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  1. Oooh. I would love to participate on this one. I am so going to work on a cheshire, it's my favorite character of Alice's Wonderland (American McGee's version).
  2. Malicat watched Korin sit by his side and eat strawberries and smiled. “Strawberries huh? I prefer grapes.” He ate the grapes and apples the sister had brought him and set the plate aside. Everyone was eating, it was time to get over with what brought them there. “Does this means the Old Hag will be following us?” Omega had asked the monk. Malicat eyed her, many people, who had not seen the hag, thought she was just object of rhymes and myths. “Doubt that… She just happened to be here when we used the time skill and she sensed us.” “So Father… what do you know of the Red Eagle?” Malicat asked with a smile. The monk chuckled. “Always straight to business with you. You ever heard the saying: beware of the red winged angel for he watches like an eagle and…” “Slithers like a snake? Yes I know it. Everybody knows it.” Malicat stated “The legend of the Red Eagle tells of a man with red wings who fell from the skies, the people thought he was an angel, but were mistaken. The usual happened. They realized he was no angel, tried to burn him alive and he slaughtered everyone and then engulfed an entire town by darkness and earth until nothing but a Red Eagle was seen flying out of there. They say the Red Eagle was in reality the man leaving the city… Anyway, apparently, whenever something terrible is about to happen, people many times confess to have seen a red winged eagle hunting near the town before the disaster happened." "Think children… of anytime something terrible happened to yourselves or to a place you knew, did you ever heard an eagles cry or for even a minute saw on the skies a red winged large bird? And tell me children? Were there evil people punished, killed, or in any way prejudiced by what happened, among the innocents off course?”
  3. The others were eating which was good. Malicat bowed at the priest but did no seat down with the others. For the contrary, he headed towards the fountain and sat by there watching. He should probably wait until everyone had eaten. The monk who had been burned, Krevo watched them all in curiosity. Omega was eating, Sheza and Eira seemed relunctant, and Korin, hadn’t arrived yet. “Eat children, you’ll need it to recover your strengths.” Father Krevo spoke and smiled. “I’m surprised you’re all here, having in count we are getting ready…” Continuing, and ignoring whatever questions the children could have. “And you, I am actually surprised you came here again. I mean, only two days ago you were here and I told you to not come back for a while.” Krevo eyed Malicat. “So you know?” Malicat asked fiddling with the fountain’s water. “I saw…” And he showed to the children his green eye. “But no one can run away once the cloud of death falls on them.” “Coming here so soon in time means whatever is going on is serious. Especially only a few weeks before all the pieces have been set in motion.” Krevo spoke. “But first eat. Resplenish your strengths, you will need them. When you are done, you can ask me whatever questions you may have.” Sister Cloud walked over to Malicat and handed him a plate with fruit. He bowed at her and took the food.
  4. Malicat quickly got up and putted on his boots and cloak grabbing his staff and backpack. He wanted to take a shower of bath, but right now, having in count they were in a different… time zone, it would be smart to stay there the shortest time possible, they were already taking too long. He walked out tieing his hair to a loose knot to find the others already outside. “Morning Eira, I was wondering what happened to you…” He said. “I’m glad you found your way.” He looked away and frowned. “I think we should get the issue that brought us here ready as quickly as possible. I have a feeling there are eyes upon us, and this far back in time too, which is odd…” A sound caught his attention and he saw sister Cloud and a Snow Leopard humanoid walking towards them. “You shall be glad to hear that we were able to fix the time rift that your presence here caused back in Glacia.” The Leopard spoke. “I am brother Zero, Father Krevo desires to meet you children in the mess hall, for breakfast.” “I am also supposed to inform you that if you desire any supplies before you return to your right time, or desire to take a bath or rest for longer, you can ask it from me.” Sister Cloud informed and bowed. “I hope you’re all well rested.” Malicat looked over his shoulder. “I think it would be better if we just went talk with Father Krevo, the sooner we return to where we came the better.” “Very well, follow me.” Brother Zero said and lead the group through hallways filled with flowers and trees (and some small butterflies) to a gigantic Mess Hall with a fountain of steaming water in the middle. All the tables were disposed around the fountain. In the end of the room it could be seen the biggest table were the priests and priestesses sat. There the monk who had been burnt alive sat waiting for them.
