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  1. Wow that's a great sotry, seems very interesting. Can't wait to read more.
  2. 1.I like the plot and the characters seems like an interesting story. Though you could post more details (not spoilers) about the plot. The characters are well descrived also the way they are, hope you stick till the end with what u descrived of them. 2.I like the fact that you chosed to use battlers instead of faces. Face's are already so used. But you should try to get rid of the white remains around the battlers. 3. There isn't alot of the maps shown for me to actually criticise them. They seem a bit too white... but what am i saying... it's snowing... of course it's going to be white. Put some bunnies, they always make winter maps adorable (i sound like my cousin -.-'' ) 4. The title is sugestive, and so is the title pic. It probably has to do with someone's death, or a coma or something like it. 5. Just a curuiosity now. You say Alic is affraid of water, then what was he doing on a cruise? jw. I've nothing else to say. Keep working on it, i'm sure it'll make a good project.
  3. Mina looked at the girl and nodded shaking the water off her body like cats do. She smiled at the girl and ran away gigleing. ***** Sad'rian watched the girl yell, something was there, something was there tormenting her. "Sir." Sad'rian started. "I really think you should left someone take the girl to the infermery, it might be something bad." He sugested getting up.
  4. Chapter 7 - Bloodlust Seth looked at his bandaged hand almost devotedly, the black blood spot on it was scarieing him. Celia as soon as she saw him bleeding ordered him to take care of his wound, only after she entered her house. She didn't got surprised by seeing the cracked crystal and just sent him home to rest, nothing else. "You're not a vampire..." Celia had rteassured him. But why is it black?... Once again he asked himself with no answer. He got up and walked to his room's window. It was snowing again, it was always snowing. He grabbed his jacket and his scarf and walked downstairs. His sister was in the living room, he hadn't saw her when he arrived. She got all of a sudden smelling the air for something. "Can you smell that Seth?" She asked looking around. "It's so good, so sweet. I want a taste of it whatever it is!" She said. "What sissy*?" he asked. Not very often he called his sister that way. "It comes from you." She walked to him her eyes sparkling red with an unknow expression. She placed her hands around his neck (she was taller then him) and pulled him as she smelled his neck and shoulders like Celia had did before. "Huh?! Jena? What you doing?!" He asked slightly frightned, she looked at him, her eyes red with blood lust. He shivered as he finally realized what was wrong with her. She grabbed his hand and started slowly removing the bandages. "Jena! Snap out of it! You're not a blood thirsty vam... Nyeeeeh!!!" He shoutted as he felt her teeth rip the wound on his finger open. "No... but i'm a blood thirsty Damphir..." She mumbled bitting into his finger as he winced in pain. Would she really eat his finger?! He tried to pull her away but she hugged him so tight he couldn't breathe. He gasped desperatly for air. Help... He just thought as he fought for air. (* Sissy means sister.)
  5. ((Everytime i come back i find myself lost... o.o'')) Sad'rian walked to the class just in time to catch the teacher starting to tell the story of magic. "Sorry i'm late sir." He apologized as he took a place a few centimeters away from Kami and Night. He started taking notes as the teacher talked. "Hey. Night, what did he said before i came in?" He whyspered to her. ***** Mina run around the school grounds boredly, she skiped all classes literelly, she wasn't there for learning, someone had to backup Sarin-sama! She leaned on one of the fauntains looking to the bottom. "Neh neh..." ((= There's something there)) She mumbled looking to the bottom she tried to reach it but fell in, she jumped of the water hissed as she fell on the ground. I hate water!
  6. Sad'rian sighed and opened the door to her room as he layed her on the bed gently. "I don't know if you want to change clothes, if you do i can cover my eyes, or turn around, or something. But i'm letting you alone till i'm sure you're ok." He said as he sat in the bed by her. "You need to rest now. So sleep, please..." He covered her and walked away sitting in a chair on her room.
  7. "Ok that's it." Before Kami could do anything Sad'rian picked her up walking aways as he carried. "You're going to bed and no buts!" He walked towards the dorms hallway carrying her.
  8. Sad'rian bit his lip. Me and my big fat mouth... "Kami, wait up!" Sad'rian ran to her and held her arm. "What happened? Are you alright?" He looked at her clearly worried. "Maybe you should be dismissed from classes today... have some rest..."
  9. "Thank you. I'm Sad'rian." He said smiling at Ankoku. He looked at the pen curious. Why were they asking him to use that one instead of the teachger's ones? Was there something wrong with them? He shruged. "Hey. Where's Blade?" He asked. "He's usually with you Kami."
