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  1. ((I go to bed for one night and get left behind o.o’’. Oh evil necromancer around? Hope it’s not the one my character has a past with. Even though I said nothing about my character’s past this was a happy coincidence.)) Cian had made his way outside. He decided not to take part on getting the seal. The way the women treated Death with such disregard bothered him. They seemed to make it out just fine on their own, besides it was obvious that they do not wished his help. His dragon followed behind chanting healing spells worriedly, it was helping Cian’s rather slow regenerative system and that was good. Very quickly only scars were left; these would vanish with time on their own. Cian stood on the walls, like a royal eagle watching his prey, a stance that earned him his title in ancient times. The dragon stood next to him in silence. He closed his eyes and an eye opened in his forehead of bright vivid green and he could see amongst the darkness the vitae of the women, such unique imprint, more accurate then fingerprints. He watched them bellow, the dark elf taking lives and a bit of her own vitae raising the dead to bring mayhem amongst the guards. The matran was in a room below and the high elf was on the throne room, what was she doing? He noticed the faint vitae on the throne room, it was the dark elf’s one, her undead, but there was another faint vitae in there, it was also unique! Another necromancer’s undead? He opened his eyes suddenly, the eye on his forehead disappearing. There were others in there besides them? How could he not spot it? Foolish of him! He was so worried with all the senseless killing that he did not see what was happening! “Master, is there something wrong?” Baldur started. Answering his question they heard the doors of the palace close altogether. The women were trapped inside, and they were outside. Well not for long. Cian jumped bellow, his dragon following. He ran past the undead dragon leaving him a thought: It’s a trap! The group is trapped inside. Joining both his hands he pointed them at the doors. Again the stone snake rushed from the ground crashing against the doors till it made it’s way in. Water started rushing out quickly. Cian was caught out of guard but his dragon covered him, a shield keeping them separated from the water. Moments like those Cian was glad Baldur was more of a healer than a wizard. Cian made his way in to find the women, following their vitaes. The shield kept the water away from him but making it very difficult to move. He looked up; the water was coming from gaps on the ceiling. Closing his eyes, he summoned again the powers of his nature eye, the stone serpents raised from the ground and rushed to the ceiling, covering the gaps in the ceiling from which the water came. He concentrated to find more and once more commanded the serpents to cover them until water ceased coming in. That would give them enough time to get out of there.
  2. (( It’s okay Adept. Yet again he had to interfere, otherwise he himself would be OOC, he can’t stand when people take death and murder lightly. And Yes, deaf, I’m not English so even though I am good at it, I often end up spelling some words wrong…)) Baldur flinched and almost jumped at the dark elf for her attack but he stopped himself right on time. He would be bluntly disobeying his master’s order, yet again she was threatening their lives. He looked at his gashes deep and bleeding, they were quickly starting to heal and he blessed the gods for being a dragon. He let go of a snarl at the woman and watched as she walked away. Both elves, the high and the dark one would prove themselves a trouble through the quest, and it wouldn’t be soon enough when they reach their purpose and Baldur would finally be free to harm them as he wished. Cian sighed noticing the enraged stare on his dragon. Baldur was usually an armless kind dragon, but only a few people had been able to piss him off that much. He stared at the woman’s back as she walked away. Humans were one of the few creatures capable of stealing the innocence of the pure and having fun with it. One the few cretures who killed just because they felt like it. Humans were no angels, but there were some of them at least that had some good into them. He looked at his hands serious and in silence. There was blood on his hands... litteraly. Blood was running down his arms to his hands. “Did she… Master!!” Baldur yelled when he turned to Cian. “You’re hurt!! Let me see! I’m going to kill that witch!” I’m fine. Cian thought looking at his bleeding wounds. He took off his white jacket throwing it to the ground, it was stained of red now so he ignored it and walked forth. His shirt was also ripped on the arms, where he was bleeding from. “Let me take care of it!” Baldur started. “At least let me hurt that little witch!" It can wait Baldur. He thought putting his hand on his pockets. They had now to find the seal. He looked around, just now the spirits of the guards were starting to get stranded, unable to depart. It was amazing how a death bonded world had learned to deal with death as if it was something as insignificant as a splintered nail.
  3. ((@Adept: Chosen by who? By a bunch of old geasears who decided a prophecy was talking about them?)) Cian rushed into the gap the high elf had opened as he heard all the commotion. He stopped to stare at all the destruction the woman had brought. He felt another familiar vitae and sighed, great, not wanting to be left behind, the dark elf was also senselessly murdering innocents. That bothered Cian so much. Why did the elders had to call upon him? Until a century ago they didn’t even knew he existed. Furthermore, pair him up with such a pair of senseless murderers. They see themselves higher than humans, yet they are worst than animals who kill only by instinct. He thought. He didn’t wanted to attack his companions, but he had to stop those women before they left the city guardless. It was already a hell hole with the little guards it had. He joined both his hands and closed his eyes. Avendai was straight in front of him so he didn’t needed to find her. The Dark elf would be easy to find, her dragon left so much vitae that even a blind, mute, depth horse could spot it. Eyes opened in the tattoos on his hands and the ground shook violently. Plants crushed from the ground right under the high elf enterwining around her dragon like chains, clinging to him with an unnatural strength, pulling it to the ground, same with her. With the dark elf however, he couldn’t use plants, her dragon could easily break them. Instead, the ground itself fell into his command. Stone fused together moved upward under the dragon wrapping around it like a snake, threatening to crush its bones and it’s ride, but just holding it. “Master! They’ll get enraged!” Baldur spoke softly behind Cian and got in front of him in case the women got free and decided to strike at him. He made his thought heard by both women only. Dark elf and High Elf… Greatest of the elves. I do not acknowledge you, not as my partners and not as creatures worthy of respect. You’re nothing more than mere animals, a dog who just saw a cat. Irrational and stupid. He opened his eyes and let his hands fall to the side. The stone snake shattering and the plants retreating, leaving the woman be. Hopefully that would stop them from killing anyone else unnecessarly, other then himself that was.
