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  2. This seems like serious deal. These are really serious acusations, not to be taken lightly. But before informing the police, be aware of one thing. It's very easy to lie. Everyone is going to flame me for this, but here is my opinion. This whole situation seems suspicious. The whole acusations and situation doesn't seem to fit right in my opinion, this sounds more as a girls attempt to turn her collegues against her teacher. Girls, especially teen girls tend to make up rumours when their crushes don't correspond. So before actually "you" telling the police i must ask: 1.Have you actually seen the teacher kiss your friend? Did anyone else saw it? Or just got her telling that to them? 2.Who told you he kissed her? She? Again beware of rumours, when people don't like someone or take a grudge they are capable of alot. 3.Did you actually hear him say he would rape her? Confront her, tell her to tell an adult, the police even, because if she doesn't then he will definitly rape her or worst. If she still refuses saying that to anyone for THE SAME reason, try to find out if what she says is true or just a rumour a girl made to get revenge on uncorresponded crush. If it indeed is true, then you should tell someone about it. Before you are sure of the veracity of the accusations, don't ruin someone's life and carrier because of a rumour. What I'm saying i know of experience, a simmilar rumor when I was on 7th grade came to my ears, coming from my previous best friend, and because of me the teacher almost got fired, because i wanted to help my best friend. And the girl later on admited it was just a lie since their lies were bad ones (one of the other teachers found out the truth). This is my advice to you. Make sure what she says is true.
  3. Lol in the ends it's the Fan's fault since it's thanks to the fans that these books get sold. Then we get fairy ripoffs of vampires.
  4. Malicat watched as the others attacked the wood beasts. They seemed to be doing just fine, but more wood beasts were raising from the ground. He lifted his staff but the wood beasts stopped suddenly, just like that. He noticed the lion-man walking out of the abandoned manor rubbing his head. Well, there was no use for his magic. He lowered his staff. “I am so sorry for them attacking you and the other children.” Wildborn said. “They sensed a High Ordian nearby and did what they were made for: protected us. No wonder they attacked.” He mumbled eyeing Cerie but said nothing. He turned away and entered the Manor. Malicat followed, he signaled the others to follow. He entered what used to be the Manor’s main hall, filled with trees and plants, small ponds. The Manor has collapsed long time ago and solely some structures still held, these had been held by vines, and fixed with wood to make the many chambers of the Pagans. Pagans stood there, watching with suspicion. Many of them wore small vine wands and staffs, with their green and brown robes and strange vine markings on their bodies, others wore swords. Wildborn lead the group to a carriage with straw and small bags with what seemed food and supplies, attached to two horses. “This was pretty much all we could get in such short notice, but it can take all of you. Going at this time to Glacia may be dangerous; you’re bound to cross your path with the High Order along the way.” “My stuff is there right?” The lion nodded. “Then, I believe everyone is ready to go, just put your stuff on the carriage and climb in.” He looked back at the others and climbed to the front seat of the carriage. “Who wants to drive?”
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  6. ((Okay diamondmist. Anyone else going to post anytime soon?))
  7. True on that one. That's why I haven't written the actual story yet, there is still alot of work to be done on it. Especially on my Mary Sues. Either way, I don't blame Stepehenie Meyer, I blame people for being stupid enough to go for that kind of vampires. oh well.
  8. Probably looking at the fanfiction in the wrong places. Yet again, most fanfictions with vampires end up a rip off of vampire knight or vampire diaries or Twilight. I only have one dragon that is like bordeline god like, that's Aerongoth... but he's my service Mary Sue XD and it has a plot relevance... *thinks about it* Okay maybe not... Either way...if you knew my gods you wouldn't be worrying over anyone being like them, like being overpowerful and weakless, my gods are hilarious. And all my immortal gods and stuff well, can be... not imortal, just have to hit them right. So i guess you can kill a god, it's just, really, really, really, really hard. Still, most of my undead, mythological and or godly creatures can be killed. It's not the like the Twilight Vampires, in which if you cut the head it will still try to bite you... It's the kind, you cut off it's head, it's dead, well, assuming the brain is in the head, or assuming they have just one brain (pray mantis have two. They give a new meaning to the phrase "That fellow down there sometimes has a mind of it's own", because it really does!). Or unless it's a zombie. It's another thing i don't get about the twilight vampires. So you cut off the head and it's still alive? The entire body? if the head is cut off, the body loses connection with the brain, how can they still control their body either way (read New Moon, werewolves describe a vampires who's dismembered body kept moving and trying to kill them)?