  10. Sorry for taking so long to post this update but i've been crowded with work. Chapter 6 - Dark blood "This not going work." "Shut up and just push." PUUUM!!!! "Ouch!!" "Ah hell!" Celia turned on the lights of her small house. It was mid afternoon, it wasn't snowing anymore. For the last two weeks it was snowing what made moving the crystal from inside the cave almost impossible. Seth had been able to clean the whole crystal making the man inside it very visible. He was young, about the same age as Seth, same phisical structure, but red hair and paler skin. That day the snow stoped, what made moving the crystal to Celia's house easier. But now, because of the lack of light, they left the crystal fall to the ground. "Huh... Master Celia?" Seth started. "Yes Seth?" Celia asked looking at the crystal. "Can you remove... THIS STUPID THING OFF OF ME?!" Seth shouted making Celia understand that he was under the crystal. She grabbed Seth's hands pulling him from under the crystal. He sat down gasping and looked at it. It was a beautifull crystal like the ones Seth remembered seeing in the fantasy books his grandma used to read to him. Usually what was sealed in those crystals was always a powerfull hero or spirit. "You haven't told me who he is yet." Seth said as he looked at Celia. "I don't know yet..." She said as she handed him a hammer to break the crystal. "Start hitting." She got up and walked out. "Hey wait!" But she was already gone. "Why do i always have to do the dirty job?" He spent the whole night hitting the crystal desperatly trying to break it. The crystal was so thick, almost like diamond. He couldn't break it, but still Celia made him keep there, hitting it till it would break. He ended up falling asleep by the crystal still holding the hammer. He was waken up in the morning by Celia who handed him breakfast. He ate fast since she asked him to rightly after to go back to his work. He spent almost of his afternoon hitting that crystal. His ears were aching from the noise of hitting it, his hands were bruised from the hammer and his arm fell like it was going to fall off. I'm never going to get out of here... this is diamond! I can't break this thing! He lifted the hammer up once again and hit them diamond one last time. "Agh!!" Seth yelled loudly letting go of the hammer and falling back. He held his finger tight and blood ran across it, he looked at his blood just for a phew minutes, nough to understand something was wrong. "B-Black?!" He mumbled looking at his blood. "W-why does my blood look like a vampires blood?!" He shouted, but a cracking sound captured his atention. As he looked forward, the crystal was breaking...
  11. Sad'rian got on his clothes as fast as he could. He was already late, very late! He probbaly wouldn't have breakfast now. He looked at Mina who was looking sadly at the phoenix. "Mina you heard the headmistress! You have to give her back the phoenix!" He grabbed his bag. "When it's lunch time i hope to see that phoenix with it's rightfull owner, got it?!" He warned as he dashed out of his dorm. He went down the stairs, through the hallways, till the classroom as fast as he could. When he arrived there Night, Kami, Shady, Hailey and another girl he didn't knew where already there. "Good morning girls." He greeted as he gasped tired of the dashing. "Am i too late for class?" Rightly after he heard the anouncement and Kami saying: "Who would be stupid enough to steal from the headmistress?" Sad'rian sighed instantly. Mina... you better give that back. ***** Mina walked slowly till the headmistress's door and left the phoenix there, the phoenix cried faintly to her. Am i the only one understanding this Soul? She thought looking at the phoenix. Seems like it. She knocked at the door and ran away back to Sarin-sama's dorm room.
  12. ((Cool winter, blade looks nice.)) Sad'rian was laying on the bed staring at the ceilling. He couldn't sleep, he was to busy thinking of an escuse to tell the headmistress to explain why he had her phoenix. He looked at Mina sleeping on the carpet, she was already long asleep. He sighed wondering why she refused to sleep in the bed? He could have slept in the ground. He got up and walked to his rooms balcony and leaned against the wall while he watched the moon.
  13. Mina ran to Sarin-sama's dorm holding the caged bird in her left hand, she placed it on the bed and stared at it. ***** Sad'rian walked back to his dorm, soaked. Who was the idiot that almost burned the whole dorm section? He asked himself. He opened his dorm door and walked in, he saw Mina staring at the bird. "That's cute bird you have there." He said as he walked in closing the door. She nodded, he hanged his cloack and sat at the bed. "Where you got it?" He asked, she pointed down. "Down? That's a blue phoenix you know. I saw one like that before..." He thought alil. "Wait... where you said you got it?" Mina wrote down "Teacher room." "Holy s***! That's Rosalinda's Phoenix! That's the headmistress's phoenix. She's gonna kill me!" he yelled. Mina smiled
  14. Sad'rian walked to the kitchen to raid the fridge. All that had happened that day made him hungry, he was planing to visit Neko and the other girl in the enfermery after he was done eating. He made himself a sandwich with what was left of the steak from the lunch and walked out of the kitchen going upstairs to the enfermery, still eating. Seeing they were still unconscious he just sat down waiting. "I'm bored..." He mumbled to himself choking on the food. He coughed. "Darn, this steak almost killed me!" He dumped out his food. "Bad steak!" "I wonder where Mina is..." ***** Mina was walking on the teacher's hallway, checking on all the rooms, she was a bit of an explorer, and exploring other people's rooms was her favourite activity, though it always got her in troubles, especially when she caught. "Nanana..." She singing as she opened the door to the headmistress's office. She ran inside to see the blur bird inside the cage. Trapped blue birdy... She just standed there looking at it. She ran out of the office taking the cage with the bird with her, maybe Sarin-sama would free the bird for her. She opened another room door and looked inside. Teacher's room?
  15. Sad'rian coughed as he looked around at all of the shelves that had fall down. He saw Gonzo lifting the shelve where ghost was trapped under and ran there helping him lift the shelve up freeing Ghost. "Don't worry. It's just a book, no spiders." Sad'rian informed as he helped removing her from under the shelve. ***** Mina ran around the shelves looking for the headmistress or a teacher. Had the headmistress left the room already when the earth shook? Or not really? She pumped into a man with really blue eyes, it had been the one who asked if there was anyone there, and looked at him. He looked like a teacher. She didn't bothered to explain what was going on and just grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her. Follow me! Follow me! She thought as she pulled him towards where the group was. She wrote in a hurry in her notebook and handed it to the teacher. "Hurt students!" It said. ((in case u didn't understand, Mina pulled Aidan to where they were.))
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