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  1. Hi! I'm hoping to submit a game wherein there is stabbing/blood. Does that count as excessive violence? Here is a link to the game: https://coren.itch.io/dear-mariko Thanks!
  2. Hype, hype, hype! This is the game I was obsessed with as a child! Is it finally finished, or does it close the story at the balloon scene still? If so, how much longer is it than the original version? Also is there anymore Nash, because I remembered loving that dude.
  3. Can I sign up? I was one of the beta testers for all the chapters of Aveyond 3, and I'm pretty good at spotting rare bugs and giving a lot of feedback!
  4. STORY I'm in college now. A new, fascinating environment in a new country, away from all the baggage of my past... ... Except that two of my friends came along, too. And they have this trait of being just a little mentally unstable. Oh, what a bother... Midori "Cash" Kashuu is an Economics freshman with a bright future, but now she is literally fearing for her life. Two boys, both her childhood friends, just happened to end up in the same university as her, and both of them are completely, utterly, and hopelessly in love with her. Which isn't so bad. Except they both have this bad habit of stalking, murder and general creepiness, which involves cutting up any boys she talks to, each other if she ever shows one of them just a bit more affection than the other, and even her if she ever tries to drift away from them... Geez, and I was hoping to survive college, too. You don’t want to die just yet. It’ll suck to get killed so early. You have a good life in front of you. You want to get good grades, find a job, maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And you can’t go to the police. The only way to survive is to keep them happy. And that means not to talk to other people too much. That also means to show them equal and undivided attention, without showing a little more favour to either of them. It’s even harder than it sounds. Any misstep could mean your death. You don’t really care, but you probably would rather not die if you could help it. CHARACTERS Cash (Midori Kashuu) (18) (The above is concept art, not the final sprite.) Preliminary design Cash is a first-year Economics student at the prestigious University of Carmentree. She enjoys eating, sleeping, money and The Wall Street Journal. Her 'friends' may or may not want to kill her. She doesn't really care, but she'd rather not die, because that'll be, well, kinda undesirable. Dalen Proctor (20) Dalen was a schoolyard bully that our protagonist Cash knew from grade school, who has reformed his bullying ways and become a fairly decent guy. Maybe. He spent two years before going to college serving the army as a combat medic, and he wears a lab coat everywhere and claims to love helping people. He has a crass demeanor, is pretty impatient, and still spends quite a lot of time throwing snarky comments at Cash. He doesn’t seem too bad, but you might want to be careful when treading around him if you want to live. He has a bit of an uncanny interest in blood. And the colour red. And the effects of different drugs on the human body. Juris Lowe (18) Juris is a polite, mild-mannered boy, and a first-year Law student. He has a refined personality, and has been Cash's friend since pre-school. He gets along decently well with Dalen... as long as Cash treads carefully, that is. Lilian Owen (19) Horai's cousin and Cash's friend, extremely beautiful and sweet to a fault. She studies Music. Horai Owen (15) Just some stupid high school kid who likes to pop by once in a while. She loves princes and giving money away. That's why Cash likes her. Aldrich "Rich" Hastley (17) Horai's friend, who wants to study Computer Science. Aaron Hastley (25) Rich's older brother, a scowling local librarian. Yohan Anryens (18) Cash's economics classmate, and a boy who just never gives up. —- FEATURES * 15+ Death Endings * 3 Good Endings * 1 True Ending * You can get a boyfriend while you’re at it * Or a girlfriend * The yanderes won’t be happy, though. This game is pretty much going to be some kind of ‘reverse-otome’ survival game, in the sense that you have to interact with the boys, but not to date them, instead to make sure that you give them equal attention such that they feel sufficiently appreciated not to murder your ass. It’s going to be a bloody Friday. ---- Team Writer/Programmer: Coren Artist: Angela Hu Musician: Blake Cordell Follow the Development Blog for new updates here!
  5. Coren

    Aveyond ships

    Gyendal x Mel is hilarious and I will totally ship it, because I read D_A's headcanon about how in TDP Mel's sudden idiocy and repeatedly falling into Gyendal's traps was just because she was totally into him. Laughs
  6. Coren