  9. I really never read the Phantom of The Opera fanfics exactly because they keep turning him into a vampire... -.- He was good already as a disfigurated human, they just want an excuse to fangirl over fangs. Turn him into an inccubus... Vaio: Now you're the one wanting to fangirl over a se... *smacks him* Eitherway, I was just kidding about that of making a story about a masked vampire character. I may have a masked vampire somewhere, but only as a minor character... And he wouldn't stand a chance against my other characters, since my characters are mostly humanoid Dragons, and seriously, dragon against vampire... my money's on the dragon. And i really doubt she had a dream about a sparkling vampire, she probably just wanted an escuse that looked romantic for having made Edward. And if it was a dream, I think in her dream he wanted to "eat" her in another way bwhahahaha XD Well he does "eat" her that way, but ends up breaking everything on the way, which, in my opinion, is a lack of responsability on his part (Me: O.o''''' ). And girls fangirl over that! Sure, lets do love, it's okay if you break every bone in my body while you do it, you love me! -.-
  10. I shall do that!! I shall write: the masked vampire! A could heart assassin! A vampire that hides as a famous writer an during the night is and assassin and eats his assassinations. Just kidding, that's a stupid idea (copyrighted by me XD), I got nothing . Though... I'm going to work on It anyway!! *gets smacked with a paper fan* Ouch!! Vaio: Stop making new projects and finish the ones you have already! I'm still waiting for chapter 9 of Fire and Something Else, chapter 4 of your detective story, chapter one of your manga, chapter one of your other manga, and you haven't even started working on EoV! I have... In my head! *gets smacked with fan again* Vaio: Stop crowding your mind with useless characters and plots! I no longer know who's from MY actual story and who's from abandoned projects! *leaves* I think i just met the ill tempered side of Vaio o.o'. I'm still going to make a novel writting vampire, who writes about actual vampires and talks poop about Stephy... And i'm going to give him a mask, just cause I can XD... I think i just found out how Stephenie Meyer made Edward: Stephenie: "I'm going to make a man like in the good old days, who respects a lady." Husband: "Sweetie, back then women weren't allowed to do anything." Stephenie: "Girls will love him! But he can't burn under the sun, that will look like all other vampires." Husband: "That's kinda what a vampire is..." Stephenie: "And I'm going to make him sparkle, just cause I can!" Husband: "Why do I even bother?" XD... See what I mean? Just kidding, seriously, i'm not going to make a vampire who wears masks, that makes no sense, like a vampire sparkling, makes no sense (though wearing a mask would make sense if he had this really hideous features).
  11. Cya nodded at the High Elf and called Baldur climbing to his back. It was time to go. Lifting flight into the air he followed the trail of the Dark Elf’s energy. Quickly, he saw the flick of energy cming from the Dark Elf. Down. He ordered Baldur who obeyed quickly. Above him an explosion erupted strong enough to destabilize Baldur’s flight. He held tight to the dragons feathers and looked up. That woman had to be careful, she would eventually kill someone that way. “I think she’s trying to kill us Master!” Baldur pointed out flapping in the same place. Cyan looked down at him and Baldur felt a sweat drop go down his head. Yep, it was the “You don’t say…” look. “Maybe she was just trying to scare someone up and got the… distances wrong?” Cya frowned. “I’ll just shut up and follow her then…” Baldur said finally with a sigh and flew after the dark elf. Well, if that witch even tried to touch master she would have to go over his dead body, what she would probably do.
  12. I miss those kind of vampires. I like the Aveyond Vampires, especially Tei'Jal, she's so much fun and evil. Just seen the Underworld trilogy, i just love that movie and their vampires. Someone should make more movies and stories like Underworld.
  13. ((I was waiting for everyone to post, but they didn’t, so I’ll post now.)) Malicat eyed the wolfman with curiosity. A vision? He smiled, that would be useful, but he seemed to see the present and not the future. He walked away and jumped down the hatch, he looked up at the others. “It will take a few days for us to get to Glacia. Maybe we’ll find some Pagan camps along the way.” He spoke. “The Glacian monks have a very large library, but apparently the High Order didn’t find the Book, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought the monk all the way here. The Book of Glyphs must have something about the Eye and the Red Eagle and the glacians protected it. We’ll need to find it if we wish to stop the High Order. So let’s go ask it from the survivers.” "Do you have torches or lanterns, or shall I keep my light out?" Eira had asked. He eyed her. “Keep the light out. Or the plants will eat you… literally. These are blood-roots, they’re deaf and don’t attack movements, but they attack light. If you smell like blood they’ll attack too. Don’t get attacked, this place is too small for me to do anything to help you out.” He said pointing to the vines on the walls of the tunnel. “Follow me, and keep close.” He said eyeing Omega who seemed ready to go. That said he walked away down the tunnel till they got outside, near abandoned mansion. New Wood beasts had been raised, but these stopped at sight of Malicat. Didn’t seem like they would attack him or who he was with, that however didn’t stop them from growling at him.
