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  1. Oh wow. O.o Sorry for not bein here guys, I went on a last-minute camping trip. Thanks Speedy, and I still have Chance's profile up. ^^
  2. Pooka! I didn't even know you were writing an awesome story, sis! This is awesome possum!
  3. "I-I don't honestly know." Lily stuttered. "Hey, genius. Ever considered the fact that this might be your princess form?" Joshua yelled. Lily smacked him upside the head. "Shutup, baka. I was about to say that."
  4. Lily stood there, looking at Aaron. Suddenly, her vision turned blue at seeing his eyes. She stumbled around. Joshua grabbed her, and picked her back up. "You okay?" He murmured. "Yeah." She muttered. She looked at Johsua, and saw his eyes wide in shock. "What's wrong, Joshua?" She asked. Suddenly, she noticed that her voice was more matured. "Y-you're...you're freaking older!!" He yelled. Lily got up and ran, and picked up a mirror lying on the ground. "Oh my God...what the hell happened to me?!" She yelled. Her hair, once a short bobby cut with back pigtails, now had long bangs parted to the sides. Her ponytails were on the side of her head now, and they reached to her knees. Her butterfly wings had grown, and were as reached her own height. ((This is Lily's princess form. I'm probably gonna post the tektek picture in the club thread. :3))
  5. Rinaii stood there. Dear god, I could've been wearing a clown suit without these morons noticing. ((Oh, by the way, when I write italics, that's my characters thoughts.))
  6. Rinaii saw Aaroha, and grumbled something incoherent. Heh. This is gonna be easy. These wimps think that's the best I can do. Well, it'll work for cover. ((Rinaii isn't bad, she just dislikes the type of people that think she's worth hanging out with. Weird, huh? XD Actually, I had intended on making Rinaii gain a new special power, if that's okay with you guys. I've decided to change Rinaii's profile.))
  7. Obsidinai snorted, then turned back into Rinaii. She shrugged. "Whatever. I'm just in this for the info."
  8. "No." Lily murmured. She picked up Ceres, and ran out, Joshua tailing. As she was running, tears were flowing from her face. Raven...it was my fault, wasn't it?
  9. ((Mine's DEFINETELY the black staff. XD)) Rinaii looked at Aaroha and scoffed. "You gave it up? You people have no idea how much power darkness can give you. Watch this." Rinaii smirked. "Obsidian Wolf Form!" Suddenly, she was hit by a black lightning bolt that appeared out of nowhere. When the lightning disappeared, a large wolf with crimson-colored wings was standing where Rinaii was before. I've done this many times before, but the wings are new. A voice echoed. At the same time, the wolf was looking at it's wings. ((That voice was Obsidianai. Her mouth doesn't move, but she uses telepathy. Oh, and by the way, her wolf form name is Obsidianai, not Rinaii. Rinaii wants to live a somewhat normal life, that's why she came up with a name for her other form. :3))
  10. "Name's Rinaii." Rinaii spoke abruptly, being sure not to say much more. "Rose, eh? Meh, no one probably killed her. Still plenty of time, right?" She muttered.
  11. ((Actually, Joshua's a good guy. He got Lily and Raven out, and was protecting Lily. I dun wanna make him a bad guy. XD)) Lily stood up, sheathing her sword. "Exactly! Don't think you can get away without explaining yourself, Ranpa!" She yelled.
  12. Lily ran over to Ceres. "Don't worry! You'll never be alone, I swear! This is Joshua Cartal, my prince." Lily explained. Joshua waved only one hand, keeping the other on his scythe. "'Sup?" He said coolly. ((Yep. Joshua is definitely from America. XD And I'm not making fun of Americans, cause I am one.))
  13. Rinaii opened her eyes. "Dangit. Stupid humans, caring about me." She grumbled. She sat up slowly, already knowing that someone had taken her back to her house. She got up and changed, then opened her window. "Better than facing my so called rescuer..." She mumbled, then jumped out of the 3-story window. Amazingly, she landed perfectly. She looked up, just to see 3 girls talking. She tuned her ears in, and heard something about a kidnapping. "Might as well check it out." She mumbled, then walked over to meet them. "Oy! What's with this 'kidnappin' crap?" Rinaii yelled out, making sure to sound hostile. ((Ooh. Here's an extra tidbit about Rinaii. She hates being pitied. XD))
  14. Lily felt someone tugging on her arm, and she pulled Raven out of the tornado with her. When they were out, she looked up. Her eyes widened. "J-joshua?!" She spoke, disbelief plain in her voice. "Jeesh, don't sound so dumbfounded. You think it was weird that I happened to transfer to the exact same school you're attending?" Joshua muttered, and stepped in front of Lily in a defensive manner, holding his large scythe in front of them. "Joshua, that means that...you're my..." Lily whispered. Joshua snickered. "Glad ya figured it out."
  15. Lily turned to Ceres. "I promise. Just watch, in a few days, all of the Senshi will be at dinner together, laughing about these moments." She assured her.
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