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  1. @daeva_agas - LOL! Actually, don't you think hiding things in extremely overcomplicated webs and puzzles is her favorite way to pass the time? It's either that or going around sticking random pieces of treasure and/rare artifacts is different places.
  2. Haha, I remember that happening - my sister never picked up the Elf transfigurine and Iya married ... yes, the two-headed Dragar. Poor dear.
  3. Ashera's Doublet and Ashera's Robe are also options. You just have to decide which ones you'd like.
  4. I KNOW! I had so much fun changing the faces of the characters from AV1. If Shaz is reading this, please make this possible for TDP. PLEEEZE.
  5. Hmmmm. I watched Pokemon as a kid on TV with my cousins 24/7. As far as I know I haven't gone around committing crimes because of it, nor have I become emotionally scarred. Maybe 'sin' needs to be put into two categories: 1. Real sin - as in, actually doing something bad. 2. Perceived sin. What other people think. What is open to debate. I'm not even sure anime would fall into this category. Anime is more like --- guilty pleasure, hehehe
  6. How about TDP? Will the game be reloaded or will we get all our old equipment?
  7. Is it just cause' all the daevas are gone, Agas? Is that why you don't care?
  8. Hey guys, sorry for the misunderstanding. I live in Asia, and while I think anime for the most party is ultra cool, there are some ... let's say, darker sides to the art genre too. I guess that's true of all kinds of art, anime seems even worse when it goes bad, because it's originally very 2D and almost ... child-oriented, if you know what I mean. Anyway, yeah. Not trying to judge anyone or anything. And by the Lolita, KTC, I meant novel-Lolita made into something 'pure'. That was really ... yeah, disturbing.
  9. Heh. I never knew the death scroll did ANYTHING useful until I read it on the forums here. I think I'll save that for some mysterious future boss battle in TDP. But ... hey, what if Mel uses the death scroll on Gyendal in the first fight? It'd be hilarious if she won then and there.
  10. Personally, I think many Anime writers are heading towards eternal damnation, (no, I'm not talking about that cool, hot place) Seriously. Lolita? Tentacle porn? http://www.cracked.com/article_18655_9-beloved-characters-made-horrifying-by-japan_p1.html there are two pages. Be horrified. PS: I'm just kidding about the eternal damnation bit. But some anime does make me wince. And KTC, I know you're not hating the Christians. But in my opinion, it's perfectly fine to poke fun at those wacky evangelicals. (and I'm a Christian, myself. So there)
  11. Lol, KTC. I receive that sort of spam most often on the mail accounts I keep just to receive Facebook notifications ... I wonder ...
  12. @theAdept_Rogue, you might want to consider that there's usually a 200-300 year gap between the games (except AP and AV1) - that's plenty of time to have land mass shifting - earthquakes, natural phenomena, and all that. What I want to know is why the Oracle was going on about Aveyond disappearing in AV2, while is AV3 it's alive and well. Is Aveyond sort of like Aia's --- heaven or nirvana? The ultimate goal?
  13. I understand Serendipity is the nymph of luck - was that just for luck, or was there a mythological character chosen for her namesake? Same goes for Aisling and the other nymphs - where did those names come from? Rhen, Iya, etc?
  14. You need 1. a fake quarter key and 2. dodge the guards... be careful and 3. when you replace the real key with the fake, you're supposed to get kicked out.
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