  14. Malicat headed west towards the Inn he had told the others. It was still early in the afternoon so none had yet arrived. The Inn was a two story wooden building that was falling down from decay and abandonment. Staying inside it too long could represent a rather large danger. Malicat smiled, perfect cover up for a Pagan area entrance. He looked down at the old degraded carpet, if one looked with attention they could notice a tree carved on the carpet, he brushed the carpet away revealing a hatch and opened it. He went down the stairs of the hatch to what seemed a mine tunnel. As he arrived at the end of the tunnel he saw the tunnel lead directly outside the city, to an abandoned mansion by the beach that had become a Pagan camp. That was the third area of Sultana with Pagans. Wood beasts wondered around. He looked at the sky, it was still early, great. He walked down the path the wood beasts diverging their attention to him and running at him to do their duty, protect. He pulled of his staff and blue sparks flew of it, from the sky multiple lightning hit the wood beasts, breaking some in half, starting a fire on others, the ones in fire ran off to the murky waters of the beach. He got at the entrance of the manor, the warriors armed and ready for him. “Who bes you?” They asked. Younglings he thought, they had no idea who he was. “I’m looking for commander Wildborn.” He answered. “You deadings our woodsie warriors! Who bes you thinking you are?” They asked and charged at him, he was ready to lift his staff and get rid of them when a clawed paw grasped the swords of the warriors behind. “He is one of our Sumbras, a friend.” A voice answered behind and the warriors stepped away bowing. Commander Wildborn was an old lion humanoid, with already some grey hair but looking strong and buffed enough to take on an entire army. “So you are still alive, the time you were gone I though the High Order had captured you already.” “Not that they haven’t tried.” Malicat replied. Wildborn nodded and placed his arm around Malicat’s shoulders, Wildborn was far larger and taller than Malicat. “I have heard of the temple in Glacia.” “Oh yes, a terrible thing!” Wildborn said. “Even though it’s a peaceful temple, they even refused warriors or protection because they were a people of peace, the High Order didn’t think twice. They ransack the place, killed everyone they could catch. It was a massacre.” “They brought a monk here for execution.” He pointed out. “Why didn’t they just execute him on the temple in Glacia?” “Maybe they wanted information.” Wildborn answered giving Malicat a drink. “Did anyone survive in Glacia?” Malicat asked, the other nodded. “I’ll need safe passage to Glacia with a couple of… brothers.” Wildborn lifted his eyebrow. “Children of the Eye?” He asked, Malicat nodded. “I can grant you safety in our camps and passageways, you are a fellow Follower. I’ll instruct our other regions to open door for you and your… brothers. However they will not protect your brothers if they have not come with you, unless they are followers, then we shall protect them regardless. You want me to get you a carriage and some horses?” “Yes. That will do just fine.” He answered. He got up. “I still have my chambers around here, right?” “Sure. I always told you I would keep them for when you returned to fight the High Order.” He answered. “This is to stop the High Order, right?” Malicat nodded to the question. “Good.” ------ Malicat got to the patch finally. He should have guessed that going up the tunnel would be more tiring than going down. He got up the stairs and opened the patch. He noticed the others had arrived already. “Hello all.” He greeted and left the patch. He brushed the dirt of his cloak. “I see you are all ready to go. I have gotten us the support of the Pagans. Is there anything you wish to discuss before going, or should we leave?” He pointed down at the hatch.
  15. True on that one. But there's nothing wrong with a bit of idealism v.v
  16. That's the same thing that's wrong with Portugal. They're trying to fix it by cutting everywhere else, while some stuff that should be cut aren't being. Education, health and others have suffered so far. I almost lost my scholarship (i have economical disadvantages scholarhip), and i'm in danger of losing it next year, if that happens I won't be able to finish my college degree. Due to the recent changes I can't even take my masters degree (that i need to be a therapist and not an assistant therapist). There are alot of countries who have good economical situations. If all countries cooperated to help each other when in crisys maybe some would not fall into such bad state.
  17. After I saw this video I had to share it and open a disussion thread. Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e87AhRkN50 I am portuguese, and what alot of people don't know is that Portugal is undergoing a terrible economical crisys and almost NOONE whatsoever wants to help Portugal surpass it. Only country who has helped so far was CHINA(of course in return we have to allow them to make hundreds of business in every city of our country (goodbye local businesses)). Almost no country, no great nation wants to help, not even England that are our allies. When Greece was in a crisys, Portugal helped. When Finland was in a crisys, Portugal helped. Portugal helped many countries caught by catastrophies. Portugal always helped other countries without asking anything in return, yet when Portugal hits rock bottom of the well of disaster, even offering to pay (in some way) the rich countries are debating if they should or not throw a cord down it and help (what the?!). To be honest, we are at the crisys because of the incompetence of our government, but so were the other places. Either way, the people need help and things are getting worst everyday. Portugal is trying to get help from other European countries. One of them happens to be Finland, who doesn't want to help. I wonder what they would think after seeing this video. In my opinion this short of reflects the human relationships, you help someone just because you want to help and when you need help they leave you hanging to your own fate. Share your opinion. What you think, should other countries give a hand to Portugal or let our government find a way to fix it (or make it worst).
