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  1. Update Hey everyone, I've set up a small forum on my website specifically for discussing Legionwood 2 and my other games in a dedicated setting. If you'd like to get the updates as soon as they become available, or engage with me on a regular basis (since I'm not very active around here anymore and may take some time to get back to questions left in this thread), please feel free to drop by: http://legionwood.freeforums.org/index.php Stay tuned for more news. Beta 4 release date coming soon!
  2. Update! Beta 3.2 is now online, which offers a few tweaks, bug fixes and small additions to the game. Changes to Beta 3.0 and 3.1 include: - Donation trays at churches are now fully functional. Donate 10 Kyphers for a 1 in 4 chance of getting a morality boost, or donate 400 or 800 Kyphers for guaranteed morality boosts (1 point for 400 and 2 points for 800). - The Rusty Helmet in Dead Mountain (as part of helping the Revenant) can now only be picked up once, instead of an infinite amount of times. - Most stealable battle-use items (such as Silk Sack and Eye Stone) and rares (such as Hannelores and Malt Ciders) have had their sell price reduced to 1 Kypher. This is because they used to sell for thousands of Kyphers and some players were farming money by stealing them over and over, which was breaking the game's balance. General items and sellable loot items (Chitin Scale, Wolf Pelt) have not been changed. - The intro area now teaches new players how to save, and reminds them to do so often. - Selecting "no" when asked if you want to watch the game's intro now actually skips it, as opposed to going into an infinite event loop. - Tweaks have been made to several classes. The Defense and HP of Gunners, Rangers and magic casting classes has been slightly increased, and Magus and Cleric weapons (ie. Gold Sceptre) now grant a small Defense boost as well as Intellect and Wisdom. - The Focus Headband and Shoulder Pad grant 5% more HP now. This is to offset the 5% penalty that equipping a sub-class gives you, which cancels out the effect of equipping these items. - The Gladiator Blade has had its chances of inflicting statuses lowered and is now a 2 handed weapon. It also gives the user a 10% Defense penalty. This is to counterbalance the fact that it inflicts 3 different status effects. - The Northern Keep dungeon is now fully operational. A chest and switch that were inoperable because of impassable tiles have now been fixed, and the quest can be completed. If you have good morality, you'll fight the Garuda boss, and if bad you'll fight the Dark Dragon boss. In other news, Legionwood 2 will soon be going commercial. However, there will still be one more release before this comes to pass: as promised, the next release of the game (Beta 4.0) will become available very soon, adding the rest of Chapter 2 to the game and rounding off the first 10 or so hours of Legionwood 2's gameplay (roughly the first half of the overall game, which will be 20 hours long like Legionwood 1). This Beta 4.0 build will be the final build of the game available for free (subsequent Beta builds will be released for registered beta testers only), and, following its release, the full game will begin retailing under the title of Heroes of Legionwood at the usual RPG Maker game portals, and Beta 4.0 will be replaced with the typical 1-2 hour commercial demo. At the moment, the price has not been set, but it will likely be no more than $9.95, and there will be plenty of opportunities for loyal players and beta testers to get their copy of the game for free. The full commercial release is currently slated for mid 2013 (still a long ways off) so, until then, please continue to consider Legionwood 2 to be a freely available RPG Maker game, and have fun. Happy adventuring!