  4. “Master says it isn’t wise to just rush into a palace.” Baldur spoke when Animus said it was in a palace. “He said we shoud think of how to get in there without getting too much atention.” With all the senseless killing, if this place has guards whatsoever, they probably have heard of troublemakers by now. Cian thought making it heard by the others, he walked forth to Baldur and looked at the others. They’ll be more alert therefore. If we rush into there we’ll probably regret it. Baldur stared at his master. He looked at the others, they wouldn’t be exactly outnumbered having in count the dragons that the women rode. An undead dragon, a gigant serpant, a cheerful young one, and an older one who didn’t want to kill anyone, they were definitely not outnumbered with those odds. Not many humans could single handedly take on a dragon, rather less six adult dragons and their riders. Cian decided to go check this said palace (how it looked like and possible entrances that the group could use) and bowing at the girls, the high elf and the dark elf, he walked away, Baldur followed behind. He noticed Nova had decided to head to the palace herself. "Master asks if you're going to barge right now into the palace." Baldur said to the cat-lady.
  5. ((@adept: I did that answer for the post before you edited it, I didn't notice u had edited it when i posted it. I edited my post a little now. PS- And i have no idea, maybe they're busy?))
  6. ((@Adept: Yes male non-dragon.)) Cian stared back at her, cold stares didn’t bother him that much, he was used to them, he was so used to it, past times it was all he got. He watched her as she crudely murdered the passerby and sighed. He walked towards her she sheathed her weapon. “Human is a very relative term to be used as the name of a species.” He mumbled behind her. He pulled from his neck what seemed to be a rosary with an odd cross with an eye. “I do not need your acknowledge because I don’t seek it.” He told her, his stare on where once the dead man stood, holding the cross he thought. Even though to this world you are bonded, when you do become free, I hope you find the crosses. He felt bad for the man’s death, it was his own curiosity that lead to it, so all he could do was make sure that his spirit could find its way after death. He said one last thing, this time by thought, all the others could hear it besides her. I apologize my intromission. That thought he walked away back to Baldur. Do NOT speak with the necro and her dragon. He ordered Baldur, only the dragon could hear his order. “But master…” That’s an order. Not one word unless I allow you to. Cian restated. Baldur frowned and looking at the others he asked. “So what are we supposed to do here in Nerati anyway?”
  7. Great story KTC. My ex-boyfriend was like that... o.o' but unlike Tei'jal... he chose the game.
  8. “Master barely ever speaks.” Baldur stated inflating his chest annoyed. Such an unpleasant woman. “Saying something like that is uncalled for! Or can’t you wait to hear his voice? I know he’s the only non dragon guy on the group but you don’t need to be desperate!” Baldur stated purposefully poking at her. He felt his master give him a tug on his feather and looked at him. The glare didn’t need a thought associated for Baldur to realize his master was displeased. “Sorry… that was rude.” Baldur apologized to the dark elf, and turned around, cursing, swearing lowly and feeling the need to bite his own tongue and die for having to apologize to such an evil woman. Cian smiled at her, yet his eyes fell cold and piercing on her. “Dragons raised from the dead usually had a horrible or humiliating death, that’s the only way their vitae could become that corrupted. So did you raise it just to try out your skills or did you just felt bad for it, or was it a bit of both?” He asked.
  9. i changed my character profile a little. Changed a bit of Baldur's and Cian's description, changed a bit the description of some of Cian's magical skills and added a "other" skill.
  10. ((@Yuffie: I kinda thought that, but then i read the description and it said Nerati was a large beach area, then I got confused.)) Cian watched Nova as she arrived and sometime later the dark elf and the undead dragon. He was dry by now from his little visit to the river, but he was starting to regret having fallen on it. Now hitting the ground from that high and spending a few minutes till his body recovered didn’t seem that bad! His chest was complaining heavily from the water. He was actually surprised Baldur hadn’t thrown a fit for him riding completely soaked on him or for being soaked to start with. Where’s Baldur?He wondered. He heard a sound behind him and saw the feathered dragon walk out of the city cheerful with a big smile on his face. “Wow! The people of Nerati are nice!” His feathers were spotless and shiny; he was holding a bag on his hand and walked over to Cian. “Hi miss Nova, hi mister Animus, you’re here! And hi miss dark elf lady I don’t know and mister creepy undead dragon I also don’t know!” Cian lifted his left eyebrow. Did he just waste my money on getting his feathers and scales cleaned? “I got my feathers cleaned and my scales waxed. I can’t stand dirt and this trip got me all dirt… Master, are you sitting in the floor!?” He exclaimed, Cian practically flew up to his feet. “You’re not riding me until you get yourself clean!” Cian death glared at him, he flinched and smiled nervously. “I may reconsider that…” “So, what’s your name lady and your dragon?” Baldur asked smiling at the dark elf and her dragon. “Oh… and master wants to know if you’re the necro… mancer (I don’t think necromancers like to be called necros) who raised your dragon.”
  11. ((@Adept_ Rogue: Good point, but he was kinda speaking in general. But okay, then let’s just say he can see people’s vitae, and the vitae kinda says everything the person is.))
  12. Cian chuckled amused. How amusing. He somehow got partied with the perfect group, that quest was going to be a disaster. He shook his head and tapped the dragon’s neck. “Master says this will surely be an interesting journey, four elves with a…” Baldur spoke, he blinked and stared at Cian. “What? I’m not going to say that!” Cian stare at him silently. “Four elves with a superiority complex and a noble with rebellious princess syndrome will surely make the perfect group.” “You’re not counting yourself in the group master…” Baldur spoke but Cian said nothing. He wasn’t smiling; he just stood on the dragon with a noble pose and closed his eyes as if in thought. The dragon went silent mumbling to himself. “That was inappropriate.” Probably in response to something Cian told him. Lets go. With that thought Cian hit the dragon’s neck with his feet making him fly faster ahead surpassing the others. They would reach Nerati in a few minutes at that speed. When he realized the others couldn’t see them anymore he mentally ordered the dragon to fly normally. The others would catch up with him soon. They could already see the endless sands of the beach area of Nerati, Cian smiled, Baldur also forgot to say he was a quick flyer, also compensation for his blabber mouth, lack of offensive magic and clumsiness. They flew down towards the sands, near a town. “I guess I could go fetch for supplies and food, right master?” Baldur asked, Cian nodded. Baldur left Cian by the entrance of the town and disappeared to the insides. Cian sat on the sands waiting for the others. ((sorry, I made a town in Nerati, idk if there is one there actually ^^'''))
  13. Cian chuckled at the reaction of Vena and just smiled at her, such a cute sadistic girl, he considered being smart sleeping with a dagger under his pillow while those girls were around. That would be a surely interesting travel, he looked back at Avendai and Astir who had just caught up with them and grinned. He looked down to Baldur and mentally entrusted him to answer Animus question, the young dragon blushed. “I’m kinda clumsy sometimes. I’m surprised master hasn’t dumped me yet!” The dragon stated. “I guess it’s cause I’m really good at fighting, cleaning and cooking to compensate my clumsiness.” I wouldn’t survive without his cookings… Cian thought, however everyone could hear his thought on the depths of their mind. Still feeling amused. He noticed the two dark elfs decided to take an alternative route, were they really that eager to run away from the others? “I’m so glad you take my cookings into such a good le… oh… you want me to say that?...” Baldur asked all of a sudden and Cian nodded. “Miss… huh... Nova, my master is asking why do you dislike us so much? You barely know us.”