  18. Malicat eyed the girl named Cerie and smiled. So that’s why she looked familiar, she was the daughter of the Vice Minister. He had met the Vice Minister and his wife a long time ago, he didn’t had daughters at the time. He tried to bring Malicat back to the High Order, but things didn’t work out, for neither of them. Either way, if she was indeed the Vice Minister’s she could not be working for the High Order, but that wouldn’t stop her father. “Indeed you aren’t.” He said. “But neither am I my father. But we both did horrible things.” He said, he would still keep an eye on her. Hearing what Korin had said he spoke, she had a point. “Please drop the Mister. Malicat, Minx, or whatever you wish to call me serves just fine. You do have a good point on that.” He took a zip of his drink. “I think it’s obvious what we are up against, for starters: the High Order and bounty hunters.” He said. Well, not any unusual threat from him he had been chased by centuries by both. “The High Order has something we don’t have, they have men, weapon, power and eyes everywhere. They can get any information they wish and even discover one’s weaknesses and fears. That’s why they keep necromancers around. They are gifted both in strong weaponry as in magic. If that’s not enough, they also have the power of cold hard cash, so they can buy the regulars into their biding.” He brushed his hands and saw one of the guys on the bar leaving. “We are obviously at a disadvantage alone. Even if we do get support from the Pagans, what we will probably get, at points we’ll have to rely only on the six of us, so we must find a way of making what we are good at working for us as a group. I tell you for starters that you can count on me when wanting to damage a large group with a single hit. I'm best at large area attacks.” He got up and walked to the bar paying the beverages. “I think we should head north first, towards Glacia. That’s where the monk came from; maybe we’ll find some survivors who can tell us what we are looking for exactly.” He said leaning against the bar, he eyed the wolfman. “It’s still early. We should all get ready before we leave. Go home, gather your things, say goodbye to your family and if any of you is ready to join up on this quest, come join me this night, near the abandoned Inn on west of the Docks.” He jumped over the bar to the other side and paid the Bartender, he bowed at the others. “I’ll be waiting for you there. I’ll see you then. Near the abandoned Inn, at west from here. Now I must leave you for someone just rant me out. Don’t worry, they are not High Order, so you aren’t in danger.” That said he left by the back door. A few seconds after, through the front door entered a group of regular City Watch guards. “Good evening. We received a complaint that the criminal known as the Catastrophe Mage was in here.” They said looking around at everyone. “Ye, ye folks got here a bit late. He just left.” The Bartender said. “And ye left him go?” The guards asked irritated. “What ye wanted me to do? Stop him and get fried? Ye right.” He replied back and the guards who grunted unsatisfied.
  19. Okay i have made the alteration on the rp thread.
  20. He noticed by now the children he had sensed were all inside. There was a wolf humanoid, a strange girl with a scythe called Omega, the weird dressing one who was clearly uncomfortable there, a girl with bandages around her hands (he guessed that like him, that was the location of her eyes), called Eira, and a very polite elf, Korin. “I know this place isn’t exactly… charming or classy. But it’s safe and they serve very well.” He spoke. “The High Order keeps away from the docks since it has more Pagans controlling it than they can handle.” He said and with his head made a sign towards Samar. “That’s the reason the High order separated the poor part of the Docks from their personal docking area. The Pagans have become organized and almost as strong as the High Order, barging into an area like this unprepared because of a spies hint is suicide. Noone needs another outbreak of undead.” He said, hoping that would explain his choice of that place. The waitress came back with his drink, a wood mug letting go of a green steam. Yep, a Jacknal’s Breath, good for two things: removing grease from machines and unblocking pipes. The High Order came up with the liquid. One day a Pagan came up with two extra uses, drinking it and using it to paint their cathedrals green. It worked on pissing off High Order to the point any High Order member would feel offended if they saw anyone drinking it. Yet the beverage tasted absolutely marvelous. “Her ye go,shaman.” She said bowing at him and walking away. “Thanks…” He said eyeing her, she had a tree glyph tatooed to her neck. He returned his attention to his “bothers”. “My name is Malicat Minx.” He said. They looked young enough not to know him, unless they had been looking at wanted posters lately. “I’m a Sumbra.” He continued to present himself. “By now you all most have guessed we share something in common. That’s why you followed. After what our Brother said, it’s not so obvious what we must do. Yet they are ahead, and only one can iagine what they could do with the eye.” “Together we have more chances.” He said looking at the two who hadn’t yet tell their names.
  21. He looked at the Hunchback Tavern and finally entered. The interior of the tavern was as pleasant as its name. The waitress was an overweighted woman with a voice so deep you could actually wonder if it was a man. The floor was of dirt and the place was dimly illuminated and reeked of… something that he was not sure what it was. Yes the Hunchback tavern was famous, number one location for people who wanted to be left alone to go to. There no one cared if you the Holy Priest or the number one criminal of Hellina, as long as you paid you would get served no questions asked. Despite the smell and the bad look of the Tavern, they did serve very well. The place, that night, like usual was badly frequented, even though emptier than usual. A few tugs and crooks sat by the bar trying to induce the rest of their brain cells into an alcohol induced coma. He sat at the table at the far end, near the fireplace and watched the people inside. He watched as the others arrived. There was a girl who did nothing to try and be subtle, her scythe even made his staff look normal. All the others had eyes, he looked at the eyes on his hands and smiled. “Why not join me?” He said looking at his “brother” and “sisters”. “I’ll pay you a drink. You do not need to worry. The annoyances don’t care about this part of the city.”
