrees with me! Blood is vital for my survival, so I guess you can take back the deal.” “I’m not a thief…” I mumbled annoyed. “Crazy… depends on the perspective.” “I knew it, you’re allying to her! You’re a devil too…” “Mister Galahad, I guarantee you, I am not a demon or anything similar. So let’s stay in the matter at hand. You being so bothered with the fact your wife broke a promise is interesting. Being she a vampire, a devil spawn, breaking promises wouldn’t be something you would expect?” Galahad flinched to my question. He brushed his head and seemed unaware of what to answer. “Well, but I expected her to well… keep the promise… well… for me.” He finally said. “I see. And she not doing it how does it make you feel?” “Disappoints me, a lot,” Galahad confessed and looked at Te’ijal who grunted annoyed. “It was an accident,” she apologized again. “Mister Galahad, have you ever consumed blood?” “No, I would never!” He said. “I wish to hold onto my humanity for as long as I can.” “Hmmm…Being able to withstand 300 years of starvation is worthy of admiration!” I said, honestly surprised, I never imagined him to be so controlled and strong willed… or stubborn. I’m going to vote the last one as the cause for his will. “He is stubborn,” Te’ijal explained. “Still chugs down gallons of water to try and fool his own stomach. Foolish Paladin…” “Anyway, never having tasted blood, it’s normal for him to be able to hold on longer without it, but there will be a day Galahad won’t be able to hold back anymore and he’s going to eat something.” “That won’t happen!” Galahad said. “It will happen,” I said. “Even vampires have the inevitable reflex for survival. Once your body has reached his limit of how much starvation it can hold, you will snap and you will try to eat something, anything, regardless of your will and principles!” “Ooh! How delightful, the awakening of a sleeping beast!” Te’ijal exclaimed, though Galahad looked positively terrified. “Is there any way to stop that?” He asked. “You have to fool your body with a substitute for blood. Animal blood sometimes ease on stopping the hunger.” Galahad brushed his cheek. “As a human, you ate animals, as a vampire, won’t be that different. Even if you eat humans, it won’t affect your humanity.” He looked at me oblivious of how drinking human blood would leave his humanity unaffected. “Also for that you have to understand Te’ijal’s position. Te’ijal has already consumed blood before. Let me put it in a way you will understand. After you have tasted Sedona’s cheese, try living without it…” I suggested. Honestly, I find cheese repulsive. Galahad seemed to catch well what I meant. He looked at his wife concerned, as if he was deep in thought. “Plus, for her it is easier to snap out than you, who never drank blood. How do you think Te’ijal feels when you make her let go of a food she so much needs to survive?” “Does it make you feel bad, wife?” Galahad asked. Te’ijal smirked, the tables had turned her way. “Yes it does! I need blood my lovely crumpet, and I let go of it for you…” “However, that does not make it fair for you to try and push blood on your husband!” I said and Te’ijal gave me a murderous glare. She does not like to be interrupted. “One thing the two of you haven’t understood yet, is that wedding is made of sacrifices… Actually all unions and relationships are made of sacrifices. Sometimes you have to let go of something to make it work. However, sometimes making too much sacrifices will mean you’ll lose yourself and just become what your partner wants and not who you are. You have to make sacrifices but on the right amount.” “She made me live in Ghedare!” “And it’s pretty much obvious who wears the pants on this relationship…” I mumbled, the two looked down. “I wear pants…” Galahad pointed out. Why do I always use terms and provocations with people who have no idea what I am talking about? Huuuuugh… These provocations are perfect to light a spark on the clients and yet I chose the better ones for people who won’t get them! I would say it could be worst, but I already have worst. “So why don’t you two come to a deal that doesn’t emasculate Galahad and doesn’t force Te’ijal to completely change her diet?” “What kind of deal?” “Well, Te’ijal needs blood and she only wants human blood, right?” I eyed her to which she gave a superior nod. “While you don’t want her to kill humans. Also, she wishes to stay in Ghedare, while you hate it there?” Galahad nodded. “So what do you want to get to?” Te’ijal asked. “Like a said, find a way to make it work for both of you without you having to sacrifice too much of yourself.” The two eyed each other in silence. I think the silence lasted way too much. For a while didn’t seem like any of them was going to give in first, they are equally stubborn. No wonder their relationship has problems, they’re