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  1. I thought I bought it but guess not, not sure why I need the farm to just sell a salamander egg, but oh well..Thank you
  2. Ok I am replaying the game because I felt nostalgic. My problem right now is that the salamander egg is not showing up for me. I talked to the old lady and went back and forth to the salamander nest and I have the right place, but the egg is not showing up.
  3. I downloaded Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night from here and played them. From Lord of Twilight I did not have a problem after I finished the game to transfer my save into Gates of Night. I downloaded Orbs of Magic From BigFish games and my save file from Gates Of Night isnt transferring to Orbs of Magic. I have 2 different save Files and none seem to be transferring. I have Windows 7 if it means anything. I dont want to have to download Lord Of Twilight and Gates Of Night from BigFish games and replay it all over again
  4. This is ever ongoing I will keep updating the main poem so keep checking back
  5. The good stuff is written by Omega everyone should know how he writes by now and can tell the difference. Endless Nites. Waking up in a cold dark sweat. Hearing a loud noise in the middle of the night wakes me up in a fright, It is another souless nite filled with nothing but the sounds of a jet, So i peer out yonder window, to see the stars are still set, I know the haunting chill run down my spine. I was scared, worried such danger would come to my cozy bed of mine. The covers never seem to help, They always seem to sneak in, Silently crying all I can do is whelp, What could I have caused,what mortal sin? Such a sharp fangs doth it peirce my heart, Rendering my soul and flesh apart. Such horrid dreams invade my mind, what horrors were brought onto my shoulds, at the nights darkest times? Is it how I am? Is it just how I see it as my own kind, Looking for an answer up above, My hands I put up to the stars, Heaven up above, What is they finer cure, to remove this misty shadow on my mind, In thy warm embrace comfort me so, conquer such fowl thoughts. I know on my walls i see a fear ode to demise, written across the wall in spiritual blood. Give me strength in these harshest of times, Cover me in the most holy flood. I am waiting and praying for it to stop, But all I ever seem to get is this gory slop, Please bring it unto me, all I want to do is be set free, Why am I being tortured so, I sense such powerful spirits, claws dripping with blood. such powerful jaws do clamp my ears and render every thought with their tainted whisper. No longer am i curessed by the winds gentle breezes Nothing but certain doom, only my eyes are privy too, doth my legs freeze. running outside all I smell is the sweet smell of ancient trees, Watching them wave slowly in the dark, Carelessly whispering with their breeze, What is that I see, A sudden flash of light, what is this spark, And doth heavens arrow rain from sky, and so my love one unaware from such holy skies. And Behold! such darkness i could not see before Now leap from the shadows from my corridors! And doth a battle to the skies, knowing my eyes watch such greater clashings of the greater force, and the most unholy forces. Even though all life takes it course, I cannot help myself,
  6. I liked how people left messages of my last one.And I wish I was thinking while I was writing this one but this is a freestyle one.I hate doing things like this but hope you guys like this is from the heart without any thought. I want you to corrupt me, I need you so badly, Like a tree without roots, I want to bare perfect fruits, I hope this will help you, Know that my heart will remain true, When everything else is lost, In the back of my head, I will pay the ultimate cost, Just to feel your breath, On the side of my cheek, I hope we both do not feel death, What was that shriek? All is lost and gone, Why is it always done, This is my fate, I hate the this trait, I was born into, My life will be clouded and always, Ashrewed
  7. Tghis is a poem I have done Omgosh like 10 yrs ago hope you guys like it It is entitled Never Coming Back It's just another lonely nite, Another heartbreak day, Sun never seems to shine, Clouds never wisk away, Puzzled and confused, When i can't be with you, Feeling your with me, But,it's just an empty shadow, I never hear your voice, But,I also never had a choice, On that nite the sky turned pitch black, That's when i knew you were never coming back.
  8. I am trying to get the can of oil from the locked chest in the castle but I need a lockpick but havent gotten one yet.Where is it?
  9. Since I am back now if anyone likes this story still it will be updated soon I have been gone awhile just give me a minute or an hour however you like to look at it
  10. It has been awhile since I have been on here but here is a lil poem by me. Can you see the shadow, Slowly crossing over your heart, For me, it wasn't the ending,only the start, Whatever happened to you, Can you tell me how the light faded, Have things between us went so far, That you are now jaded, Just sit and stay with me, No matter what I do, You always end up angry, I believe this is the end, I know I messed up alot, Don't I get a chance to make an amend?
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