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  1. Great . . . was actually browsing new game after TTHW, thanks for sharing 8)
  2. Whew . . . finished the game and seems like mine also had a different twist. I have been reading the forum and seems that the game will end after defeating "Teachy the Discordian" or after defeating at least 4 Kibou. Mine's ended after defeating Duke Greene (possessing Duke Salem) and from there the story continues on cut scenes, involving all the cast. Does it end when Vance hunted the guy named Red Arrow? Just wondering. . . Anyway, great game. Well at least it occupy most of my time while awaiting for the next release of AV3. . . still got 2 weeks in waiting. The forum has been a great help and all members are trying to lend a helping hand if needed. . . P.S.: My favorite scene was the beauty pageant hosted by Manteo. . . . PRICELESS :hamster:
  3. @RainboWings Yehey, I managed to defeat Duke Greene (with your help of course) and another episode opened up for me to be busy with . . . . Whew, I thought will be stuck at this forever . . . Again a million thanks! :AngelFriend: :party:
  4. @Ivan and RainboWings Ok, will give it another try seems that there's a lot of suprises in store, thank you for providing strategy and guidance (amaranthia family really rocks)
  5. @RainboWings I PM you my saved file, hope it will work, thank you so much
  6. Gwendolyn


    What's the use of bag of nuts?
  7. @RainboWings Hi, I tried to send PM to your address but seems that I can't attached any file, how to do it. Anyway thank you so much for helping me
  8. Help!!!!! I have been trying to avoid all the guards at Greene's castle, it was so frustrating as I already spent almost a week already. . . . somebody kind enough to have a save file that I can use, will really appreciate it a lot
  9. I thought the game will occupied me for quite sometime, finished it in 12 hrs, now got to wait for another month for Chapter 2 (love the game though)
  10. Ok thanks a lot. . . . anymore recommendations for such games? I only get to know this kind of RPGs from Amaranth family. . . I get addicted after playing AV1
  11. I just finished the demo and I was actually hook up on it, it was great game. Just wondering if there is an official website for this so I can check on the updates? Any idea when are the rest of the chapters coming out? Thanks . . .
  12. Help, i'm now at my 5th hazelwood plant but can't seem to jump over successfully. . . No need, I managed to get it
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