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  1. But can people act responsible and stay in control when alcohol can be quite addictive? One rather be safe than sorry
  2. i guess it's because i was brought up with the concept that alchohol is bad and either way like you said i don't need it and i don't think people need it either (exept in medical use and other stuff.....) p.s. my gut tells me it's a bad idea
  3. being punished is kinda like paying back for what he did
  4. r u serious? kind, nice?(no offence couldnt help my self ) he still deserves a good punishment , someone needs to get his head straight
  5. ya i guess but i'm still sticking to no alcohol on campus
  6. yup, but i still don't think it's going to be a good idea anyway how is it going to benifit them ,it's even gonna be expensive, and if someone does go uncontrolabally drunk the consequenses can be bad
  7. yup death is excessive but the boy clearly knew what he was doing so he is fully responsible for it , whether psycopath or not and you might find this immoral but where i live for cases involving rape, if caught, the penalty is death, for men they are hanged while for women they are shot three times (but i have no idea what would be done in this case which involves a 14 year old)
  8. In this case, whether minor or not, whatever the reason, he commited a crime (that could only be comitted meaningfully), he destroyed a little girls life, so his penalty should be death
  9. well my say is that mubarak better leave now than later (but who knows what is destined for the future, just keep watching the news with your fingers crossed)
  10. true - but i bet people who drink alcohol are probably going to do so in large amounts - they enjoy its inhibition effect - just like a drug (not all people but probably majority)
  11. it's like a drug it's bad for your health
  12. "alchohol on campus"-no,bad idea
  13. looks really interesting,wish to play it sometime
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