  5. “So misguided still.” A voice spoke in the darkness eyeing the children of the eye through a mirror. “They still have no idea what they are seeking for.” “Neither do we my Lord…” someone remembered. The man in darkness kept looking at his mirror and suddenly it cracked. For minutes he could see a slight reflection of a man with gold eyes smirking victoriously, the mirror imploded sending shards everywhere. The man in the darkness took shelter from the shards and eyed the mirror in anger. “Damn that being, meddling in my affairs!” He cursed. “My lord! What happened?” ---- “They are watching…” A voice warned all of the children. “Or at least were.” Malicat opened his eyes a little at the strange warning in his head. He had fallen into slumber for a few minutes, a very light slumber, for he had been conscious that people were in the room, but the inexistent of threat had lead him to just keep resting. Malicat realized Sheza was already up, and Korin, the elf girl seemed to have decided to join them. He wondered for a few seconds for Eira. Had she gotten lost? Or had she abandoned the journey? He sat up stretching himself and smiled at Sheza and Korin. “Morning. Did you get any rest?”
  6. they become NPC's who have abandoned the quest and returned to their homes, works and others
  7. Warnings: To iPink - You have been removed from the roleplay for being inactive way to long. To Ashen_Eclipse - You have been inactive fort too long. You have two weeks to post or you shall be removed. Post your questions and answers here that are OOC.
  8. Malicat looked back when he realized Sheza had collapsed. Great… With a sigh he walked back, Omega had decided to carry him so he opted with no interfering. It was a bit obvious everyone needed rest. He eyed the monk and smiled. “Can we rest here for the night and debate the issues that brought us here later?” “Sure.” The monk said. “The rooms are in the left. Go down the long corridor with roses, first rooms are empty, you can each get a room and settle your unconscious friend there. I will send a Sister to care for him.” The monk informed. “Help, please.” Omega asked and Malicat walked over. Malicat took hold of Sheza he taking him off Omega he picked the wolfman up and took him to one of the rooms pointed out laying him on the bed. “Omega, go find the other girls if you can, tell them we can rest here for today.” He asked the strange woman with a kind smile. He took off Sheza’s boots, belts and whatever other unpleasant accessories he could have and placed them over a small chair next to his room, that way he could rest more comfortable. There was another bed in the room so Malicat decided to take it for himself. He took off his large cloak and grabbed a small bag removing strange herbs from it and throwing them to a vial with water. Using his lightning ability, he electrocuted the water with the herbs causing it to boil, a sweet scent left the vial. That would help them recover their energies hopefully. He took off his own boots and laid back on his bed. Hopefully they could get some guidance in the morning.
  9. ((If you read the last posts of this page you could guess on your own you know. We got back in time and now are in the Glacian temple and Sheza passed out. BTW - i will only be able to answer and post here friday or after, since tomorrow i have an army test and i will only get home friday dawn)).
  10. Okay, Wolfie, there are tons of interpretations for vampires (stepheny's one is wrong. WRONG! Noblesse one is too). So i will try to explain focosing in multiple aspects of what i believe are good examples of vampires. Vampires cannot breed, vampiricy can originate from a reversed exorcisim (Vampire Hunters movie) that usually results into turning the human into a blood drinking demon, a vampire. By biting a human and sharing with him/her his own blood a vampire can turn a human into a vampire. Yet, Vampires cannot give birth naturally since they are dead, they cannot concieve a child, it is impossible for a vampire to give birth, but nothing is impossible. Vampires can give birth through three means, witch magic, science or by asking help from a superior omnipotent being (Ancients could work too). Many times, male vampires are able to reproduce with female humans (usually involves rape) and through the negative energy freed from the act the female gets impregnanted, giving birth to a half human, half vampire (BloodRayne). This Damphir may or may not have the strengh or weaknesses of both species. This Damphir with a human will probably originate another human, or maybe a human with a bit of blood magic (that's my explanation in my story for blood witches). There are also Werepires or whatever, usually the result of a vampire with a werewolf, though rare may happen through magic, karma, science and others. These are another kind of Damphir, only werewolf/vampire.(Underworld) Antidiluvians (Vampire: the masquerade) or Ancients would be very old very powerful vampires, almost like gods, may or may not have developted a resistence against the sunlight, but since they are more powerful than any other vampire, i still think sunlight is a must "reduce their hides to dust". You can see these as Dracula (pact with the devil) and other vampires who were victims of reversed exorcises (like a Vlad vampire from movie that i think it was named vampire hunters and a vampire story i once read but can't exactly remember the name). There are many myths surrounding the blood sucking undead, their offspring and their oldies, in the end it all depends on which myth you chose. But please don't come up with a new vampire myth just cause you're bored. Ghost Hunter's ghostly abomination who thinks he's a vampire makes more sense than twilight and vampire knight vampires. To d_a: It's an action game. Just point the mouse anywhere and start clicking. Don't worry do Jack will give you a small tutorial in the beggining. By the way, Jack is the epic...est vampire I have seen in months! Though he probably needs a bath. Yet again, he's dead, why does that matter?