both so hardheaded it is a miracle anything gets done with them. “One of you has to give in…” I said, the two looked at me waiting for me to appoint who should give in. I glared at them both. They looked at me and with a sigh Te’ijal spoke first (Yep, she’s the man!). “Well… I guess you can leave Ghedare once in a while, go to Sedona… eat some cheese (Yuck!).” She gave in sticking her tongue out. “But only at night or with sunscreen, and I have to come too.” “I guess you can drink human blood, but don’t kill any of them and don’t turn them into vampires!” “I can’t promise that…” She said with an affected smile while brushing her cheek. “Wife!” Galahad shouted. “There is also another option. Around here we have blood dolls, men and women who willingly donate their blood to vampires in return for something, maybe you could do something like that on Ghedare,” I suggested. “People willingly feed vampires?” Galahad asked outraged. “You people are insane.” “Yes, I know. But it prevents vampires from murdering everyone on their path,” I explained. “Or, you could always just cut the human you’re going to feed on instead of biting them, maybe that way they won’t turn.” I honestly don’t know how the vampire thing works on Aia. Around here a vampire just turns either by use of reversed exorcisms or if someone who is bitten happens to be a virgin. Go figure out what virginity has to do with becoming a homo leachus vampiros! And I just made up that designation… “I guess we could do that…” Te’ijal said. “But you’ll come with me when I feed, no way I am going to leave my lovely crumpet starve like this!” “I would come regardless; I have to make sure you keep your promise!” He said with a frown. “See, that wasn’t that hard, was it?” I said stopping the two from starting an argument. The two glared at me and I for a minute shuddered. Note to self: Buy more pepper spray, and ask that crazy priest for a Sunray Lantern, just in case. I’m prone t accidents, so I won’t admired if any of these vampires try to bite me… Wouldn’t be the first. “Okay I guess that’s enough for today,” I said looking at the clock. “Try not to get killed on your way out, my next patient is a paranoid priest who’s convinced that even his foot is demonic… so…” “A human priest poses no threat to me,” Te’ijal remembered. “Besides, vampires are immortal.” I blinked and opened my office drapes. The both of them hissed and cowered on the shadows. I closed the drapes. “Early sunrise…” I explained. “What were you saying about being immortal?” “You’re evil!” Galahad said accusingly. “Yes, but be careful, sometime ago I killed a vampire with a pencil… Can’t get any mortal than that. Next week, come at, 9 o-clock pm. It’s already night at that time,” I asked. “And, homework for the two: get out of Ghedare for while and go have a nice soiree together, then tell me how it went.” “We’ll need sunscreen,” Te’ijal said. “Sunscreen?” I asked curious. “Yes, it prevents the sun from harming us.” “How does sunscreen stop the sun from burning vampires?” “Well, it does,” Te’ijal tried. “Magic…” The mirror at left of me spoke. “Your mirror talks! It’s possessed!” Galahad yelled. Why is everything possessed with him? “It is not possessed…” I looked at the mirror annoyed. “Okay, cya next week!” And I directed those two out of my office and closed the door before they could say anything else. While Galahad still complained about the possessed spirit inside my mirror that I should deal with. I locked the door and looked at the mirror. Well, I can’t go to bed anymore now. It’s 6:30. I might as well just file today’s session and get ready for the crazy priest, I'm sure he came up with a new plan to exorcise me. Though... Seriously, sunscreen? How does that help vampires? Around here, a vampire with sunscreen under the sun is either retarded or suicidal! Magic? Yet again, with that old hag controlling Aia it’s no wonder a lot of things don’t make sense. “Going to bed?” The mirror started again. “Come out, old Hag!” An elderly woman placed her head out of the mirror with a frown. It was non other than the great goddess and Oracle... Thank god I'm not her therapist. “Who you calling old Hag… thing? Anyway, how’s the therapy going?” “Te’ijal is hot…” I answered. “You are not allowed to break her and Galahad up so you can nail her…” “I wasn’t going to…” “I know you! Don't even think about it!” She said interrupting me and shoving her finger on my face. Even though Te'ijal is hot, I wasn't thinking that. “Anyway, I have a little elf I need you to take a look at!” She said with a smirk. Great!!! More chosen-one train wrecks… “Who?” “Ean! He’s gotten a little forgetful… And the Snow Witch wasn’t involved this time.” “Just hit him with a bowling ball in the head, I’m sure it’ll work…” I’m such a pro in this area… -------- End of day two of therapy.
