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  1. 1g key shop Halaina

    Thanks! <3 Just after I noticed I could buy more keys, though they're more expensive. I'm not that far into the game yet, but was also saving up level eggs and potions for the end.
  2. Just wondering, there are many tempting options, but is the quill perhaps related to another side quest? The potions are tempting, just as the minion as in... to have them all, but if I can get something nice for the quill... Thanks! <3
  3. If I remember it correct, there's a "cap" on gold & items you can take with you anyway, so not "everything" will automatically be taken over to the new chapter. Eggs I cannot remember. I really need to play this series again...
  4. Good luck testing all of you. Looking forward to see the final game.
  5. Even though our guild was always kinda dead, I liked the weird posts and all... :> Agreed on not missing the nonsense-posting just for getting into a guild, (there were some examples of that), but still... I think I joined around '07? And there was little nonsense posting, just a very active community chatting about all sort of things... I do miss a "private" forums now, only the Aveyond preview cannot be seen by non-members. I'd love to have the village and all private too... :>
  6. Just read the post on FB, I'd be interested in testing AV4.
  7. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Thanks for the fixed save file, finished it now with the side quests!
  8. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Ah, got her now, she was still somewhere outside first. Great hiding spots!
  9. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Nope, I was still searching for ingredients, I had the oats & milk, not the sugar. Order: Quest Aladdin -> Laywer -> Bluebeard -> Aladdin -> Rumpelstiltkin -> Sugar Save file: Save2.rxdata Now I'm ready to finish the demo (as I did before), but Elsie won't say anything else than that she cannot find her house, the hubby says still the same about wanting Elsie to get clever. The lawyer says he'll come this afternoon. Just read Hide & Seek can be finished too? I should look again... D: Last time she was near the (broken) city wall, does she stay in town?
  10. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Aah, yes, glad I'm not going crazy. x3 The Sweetheart Roland is the flower I cannot find, I did find the glowing one and got the quest and after that I started interacting with almost every single flower, lol. And the scarecrow one, can that be finished? I searched a lot, but cannot find a hat nor a dress. As for Elsie, I cannot seem to finish that particular quest either, I have my main porridge ingredients, the lawyer says he'll come, but he doesn't seem to be a man of his word. Speaking with Elsie or her hubby doesn't work either. I actually meant turning in the ingredient-thief near the potion store, but I already met him later on in the headmaster's office. I like justice, but telling the potion witch about it would be neat... And seeing him as a frog and get the potion for free... Lol And it's ok, bugs are there to be squashed, glad I could still help out. Edit: Oh, hide & seek game I was also playing, but the last time I found her was in the castle-wall hole. Does she stay in town? 'cause I searched there, but did not find her again...
  11. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    ~ When I get the 2nd quest from Aladdin, Sir Red resets again, he gives me the same offer again, perhaps he shouldn't? ~ Walking over the tree stump in the forest: Still getting the dress store error, found the stick & straw in the mean time, though the stick does not display in my inventory, the straw does. Ah, the porridge is the end, I did not find the flower, nor did the lawyer get to Elsie. Also, didn't manage to get a hat and dress for the scarecrow and I wasn't able to buy the shoe-potion, not enough gold. I wanted to turn in the thief and get the potion for free, but I couldn't... Edit: Going to download the update and try again. Anyway, apart from the "nagging", I think it's a cute game. With all the characters I was a bit lost at first, but after some time I at least knew what to find where. The notebook is indeed very clear, when I knew that I needed to use it, I actually must say I like it a lot, especially the hints. Loads of details in the map, especially in the houses, must have been a LOT of work. I think you can be proud of this though. And I see that it has a lot of potential to grow and add in loads of extra quests. Looking forward to more updates.
  12. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Moving on, downloaded the V1.2 which I'm playing now. Walking over beds (same for the nearby tent, on purpose?): Error (and auto-exit of game ) when trying to enter the store: Way back again, I should remember to save more. D: Edit: I did it again, entering the dress shop causes it. Save4.rxdata
  13. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Ehm, no, I talked to him again or it just felt like that. Crap, I didn't save before, so I can't check back now. D: RTP, that's the player? I downloaded that one seperately. And I'm still stuck, the girl won't move, see screenshot: Edolie had a sparkle everytime you got a new quest, not sure if that's very hard to do? Maybe mom can tell Rouge to check her notebook or diary often? Moms just know stuff.
  14. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Uploaded the file here: Save1.rxdata Regarding quests, Aladdin told me the 2nd time I bumped into him that he'd give me work to do, the dancing shoe-girl (I assumed that she could use help, but wasn't sure that I already got it as a quest) and one more was quite a surprise. Rouge never mentioned that she'd help out or at least will try to help.
  15. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Some thoughts: ~ Except for my own bed, I walk on other beds, seems a bit rude? ~ Elsie says: "I can't find my house back", I think you could lose the "back", too literate from Dutch I think? Best to check with a real English person I'd say. ~ In Molly's home, I cannot walk behind the table, to reach for the red bottles on the left side. (I can only reach the cupboard by walking over the pillow) ~ In the castle-like house, just over the bridge, I can walk on the wall in the hallway, just above the cabinet with the sword. ~ The Inn in town, upstairs, the 2nd room from the left, the left corner of the wall is missing. Forgot to save earlier, but an NPC locked me in. D: Stuck at Hamelin now, the girl next to/behind the bakery stopped there and isn't moving anymore. I went in to talk with the guard. :> Any chance you could fix a save file? I'm at 30 minutes now. So far my opinion: There's loads to explore, maybe a bit too much, hard to remember everything. I found several side quests, but only noticed that when I checked my notebook. From, the conversations it wasn't very clear that I got a quest. Aladdin was more luck than anything else that I just bumped into him again. I do like the tale-theme (sprookjes = fairy tale?). Ofwel... De verwijzingen naar alle sprookjes vind ik leuk. The mapping is cute too, loads of details. I did waste a lot of time already with trying to interact with everything. Other feedback I cannot give yet, still have no idea where this will lead to.