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  1. Wow, haven't been here for a while. Hi to all that read this. :)

  2. Light rain. What is your favourite time of day?
  3. May 25th 2005 3 pm... Who are you exactly (no real names or addresses or anything like that!!!!!)?
  4. Banned, because Google and dictionary.com exist.
  5. I got the notification for credits even when I posted only in Spam Haven.
  6. Mae


    I actually avoid fixing stuff. I love sewing my clothes from the beginning, but I don't like repairing at all. Actually, if it's possible, I save the clothes that need repairs to when I visit my mum (about three times a year). She's happy to do them, at least that's what I tell myself.
  7. Mae

    SCAR's [D-U-N-G-E-O-N]

    Wow. You are really good at what you do. Is that a phoenix? The one that looks like a tattoo? Not the bottom one but the one above it? That's actually something I'd get on my skin, if I were to get a tattoo.
  8. Mae

    Eeeee! Books!

    @BlackPirncess: A quick go at googling revealed the series to be named Vampire Chronicles. As far as e-books go, I'm not sure I could get used to them. Plus, I can't afford an e-reader, so I don't want to think about it too much.
  9. Listening to radio and writing this. Do you have a favourite clothes brand?
  10. Fb. Actually, soft drinks mean drinks without alcohol, so juices and fizzies go under that category. Being right or being happy?
  11. You didn't really answer my question... No, I would keep both. Question is the same I asked above.
  12. Same answer. If you got to choose between being happy for the rest of your life and world peace, but you'd be miserable, which would you choose?
  13. I like my soft drinks cold... So I'm not sure what you mean. Cats or ferrets?
  14. Mae


    @LHMH2015: You, too, huh?
  15. The ticking clock. Who is the last person you spoke to and what about?
  16. You can actually see one of them in my profile pic. Your life was written into a book. What genre would the book be?
  17. Hermit Dolls or robots?
  18. I have two sisters. I don't fight very much with either of them anymore, but once I and my younger sister went without talking to each other for two years, because we a had a bad fight. I don't recommend that to anyone. What's/ was your favourite subject in school?
  19. Mae


    I haven't got that many hobbies. I used go to a first aid group as a hobby, but nowadays I'm just too tired with work. I still volunteer with the Red Cross, at a youth shelter, I'm involved in an art group there. We do all kinds of art every Sunday (but there are three of us adults, so I'm not there every Sunday). I'm super excited about that, because our kids are so talented and I get to do art myself as well. Apart from that, I sew. I just bought a crazy expensive sewing machine, which I adore at the moment. I sew many of my own clothes and do patchwork. I used to love reading, but for about a year and half I haven't been able to concentrate enough to actually read a book.
  20. I don't have a tv, but my favourite radio channel is Fun (insert the city where I live). Do you have siblings and if you do, do you fight?
  21. Nope. Don't even know what you mean. What's the funniest joke you remember?
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