  14. ((is it just me or is my character the only non dragon guy?)) He eyed the high elf who was in the room and her dragon, an old dragon it was. He had heard of that woman and even seen her before. Lady Avendai, some had told him before that every man she married died a mysterious death, and her dragon, the large old serpent seemed imponent and powerfull. Cian smiled, he thought that was just a child’s tale, never imagined to actually one day be staring at it. A Black widow, as the rider of such a magnificent dragon, doesn’t seem fitting… He thought. That seemed a fitting name, fitting for the woman’s beauty and the danger she symbolized. Cian actually liked black widows, he also liked stepping on them when he found one lurking around. Yet his attention quickly diverged to the boney dragon, an undead. The product of a necromancers work, he had never seen a necromancer with the guts of keeping something like that as a “pet”. He could feel the curropted and dark vitae emanating from it. How curious he was about the undead dragon. Baldur looked around worried and decided to socialize with the other dragons. “Hi my name is Baldur! What’s your names?” He asked looking at the many dragons. All their riders seemed rather dark and moody. But before he could get any reply, the matran had already decided to depart. He saw his master sigh disappointed, was it just him or his master wanted to find out all he could about why there was an undead dragon there? Oh well. Cian walked over to Baldur and made him sign to lower his head. So the dragon did. Cian jumped up and sat on the dragon’s neck. “Oh… guess we should depart.” And he lifted flight following the other dragon. He caught up quickly with the matran and her dragon. “Hey! Wait up!” Baldur asked. He looked at the matran. “Hi my name is Baldur, this is my Master Cian, what’s your name?” He smiled at the matran and her dragon.
  15. The flew over miles and miles of vegetation under them, they were on Siso Jungle, heading to the Draco Temple. I wonder how the elder knew of me to call me? A Cian thought while he rode on his dragon’s back watching the ground bellow. They were flying pretty high. “Well, I kinda told them about you!” The red feathered dragon answered to the man’s thought. Little did Baldur know of his Master other than his name and skills, he only knew he had to trust him and protect him, for even though he was strong and skilled, his master was also, rather frail. Cian was a quiet individual, never speaking unless he had to, or in case the conversation targeted him, he chose to comunicate by thought at on normal situations. “Did I do wrong?” Baldur asked looking back at his master. Cian sighed annoyed and shaked his head. “That’s good to know! I was worried!” The dragon said chuckling nervously. “Baldur!! Look out!” Cian all of a sudden yelled. Baldur looked ahead and saw a larger dragon flying towards him. Baldur scooted quickly and clumsily, the other dragon growling as if wanting to say: “Learn how to fly! Newb!” He watched the larger dragon fly away and sighed in relief. “That was close! Right Master?” He said but got no answer. “Master?” He looked back, it only took him a few seconds to realize his master was no longer on his back. “NOOOOO!! I lost my master!! Oh no! I’m so clumsy!! How is this possible? Master!!” ----- “Aaaaaaah!” Splash! In that moment Cian was so glad there was a river surrounding the Draco Temple, otherwise he would be so near dead! He swam to the surface and exited the river shaking himself like a dog. He hit his ears to try and get the water out. He looked up, that clumsy young dragon was nowhere to be seen. “Such a clutz…” Cian mumbled. A few people, mostly elders, looked at him with curiosity. Without the cloack he stand out more than he had wished, not many walked around wearing pants and shirts and vests that did not seem very fitting for those times, yet it was a way of dressing he was used to from past times. He smiled at the people and walked away towards Draco town at least he had landed near the temple. That he had to thank. He entered the temple silently to find the elders already informing a pair of dragons and their riders. He decided not to interrupt since he had no idea what was going on, since Baldur said nothing at all. He stood there in silence hearing the elders, hoping no one would notice him until… “I lost my master!” Baldur came rushing in really worried. “He was on my back, then a dragon almost hit us, then I looked back and he was no longer there. Can anyone help me look for him?” Cian walked over and smacked the dragon. “Maste…” He went instantly silent when he saw the deadly glance on his master’s golden eyes. Baldur stared back for a few seconds and looked at the dragon riders in the temple and the Elders. “Master asks apology for the commotion caused by my brief distraction.” The dragon quickly said bowing, Cian just stood next to him silently, water still dripping from his graments. “He wishes to know why were we called.”