  22. Children of the Eye – RP Thread Let’s start. Intro: Alundra was the first planet to be born, a place of peace and harmony with creatures strange and beautiful. Humanoid like, they were Nature on all its glory. All these creatures were called Gods; they were created with the duty of giving life, purpose and beauty to the worlds. The Being, It gave them emotions, some so simple, some so complex so these children could be more alive. But things didn’t turn out well. One day these children saw the Being betrayed by the one it loved the most. Out of obsession she looked out to possess the Being’s heart but all she got was one of its eyes. Betrayed in such way the Being decided to take upon revenge from the creatures that just stood without doing anything to protect it but watch. So he stripped from the Goddess who betrayed him all of her youth and beauty, forcing to walk forever as a hideous old hag, and from the creatures he had created he took away their most precious power, the power to resurrect and create new living beings. He took away from them their immortality and turned them into mere mortals and abandoned Alundra that became like any other world. But before leaving, he took one of his eyes, placed the powers within it and hid the eye away from the creatures so none could possess it again. So he created the guardians, the Children of the Eye, children who would have in the depths of their spirit, carved, the powers and the duty to protect the Eye whenever it was threatened. Story: There is group in Alundra, called as the High Order, they have been ensuring their positioning in the world, burning alive all those who reject their beliefs and trying to “purify” the world from the impure. Many innocents have already lost their lives as the High Order seeks to ensure their domination and only a few still resist. This has been happening for years. Only a small group of Lunarius and The Beings Servants that the High Order call Pagans have been fighting against it. A Monk who prayed to Lunarius, the moon goddess, was captured by the High Order and all his brothers killed. He was accused of heresy and cooperating with the impure. In his last words he yells: “The Eye must not fall on the hands of the High Order! If it does, all of Alundra will lose its freedom.” As he said that, he showed in his hand the eye mark, the sign of the Children of the Eye. “Gather Children, protect the Eye, for they do not know what it is capable of! They are ahead. Find the Eye of the Red Eagle.” Alundra: Map is here: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/002.jpg[/img] Description of the areas on the sign up thread. Rules: 1. Obey to all the forum rules. 2. No one liners, this is an rp, try to keep it to at least one paragraph. Unless it’s a dialogue, in that case one line is okay. 3. Use third person. 4. No controlling other characters other than your own. However you can control shopkeepers, inn keepers, family members of your character, pets, and other characters that would be considered NPC, like guards. I cannot kill the Hag. 5. I chose when a monster dies or not. Unless you made the monster, guard, undead, etc. 6. I would prefer if each person just had one character. But in case we don’t get too many roleplayers, I’m okay with having two characters. 7. You can control an summon the gods, including the Maker (he’s the oppressive hornless version of Bestalir). You CANNOT control the Being, you can summon him but he only poofs out if he feels like it. Characters: USERNAME: NightMelody NAME: Malicat Minx AGE: 345 looks 20-25 GENDER: Male SPECIES: Human EYE: Brown eye on his left hand, Blue eye on his right hand. They are surrounded by vine marks. REGULAR EYE COLOR: Green. HAIR: Brown, curly by his shoulders. ATTIRE: Job Attire: Long brown cloak, black and green jacket with golden details. Black pants and brown boots. Winter Attire: Long brown jacket with gold details with a white fur interior. A turtle neck green sweater, black pants and brown boots. WEIGHT : 170 pounds. HEIGHT: 6, 3 feet. JOB: Sumbra Shaman Shamans specialized in the wild powers of nature. Storms and flora, they can also control animals. WEAPONS: Long staff with a green orb on it and multiple vines adorning it. SUPPLIES: Money, food and water. FEAR: The Old Hag and fire. He freezes at the sight of fire. DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Large burn scar on his side and back. Vine markings around his body. PERSONALITY: Kind and Caring, he likes to watch over others and will defend his principles with all he has. He doesn’t like to talk about his past. When seeing injustices or plain evil he will flip. He is ruthless; anyone who chases him or is his enemy will face a painful brutal death, same to those who endanger his fellow Pagans. BACKGROUND: In times a powerful member of a human city council, today a wanted criminal on the run. Malicat was born in a powerful rich family and like his father before him became a leader. He was a powerful wizard and used to battle against the Pagans as a proud member of the High Order, till the day he saw what the High Order did to those that were captured. He fought to defend those turning against his own. As a way to discipline him he was chained and closed inside an incinerator and forced to have parts of his body being burned as he was conscious. Thanks to a Pagan he himself had capture he survived. He was taken to the pagan city and started living as a Pagan, using his magic against the High Order till it ran wild. As a result he caused many cities to collapse under his spells, taking the lives of hundreds of innocents alongside the High Order members. Long it was sure that not even amongst the Pagans he would be safe, for not only the High Order, but many other were after him. He started being known as the “Catastrophe Mage” and spends his days running away trying to keep alive. He still joins