  15. Couple (des)therapy – GalahadxTe'ijal This is just for the laughes XD. Don’t take it seriously. In my opinion Te’ijal and Galahad would be perfect couple for couples therapy sadly, there aren’t any therapists around, but having in count the Oracle is all powerful, I’m sure she can give a hand. Day one – Reunion Today I have started applying couples therapy to a couple of the outmost peculiarity. It’s not that the fact they are a couple of vampires that makes them peculiar, nor the fact that they are from another planet, I have dealt with the undead before, what makes them peculiar is their behavior with one another, not to say, how entertaining they are when arguing. They are fitting of taking the role of Mister and Misses Smith! I can only guess what happens in the bed room, though after meeting mister Galahad I have realized… nothing at all happens in there. It’s a pity really; Misses Te'iJal is one sweet piece of undeadness! How unprofessional of me right now, but oh well. Today I was contacted by an old friend of mine, the Oracle, she and I go a long way back. I was entrusted with giving parenthood counseling to Mel and Lars, no use saying it failed miserably. Probably because I messed the twins, oh but those two were such fun bundles of repressed evil and trouble. I helped them… free their true selves (and make their parents life hell along the way). Anyway, back to the issue. Who contacted me about this couple was first the Oracle, she told me the vampire Te’ijal was starting to complain of her husband’s lack of attention to her and that she needed it to change (I vote not enough Wohoo in the bedroom [Note to self: Stop playing Sims 2!]). Despite adoring messing with planets, I had to tell the Oracle that if they needed my help they had to come fish for me. Curiously, didn’t take long until a red-haired woman with a mean bite and a very frustrated repressed blond man came knocking at my door. I’m supposing the Oracle had some magic involvement with them figuring out where I live and how to cross a mirror into my… secluded little hell hole. “Can I help you?” I asked. “I am Te’ijal Ravenfoot, this is my husband, Galahad Teomes. My friend told me you could help us solve our… differences.” The red haired woman stated. “Yes… sure, come back in the morning and in a weekday.” I said rubbing my head, since I was shirtless and only wearing sweat pants. I usually don’t treat people in a Saturday dawn at 3 o clock in the morning, even if they do are vampires, there’s a sewer lid to the garage, so if they are afraid of frying, they don’t have to. “Yes… I’m sure you can open an exception, duckling!” She stated and pulling her husband behind she made way into my home uninvited, so sad vampires aren’t really like portrayed in Buffy. ------ “This is a very interesting place!” The woman spoke when I entered my study dressed properly. “Husband, we should decorate our house this way, these strange lights shimmer with a very interesting glow and they do not harm.” “This place is a noisy polluted hell hole, worst than Ghedare!” Galahad said crossing his arms. “I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay in magnificent Buttchicago…” I stated and sat down. “Shall we get started?” “Mortal, tells us who you are and how shall you be of our assistance.” Te’ijal ordered (yep she ordered). I eyed her. Is it just me or is that vampire just full of herself. Note to self: Not verbalize what I think she is. And I mean it! Do not verbalize it… Don’t! “Since you came here I would expect you to know… I don’t even know who you are.” “I am Te’ijal Ravenfoot.” She said looking imposing. “Ye… still have no clue who you are,” I said and mentally pounded myself. Note to self: No antagonizing possible clients (I must have been drunk when I decided to be a therapist). “Why you…” “My wife is a very special… devil spawn,” Galahad interrupted stopping his wife from grinding her teeth into my hide and making her sit down next to him. “We do not know who you are; the Oracle just informed us that you could help my wife understand what I am going through.” “I see…” Note to self: Not tell gods, demons, angels, chosen ones and gerbils where to find me. I am NOT the divine therapist of