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  1. The code?

    i did all the puzzles without seeing the board hurray
  2. The code?

    what is the answer to the puzzle in the test that stella takes
  3. Squirrels?map?

    where is the cave now
  4. Squirrels?map?

    thanks now what do i do with the pipe? thanks for helping so far
  5. Squirrels?map?

    now,where is the bouquet is it in the flower shop
  6. where is the map that the squirrels want?
  7. Dragon Bridle

    thanks i will check it
  8. Dragon Bridle

    where can the dragon be found and where is the star temple exactly i went south but didn't find it
  9. Skeleton's arm?

    where is the missing ghost girl again
  10. Skeleton's arm?

    from where do we get the doll
  11. Thief Quest

    which the mistress or the maid??
  12. Thief Quest

    yes i did, he gave me information about the girl for 300 gold but i can't tell the king it says first we have to confirm it i also found the girl in the first island and her love is the prince i also saw her golden medallion then she hurries out and then no one to speak with
  13. Crash

    yes thanks
  14. Thief Quest

    it is written find out who is working with the thieves in the riven forest and why? i don't know what to do i tried everything i could
  15. Thief Quest

    i already delivered it