the Pagans to fight the High Order once in a while. Due to a Pagan ritual he became locked in time, incapable of aging. He can still be killed however. TALENTS: Animal taming- animal’s feel a natural likeness and trust in him. Spell transfer- he’s able to obtain or transfer a skill to himself or another warrior. BATTLE SKILLS: Eye Skills: -Zeus Wrath: His most powerfull spell and most deadliest. Makes a shower of thunder fall over his enemies and electrocute and burn their bodies until they collapse dead. He can also concentrate it in his hand causing the person to suffer the double damage, killing them in a matter of seconds. -Maremoto: Causes a gigantic wave to fall over his enemies destroying and taking all on it’s path. -Spikes of Earth: Causes boulders and spikes of stone to fall over his enemies. He can also create a large spike and throw it at his enemy, the spike can break on hundreds of smaller ones covering larger area. -Winds of Myst: Can cause a tornado. -Natures call: Calls upon the forces of both flora and fauna to attack as his will. Can also be used to create Leaf and Wood beasts o to just make a flower grow faster. ACESSORIES: He always carries a lamp of fireflies attached to his staff. OTHER INFO: He’s a wanted criminal and both normal people and the High Order are offering a very high reward for his capture. He’s a member of the Pagan rebels who fight against the High Order, or at least used to be. He has a sister who's a High Necromancer on the High Order. LAST EDITED IN: 02/05 USERNAME: theAdept_Rogue NAME: Sheza AGE: Looks around 20 GENDER: Most of the time, Male SPECIES: A shapeshifter who usually takes the shape of a male part-wolf; real form unknown. The rest his description will be based on his usual part-wolf form. EYE: Silver eye on the left forearm, centering a gold pentagram; and a gold eye on the right forearm, centering a silver pentagram REGULAR EYE COLOR: Cerulean HAIR: Short, unruly brown hair ATTIRE: ~Normal attire: Streaked cargo pants, soldier boots, grey sleeveless hoodie and white arm bands. ~Traveling garb: White cotton long-sleeved shirt, black trainers, leather boots, sleeveless trench-coat. ~Winter outfit: Black woolen Sweater, navy denims, winter boots, scarf WEIGHT: 146 lb HEIGHT: 5'9 ft JOB: Wanderer WEAPONS: A bunch of spare parts which can be constructed into different weapons SUPPLIES: Food, various kinds of drinks, money, cards, random antique stuffs FEAR: Mirrors- his own reflection DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Golden wolf ears, fangs and tail PERSONALITY: Sheza is seemingly friendly and easygoing at first, but becomes shy and distant/secretive after a while. He is pleasant to talk with, but (very) difficult to befriend, as he dislikes being too close to other people. BACKGROUND: Not much is known about Sheza, except that he's a shapeshifter who can turn into almost anything- and can even switch genders. His real form, and even gender, is unknown and he seems to be over-secretive about it, and becomes paranoid whenever the subject is brought up. TALENTS: >Luck manipulation >Gambling >Fortune Telling BATTLE SKILLS: > Angel's blessing: A very powerful heal spell- removes all ailments (like poison and sickness), wounds, and a certain extent of curses > Call of the immortal: Summon spirits of the dead to aid in battles. > Wrath of Silver : Use the power of life to absorb wounds and damages then transfer the (multiplied) force to the selected target(s) > Phase Jump: Warp across time and space > Song of Nightmare: Creates nightmarish illusions- so realistic that it can cause physical pain, which usually leads to insanity or even death > Wrath of Gold: Controls a certain area of space and erase/destroy anything that comes near it ACESSORIES: A small pouch full of antique rings OTHER INFO: Sheza seems to know a lot of people who doesn't know him LAST EDITED IN: 4 May 2011 USERNAME: Yuffie NAME: Omega Shi AGE: 22 GENDER: Female SPECIES: Elf EYE: Green eye on back of her left hand, black eye on ankle. REGULAR EYE COLOR: Black HAIR: Straight pitch black hair that goes to her waist. She has three midnight blue streaks through her hair. ATTIRE: Job Attire: Omega wears a white halter top that has a few rips towards the bottom. She also wears pitch black leggings, with knee high black boots. Omega wears a one shoulder (left) black cape that touches the ground. It doesn't drag on the ground when she runs or walks, though. Winter Attire: In winter, Omega wears the same, but with a few variations. She wears the halter top, but with a black jacket over top. Her cape is replaced by a larger black cloak. Her leggings and boots remain the same, but the boots have snow treads on them. WEIGHT : 130 pounds HEIGHT: 5 feet, 9 inches JOB: Reaper- reapers use scythes and long blades to hurt their enemies, and usually have some form of dark magic. WEAPONS: Scythe SUPPLIES: Money, food, water, winter clothes, book about undead FEAR: As silly as it may sound, Omega is afraid of butterflies. It's a debilitating fear- she stops and screams, and faints if one touches her. She's fine with all other insects and bugs, though. DISTINCTIVE MARKS: Omega has a midnight blue and black tattoo on her forehead and the bridge of her nose. Her tattoo depicts a moon and a scythe. PERSONALITY: Omega is cheerful, yet has a dark side. She's always bright and bubbly, but when someone threatens her or someone she cares about, she gets really serious and scary. BACKGROUND: When Omega was little, she was going for a walk and got lost. A man from a city controlled by the High Order found her, and they lived together as father and daughter for several years. The High Order found out, and tried to kill her and her father. Her father was taken captive. Omega managed to get out of the city by killing several guards and using her powers against them. She's been fighting the High Order to find her