  11. Lol, probably XD Nah, the notion of a half vampire as the same as the notion of any other halfbreed. people like half breeds, maybe for the crossbreading or the notion of phorbiden love. I have seen half angels half demons (usually succubus demon), but half angels half vampire, that's a new. How can one be a vampire and an angel at the same time? aren't angels spiritual genderless creatures? The conception of half angel half demon already doesn't make sense. Demons have gender and reproduc, but angels, who are the opposite of a demon, usually don't since they have no gender. Only plausibly logic explanation would be the angel taking a human form (therefore a gender) to protect somone and getting seduced by a vampire or a demon, which probably would never happen since angels and demons have edward/jacob relationship, hate each other for all the stupidest reasons (their creator said so). Heh, it's like the human vampire halfbreed daughter of Edward who then becomes a full fledge vampire. How can a halfbreed suddenly just magically turn into a full blood? It's not geneticly possible! I have never seen a mule turn into a horse (they are halfbreeds of a dunkey with a female horse)! I have nothing against Damphirs, they are great source of story and plot, half something, half vampire, but careful with what the something is and how it came out to be, or we'll end up with a Mary Sue like Blade, or the fruit of the loins of an angel and a vampire with the need of an atitude adjustment. In the end, he's just trying to make more appealing by going into the vampire trend, but carefull with trends, they don't last long and after a while they annoy like hell.
  12. I'm going to try the Malkavians now. And now I'm working on my vampire she's like Tei'jal meets Lara Croft. And i was supposed to be working on other things v.v. I'm hopeless. About the half angel/half vampire: my point exactly. it's just a fanboys excuse of making his hormonal fantasy real. Plus the way how she gets stuck with the other halfbreed makes no sense and is stupid!
  13. Oh cool! There is a way to kill it. Did not know that. I'm doing a re-run with other clans now. Just did the nosferatu (didn't end that one, i'm claustrophobic, even in games... i realized sadly), did the brujah, got the anarch ending, i'm going to do the ventrue next for the camarilla ending. I still think the finger ending is the best XD. I knew the moment i told the prince to stuff the big picture, the sarcophugus and the gorilla up his butt that i was going to get a baddass ending and I did XD. Not bad for my first run through the game. Now i want to make a story about vampires... darnit. I have other stuff to finish and work on, but i can't since I have ideas of a lara croft like lone wolf vampiress clouding my mind -.-' In other aspects. Just read manga about a Mary Sue vampire... sweet. She's a halfbreed half vampire half ANGEL vampire who must drink demon blood or she shall die... Mary sue much? -.- Sweethearts, I have nothing against she being a halfbreed, but halfbreed angel? Come on! Like any angel would nail and vampire! Probably nail a Succubus or Inccubus, but vampires? Please. Plus she acts like a stuck up b... with the need of a major atitude adjustment -.-. Plus she's blond and veeeeery hot... with big boobs, and very smart. Not saying cute girls can't be smart, but why not make her the daughter of the king of angels while your at it? Maybe she is O.o Way to ruin in one manga both vampires and angels... Congrats. The manga is named Bloody Cross by the way. BTW, idk if it's a manga or a manhwa.
  14. I got the one that she shows the finger at the Anarchs and walks away all baddass vampire. Plus the fact that 30 mins before that she owned the sheriff with a Colt Anaconda and went epic on the prince made the game greater(i sold all my weapons to buy blood, only left the Colt revolver and the Katana because it was my favorites). I saw Nines on that one, all mangled up. Sad the way it went, I was hoping I could get some romance with Nines, he and Skelter were the only cute guys in the whole game... Oh well... At least i got to make Romero and Chunk fall for me, though Romero broke up with me shortly after... hmm... I was at the end anyway, so I didn't care. And the werewolf usually broke the doors and chased me anyway. (Me: Aha! Door to small for you! Where is he going? *wall: Booom* Oh darn, he's going through the wall! Ruuuun tremere!" ) Great game, great game... Anyway, I wish they would make more games like Vampire The Masquerade, same genre, same kind of vampire identity and personality. Would probably give a new insight and a new vibe for vampires and get rid of all these woshy self pitying vampire wannabes. I ended up the game with full humanity, and always chosing the choices that were "everyone's inocent until they try to kill me" and my vampire was still a Vampire in whole it's essence, dialogue and behaviour.