  16. This is the first time i post a siggie and an avie here. this is my siggie corrently: http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/m211-Cpia.png[/img] Noblesse fan: I claim M-21 as my husband... and Frankenstein as my housekeeper. I just love noblesse and mostly M-21 in all his emo, werewolf smexyness... I just simpathyse with his story. And this is my avie:http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/d699ddd6acac21bff381ad6156aec331.jpg[/img]
  17. This seems interesting. Dragons, just my thing… And I been wanting to use my new character. I know you said for them not to use dragons as servants, but the dragon does it willingly, he asks, and the dragon complies, the guy is not actually forcing the dragon. Dragon Name: Baldur Cassiel Age: 387 Gender: Male Dragon Type: Phoenix Dragon (is that okay? In my stories that species actually exists. They’re golden and red feathered dragons with some of phoenixes abilities, but not all (if u kill it, it’s dead, it won’t rise from the ashes as an adorable baby one)… the result of dragons jumping the fence). Element: Light Appearance: He has both scales and feathers, having feathers mostly on his back and wings. His scales are gold colored and his feathers are red. His eyes are very bright green, his horns are also gold. Skills: Physical- Slash – a strike with his claws Wip strike – a slash he can perform using his tail. Lord’s Blades – Turns his feathers into blades that can be used against the enemy. Breath of Heavens- Causes him to breathe a strong torrent of fire or ice alternately. Zeus Wrath – A sealed skill that he can only use with his master’s permission that controls the light around himself allowing him to manipulate it and use it as a deadly weapon empowering his own physical strengths in order to manipulate the light. Magical- Only healing ones: Petra Medora – a strong healing spell; Petra Vitae – How he calls his tears, they can resurrect the dead… Saddly he doesn’t tear easily (like almost ever). Field of Protection – Multiple seals that he can form around himself and his companions to protect them. Other He's a great cook! Personality:[/b] He’s a very cheerful and caring dragon, being a bit of a blabber mouth most of the time. He cares a lot about all those who surround him, especially his master. He is usually a neat freak and cannot stand dirt, filth, mold or any kind of pollution making him have a sudden urge to clean and can make him almost creepy. He is very obedient and will do anything his master orders regardless if it goes against his own principles, he also usually speaks for his master. Name: Cian Rune’Iyar Race: Human Age: Unknown (he never answers it) but looks to be in his twenties. Gender: Male Appearance: Cian is a tall and slim man, with a very composed, elegant and almost lord like posture (Baldur swears he might have been one before they met). Cian has short silver hair and very sharp cold gold eyes. He has three black dots under each one of his eyes and strange tattoos on his arms, legs and back. The tattoos are tribal and usually the centering element is an eye always of different colors (they’re on his whole body). On his chest he has a wound that doesn’t seem to want to finish healing, he's therefore constantly changing bandages (almosts looks like someone cut his chest open or tried to rip off his heart). His attire is simply a pair of black pants, a vest and a shirt, a long white jacket and sometimes a dark brown travelers cloak. Skills: Physical- Balde Dance - Multiple attacks surrounding his chain blade. But he doesn't often fight melee, Baldur is the one who takes care of that. Magical- An actual eye opens on the tatto with which he conjures the spell. Eye of Satan – Conjured with his right hand. Forces the darkness to strike at a large number of enemies. Eye of Vitae – Conjured with his left hand. Forces the Vitae (life force) to turn into a weapon and strike at a large number of enemies (Undead are highly damaged by it). Eye of Death – Conjured with both hands. Conjures a reaper to scythe the enemy (70% chances of being a deadly blow; Undead are immune to it). Eye of Natura – Conjured with both hands. Conjures the forces of nature (Earth, fauna and flora, whatever is closest) to hear his call and strike at his enemy. Eyes of Vaio – He never uses it, unless his life and Baldur’s life is threatened and he has no other choice. Usually an eye opens on his forehead and back. Conjures the powers of void to consume and disintegrate all around him. The very difficult control over the void causes him to collapse afterwards, so if he didn’t kill his enemies with it, he’s going to be in a mess of a situation. Other- Telepathy- - He can communicate with others through thoughts (during that dialogue also hear their answer). He cannot however “read”, hear see or in any way guess other thoughts unless it’s an answer to a direct telepathic question he may have asked. Vitae sight- He can see one's essence by looking at them. Weapon: Chain Blade. Personality: He’s a very quiet person, but not a loner since he seems to enjoy company alot. He barely ever talks, telepathically communicating to Baldur what he wishes to say. He only actually speaks when it’s absolutely necessary or when Baldur isn’t around. Despite seeming distant and cold he is actually very caring and loyal to those he sees as “companions”. He actually treats Baldur as a servant (even though he does not see him as one), something Baldur actually does gladly. Item: Baldur usually carries this for him - Bandages, needles, stitches, vials and potions, food and fresh water. He carries - A set of necklaces with multiple religious symbols.
  18. Everyone has such cute desktops *-* I guess I will post my desktop http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/desktop1.png[/img] I just can't resist a bishounen so they're decorating my desktop all the time.
  19. Lol it was probably observation. Something round rolling down a cliff probably inspired the wheel and the two rocks for fire was probably a mistake. Alot of good things come by accident, like hot soup . Someone dropped hot rocks inside a pan with water and voilá, hot soup was born. @d_A Actually my last one was Zerveus and Cordelia arguing about the twisted sense of humor of fairies. But no i'm not copying yours.
  20. The base idea, group of heroes quest to save the world for example, is no longer original. It’s hard to find the base idea original. I think the originality comes with how you work with the idea. It’s grabbing a cliché idea and giving a new sequence of events to it, that’s the originality. Like grabbing, heroes saving the world and working with that in a different way, instead of heroes, why not the bad guys, by accident, and then they try to undo it? Only way of making something original is forgetting the fact that everyone else already did something about that theme, and finding a way of working with the main plot in a way that works. In the end is just putting ideas together and like Tei said, mixing them till a decent baking pasta comes out. But in order for a decent pasta to come out we have to bind the ideas together. Thats the complicated part in my opinion. When you have good ideas but don't know how to paste them all together. The way you bind the ideas together is what makes the plot interesting and original, many people can have the same plot but bind them together in completly different ways and that already makes the story different. Well that's my opinion.
