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  1. [welcome to the roleplay Tei. I remember this rp is open, enter who ever wishes to, and u can have more than one character]. Night saw the two guys walking towards the Academy. She had no idea what brought her there but whatever it was she couldn't ignore it anymore. She went through the gates entering the Academy's main hall. The interior walls were completly black, filled with colourfull windows that spread their light through the uge staircase in front of them. "Wow!" She said. The principle was in the top of the staircase with her back turned on them.
  2. Want me to be honest? None of them. U're making the basic errors of mapping there. To much open space. Close the area with walls. Put walls on the side and the space it's to empty, make more details. About the plot, i like it. Interesting characters.
  3. [very well, i will start now the ropleplay. I remember once again, everyone can enter at any time, just give me ur character profiles. Starting the roleplay:] Rosalinda looked gladly at the Academy gates, it had been so long since last time a student entered those gates. The academy took to long to get fixed. She had now to invite new students and new teachers. The invitations had been sent already. She placed the key on the gates opening them, she looked outside awaiting for any new student.
  4. hey adept welcome to the rp, are u interested in becoming the leader of the neutro faction?
  5. Hi i'm new here but i've been wanting to do this rp for a long time now ^^. Let's start. I will update this as people enter. Prologue: Spirituallya Academy, they say it's made of pure silver. It's so white that it shines litteraly. This uge academy, hidden in a parallel realm to all others floats in the skys of the small magical planet of Runas. Noone knows for how long it exists but every year it opens its gates to hundreds os souls, spirits, astrals, sign readers and oracles. It's controlled by a Fado, a time keeper who controls over time. Noone imagines why she created this Academy but many legends have been out of it. It's known legend that every year at least 10 students die. That noone ever found the dorm room 13, and that the same it disappeared the temples in the Academy grounds were destroyed. What hides in the walls of this Academy? Care to enter and find out? Rules:1. All characters must be original, this is not a fan-made roleplay. 2. In order to enter the Academy you have to have either a sight gift (see the future or have random visions) or interpret signs (little clues that Death leaves hidden showing something that may happen). 3. Obey the Forums posting rules. 4. You can play as much characters as u wish and enter, but if the character isn't know post his profile. Factions: This story has three factions: The bad: The ones who don't care about rules, usually walk around bugging everyone else they know. Frequent mostly the classes related with dark magic and dark fighting. The good: The ones who follow good, usually good boys who obey all the rules and make sure others do so. They always help newcomers and are always ready to help anyone in need. The neutros: Regular ones, just in the school to learn and have fun, don't care what's going on around them. Usually they stop the fights between the good and the bad. Jobs: Each student has to have three jobs, the main job: -Oracle; -Sign Reader; -Spirit; And any other job he wishes. Character profile: This is the profile you have to post to enter the rp. If you character is already posted in the archive just give me the name of the character and where he is. Username: Character Name: Character Age: Gender: Breed: Looks: Secundary breed (if he has): Main Job: 2nd Job: 3rd Job: Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Personality (stick to it): Likes: Deslikes: Weaknesses: Strenghs: Elements controlled (if so): Weapons: Faction (if wishes to enter one): Here i post an example to the first character of the rp: Username: NightMelody (me duh ^^'') Name: Rosalinda Fado Gender: Female Breed: Astral Secundary breed: Semi-Goddess Looks:Tall, pale skin, long black hair, cold green eyes. Wears always long dresses with a silk red cape. Main Job: Goddess Oracle 2nd Job: High Sorceress 3rd Job: Witchqueen Background history: unknown Personality: Cold, feels superior to everyone around her. Knowledgeble and wise. Cruel a mean. Likes: Jewels, money, tapestries, men, tigers and phoenixes. Deslikes: Everything else... Weaknesses: unknown Strenghs: unknown Elements controlled: Time Weapons: Cursed Moon staff Faction (if wishes to enter one): The Academy principle... doesn't has a faction. Another character (my character): Character Name: Night Melody Character Age: 18 Gender: Female Breed: Astral (mortal-Goddess) Looks: Not very tall, elegant with long brown hair and brown eyes, they tend to turn purple when she's using her powers. Dresses mostly black and/or pruple. Secundary breed (if he has): human Main Job: Oracle 2nd Job: Sorceress 3rd Job: Dancer Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): Night Melody, mostly known as Melody, was born on a non magical planet and lived her life like any normal teen, till the day a foul boy accidently pulled her into his own magical realm. Since then all of her powers went out of control. After helping the boy she got free to wonder around all the realms she wished including her