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  1. I'm playing it on my Mac, as well, using a Windows 7 bootcamp partition. Bootcamp is better equipped to handle games than emulators, in my opinion, because it uses dedicated instead of virtualized graphics, which also means you have access to your graphics card settings. You do need to have a copy of Windows to run it off a partition, but after that, OS X's Bootcamp Assistant takes care of the rest.
  2. Oops, should have caught that. Didn't mean to steer you wrong!
  3. Oh, the bag of nuts... I'd completely forgotten about that. And I thought I had covered every square inch at night. Thanks!
  4. You need to ask for a wake-up call at the inn, then pay to rest there.
  5. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I can't seem to figure out where the werebear eats. I've walked all around every available area, and it's driving me nuts. Anyone care to restore my sanity?
  6. No, it bugs me, too. Dark-skinned redheads and blondes, even too high a frequency of light-colored eyes. But, considering the wide color palette that the anime style uses for "natural" features, I tend to overlook it more with RPG games.
  7. Ha! Interesting choice of topic. Okay, I'll bite... 1. Over! It's the only civilized way, don't cha know. 2. It's sort of a strategic wad. 3. Both, actually. Once to rinse the brush, another to jump-start the toothpaste. 4. To flush and put the top down, yes. 5. Hand. 6. Mesh sponge - exfoliates and lathers like nothing else! And to add my own, body wash over soap, always! Soap leaves dulling residue. Not to mention, a ricocheting bar of soap could knock anyone unconscious.
  8. Ah, Snopes. Love that site. While I can't say what my favorite internet myth is, the ones that really irk me are the ones claiming that the world will end on whatever predetermined date. Of all the things people could potentially take to heart, those carry frightening weight. Oh, and then there's the theory that the American government is controlled by demonic reptilian humanoids. That one is actually funny.
  9. Darn it, Fool, you discovered our plan! We are evil, evil to the core.
  10. Well, obviously moderation must be exercised with nearly everything in life. I'm guessing the fatal water incidents had to do with drinking more than the stomach could handle; that would hold true for any liquid. The key is to pay attention to what your body needs, and water is vital.
  11. Agreed about the importance of water. I cannot stress that enough. Water=life. Drinking more water daily is a goal everyone should strive towards.
  12. Well, I'm a vegetarian, so much of what I eat tends to be on the healthier side (though I can't say much for all the chocolate and carbonated beverages I go through). But here are a few of my old standards: Mozzarella string cheese and wheat thins (Tasty!) Fresh French bread (without butter) and cheddar cheese (Satisfying) Black olives, baby corn, and cubed cheddar (Unique, also makes great hors d'oeuvres on tooth picks) Baby carrots, celery, and ranch dressing (Flavorful) Cut granny smith apples and peanutbutter (Sweet) Tortilla chips and salsa (Zesty) Baby dill pickles (Delicious) I've also found that granola bars make excellent substitutes for candy bars.
  13. Great costume! I love that idea. Now you just need to find a crowd to conceal yourself in. I think the best costumes are the unique ones, but not obscure. Something nobody else is going to come dressed as, but everyone can easily recognize. Witches and ghosts are overrated, in my opinion. God, I haven't been to a costume party in ages. I remember going as the green M&M one year when I was about twelve or so. I had some white leggings that went perfectly with the costume (which was the large green trademark face and white rubber gloves). Admittedly, it would have been better if the role was more defined (how do you play chocolate?), but it was fun, nonetheless.
  14. Thanks, GailP! You could meet someone while staying at home, though. All you have to do is order pizza every day of the week, make lots of appointments with the cable guy, and call the police on yourself every once in a while. Then sit back and watch the hunks roll in! (Or the overweight, middle-aged bald guys with psoriasis.)
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