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  1. OMG. That Fangsgiving siggie is SO CUTE. I love it ^.^
  2. OMG. I JUST FOUND THIS TODAY AND I TOTALLY LOVE IT. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: The part with the clones is awesome. I was laughing so hard when the clones appeared. And the Saurva one is also awesome. The piano was just so perfectly random. You really made my day, I'd say this is the best video yet. I CANNOT wait for the next part.
  3. Well, I never thought of it like that before, it's quite creative. I enjoyed reading it, you did a great job.
  4. Yeah, I believe God exists too, but I also think that just sitting around and waiting won't get you out of this. True, sometimes you have to wait until something happens before you get an idea of what to do, but you should be doing something while waiting. If it were me, I'd go call the authorities, or tell my principal or counsellor, or someone else who might be able to help me. And I'd make sure that no one finds out I've been to the authorities. But I've never been in this kind of situation before, and I wouldn't know. Good luck, though. Hope you figure something out.
  5. That was an interesting chapter! I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes next...when you get around to writing the next chapter. But don't rush. No stress! Great work, as always! ~
  6. @pinkheart: You should post the full size image somewhere. It looks better when you can see the body...
  7. You made it into your SET!!!????....I can't believe you would do that. *faints*
  8. @indra: Thanks ^^ @pinkheart: *looks at your siggie* Yes, my siggie is very purle, compared to yours...*looks at your siggie again*
  9. Well. After a long, long, long time of having no siggie and a basic avvie, I (finally) changed my set. Hope you guys like it.
  10. Buckyballs are the most AMAZING things EVAR. They're small magnetic balls that you can use to do whatever with. You can make, like, anything. It's so cool http://www.getbuckyballs.com/
  11. @indra: The joke is, I've been trying to get her to buy me a buckyball, and she doesn't want to. So when Lydia made her give me 2 buckyballs, she became depressed. So when she threw the cuckyballs off the cliff D= she was trying to made me feel sad. @pink_heart: RAWR!!!! *goes down the cliff to fetch the buckyballs*
  12. O.o Did she just give me another buckyball? If yes, thank you very, very, very, very much! :D:D
  13. ROAR!!! I KILL EVERYTHING!! well, not really most of the time, especially when i want to level up, I would run around killing everything, feeling extremely satisfied and then checking all the loot and earning alot of money. But I'm also pretty good at dodging things.
  14. Heh, this is a good beginning. But I think you should change the title. "Aveyond 1" sounds a bit boring.
  15. ARGH. Yes, vampire. >.< That was definitely a typo. I DO NOT want her to be human.
  16. I really do hope that Te'ijal will get to be human again. I mean, she was in AV1, she appeared in AV2, and she's in AV3. I'd really like to see her in all the next Aveyonds. I don't want her to die!
  17. XDDDD wow, Zorom is just that weak XD and Devins is such a baby. Glad you finally updated, looking forward to more!
  18. you arent bad at it, though. But I still like your drawings better.
  19. >.< poor maid, that's very sad. But it's a good update, I hope you'll update again soon!
  20. Looking forward to more of these updates! They look really nice.
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