  21. Chapter 3 Yey… time for a new chapter. Curiously I kept calling the previous chapter, chapter 3… go figure… Vaio: I just realized something while browsing my memories. Aerongoth never got a close encounter with the main villain, the Old Hag. She is attracted to my presence so it would be expected for her to chase Aerongoth… He had you shoved down so deep into the depths of his spirit that no one would be able to sense you not even using the Volturi guy that can see into the depths of your mind… Vaio: okay… Why the New Moon reference? It was the only person I could come up with at the moment… -.- *shame* that is not a spoiler… Vaio: *chuckles* alright. Anyway, stravio ku. So read on. Chapter 3 – Willing prisoner Being tied up t a tree wasn’t comfortable. In her past, Cordelia had been placed in very uncomfortable situations (all thanks to her beloved mother… the irony) but in a scale of one to ten, being tied up to a tree got a powerfull seven. Oh well, at the worst case scenario she would be sold as a sex slave to a creepy old geezer, it wasn’t that bad considering all the other terrible choices. Cordelia had no idea what the future hold out for her. She had a feeling it would be something terrible! But when you were put out in such a situation your brain would start browsing through the worst outcomes possible. Cordelia had just woke up; she tried to recall what had happened. She had been kidnapped by the two guys she helped. What she had done was so foolish and reckless, she should have guessed. She knew she was on the ruins of Protectora, above her only dark clouds of smoke were seen, red beams of light trying greatly to get through the thick layer of smoke, and ashes were falling down like snow. She could see far away the headless statue of someone who had once been a great king. It seemed like she was inside of a house, a tree had broken through the stone tiles of the floor and reclaimed that house as its home. The ashy ground seemed to be prosperous for the creation of those blue leaved trees. She wondered why the trees had blue leaves and green trunks instead of green leaves with brown trunks. In front of her, a few a feet away, were bags and and blankets disposed on the ground. She could see someone, one of the guys sleeping under the blackets. The large feathered wings led her to conclude it was the dragon. “Oh, you are awake.” She heard a voice behind her and saw the wolf walking by. The wolf apparently was no swordsman, despite the sword held to his waist. He wore a short sleeved, turtle necked blue sweater and a brown short jacket with white fur. Around her arms, legs and waste he had several belts with daggers strapped onto them, as well as lock picks and other thievery tools. On his arms he carried firewood. “LET ME GO!!” Cordelia yelled. “Not gonna do it.” The wolf answered walking over to her. “And if I were you I would keep that mouth of yours shut!” “Let me go…” Cordelia asked again. “Be quiet fortune teller, the Sister’s are going to pay a lot for you.” She heard the dragon complain and sat up turning to the girl. She noticed that this time the dragon wore a blindfold. “What are you going to do me? Who are the Sisters?” Cordelia asked trying to break free. “Should we tell her, master?” Helv’Ein started. “I guess it causes no arm.” He answered. Helv’Ein walked across and placed pieces of wood in the center of a small circle of stones. The dragon walked forth and crossed his arms, he sat down in front of her and she still had to lift her head to look at him. Dragons were indeed tall creatures, both as beast and human. He smirked at her. He wore a pair of black pants and simple dark green tunic; on his face he wore a red blindfold. “What are you going to do to me?!” She asked. “I have the right to know!” “My name is Zerveus Avasty, I’m a slave hunter.” He started. Cordelia’s heart raced faster and faster, it was clear to her now, she was going to be sold as a slave to an old fart! “I was recently contacted by the seven witches of hell, excuse me, I fool you, by the seven Sister’s of Death, the guardians of Runas.” He explained. “Though, seven witches of hell isn’t exactly a wrong description, but witches can get offended. It would be more the seven B* of Hell… They are b* with capital B, they think that just because they were blessed by Tesselena and Sammael that they now rule the planet!” The wolf said trying to put up a fire. “Haven’t I told you to refrain yourself from using such language?” Zerveus asked. “Sorry.” Helv’Ein apologized. “Anyhow…” Zerveus continued interrupting Helv’Ein’s mumbling and ranting. “We were paid to find you, girl, and take you to the Night Melody.” She eyed in surprised. Wait what? She was going to be taken to the Night Melody? What would the most important woman on whole the planet want from her? She had no idea who was the current Night Melody, but according to rumors, the Sisters hadn’t renewed the position of Night Melody since their Big Sister became it. “What… for?” She asked, her heart racing more and more, awaiting eagerly for the hunter to confirm her suspicions. “She apparently wants to make you her apprentice and successor.” Zerveus explained. Both he and Helv’Ein expected a bad reaction so the way the girl reacted next was utterly awkward. She let go of an excited and happy yell so loud that Zerveus had to cover his sensitive ears. She was letting out a torrent of babbling senseless comments that were terribly annoying, such as “Oh my god!” and yelps. The only thing she said that actually made sense was “You didn’t have to kidnap me for that! You could have just asked!” “Okay! Okay! We got it! You’re happy! Turn down the volume before you make my eardrums blow!” Zerveus asked but she failed to comply. Annoyed he stuck two fingers on her mouth and she stopped yelling, he took out the fingers and rubbed them against her nightgown to get clean. “Thank you!” “Grosse!!” She yelled and he groaned. For the mercy of Death, could that girl stop yelling? “How can you possibly be glad with this?” Helv’Ein asked looking at Cordelia. “Are you kidding me?” Cordelia asked. “Becoming the Night Melody’s apprentice? It’s better than becoming a queen! I will become an oracle, learn lots of spells and fighting skills and even one day become the Night Melody myself! This is amazing! You didn’t have to kidnap me!” She snapped at them. Zerveus rubbed his ears. “You could have asked my mother like normal people and take me, you didn’t need to kidnap me and pull me over to this.” She continued. “The sisters did not wish anyone to know why we were taking you.” Zerveus