  15. I got Tremere, by the way, Blood Boil must be by far the most epic skill ever, boil their blood and just watch them blow, sadly it doesn't work with bosses. I tried using blood boil on the werewolf, didnt work, so i just hit him with evey gun i had, they all made no damage, only my blood strike worked, but i ran out of blood and just spent the rest of the 20 seconds running away cursing the gods for not having stock up in blood packs and yelling: "Run! Run!! Omg he just broke through the wall! RUUUN!" I find it sad that even in Bloodlines vampires and werewolves are enemies. I would say learn from Nines, but he spends more than half of the game in hiding and when he pops out again he gets owned by a werewolf.
  16. ... Anyone who likes, or at leats at some point liked vampires before but no longer does must, MUST, play Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines! I have never had so much fun playing, watching or doing anything about vampires before! I bit, kicked and screwed everyone's derrier on that game (except the werewolf). I fell in love with vampires all over again! it's worth your time, believe me. It will show you a face of vampires you shall beg, yell and fight to bring back to litterature, gaming and everything else. Not to talk big scary werewolves and not just puppies on steroids. I am glad to see there is still stuff like that making a living with real vampires. And thank you KTC for pointing out this marvelous game (taking out all the gore, it was a pretty nice looking game). I just thought I should share that there are still some really good vampires around and beg to all game and story makers and writers to take some lessons from Jack, La Croix and the Driver on how to do real vampires. So one thing i must say. Lets go stuff the big picture, the sarcophogus and the gorilla up writters', like Stephenie Meyer, butt! To those who played bloodlines, will get that line XD. *Boom, love Mel.*
  17. Malicat ran following Omega who had taken the lead, they all seeed exausted, he too. After a few mintues they had left the city and where now running towards the mountains. In the top he could see the white palace that belonged to the Glacian monks. A gigantic temple made for the Goddess Lunarius and for all the non High Ordian people in seek of shelter of blessing from the goddess. He looked back just to make sure the Old Hag wasn’t following. He couldn’t feel her nowhere, thankfully. Malicat took the lead and ran up a set of stairs that lead to the entrance of the Palace. On the Palace gates was the Pagan tree glyph. He knocked on the door three times. And the gates were opened back. Two heavily armed white leapord humanoid stared down at them. “What brings you here?” Malicat showed them his blue eye. “Came visit my brother, is he home? Oh, and lock the door. There is a possibility the Old Hag followed us.” He informed. The leopards groaned and made them sign to enter and go on. “Brother Krevo is waiting in the Leafy Mothers praying room.” They informed. “Thank you, brothers.” The intirior of the palace was white filled with plants and vines, water and animals. A piece of Spring in the middle of all the ice and snow.
  18. (iPink, you haven't posted in a while. I will consider you inactive, if you don't post for the next week, I will considere you absent and remove you from the roleplay.) Korin and Omega had both gone wild. Malicat sighed and decided to not interfere. He remembered hearing some commotion when he left and feeling a strange energy, but because he already had a very old problem, you could say as old as an Hag after him at the time, he had bigger issues to deal with that figure out what was going in town. Apparently that was what was going on, a time quake, and a strongue one. We’re screwed. He realized. He was about to suggest everyone to get out of there when Sheza yelled. “No.” He saw him create a void dimension he knew the gold eye was capable of messing with reality, but had never actually seen, then realization struck him. “I was here, this day, I left just a few minutes ago… The Old Hag, she was here, I left because of her, she was after me but then she stopped…Oh no! Oh no, no, no! That’s why she didn’t follow! She felt you!” Malicat pointed at Sheza. “We must leave this place at once!” The time quake was starting to stop, calm down upon the people and the land. Good, they had to leave now. If the Old Hag saw them, saw the eyes in them, she wouldn’t stop until she had their skins on her hands and their spirits inside the odd orb she carried. “Lets head South, now, before things get worst.” Malicat said. “The temple can’t be missed. Just look for a large white palace.”