service, they can’t just randomly dump their chosen ones train wrecks on me. “I am Judge Seres and…” “You are a Judge, a man of judgments and justice!” Galahad interrupted me. “You shall be able to see the right side of this question and make a decision based on…” “No… I just happen to be called Judge,” I explained and Galahad looked down ashamed, Te’ijal chuckled amused with her husband’s embarrassment. “I am a therapist, I am supposed to help you two work out your differences.” “How? Do we have to quest for some lost spell, orb, anything? Because lately, that’s all we been doing!” Te’ijal stated crossing her arms. “My husband here thinks it’s his duty to protect the chosen ones from the forces of evil, and as a paladin he must protect the fair maidens who seek his help, dragging me behind many of the times against my will.” “Wife! I am a Paladin! It is my duty to protect the weak!” He stated. “I still think dealing everything my way with Mel would have been better. If I had bitten her and turned her into a child of the night, we would have never even had to battle Mordred like we ended up having to and you wouldn’t go obsessed corrupted fool on me!” “Wife! That was an accident. The forces of evil took advantage of my weakened state, being under your terrible curse…” “Don’t you blame vampirism on it you man fool!” She interrupted him. “There will be no questing,” I informed, thankfully stopping their argument. Though it seemed obvious that the attention the paladin gave to the fair maidens and chosen ones seem to annoy his wife. “How long have you two been married for?” They eyed each other as if questioning each other how long. “For over 300 years…” Te’ijal answered and Galahad grabbed hold of her and covered her mouth chuckling nervously, I could clearly see his fangs as his wife fighting to get free from him. He was trying to hide that he was a vampire, but it was a bit late. “Funny wife, haha… she was just joking. She meant 30!” He said. I lifted my finger to say something but there was no need, for in the wink of an eye, Te’ijal got freed and bit her husband’s hand so hard I swear he must have seen stars! I felt a drop of sweat go down my head while I internally begged not to burst into laughter. Don’t laugh! Don’t you dare laugh! “Husband, how many times have I warned you that you shall not order me around anymore, I am your wife, not your servant!” She threatened him. “I am your husband so I do have a vote in the question too!” He barked back. “Humm… Humm…” I cleared my throat and they fell silent eyeing me. “Just pretend I’m not here. Not going to continue? Okay, very well… One, I know you two are vampires, no need to hide it, with me at least. Second, what kind of wedding was it?” “She tricked me into cursing my soul for eternity!” Galahad shouted. “I know wedding can be a pain, but don’t you think that’s a bit exaggerated?” I asked. “That foolish Paladin, I just borrowed his soul for eternity.” She said smirking. “AGAINST MY WILL!!” He yelped. “How was the wedding?” I asked. We were starting to hit something. “It happened a long time ago. When I was in Sedona with the Chosen one, Rhen Pendragon, I met him. The most delightful pure hearted paladin I had ever placed my eyes upon,” Te’ijal said, her eyes sparkling at the thoughts cowding her mind… Thank god only her eyes sparkled, cause if I got another Edward Cullen vampire wannabe in my therapies I would shoot down Stephenie Faileyer. “I joined the group to protect late queen Rhen from any ailments that could endanger her, including that devil spawn. But that daughter of a snake was able to fool me into wedding and cursed me with this devious curse,” Galahad completed. “Oh, husband, you remember it!” She said. “Oooookay…” And I took note of their behavior on my notebook. “Have you two ever had children?” “No, we vampires cannot procreate...” Te’ijal explained. “Like I would ever have any kind of relationship with this devil spawn and taint my lost soul!” Galahad exclaimed. “So, you two never actually consummated the wedding?” They just stayed silent. “Consu... what? I bit him many times.” Te’ijal answered. “I mean consummate, eat, straddle the saddle, make love, do Woohoo, work on the bed… You two have no idea what I am talking about do you?