  3. Beta 3.0 is out! Well met, Legionwood players! The third public release of Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm, Beta Build 3.0 is now online and ready to download. This major update includes the first half of Chapter 2: Aftermath and Alliance, adding around 2 hours of new content, including new locations, new Techs and one of two new classes (Ranger and Barbarian) to play depending on your morality, as well as numerous tweaks and bug fixes to existing content. In this release, you'll finally start to get to see your moral choices come into play as dungeons, treasures and quests change depending on the decisions you've made, and you'll need to play through the Beta twice, on both moral paths if you want to see it all. The original plan was to have all of Chapter 2 available in this release, though this wasn't possible due to time constraints. Much of the time I spent working on this release was used to make sure the existing content is stable and free of any remaining bugs. I've updated all of the game's scripts and overhauled the engine while also tweaking the game's art style a little and implementing some more non-linear elements to the game in both of the chapters. All of this extra work unfortunately meant that I wasn't able to complete all of Chapter 2 as I had planned, so I decided to cut the chapter in half and save the rest for the next Beta. So, if you've been itching for some more adventuring, download Beta 3.0 of Legionwood 2 and tuck in. This Beta contains over 6-7 hours of old-school RPG gameplay with more than enough content to (hopefully) keep you busy until the next big release. Players who are continuing from the previous release of the game can simply copy and paste their save file ("Save01.rvdata") into the Beta 3.0 directory to continue from where they left off, while new players can feel free to start right from the beginning and experience all of the new surprises that the revised Chapter 1 has to offer. At the end of the Beta, remember to retain your save file for use in the next release, and please don't forget to report any bugs or issues that you find so that they can be fixed up. Well, that's it for now. Please enjoy the new additions to the game, and stay tuned for news about Beta 4.0 and Legionwood going commercial (possibly), when it happens. For those too lazy to scroll back to the opening post, get the Beta here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3811/downloads/3435/
  4. Hail, Legionwood fans! I've got an update for you: As of this week, I'm resuming full time work on Chapter Two of Legionwood 2. Previously, I had university assignments as well as admin and publishing stuff with my novel to take care of, but I'm happy to say that I've got a few weeks coming up where I don't have any other matters to attend to, and I want to use this time to really push myself to work on the game and get the Beta 3.0 release closer to being in a playable condition. At the moment, Chapter 2: Aftermath and Alliance is roughly 30% complete. I was aiming for a late September release of the new version of the game and if I can still meet that, it would be great. On the other hand, I'd like to continue working on the game at my own pace, and take my time making sure that the new content I release is properly tested and worthwhile instead of rushing it, so please don't hold me to that release date. I just wanted to post and say that yes, Legionwood 2 is still being worked on, and I do still have plans to finish this game, and I want to make sure that you guys get the best game possible. Some info about what you can expect in Beta 3.0: Chapter 2: Aftermath and Alliance will see Lionel and the party travelling out of Trevelle into the neighbouring nation of Entoban to try and establish a peace treaty with the invading barbarians before full scale war engulfs the two nations. They'll also try to enlist the help of the king of Entoban in the quest to find out how to close the remaining Eternal Gates and discover more about who is behind the plot to infect Legionwood with the Darkness and their motives. Meanwhile, Lionel will continue to cope with the loss of Clara and forge bonds with his new friends. They'll race to stop the enemy from opening yet another Eternal Gate and, at the end of the chapter, one of the party members will die. In addition, you'll get to play with two new classes (Barbarian and Ranger), 20+ new Techs, and experience the consequences of Lionel's moral choices, with certain side quests, dungeons and bosses being sealed off in favour of others depending on the path you've chosen. I've also overhauled many of the game's systems. The battle system has been optimised and no longer crashes, there are now turn cooldown periods, alternate costs for skills, new buff/debuff rules, and more.
  5. Hi, everyone! I haven't posted any updates on this game for a long time, but I recently overhauled it and thought I'd pop in and copy/paste the update from the game's blog so that you all know what's going down. Here it is: So, if you haven't played the game yet, now's the time to do so
  6. Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 Ready for more adventuring? As of today, the second public release of Legionwood 2 (Beta Build 2.0) is available for download. You'll be able to experience re-balanced gameplay, polished bugs and an entire hour of whole new content taking place in the world of Westholm, extending Chapter One: Emergent Enemies to 4 - 5 hours in length, with 7 dungeons, 2 towns and 7 bosses. And, with that... I think that's it for now. I'll be taking a few months off Legionwood 2 in order to work on writing my next novel (since publishers give deadlines and all) and running the literary journal that I edit. Apart from updates for bug fixes and little gameplay tweaks, you probably won't be seeing Chapter Two for a while. But it will come. Eventually. Thanks for playing. P.S You can resume playing the game using your old save file. To do this, just download the 2.0 build of Legionwood 2 and copy and paste your save files (Savexx.rvdata2) from the old directory to the new. However, there is a small caveat: it appears VX Ace handles events after saving differently than VX. In VX, upon game load, the events present on the map will continue as they have been programmed, whereas in VX Ace, the events that were running when the game was saved will play first, even if those events no longer exist. Thus, loading a save taken at the very end of the last release will simply take you back to the title screen. You need to reload a save that was made at any time before the Brennus fight to be able to continue. I'm aware of the bug now, and have carefully designed the end of this release to allow maximum save file compatibility.
