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  1. thanks :] i ended up making it to the next city and just upgrading my armor there since i wasn't getting an opal and i didn't want to go all the way back to peliad lol thanks again! xo
  2. okayy i feel so dumb asking this lol buut where can i buy mercenary armor? i've tried stormbend and thais, and both cities don't sell it. i want to use the blacksmith in tyobi to fortify/upgrade some armor, buut i need the mercenary armor to do so, and i just can't find it. also i've having a hard time finding an opal. is it totally random where/when you get it? orrr which color worm will drop it? thanks guys! xo
  3. i originally joined here to ask for help with the aveyond games (i love them!) and read some of the tips and tricks. now i pretty much just come on every now and then to post and check out the aveyond updates. i don't have friends on here like i do on other forums, so that's not really why i come on. this is my first time posting a few months actually lol xo
  4. chicken soup is good for you, since the chicken is protein and there's veggies in there too. plus, the warmth always makes me feel a bit better :] so yes, i do drink chicken soup when i'm ill. it's soo tasty though, i have it pretty often, even when i'm not sick! xo
  5. i think would politely explain to the animal that it shouldn't eat that plant since it was endangered. obviously that wouldn't really work, but it's probably what i would do lol. idk i'm not a geologist or something xo
  6. i've never heard of milk being sold in a bag before i read this lol. i've always bought my milk in either a cardboard container or a plastic one. i just googled "milk bags" though, and they're kind of cool looking. to me, they look more like baby formula than milk. i guess i'm just not very used to seeing milk like that unless it's for a baby :] xo
  7. in aveyond (rhen's quest) you only need one smoke-bomb to get honey from the bee hive and after that they have no use, but i thought they were weapons you could use in battle to "bomb" the enemy and i bought like 30 lol so then they were totally useless :[
  8. thanks :] i've been searching thais ans stormbend over and over haha
  9. i found the item for ralph, but where is he? haha i'm so lost trying to find him :] thanks everybodyy!
  10. nopee, nobody was stoned in my case at that point although when they did get stoned (lol) i was unable to give them skin cream or heal with stella magic :[
  11. haha i'm glad to hear i'm not the only person with this problem :] && i'll definitely try using the mouse if i have this problem again :] thanks for the help! <3
  12. - the problem persisted for the whole battle - i did hit escape, but i also tried the next round and the next, but it still didn't work :[ - andd nope i haven't had that problem since :]
  13. - this is was the first, and so far the only time i've had this problem. - i think it was stella's turn, and i was trying to revive a dead galahad. he was definitly dead though lol - i was using the keyboard, not the mouse - it wasn't just the cassia leaf. when that failed i tried to use stella's healing magic and the cursor still wouldn't allow it. only lydia could be selected, not even stella (whose turn it was, or mel or galahad) - i also tried using other characters to do the same thing, but the cursor still wouldn't budge :[
  14. thank you! :] now i can keep dressing up lydia! haha <3
  15. as M.C. said, you must first find the gate, and then speak to the elven queen again :] have fun!
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