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  1. Charlie is a girl (woman) who have a boring and stressful life in a big city, but one day she decides to change her life and buy a farm in a little city, she quit her job and move to the farm, then she discovers the farm is kind of old and abandoned,the future of Charlie depends of the decisions of the player… -Discover secrets -Marry your character -Do your best to get the best ending -Explore the city Charlie The main character and the only playable... Screenshots:
  2. I'm searching it, but can't find it...:S
  3. jarnhold

    The Pendragon Conspiracy... RxL, DxOC

    Amazing... Love it!
  4. jarnhold

    Whisper of a Rose

    Very interesting... Loved the graphics and the characthers!!!
  5. jarnhold


    Very interesting...
  6. @hikari_rekka: I think that all charachters should be dressed up, but if they put the clothes shop in the game, probably only the main character will be dressed up...
  7. A clothes shop sounds good...
  8. ...guillotine? what a bloody thing...
  9. Clothes shop is a good suggestion...
  10. @hikari_rekka:You are right about this... I didn't thought about AV3 pirates...