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  1. main quest is resize potion, but i need fang for that one. and i need the moon tear to help the mayor out. but how do i get the moon tear?
  2. okay im stuck. i need tiny furniture, i need fang to get grub, and i need moon tear. please help
  3. how do i change armor and use skills out of battle?
  4. soo ive gotten out of the underworld. is that it. is that the ending?
  5. im stuck i need the answer to enter the cave. im playing Thrusen. theres a pole with a question on it. EDIT: okay-now i cant even play the game anymore. it says that it need some file, and its always something else. ive downloaded it again, but it wont work? okay i got it to work. but i dont know what to do now. ive helped the elf boy killing withces and ive killed damien. where do i go now?
  6. hi i bought a new computer and i only have the savefiles for the game. now how do i install this into the game, so that i dont have to start over again? thanks, liza84
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