“ Eyeing me confused they shook their heads. Great… more virgin vampires… Note to Self: Freud would have a blast with these two! “And do you enjoy each other’s company?” I asked. “It’s an unbearable curse! But by keeping her under eye I can stop her from committing atrocious crimes.” Galahad confessed shaking his head sadly. Could it be that he actually enjoys her company? “Husband, it prides me to know you hold me so high on your mind.” She stated. “I absolutely adore his company.” “Huh…” I eyed my notebook. I need to start making research because this couple will certainly be troublesome. While I’m at I will so get the oracle for this one! I still have the twins contact, maybe they won’t mind playing the Oracle a prank on my behalf. “Your husband doesn’t seem to share your vision…” I pointed out. “My dear duckling adores it too, that’s just his way of saying it. He won’t leave me.” “If I leave her she shall make more humans her lunch! There has to be a way to stop her. Besides, only she can deliver me my freedom!” “Well, even… vampires must eat.” I pointed out. That’s a fact. “This devil spawn is a monster! She should eat animals!” “Oh god! No! It tastes awfull.” She yelped. “Humans are the perfect appetizer!” “See! How can I live with this monster?!” Galahad asked lifting his hands. “Look at the bright side; at least she’s no Edward Cullen!” They stared at me completely oblivious of my joke. Why did I have to have humor moments always with people who had no clue what I was talking about? Why? Aaarg… Could be worst, I could be giving therapy to Edward Cullen… what sadly I do. That kid has terrible issues. “Anyway. How are you going to help us?” Te’ijal asked. “I am supposed to give you two counseling,” I explained. “Counseling? So what we just sit around and talk?” “Pretty much.” “And we have to pay?” “Yep.” “Are you related with Mel by any chance?” “No, but I did give her counseling,” I answered. They eyed each other and then eyed me. “Are you trying to rob us?” Te’ijal asked. “No.” “If this is a trap, you shall have your head dangling of the end of my sword!” Galahad threatened. “How about I do the counseling first if it works you guys get me a sweet rare item and if it fails than I shall be glad to become your sword’s end ornament?” I suggested. “I suppose we can try it out, husband?” “Work with a crook? Never!” He said crossing his harms. “You worked with Mel and she was a mouse eating thief…” Te’ijal remembered and Galahad felt a drop of sweat go down his head. “Very well, if that will improve my wife’s behavior, then I shall collaborate,” he ended up agreeing with. I covered my nose, shuddering a little. “Are you laughing?” Te’ijal asked eyeing me. “No… I’m internally debating your situation,” I said. “With a smile as if your about to burst it to laughter?” She asked. “That’s how I internally debate…” I explained. Busted… “I have a lot to work with already. And your time is over. Please come tomorrow at 11 in the night. And we shall continue from where we left off.” “We have to return?” Te’ijal asked. “Isn’t it fixed already?” “Is it? Galahad, what you think your wife is?” “She is a cursed abomination of darkness!” He shouted. “Oh husband, how you flirt!” Te’ijal smacked his shoulder with a smirk. “No, it’s not fixed yet.” I got up and lead the two to the door. “Come back tomorrow. And just return through whatever portal, mirror, sewer lid you came from. Don’t talk with anyone and don’t wiggle those swords around here or you’ll scare one of my neighbors.” “But…” “Good night. See you tomorrow at 11!” And I closed the door. Te’ijal eyed Galahad, surprised with someone slamming the door on her face without a yell. “I don’t trust him,” Galahad informed crossing his arms. “I like him!” Te’ijal stated. “What you mean: You like him?!” Galahad asked eyeing her surprised. That couple shall be troublesome. They however seem to have a functional system, he antagonizes her and she loves him more making his life miserable. Heh, after 300 years of marriage it would be expected things had change, but maybe they haven’t because they like it that way. Heh, we shall find out. Now, back to bed. End of day one of therapy.