own, seecking for a way to control her powers. Personality (stick to it): she's a bit shy at first and naive, but as she knows people her shyness goes away. She's kind and vary caring, but can be sometimes a bit selfish. Likes: writting, drawing, dancing, playing music and singing. Loves music. Deslikes: Spiders, the possibility of drowning, being alone and tight dark closed rooms. Weaknesses: poison, mind control and she's a mortal. Strenghs: She's agile and fast and as a very good spiritual control and very powerfull magical abilities. She's also very good at summoning. Elements controlled (if so): time, nature, light and darkness. Weapons: Bladed Staff and chain blade. Faction (if wishes to enter one): neutro People in the rp: Academy Staff: - Rosalinda Fado - the principle. - Miss Leiche - Aidan von Talen - Mr. Kururu The bad: -Masana Iiyami -Masumane -Min'hira Kudarouu -Aidan Von Talen The good: -Kami -Blade -Gonzo -Sad'rian - Neutros: -Rai - faction leader- -Elya Ravenwing -Min'hira Kudarouu -Night Melody -Neko -No permanent name. For instance, when someone asks her for her name she could say "Amy", then the next day she could say "Mary." -Neo Last edited: 22/04/09 Here i stay. Any question just ask me. Who ever wishes to participate can do it at any time, just post ur character profile. The new year of classes starts now.
  6. interesting. i like it
  7. Ok, for what i seen so far of ur work (don't get offended i just want to help u with this critic)i think for starters, the story seems interesting and good and i like the features. Secondly, i like the characters and the way how u developted them. Now to the critics: -the character faces, the main character's face doesn't fit with the style of the other characters, and that isn't good for the game visual, u should think about changing it. The rest of the faces are fine. -The pic u use for the title is too small, u should think about finding one bigger. -the maps: -the interior map of the house is just perfect, but u should think about making the walls alil smaller. -all of the forest maps need some changing, too geometrical, remember, this is very important: nature isn't simetrical, only man made creations. don't make everything in the forest so straight, make some circles and some senseless curves, and put more deatails, a small river there, a flower somewhere else, be completly random when doing forests. You don't see square shaped forests or gardens or even citys in our reality. - the small town in the second screenshot has the houses to big, noone lives in houses that big, and i'm sure even u have windows on ur house. plus ad a phew gardens to some of the houses. - in the third screenshot... is that a room? don't make open spaces so wide. put walls, and stuff in the middle. if that's a class, u should have added desks.
  8. YOUR USER NAME: NightMelody YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Night Melody YOUR CHARACTER'S SEX: Female DATE YOU CREATED THIS CHARACTER: 1/03/09 (here) 2005 (original year, can't remember the month nor the day) YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Oracle-sorceress dancer Having a special gift to both magic and time foretelling, she was taught in the uses of sorcery regarding the element of time and spirits. Later on she recieved the title of an Oracle-sorceress, for her abilitys. Also for the need to pay her studies she started working as a dancer, using later on her dance as a fighting tecnique. YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Human astral Most elementar spirits starts as an astral (also known as mortal-god). The astral i very gifted in spiritual energy, having in itself alot of power that can easily go out of control. Most Astral's have the particle gift (the base of telepathy and all other mental abilitys) only achieving full control of them after a phew centuries. After death an astral turns into a elementar spirit. YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: 19 (doesn't age outside her own planet or realm) YOUR CHARACTER'S ABILITIES: a)Physical: little strengh, but very agile and fast, uses a fight sequence that resembles a dance, using staffs and chain blades do endure to elude her oponents into thinking she's harmless. b)Magical: As a strong control over spirits, using spiritual magic and summoning. Can also control the elements of nature and time, and has a an ease with both dark and light magic and healing magic. When out of control she shows almost godly like powers. She also has small control over her particle gift being able to move even the heaviest of objects. c)Other: As an incredible ease to hurt people through words when she wants to. She also has a spiritual parasite atached to her spirit. She has an oracle gift to see the future through mixed signs and od nightmares. d) Weapons: She carrys a key-holder, a special enchanted key in wich she hides her weapons. She uses only two, her Crescent Moon dual bladed staff and her Chain blade. She usually hides on her boots a Ceremonial Athame (dagger). YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: her almost flawless ability to judge people at first sight. YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Her ease to trust people and to belive in their kindness. She has almost no defenses against poisons or spirit/mind control. CHARACTER WAS LAST EDITED ON: 1/03/09
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