  19. Once they jumped through, Malicat fell across the floor losing his concentration and causing his lightnings to go wild. Thankfully, he took hold of his spell disbanding it before it electrocuted someone (and killing them). He was known for liking to litterily fry his enemies with his lightnings, he didn’t wanted his companions to have the same fate. He got up grabbing his staff. It was darn cold! He pulled off his backpack a long brown jacket, with white fur trimmings and placed it on, putting his white cloak away. He would change the rest of his attire later. He looked around and suddenly felt a sweat drop. "My Goodness. Looks like we've gone a few weeks backwards" Sheza remarked. A few people wearing winter clothes eyed them with curiosity, among them animal humanoids. The city seemed highly decorated and people were running around. Music could be heard all around. It was the Winter Solstice celebration. He knew, because he was there that day, that morning his past self probably just left to Sultana. “I know, I can see that.” Malicat mumbled. “At the bright side, maybe we’ll find the monk still alive and can get him to give us what we need! There’s just one catch… We’re not at the temple, we’re in the city, but the temple stays nearby, towards southeast, just a few minutes away.” He turned around and helped the girls up. “If I’m not wrong, we’re in the day of the Winter Solstice, one week and a half before the temple was attacked. We better get going, the people around here know me, and they are going to send the Highordians after me, again.” He heard some commotion and looked away. A large group of guards dressed in red and gold, armed with hammers and axes and followed by priests with a mark of a chalice on their clothes were running towards them. They ranted him out quicker than what he expected, either that or they felt them arrive.
  20. Omega and Korin were waisting energy. Malicat lifted his staff and eyeing them he said. “Don’t waste energy. And stay, put, this will sting!” The blue lightning that were his signature burst out of his staff drawing blue circles around each member of the group, Omega, Korin, Cerie and himself. The lightning started drawing Vitae out of the group, the energy needed to power Sheza’s skill. Malicat’s eyes became completely blue, sparks jumping of them, as the energy flowed to him to then be transferred to Sheza to power his own abilities. It wouldn’t last long, for he would had to cut the transfer before he killed someone in the group, but it would give Sheza and Eira enough energy for him to perform the phase jump on the entire group. After it was done, the energy would retreat back to it’s owners and they would recover slowly. Malicat himself could feel the energy flow through his body and be transferred away, draining his own. “Do the jump quick.” He said eyeing both Sheza and Eira.
  21. "Yes, it is unstable and dangerous." Malicat said eyeing Korin. The elf was right. "However, it would be useful if each of us could help on it. I can transfer..." Malicat said. "That could make the phase jump more stable if all of transfered a part of our skills and energy to stabilizing the jump." He had never used the spell tranfer with space skills, but he had done them with death and time ones in times before with his father, and many times he had used that skill to steal energy from his enemies and power his own spells and make them more destructive. There was just the catch that they could possibly become drained afterwards, the transfer. "I can tranfer our energy to your skill." He said taping his staff on the ground, making sure he wasn't going to slip anytime soond."That will power the phase jump and stabalize it."
  22. Malicat never liked horse rides, that’s why he chose to go by foot everywhere, so he quickly fell asleep on his way. When the horses suddenly halted he woke up almost instantly and looked over at the ice steps bellow and smirked. Glacia was known for its mines and cave systems. “Everyone off the wagon! We cannot afford any delays.” He heard Sheeza say. Jumping of the wagon he walked carefully to the edge. Bellow there was a cave system, they could use them, but there were dangers inside, yet again, there were dangers everywhere. He was sure they were bound to cross path with the High Order and it was better if they did not until they found out what to do. "We're going to use phase jump. Will you mind assisting me?" He heard Sheeza say to Eira. “Can you use that to get us to the other side or directly to the Temple?” He had to ask.
  23. Lol! I frown alot while I try to play the violin XDD. So the stick person is frowning too.
  24. My newest Avie: I made a stick version of myself playing violin http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/stickme001.jpg[/img] And my siggie, a very educational conversation between Seres (Vaio) and Aeron: Seres: People say that if you hold hands you get a baby. Aeron: o.õ And what? If we hug we get twins? Seres: -.-‘ Not the best analogy. Mirror images aren’t born, we just, exist and pronto. Aeron: So no hand holding?:3 Seres: Shut up -.-
  25. ((Okay, iPink hasn’t posted in a while, so I’ll consider her inactive, let’s continue. If she and Diamond return, they can catch up later. )) Malicat eye the back of the wagon. Seemed like who was going was already there. He eye the wolfman. “What’s your name again?” He asked, he didn’t exactly remember him saying his name. “We should be going. Lets head North, towards the Glacian mountains. If we hurry maybe it won’t take more than two to three days to get there. We can take turns on driving the wagon.” That said he leaned back. It was time to leave. They had everything they needed, food, water, clean clothes. He eyed the lamp on his staff, small shimmering bugs started appearing inside the lamp, fireflies. They would help lighten the way during the night.
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