  16. ((Careful with your character’s language Diamond...)) Malicat eyed the elf girl as she went down a pandemic of curses. Alright, he had never imagined her to have a loose tongue and such ideas but whatever. “Thanks for the suggestion… if we need to immobilize him we’ll think about that, Korin.” He thanked crossing his arms. "Can we go look for him now? Where are the catacombs, anyways?" Omega asked. "We'll have to travel back to Sultana. There are only two ways I know to get to the Catacombs, and neither of them is pleasant. One is through the cemetery of Sultana, that is on the forbidden area. The place is infested with undead. The other is through the access on the main High Order Catedral… not infested with undead, but infested with High Order guards. And I haven’t gone down there for centuries, so I don’t remember the path.” He kept walking towards South, where the horses and the wagon where waiting, they had to travel back to Sultana. Maybe they could buy a map on the dark market of the docks and find some clues. “Eira, do you know anyone who sells trustworthy maps?” He awaited the answer and then added. “We don’t know where exactly Seres is. He may be lurking in the catacombs or rented a room with the Old Hag on Sinta, but even if he ran all the way to Sinta, he probably stayed on a safe area away from the Old Hag’s usual path. However, we will still have to deal with the High Order, Zombies and Shadow Crawlers, in case he is near Sinta. The guy is nuts, but last time I checked, he wasn’t suicidal, so we’ll probably find him near the safe areas in the catacombs.”
  17. "I hate to interrupt, but the fire is bound to attract attention. Shouldn't we get away from it before we talk?" Eira had said. “She’s right, we better leave,” Malicat pointed out and proceeded to walk away. “I don’t think heading for the city would be a good idea, it’s probably infested by High Ordians looking for survivors.” He took off the book from his backpack and started looking through it, he needed tog et a hint of what they should do next, but most of the book was in cryptic language. A part of it was already written in English, sadly it was things they already knew. However a few pages started changing from that cryptic alphabet to English. “Apparently the black cat is some short of guardian, it protects and reminds the eagle of its duty,” he looked at Sheza. “However, the cat apparently keeps people away from the eagle, so it was trying to kill us when it woke up all those zombies.” He looked through the book, he couldn’t read anything else but a name at the very end of the book. “Written by Seres Rae… I know that guy, he’s a crazy writer the High Order sentenced years ago, he ran off to the catacombs and we never saw him since. Maybe we should look for him, he obviously knows the eagle.”
  18. ((Sorry taking so long to post. Been so busy lately, since I’m about to take my first drivers exam. If I pass I can got take the rest of my classes and take the final exam and get my driver’s license.)) Malicat kept wathing the sky. For a minute or two he spaced out, he had felt a very familiar energy, an energy that only a certain golden book could free, he shook his head returning down to earth once he heard Sheza suggest a phase jump. “I don’t think that’s a good idea for now,” he spoke. “This place is very unstable magically; we already used it twice, it may make the fabric of space and time unstable and create unwanted complications. Even if in that form you cotnrol it better, it's still a spell that messes with reality.” He lifted his staff up and vines erupted from the floor, he pointed them at the ceiling and, intertwining, the vines created a passageway from the ceiling to the outside. He directed the other children into leaving through the passageway. “We can leave through here. Quickly, we must burn down the temple to make sure all the zombies are gone.” Once they were all outside, back in the snow, watching nothing but the huge and destructed temple, he left the vines wither and grow dry, that would be enough fuel. Even if it meant killing survivors, it was a necessary sacrifice, he had seen already what an infection caused by the Compendium was able to do if it spread, humans were just the first to be affected by it. A spark escaped his staff and hit the dry vines causing a flame to burst out quickly spread. Undead were like fuel for fire. He didn’t bother to watch the temple burning, he hated fire and even the sight and smell of it made him uneasy, but it was needed to do that, he looked at Sheza and went straight to business, getting as farther way from the temple as it was possible, without actually staying too far from the other children. “Sheza, you know the cat? Have you seen it before?”
