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  1. MeBomb

    Novice Classes

    For Rhen, I advice getting Siren call and Trinity Fury. For Lars, Healing and Thunderstorm.
  2. MeBomb

    hardest moment ever?

    For me, the hardest part was Ahriman's lair, as the enemies just kept pwn3ing me (I guess that's appropriate, as I was level 65). I never fought Ahriman, as I accideantly replaced the save folder wth one with the god goodie. After that came the lamp world, I had to body swerve past 75% of the battles just to survive. The dreamworld was really easy, but I guess it's because I took the walkthrough's advice and thought Lars Lightning Storm, equipped Rhen with Sword of Might and gave Emili the red demon summon. The toughest boss battle is EASILY Indra (The ice cavern boss). Her ice storm leaves my entire party with 100 health, and after that she does another one, easily wiping out my party. The highlands were quite hard too, but after going through the 10 times easier lowlands (literally), there was no problem. Mt. Orion, it was hard until I realised you can use lightning scrolls.