added. “So you’re okay with this situation? Besides we really doubt your mother would be alright with it, trust me!” “Ye right… either way, if you’re truly taking me to the sisters show me!” She ordered. She couldn’t see Zerveus eyebrows under the blindfold but she had a feeling he just lifted one of his eyebrows. “If we show you, will you stop yelling and will you behave around us and not try to run away?” Zerveus asked. “Swear on you fortune teller’s soul!” “Yes!” She answered, still she blinked confuse, she wasn’t a fortune teller, and if she was going to be the Night Melody's apprentice she was at least an oracle, not a fortune teller. "Give her the letter." Zerveus ordered the wolf. "And untie her." "But what if she runs away?" Helv'Ein started. "We can outrun her." The wolf groaned annoyed and walked over to their things. As quickly as he went he returned carrying on his hands a letter. He handed the letter to the dragon who opened it and held it out for Cordelia. He must be really blind for he was holding the paper upside down. The wolf let go of a chuckle and fixed the paper for the dragon. Cordelia noticed the letters were levelled, was that so the warlock could read. Lady Sorceress Kera Avasty, I come once more in seek of you family exquisite skills in obtaining certain objects that in regular cases would not be taken lightly. There is this child on the town of Petra of name Cordelia Damano, I do not know the child’s or look; only her name came to me in a vision. She is to become my successor so her retrievel is of the outmost importance. She must be brought unharmed and if so, in preference, pure. In order to prevent that any of your servants taint her I would prefer if you sent your son. I know he has a bit of a sight problem, but you yourself said he has proven very effective in the capturing of slaves. Give him this letter. On the back it has a seal in my name and my Sisters that will make it so that Zerveus Avasty can act untouched by law. Yet again I would very much prefer if no one saw him take the girl. Her capture must be of the outmust secrecy in order to preserve her own safety. I hope to get answer soon, Yours truly, Rosemaria Darklinia, The Night Melody. Under the name was the seal of the Sisters, a seal impossible t replicate or forge, only the sisters themselves could do it. Did that really meant she was going to be the apprentice of the Night Melody? That would be heaven. “So I’m really going to be a student of the Night Melody?” She asked again. That seemed like a dream. “Yes you are.” Both Helv’Ein and Zerveus answered. “You can free me. I won’t run away.” She said looking at the wolf then at the dragon. The dragon gave sign for the wolf to free her. Again with a groan, wolf walked to the girl and using a dagger cut the ropes. Zerveus got up and walked to her, while she was rubbing her arms he pulled of a shackle with a long chain and placed it around her foot, the other end on his wrist. She looked at it surprised. “Just in case you decide you don’t want to coloborate.” Zerveus said. “It’s long enough for you to have privacy when you to the bathroom. Though with me, that isn’t really an issue.” “You’re blind.” She mumbled. “I have never seen a blind Slave hunter...” He smiled, she couldn’t see his eyebrows under the blindfold so she had no idea what kind of smile that was. “I don’t need eyes to see.” “We’re still on Protectora aren’t we?” She asked looking away. “We will leave soon.” Helv’Ein stated. “You must be hungry. Come eat.” “You’re offering me food?” She was suddenly pulled by the chain as the dragon walked over to his friend. “We don’t have by habit letting our slaves die of starvation. Besides, we are still far away from our destiny.” He said. She walked over and sat down. Yes, very far away, she thought. Together the three shared food and water. Cordelia went to sleep early, this time she could sleep without being tied to a tree, though the shackled itched around her ankle. Helv’Ein and Zerveus stayed up. Helv’Ein tried to keep the fire alive while Zerveus was reading a book with blank pages with carved signs. “Are we going to tell her what the Night Melody is all about?” Helv’Ein asked looking at Cordelia. “No. If she know what being the Night Melody really brings, she won’t be willing to follow us.” Zerveus said. “I’m surprised she doesn’t know what it is about.” Helv’Ein said. “I believe the Sisters started enforcing their silencing laws. Plus the fact that most dragons abandoned Akloria makes it more possible that the people of Petra are phorbiden and too scared of speaking to their youth about the truth behind the Oracle class and why becoming a Night Melody isn’t as good as it looks.” Zerveus said. “True. In the time of king Ainlie Mc’Aramon and his father, due to what they and the dragon said, the Sisters almost lost all the Oracles of their Academy.” “Lets keep quiet for now. She can realize that by becoming that she so much desire she will not be allowed to have a happy life.” Zerveus stated. “Still... A fortune teller is not an oracle?” Helv’Ein started. “Well, who cares, as long as we get paid!” “As I get paid.” Zerveus corrected. “Ye, whatever.” The two fell back to silence, not caring about the childs fate. Poor child, so naive and ignorant. She did not know that becoming the Night Melody was the worst curse in the planet. The Night Melody, the Oracle Goddess or the Witchqueen, she was known as many. Death and Tesselena would permanently lock her in time, forcing her to reside for eternity between life and death, time and space, having to supply to the entire universe the understanding of the visions of the future. It was a large burden, the future of the universe upon your shoulders. I miss the former Night Melody, she was a sweet girl… The new one is a stuck up witch with a broom up her derriere that likes to “command” her daughter like a coronel and buys men as if they were breading cattle. Oh well, we can’t always have exactly what we wished for. ----- End of the chapter! Either way, hoped you guys liked this chapter. Be posting more soon. ^^
  22. About the saga part of Twilight... ye I agree with you on that one, but that's how the author calls it, it's more of serie of books. Though i still don't get the difference between saga and series... is saga something epic? Sorry for the outburst of ignorance ^^'' Anyway... I always forget that he got turned to a human, probably because he's such a lame villain as a human and the fact that he's Tei'jal's brother and Tei'jal is such an epic vampire, I always assume is a vampire always ^^''...