adoptive father. She was hoping to see him in the city. TALENTS: - using dark magic - baking, strangely enough BATTLE SKILLS: Dark Bolt: Shoots a dark bolt from her finger tips at an enemy. Sometimes stuns, other times causes great pain. Call: Call forth a zombie to fight for you. Must be dead people nearby to cast. There can only be one zombie at any given time being called. Imbue- Imbue scythe with the powers of darkness. Fear: Scare the enemy. Hate: Make enemy go insane, forcing them to attack everyone around them, including themselves. ACCESSORIES: Omega has a small sock that she keeps with her always. OTHER INFO: Omega is a wanted criminal. She enjoys scaring small children. USERNAME: diamondmist NAME: Korin Celindor - Stormbender AGE: 18-19 GENDER: Female SPECIES: Elf EYE: Blue Eye (right hand) with a green design around it reminiscet to a Celtic one. Green Eye (um, "on her head" with blue designs around it the same as the green designs surrounding the Blue Eye.) REGULAR EYE COLOR: Bi-colored eyes - Blue and green. HAIR: Spiky black hair, collarbone length, usually in a VERY messy bun. ATTIRE: Job: A rather...revealing blue dress with black spandex shorts. Sometimes wears black tights. Plain sandals (not heel). Normal: A mint green tank top with with trimming and a lighter green design on the back. A...Vocaloid arm accessory on one arm. Black shorts and sometimes capri. Black sandal (not heel). Other times, wears a blue dress which accentuates her...gifted figure. Winter: A white fur-lined hooded jacket and blue gloves. White pants and black boots (fur-lined). WEIGHT: 86 pounds. HEIGHT: 5'8" JOB: Hunter. WEAPONS: Arrows and a bow, a few concealed knives/daggers. Senbon needles, and rarely, dual swords. SUPPLIES: Food, money, a blanket, a pillowcase, needle and thread, dual swords, dual daggers, playing cards, tarot cards, nailclipper, scissors, rope, tape, a book, lockpicks. FEAR: A bit afraid of the dark if alone. Mostly afraid of spiders. VERY afraid of spiders, take the last sentence back. DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Dark birthmark of an arrow on her right inner thigh. A large scar on her back. A tattoo of a diamond on her collarbone. PERSONALITY: A fun-loving, cynical, critical, and slice-of-life sort of girl. She takes a while to open up, though, and is initially shy and sweet. She doesn't normally like to be in the lead of something, but is openly curious. Insecure at times. But when she's open and familiar, she's a spitfire, a pessimist (sometimes) and hotheaded. She knows her way with words and men. BACKGROUND: Not much is important - Korin was from a respected middle-class family and the second-eldest from a sibling count of six. Her cousins, which some may know about, are he necromancer Yani and the elf Vena. She at first was given the position of head of family by her elder sister, Nevaeh, but declined and gave the position of her younger brother Hyn, who gave it to the next in line, who gave it to the next. At least the last accepted. She and her cousin Vena ventured out in the lands to hone their skills of archers - and they did quite well. After a while, Yani joined them. Of course, in time, they became known for their good hunting, and soon got many customers. As they did, they also became known in the wider community. Vena, who enjoyed this life, wanted to start anew, and disbanded. Yani did as well. In the end, Korin and Yani promised to meet once in a while. Yani became a magic-user. Vena became a bounty hunter. Kori remained as a hunter but learned magic and helped Vena out once in a while. TALENTS: Agility, Gambling, a way with words, a veeery good right hook, flexibility. BATTLE SKILLS: Mirage of Waves: Summons a wave of water to smother the opponent and/or ensare them in a ball of water. Moon Dance: The ground gets encased in ice, also freezing anyone in vicinity that is recognised as a threat. Lightning Strike: See title. Sixtieth Hour: A huge dragon of lightning attack the enemy(s). Suitable to use against groups. User can control the size. Seventh Star: The magic will alter the aura around the enemy which makes him fall victim to a mini-thunderstorm. I'm a Little Teapot: Sing the children's poem, "I'm a Little Teapot," so her voice can transmit waves which can shock the ears of the enemy - usually makes the enemy deaf. Deathsong: Snap a finger and weaken the enemy to extreme measures. Can also sap magic power (MP, in other words). Omega: Uses a ball of pure lightning to swing around the enemy battlefield to kill anyone in the path. It's fairly controllable, so usually, an army or so dies. It's quite exhausting, though. Blackiris: Make an enemy die. Only one. Iliad: Summon a water wave and then freeze it once it's smother the enemy party. Bird of Water: Turn fingernails to icicles. ACCESSORIES: A mirror, a hairbrush, and an earring. OTHER INFO: Korin crushes on people easily. D: USERNAME: Ashen_Eclipse NAME: Eira Winther AGE: 21 GENDER: Female SPECIES: Human, mainly. Has Elfin blood somewhere in her family EYE: a Gold Eye on the palm of her right hand; a Silver Eye over her heart. Both are surrounded by swirls of black that fade out to her skin-tone. REGULAR EYE COLOR: Light Blue HAIR: White (in reality, a very pale blonde. But it looks white.) Her hair is wavy and quite long, reaching about the middle of her back, but she keeps it in a knot at the nape of her neck. ATTIRE: Regardless of the outfit, she has bandages wrapped on both her hands to hide her Eye. Also has sheaths/daggers hidden in various places, including her boots and the small of her back. Also (usually) wears a belt, with a dagger there as well. Normal- A lightweight blue peasant blouse, the sleeves ending at her elbows. A brown leather vest. A short-ish 3-tiered skirt, with brown leggings underneath. Practical boots. Winter- similar to her normal outfit. Changes: a long-sleeved peasant blouse, a