    Aveyond ships

    Pairings I like: - Rhen x Lars (Duh.) - Devin x Talia, though I don't mind Devin x Alicia (Maybe if they'd had more interaction, I'd dig it. What little they have though was quite charming). - Aveyond 3's Te'ijal x Galahad. - Edward x Mel (Extremely cute.) - Ean x Iya - Rye x Emma Slightly crackier ships: - Gyendal x Stella before TLO. - Gavin x Nicholas (Or even an OT3: Gavin x Nicholas x Ava) - Spook x Nox cos heck, the way she trolls him is too epic. - Mel x Yemite Pairings I dislike: - Rhen x Dameon - Edward x Stella
  7. Thanks guys for giving me the motivation to finish this. Fingers crossed, I'll try to... WARNING: MESSED UP POLITICS AHEAD THAT IN NO WAY REFLECTS REAL AMERICAN POLITICS. THIS HAS BEEN A DISCLAIMER. CHAPTER 17: JOURNEY TO THE US OF A *The party reaches Gheledon* Mel: S-So... Stella, is it? Stella: Yes? Mel: So... uh... Do you think we should take a break here in Gheledon? I mean, I don't see why not, and we've been travelling for a while, so... I-I'm sure you're tired too, so... Stella: ... Mel: U-Uh... Stella: You know, Mel? We need to get the Orb of Divorce to ~save~ Prince Edward and make sure that Gyendal does not marry him. Stella: And to do so, we need the Orb of Divorce as. soon. as. possible. Stella: With that said... Stella: DO YOU STILL PLAN ON DILLY-DALLYING, MAGGOT???? Mel: No! Madam! I'm sorry! Madam! Meanwhile... Edward: Seriously! Where the heck did you vanish off to, Lydia? Edward: Geez... Looks like I have to go on this journey on my own. Now, where should I go... *Just then, Edward hears the sound of distant screaming* Edward: Oh no! That sounds like Mel! I need to go save her! *Edward catches up with Stella and Mel* Edward: Is everything okay? Mel: Everything... is okay... don't worry... E-Edward... Ely Harpsbren... Whatever your name is... Gyack!!! Stella: Oh if it isn't Eddy-welly! Mel's just gotten a little ill, that's all~ie~ Edward: Yep, she looks fine. I was worried for nothing then. Mel: Why must I suffer... Edward: Anyway, where are you guys heading off to? I'm going on a journey to protect my virginity, what about you guys?. Mel: It's none of your business, Ely Harpsbren! Stella: We are going to America! Edward: America! Why would you want to go there? How are you even planning on getting there? Mel: Do you have a problem with that? Stella lives in America, and we're going to get there using a passport, of course. Edward: Stella lives in America! That's impossible. She won't even touch the McDonald's we gave her. All Americans eat McDonalds. *Author's Note: Edward's opinion that all Americans eat McDonald's is purely his own and does not in any way reflect the author's opinion that that all Americans eat McDonald's. Edward: Besides... I don't think you can get to America so easily these days... Mel: Whatever Edward. *The party reaches Naylith Summit American Customs* Mel: Hi friendly customs officer. We're planning to get to America--- HUH?? Customs Officer: Hello alien. Welcome to American Customs. How may I help you today? Mel: Nox??? What the heck are you doing here?? Customs Officer: I am sorry Madam, I believe you have found the wrong person. My name is Norgan Smith, American Customs Officer. How may I help you today? Mel: Ugh. Whatever. Can we get to America, please? Customs Officer: I'm afraid not, Madam. Ever since the Republicans won* the recent elections, they have tightened immigration measures, and now no aliens are allowed to enter America. *A/N: They didn't. Mel: Aliens?! Edward: See? I told you it wouldn't be easy getting to America. Customs Officer: However... I may let you in illegally, if you would offer me a little gift. Mel: What is it?! Customs Officer: You see, I haven't had McDonald's in a while. If you would just go around the Isles and find me a burger, fries, Diet Coke and a packet of ketchup, I will let you into the USA. Mel: Why must I suffer... To be continued...
  8. Get something from the kitchen to defend yourself with.
  9. To get the true ending, you need to get something to defend yourself with before hiding.
  10. That was from the version 1.0, which was quite different.
  11. Yeah, I think it's best to download the latest version, because the previous one requires you to download the RTP.
  12. The Witch's House was really scary, I'll give you that. Anyway, I found a bug in the current version, so I've uploaded a new one! You can download it from the same link above.
  13. Thanks BlackPrincess! This one isn't particularly scary, but there may be some blood and violence which makes it not suitable for children.
  14. ~~~ “Mariko, I love you. But I can’t do this anymore. It’s not your fault, and there was nothing you could’ve done for me. There’s nothing you could’ve done about ‘her’.” ~~~ Dear Mariko is a short, simple game about a girl who comes home to find a goodbye letter from the one she loves. ~~~ Features * 10 minutes of gameplay * 3 Endings * 3 Unlockable Images DOWNLOAD HERE
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