  23. True, it is a pairing that does make sense (at least more sense then Stella/Ed), either way, i just don't like Mel and find her utterly annoying and that pairing just makes me be all "WTF?...". Reading the whole Twilight saga ruined my brain to vampire/human pairings and you said it yourself that their pairing was almost a Twilight thing... so even worst for me. Now whenever i see a humanxvampire pairing i feel like running for the hills because they just feel so wrong. You do make that pairing work however, and having in count the game, this pairing is less crack than any other. Still Saurva and Eithera pairing is far better in my opinion. Yet, i'm still going to run for the hills now, and bleach my brain, and probably get an Amnesia shot, and lobotomy while i'm at it... Bye *runs away*
  24. And a new chapter! Vaio: Curious fact – Slave hunters is an actually “good” job on Demeter, you can just kidnap a random person from any planet you wish, bring them to Demeter and sell them out and no one will ask you where the slave came from, at all. The moment a person is taken to Desertia continent and has no registry of freedom and gets registered as a slave, he will instantly become nothing but a slave, even if he was before a president or a king. Curiously 90% of the slave hunters started as slaves themselves… This just shows that Demeter’s “start over” policy has serious flaws.Someone should do something about this… Vaio: Aerongoth and Ainlie were working on that… but Aerongoth went kuku and Ainlie was already kuku! So it failed. Falleno doesn’t care since he buys slaves himself. Okay, read on! Chapter 2 – Midnight activity There is something I believe in, and I believe for self experience from the darker times of my life amongst the mortals. I learnt that nothing good happens after 2 a.m., it may look like it does but usually it’s not like that. Things that happen after 2 a.m. that are good are like winning in a casino, a sheer struck of luck. After 2 a.m. go home, go to bed, sleep. After 2 a.m. the worst things happen on most planets with humanoid lives. Rapes, murders, thefts, drug traffic and other usually start after 2 a.m. At 2 a.m. in the morning everyone should be at home asleep or getting ready to jump to bed. Even I after 2 a.m. go “home”, and I don’t sleep! Who is out at 2 a.m. is looking for trouble, even if they don’t know that. These people in specific were indeed looking for trouble at 2 a.m. Zerveus and Helv’Ein stood outside the Town Hall, walking around the building as if they had nothing going on. Once again their hoods covered their heads; they didn’t wish to be recognized, for what they were about to do required leaving no clues. The two wished to find a way to enter the Town Hall archives for reasons they did not wish to leave known. Finally the two stopped by the main door. Zerveus got really close to the door and Helv’Ein watched around for townspeople. Two words were all that was needed for the spring of the lock to jump and the door to open: “KalaiPika.” They opened the door slowly just the enough for the two to slide in like snakes in a rabbit hole. The Town Hall, or better said, the mayor’s house, was a small building divided in two parts. Ground floor, administrative and town issues, first floor, where the mayor, his wife and his kids lived. Helv’Ein took out the letter the Sisters had given them and analyzed the small map given to them, the archives was at east of the building. The two walked that way and opened the door to a small room that was piling up with boxes and boxes of files. Helv’Ein eyed it horrified, that was indeed the true beauty of burocracy. “Why are we doing this again?” Helv’Ein asked. “What is it?” Zerveus asked placing his hand over the other’s shoulders, a few second later he let go of a silent “ooooh” of understanding. “Because we’re getting paid for it?” “Mother Julia would be so disappointed on us now!” Helv’Ein stated as the two started pushing the boxes around and surfing the documents. “She can start worrying about this when she dies and sees all we did with what she taught us.” Zerveus stated. “So disappointed!” Helv’Ein continued. “Oh well, what she can’t see won’t hurt her.” Zerveus chuckled, keeping his hand over the other’s shoulder. Helv’Ein was the one grabbing as many papers as he could while Zerveus watched and constantly looked back. They only needed to find one name and residence and they would be out of here. Yet they had done a terrible mess, but that didn’t matter, they had no intention of staying longer than that night. Once they knew the name of the girl they needed they would get the girl and leave that place. “Wait, go back to the paper you had just now!” Zerveus said letting go of Helv’Ein. Helv’Ein grabbed in a set of papers he had just thrown to the ground and browsed through it. “What does it say?” “Cordelia Damano…” Helv’Ein said. “That’s her. Where does she live?” “You’re never going to believe this… but she’s the tiny flutist daughter of the Inn’s snake!” Helv’Ein informed. They were so close to her and didn’t even know! All they had to do was ask the girls name and they would have known and none of that would have been necessary. Yet again, the sisters never gave them a face, just a name. The sisters had been very specific about their instructions, go to Petra, go to the town archives, don’t let anyone know, find the girl named Cordelia Damano, she is an oracle, don’t let anyone find out why you are taking her. Take the girl to Desertia to turn her into a slave and bring her to Runas. If they did exactly that they would be highly rewarded, if not, they could always sell the girl out in Desertia, oracles were highly wanted slaves. I think the idea of owning someone who can predict your future would be something highly desired. “Wha…?”Zerveus started. “Yes. Cordelia Damano is the flutist!” “I told you she was a fortune teller!” Zerveus said. “But a fortune teller is not an oracle, we’re looking for an oracle!” Helv’Ein stated. The two fell silent. Helv’Ein diverged his attention from the papers and looked at a small locked box. “What you say we take a small present?” “What you see?” “Locked box, probably with money inside. Use that trick of yours!” Helv’Ein asked. Once again, with the two words Zerveus opened the lock of the box and opened back the chest. Helv’Ein looked inside and grabbed Zerveus hand who smirked. If they were going to leave the town for the night, they could at least take some souvenirs. “We hit the jackpot!” “Talk about stealing tax payer’s money!” Helv’Ein added and the two started filling their pockets with coins and coins of gold. Zerveus suddenly looked back and growled under breath. “Someone is coming!” Helv’Ein grabbed the papers; they hid the money and purposefully threw the chest to the ground. The only exit possible was the window, so the two opened the window jumping out of the room and running for it. In a matter of minutes the two were climbing the Inn’s walls and entering their room. They closed the window, they had no interest on leaving that way, and opened the door. They had to find the girl and take her with them. Everyone was asleep, they heard downstairs the innkeeper waking up and they closed the door. Maybe they could claim innocence. The two sat on the bed and hid the money inside their backpacks, if someone went looking for it they would find nothing. They heard outside the bells ringing, the mayor putting up the alarm. There were thieves in town. “Do you think they’re going to check us?” Helv’Ein asked walking to the window and looking outside. “Yes they are…” Zerveus answered. The wolf’s ears twitched. “Someone’s running up the stairs! Wouldn’t it be better if we ran off?” “We can’t. Not without the fortuneteller!” Zerveus said. “We won’t get caught, and if we do get caught, they have no proof, besides, I really doubt a clumsy swordfighter and a blind warlock could steal anything.” “Be silent… I hear footsteps!” Helv’Ein stated. The door sprung open and they both toward