fur lined vest. Poncho/Cloak with hood, lined with fur; cloak reaches her knees. Gloves. Boots come to mid-calf, also fur-lined. Work- (When meeting cartography customers- )A fitted white blouse, embroidered in red, blue, and green along the hems. A flowing black skirt that reaches the floor, with a ruffle along the hem that is also embroidered. They are very well made, and scream of respectability. (When meeting... other customers-) Black shirt, black pants, grey hooded cloak. (When working-) A variation of her normal outfit, but older and stained. Wears a canvas apron, stained with ink. WEIGHT: 148 HEIGHT: 5' 6” JOB: Cartographer, officially. Forger, unofficially. WEAPONS: Dagger(s). SUPPLIES: Paper and writing supplies; some money; waterskin and trail rations; panpipes FEAR: Besides for an irrational, nearly debilitating fear of spiders, Eira has an more logical fear of being found out- either as a forger or a Child of the Eye. DISTINCTIVE MARKS: Some slight scaring on her legs and arms, most are not really noticeable, but there is one that runs from her knee to about halfway down her shin that stands out. Her hands are also noticeably scarred. PERSONALITY: Generally nice- on the quiet side, but friendly. But watch out- she holds grudges and can be vindictive when provoked. She gets her revenge while never letting on that she is angry. BACKGROUND: Eira was raised in the city mainly by her three older brothers. Her mother worked nights at a tavern, and her father was often busy working on his maps. She forced her brothers to teach her how to fight with daggers. When it became apparent to her father that her brothers lacked any art skill whatsoever, he taught her how to make maps. It was after her father passed that she started dabbling in forgery. TALENTS: Skilled artist-- useful for map making and forging; able to tell when someone is lying (due to training, but also because of her Eye); agile; can juggle and throw knives; able to create a small light to see by, like a small glowing ball of energy that hangs in the air around her. BATTLE SKILLS: Non-magic: Knife throwing Magic: Healing- however, there is a catch. When she heals someone, she becomes emotionally attached. The more often she heals them, the more attached she gets. She tries to avoid healing people as often as possible, and keeps quiet of it's consequences. Dual View- able to make the enemy see double, with each version looking equally real. Flash Flare- emits a bright light to blind an enemy ACCESSORIES: A necklace that belonged to her father- a gold pendant with an azure stone in the middle. Likely Elvin in origin, it has been passed down through her family for years. OTHER INFO: Eira likes to play the pan pipes and sing. She isn't very good at either. LAST EDITED- May 5, 2011 First Post: - You are in Sultana, in the city Square, right in front of the place where they are going to burn the Monks alive. - You hear the Monks cry. - You start by noticing the other children, feeling their presence, interact with them. - You must all go to the Docks Area to meet the others, where it’s safe. -------------- The great of Sultana may be called the city of the future. Large structures of stone and metal breaking through a sky in which the stars are hidden by the clouds of smoke freed by the machines that povoate the city. Sultana is the main city of the High Order, a religious cult that tries to opresse the people into worshiping the Maker and fire. So many had already been burn in the stake under the judgement of “Heresy”. He himself, almost got the same treatment, and if they found him there, watching the death of one of his “Brothers” he would have it again. He stood amongst the people who watched the High Order Minester dictated the punishment of a Lunarian Monk who had been captured in Glacia. A hood hid his face, but any who looked could see him holding a large vine staff, something he couln’td hide, didn’t bother to. The High Order would not attack a wizard in mid day light with no proof of him being a Pagan or not. They claimed heresy, impure behavior and treason against the Maker as the sins of the Monk. Their judgement on everyone who refused to worship the Maker. “The Eye must not fall on the hands of the High Order! If it does, all of Alundra will lose its freedom. Gather Children, protect the Eye, for they do not know what it is capable of! They are ahead. Find the Eye of the Red Eagle.” The Monk yelled. Commotion rose people spoke amongst each other. The Minister ordered the man silence and started the fire at the bottom of the stake. The fire started going up the man’s body till he was burning for public entertainment. He saw the eye mark on the monks shoulder. A black eye, he was indeed a “Brother”, but his word, was there others among them? He looked side to side, sensing finally his “brothers” nearby, there were more Children there. He looked at the monk and hit his own chest twice, as a farewell, there was nothing he could do, if he interfered he could put his life on the line. It wasn't like his own neck wasn't on the line there. He saw the other Children, but he could not approach them there, it would be dangerous. There were four girls and a guy he walked towards them and he passed he said pretending to be annoyed, he just hoped they would get the hint and see the eyes on his hands. “You hear the cry of that mad man? Why are we losing our time here? I'm going get a drink at the Hunchback Tavern.” And walked towards the central the second gates, that devided the main town from the poor part of the Docks. He hoped the others would join him there. The Hunchback Tavern was a famous place on Sultana, right near the docking area, there they could freely and safely have conversation… short off. At least the High Order wasn't around there. Removed members: iPink. Post edited: 14/06/11
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