  7. Hi! I think it might be wise if I did clear up some confusion... Yes, there was another game called Legionwood 2: Revolution in Taltarus being made in VX. It wasn't a direct sequel and didn't carry over any gameplay elements or story from the first (in fact, originally it was a different game entirely just called Taltarus but I unceremoniously slapped the Legionwood name on it). However, it to be honest wasn't very good, so I cancelled it. This is the true Legionwood sequel. This game directly continues the story of Legionwood and is more similar in gameplay than the false sequel was. It's intended from the start to be a Legionwood game instead of another unrelated game that was branded as such. That said, perhaps a better name for it might have been Legionwood ACE? So, to conclude, the other game, not really being a Legionwood game to begin with, has been dropped and the series officially consists of only the original game and this sequel.
  8. That is correct. It was cancelled and has since been replaced with Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm.
  9. Not anything as bad as the F-word (oh no), but there are a few "damns" and the word "bastard", but generally the language is not worse than it was in Legionwood 1.
  10. Hey everyone! Guess what? There's now a sequel to Legionwood in development! You can check it out here: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=17957&post_id=389348#forumpost389348
  11. This game is a sequel to a completed, 20+ hour RPG which you can find here Introduction Being developed in the new RPG Maker VX Ace engine, Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is an epic length traditional role playing game and a direct sequel to the much loved Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords. Legionwood 2 offers you a 15+ hour quest that takes place in the sprawling empire of Trevelle which is filled with involving puzzles, challenging enemies and tons of adventures. A new class and sub-class system allows you to customise your characters to a high degree with over 80 different class combinations available. Story Outline Legionwood 2's story follows on from where Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords left off. It has been nearly three hundred years since Castoth was banished from the realm and the world has been at peace. However, it seems now that this peace was short lived. Barbarians from the western land of Entoban have invaded the empire of Trevelle, occupying two major cities near the western border. Lionel Morton, a guard in the Imperial Capital, has transfered to a battalion assigned to retaking the captured towns. Tonight, they move to liberate the city of Corinthe, where Lionel's lover Clara waits, alone and in danger. Several other things of note have been happening in Trevelle of late: monster attacks seem to be on the increase for some unknown reason and trade with Charn in the north has mysteriously stopped without notice. Can these things be connected with the war that is seemingly about to engulf the Empire? Game Features - An epic length quest with 15+ hours of gameplay and lots of optional side quests. - An interesting storyline about love, revenge, political intrigue and forgotten secrets with 6 fully developed protagonists. - Tense Condition Turn Battle (CTB) inspired by Final Fantasy X featuring challenging foes who react intelligently. - Intuitive class system for a high level of character customisation. Your Main Class determines your stat values, usable equipment and Tech category, but you can also equip a Sub Class, which grants you access to an addition category of Techs. Over 80 combinations are possible! Screenshots Download The current released build of Legionwood 2 can be downloaded here: Click Me!
  12. In Legionwood 2, you are indeed allowed to save anywhere, so long as you aren't in a battle of course.
  13. Hi everyone! Legionwood 2 desperately needs feedback! I'm committed to making this game even better than its prequel, but I need the help of you, the players, to achieve this goal. As of yet, the demo version of Legionwood 2 is not comparable to the completed version of Legionwood. It's unpolished, unbalanced and isn't at all what I intend the final game to be. However, it does serve a purpose - it's to show you how Legionwood 2 is coming along so that I can take whatever suggestions you may have on board to, in the end, give you a better game. So, if you're a fan of the original Legionwood or are just looking to help a developer out, give the demo version of Legionwood 2 a go, and tell me what you think. Did you like it? What did you like about it? What didn't you like? What could I have done better? I need your help!
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