it, ready to face guards if they had to. The girl entered, the little red haired fortune teller. The two traded looks, after all they could indeed run away, they’re prize just came running to them. “The two of you are there. Thankfully!” The girl stated. She was wearing a long nightgown and was barefoot, apparently she was always barefoot (well, she had no shoes); her hair was wildly messy from the bed. “The townspeople are coming for you! They think you stole the mayor!” “We didn’t.” Helv’Ein lied. “We didn’t even leave the room!” “The townspeople won’t believe you.” Cordelia stated. Helv’Ein looked at Zerveus. Why was the girl just simply trusting them? Wasn’t she even slightly suspicious? That was a very serious accusation they were receiving, she should be suspicious of them. Yet she wasn’t. Even better, it would make things easier. “Huh… is your friend awake?” Cordelia asked staring at Zerveus who, despite being up, kept his eyes closed. “I’m wide awake.” He answered shoving the backpack to Helv’Ein. They had to leave now, if the girl accepted to lead them, they could grab her moment they were out of the town. “Is there any way out of here that we won’t be spotted?” “Yes there is. Follow me.” She opened the door and Zerveus followed. Helv’Ein’s claws suddenly grasped the dragon’s wrist. “I don’t like this Zerveus! She may be leading us to a trap! She’s being too trustful of us… too trustful!” Helv’Ein stated. “We need to catch her none the less! If it’s a trap we’ll have to turn to less… pleasant methods.” Zerveus stated. Helv’Ein looked away; he disliked Zerveus’ “less pleasant” methods. Zerveus grabbed his friend’s hand pulling him behind. The two followed the girl down to the kitchen leaving by the back door. She apparently knew a route behind the houses that no one who went to the town knew about or went to. Hidden behind the houses they saw the townsfolk’s breaking their way into the Inn, yelling and crying to catch the “Intruders”. Maybe they shouldn’t have stolen, stealing was wrong, but either way, they had made a mess out of the place so they would think they had been stolen. Their behavior made little difference to their situation now. The girl led the two towards the woods, squirming between the trees with agility similar to that of a mouse. The two had actually a hard time following her, larger and broader then her, they had many times to find alternative routes in order to follow her. At moments like those, being tall and big wasn’t always a good thing, unless you can fade through stuff like I do. A few hours later the two stopped amazed staring forward at the ruined walls of the city of Protectora. They never realized how far they had gone and how they got there so quickly. “No one but wanderers and dragons come here anymore.” Cordelia informed and walked back to the two. “You can from here head out anywhere else safely.” “Why are you helping us?” Zerveus asked blocking her way with his wings. “I felt I should.” Cordelia answered stepping back. “I had this feeling that you two would do something good for me if I helped you.” She smiled at them. She knew very well what she was doing was foolish and dangerous. They might very well be indeed thieves; they might be dangerous and planning terrible things towards her. But she had before such a strong feeling like that one and it turned out right. She questioned herself why she felt that need, why she had that feeling so strong inside her that she had to help them? She had them so often, she just looked at someone and knew. She brushed her red bangs away from her eyes and smiled at the two strangers, begging she wasn’t wrong. She didn’t have those feelings often but when she did they usually were right. She wondered if her “God” had blessed her, I would answer her that, but I cannot go to those who do not believe in me. “I’m being foolish. I should get back before mother or anyone else notices I’m missing.” The dragon placed his right hand over the wolf’s bare shoulder. She blinked surprised as the wolf’s expression seemed to change drastically. She stepped back as the wolf’s left eye became of a seductive gold color. “We would very much like if you stayed with us girl.” Zerveus said. “I mean, you’re such a cute short thing, we would very much enjoy if you came with us.” “What do you mean?” Cordelia asked stepping away, but she knew very well what they meant. She looked back in seek for a way to run away but she was surrounded. Behind her was the walls of Protectora. The wolf jumped at her, smacking her to the ground. She couldn’t fight back as the wolf was stronger than her, but there was something she could do. The wolf was tearing her clothes apart and so she did the first thing that came to her head, when a guy pounces on you, hit him were it hurts the most. So she sprung her knee up hitting him in his jewels of Eie[1]. The wolf yelled and let go of her. Cordelia jumped up and holding onto her nightgown ran off, trying to cover her bare chest. Now she understood why her mother said it was better for her to sleep with a bra, but no, it was uncomfortable so she never did it… She should have listened. She heard the sound of a chain and a strong tug pulled her foot back making her be fall forward on her chest. She looked back and saw a glowing chain around her foot. The dragon was walking towards her. Her heart raced against her chest, she was terrified and her eyes wide open staring at the dragon. Stupid! Stupid! She repeated to herself. Her behavior had been too reckless, she should have guessed something like that would happen. “Stay put girl. Or we will really hurt you!” The dragon stated. Why didn’t he open his eyes? That was all she could think off. She tried to take the chain of her leg and the dragon kneed down to stare at her. Yet his eyes were shut and he just smiled. She turned around and tried to run off but the dragon took grasp of her neck and pulled her up. Her feet didn’t even touch the ground as the dragon got up, he was far taller than her, and holding her from the ground. She tried to get free, but his grasp was far stronger than his frail appearance showed. She couldn’t breathe; he lifted her up and grinned. She had seen grin like those before. Her vision was getting blurred. “Why… won’t you… open your eyes?” She mumbled before losing consciousness. The reason why he never opened his eyes was because he had no eyes to start with. So Zerveus let go of the human girl who fell to the ground unconscious and looked towards the wolf who kept groaning in the ground. “You didn’t kill the girl, did you?” Helv’Ein asked rubbing his sore crotch. “Don’t worry. She’ll be fine.” Zerveus answered. “We better take her away before someone comes looking for us. She’ll only become ours the moment we take her to Desertia. Are you okay?” “I’m fine.” Helv’Ein answered getting up. “I have no intention of starting my own pack anytime soon, so one or two kicks to the baby factory is just a painful annoyance, nothing more.” Zerveus chuckled amused with his friend’s answer. Helv’Ein walked in a weird awkward way back to his friend who once more placed his right hand over the other’s shoulder. They both stared at the human girl in silence. “Mother Julia would be so disappointed on us.” Helv’Ein said once more. “She would condemn us both to hell!” “There’s no such place as hell.” Zerveus stated. ----- And end of chapter… Anyway, stay tunned. And comment, please? Notices. 1-A reference to the Guardian Eie’s (God/Guardian of Existence and Evolution) crown that has two big circular jewels that symbolize male and female fertility. I guess that is enough for you to get what that means.
  25. Lol this story is really good. Yemete and Nox are so funny, and the end with Uma was the best. Well the oracle did say the two were troublesome XD This story almost made me forget how creepy and wrong GyendallxMel pairing is to me and how annoying i considere Mel to be. Oh well. Keep up the good writting.
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