  19. ((sorry for taking so long, after all, my trip took longer than i had planned. But I’m back now, and sorry again)). Malicat pulled of his staff. It was clear it was no longer safe there, if the cat had purposefully or not lounged an attack on them or not, he did not know, but the arm was done already. Lightnings surrounded his hands and staff as he lifted it. He pointed it towards the Zombies who were now launching an attack at them and started hitting them with t, instantly incinerating them upon the large charge. A Zombie charged from the back almost biting him, but he was able to interrupt his attack jumping back and clubbing it on the head with his staff. The Zombie staggered back. “I bes callings upon the leafy childsie of Leafy Mother,” he said. Leaves bloomed of his staff and the ground around him shattered, vines erupted from the dirt forming gigantic woods beast. “As bes I your master, bes you commanded to attacksie the sneaky undead.” He ordered (he hated having to talk like that, but wod beasts seem to be only able to understand Pagan gibberish). The wood beasts growled in answer and charged at the zombies helding them back from the children. “This will do for now. Let’s leave this place.” He made his way of the room, more zombies filled the hallways however, awakening themselves from the floor. A Zombie erected from the floor and bit Malicat on the leg. He jumped back with a groan and zapped the zombie to dust. He looked up at the walls, maybe if they could leave through above. Then he noticed something. Omega could control the zombies, somehow. How odd but usefull. "Omega, can you make them stop attacking long enough for us to leave?" He asked back at her.
  20. ((I'm going to be away from here for a while (not long, just a day or two) so i may not answer for a day or two))
  21. Malicat looked around and realized that the burnt corpses lying around were grumbling and moaning. Undead? Yes, most likely. That place had been destroyed by the High Order so it was a great possibility. He looked the others who seemed as uncomfortable in there as himself. Eira and Sheza seemed eager to leave. “Yes, let’s leave. But let’s be carefull or we’ll wake up the unrested…” A strange sound caught up his atention, at first he thought some undead as getting up. Instead, he saw an elegant black cat making its way among the undead. The cat jumped to a pile of rubble and looked down at the children. The cat was completely black, with very sharp gold eyes and three white dots under each eye. It wore a strange collar, made out of multiple gold bangles and with a red feather hanging of it. “What is a cat… doing here?” Malicat asked suddenly. A voice sang on the children’s mind: Who wrote the book? Who was it knows the Eye, knows me… And the cat started meowing extremely high. So high pitched that it could even scare off the Old Hag. Sadly, it also started waking up the undead that started getting up. The cat meowed one last time and jumped off the rubble disappearing as strangely as it appeared, elegantly making it's way through the undead that seemed not to see it.
  22. Malicat blinked as the wolfman changed his form into that of a beautiful elf woman. He couldn’t help but lift his eyebrows surprised. He though shapeshifters could only take the shape of the gender they were from, unless he… she was one of those rare ones who had no specific gender whatsoever. Korin had taken the lead and token advantage to steal the book, he smiled and moving his staff he made plants burst out of the ground to stop the priests from getting to the elf woman. Chastety repressed moroons… He thought. As Omega brought their stuff he grabbed the book Korin had stolen and replaced its cover by one of a less conspicuous book and made the vines place the fake book on the table. Secretly he was hoping the High Order would steal the fake book. He ran to Sheza who had composed himself… herself, and they did the phase jump. “Is the book there?” Krevo yelled a t his brothers when the children did the phase jump. “Yes sure.” “Good, go put it in storage.” When they gotten to the other side, they were still on the Dining Hall of the temple, but now, it was completely burned down, the beautiful fountain that existed in the room was completely destroyed, the plants were burnt and the ceiling of the building had collapsed. Water sprayed wildly, uncontrolled from the remains of the fountain. “I guess this means we’re back to our right time.” Malicat mumbled, he eyed Sheza for a second. "Since when can you turn into a girl?"
  23. ((Sorry for taking so long to post. @Ashen_Eclipse: I would very much appreciate that you would warn when you can’t post… If you aren’t posting because u aren’t comfortable with your character, just ask to change character.)) Malicat chuckled at the wolfman’s remarks. He was starting to like that guy. Yes, why would he stay away from such a destructive time quake? “All this is very hypothetical though. Maybe Korin is right, but not all. I have seen him myself and the disaster he was checking, it was I who caused.” “I have seen it in human form…” Sister Cloud suddenly interrupted. “When I was a child, he saved my family from a burning city. I saw him turning… he just… distorted my house and when I went through the door with my sister, we weren’t at the town anymore, and he was gone. We saw our town burn down, all of it, all my friends died, my parents died, my brother died, he refused to save them, even blocked the way to their rooms so we couldn’t get in. While I watched my city burn I saw him, in the Eagle form get out of the town.” “So he killed all your family and town but he saved you, why?” Malicat asked. “If my brother had survived, and my sister died, I know for sure my brother would have hunted him down, that’s why he chose to save my sister and me and not my brother.” “So basically, like Omega said, this is all a game, he chooses who lives and who dies.” Malicat decided. “Is there any way we can lure that creature out?” “Wait, let’s not jump into conclusions. I am sure the Being wouldn’t put something… evil… protecting his Eye.” “You just said he has to either guide the dark side to the eye…” “Or stop it from getting to the Eye. The book isn’t conclusive, it doesn't show other than what it believe's it's necessary.” Father Krevo warned. “Only way we’re ever finding anything up is if we find it then.” Malicat decided getting up. “Try to go somewhere were a disaster has happened… maybe it’s nearby.” Krevo suggested. “Then we just need to return to our rightful time.” He eyed the book with a smirk, how was he going to steal the book before returning? There was no way Krevo would just hand it to them.
  24. ((was waiting for Ashen to post, but since she didn't lets continue.)) Malicat leaned back thinking about what the others had said. Korin had been raped, who would of said, yet one man’s misery meant another man’s winning. He felt actually sorry for her, though. “I agree with Sheza. Probably nothing more than a shape shifter.” Malicat spoke. “Yet… what does that has to do with the eye?” “Ah the book…” Father said and the sister was seen walking towards him with a large book on her arms. Malicat smirked. “Thank you sister Cloud.” He said taking the book from her. The Book of the Eye, if there was anything about the eye they didn’t knew, they could find it in there. They took out the book, before, when he was there, he tried to steal that book and they kicked him out. He was planning in the present to indeed take the Book away. They were too traumatized with the destruction of their temple to care about it, they would rather die than let the High Order put its hands on the book, so it was probably safe. However, he wondered if it would damage the present if he stole the book now. “It is a good a question…” father Krevo said and opened the book. “This is the red eagle…” He showed to the children the book. There was the image of an eagle with white head and red body with golden prints in the shape of an eye on all of its larger feathers, it almost resembled a phoenix. “The Red Eagle is always present when disaster happens, it also appears to be present when something, or someone is miraculously saved from disaster or near disaster. It seems to take interest in something and act, either through destruction or salvation.” “The eye…” Malicat started. “Oh… sorry… “ He looked at the book. “Well, according to the book, the Being… something I can’t read… huh… hmmm… a watcher… Apparently the eagle is some short of Watcher who’s duty is to protect the Eye… and… not protect it?” “You’re making no sense old man.” “Much of the words have washed away. Forgive me, for I do not know if this is accurate. But apparently the Eagle, the shapeshifter, the man… whatever it is knows where the Eye of Creation is and how to unleash it. Only it can obtain the Eye. But it is very hard to obtain the Eagle for… some reason, words washed away again.” “Apparently the Eye obeys and responds to the… thing, eagle… watcher… whatever. The Eagle was designed to either protect the Eye from wrong hands or guide the wrong hands to it so they can unleash it. So basically it can both do evil and good. Meaning, you must find it before the High Order does.” "That sure was enlightning..." Malicat complained.
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