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  1. Thank you much! I just know that I get new characters in the next game (because I'm a dirty rotten cheater who reads ahead >.>) and was wondering if I should save the mana items/levels eggs for her - them. Oh, let's not be coy, for Lydia (I hate her, I hate her, I HATE HER)!!!!!!!! That's about ALL I know about the next game, though, so... :X
  2. ...and so on. I'm wondering if I should keep them instead of using them - if it's even possible to keep them 'til the next game? If not, I guess I'm asking who to use them on. Stella would get the mana thingies, cause... she has mana. And... um... maybe Edward would get the strength ones? I'm a bit late to the party to expect an answer, so. ^^;
  3. Thanks! It only happened in the game, though, and when I finally thought to restart my computer (d'oh me) it stopped doing it... only to start it again a little bit later on. :X I nearly broke my keyboard then.
  4. Hey guys! I just got into Thais and went past the Wedding (Funeral o.O) Chapel when my character just started heading downwards! SMACK, face plant, right into the wall! And Rhen keeps walking and walking and walking downwards... I'm playing Build C on Big Fish Games. It's doing this on ALL my saves... all three of them. :X The auto-save, my main save, and one waaaaaaay back in Clearwater that I opened just to test if it was doing it. It was. I don't want to lose my main save if I reinstall. How do I make sure that's safe before I uninstall the game? Thank you in advance! Love the game! Love Rhen! Edit: I also opened up Aveyond 2 to see if it was happening in other games and yes, it is. -.- So I guess it's something to do with my keyboard, but I can't figure out what! I just switched it out and it's STILL happening!
  5. Thank you for trying to help me, but it's hopeless... I'm not at ALL computer savvy. Some people tell me it's a driver chipset, and of course, the Alienware website doesn't help me at all... I don't know what I need... I'm goooooooing toooooooo crrrrrrrrry! Edit: Quick update... I've managed to fix the SM Bus Controller problem, but I still cannot hear the music in any of my Aveyond games... and that's a biiiiiiiiig part of the magic of these games!!! I can't fathom what it could be... I've already reinstalled, to no avail.
  6. Thank you for the help... unfortunately, I can't figure out the creative.com site. Or perhaps I'm just an idiot... I don't know what my audio thing is. It SAYS Creative SB X-Fi, and that doesn't seem to be listed. A lot of variations... under properties, it just says Creative SB X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM).
  7. I loaded the game one day, and suddenly... well, the music no longer played! I can hear the sound when the cursor moves from option to option, and the BGM IS on, but... I don't hear it! I've been trying everything... could it be related to the SM Bus Controller problem I've been trying to fix for the past three days? (In device manager, it's under "Other Devices" with a big yellow exclamation point). I can't think of any reason for this to be occurring out of the blue...
  8. I've looked all over... I thought this would be a hot topic of discussion! But I can't find any tips or hints about choosing Rhen's first sword singer skills. Or Lars' first sorcerer skills. I'm having a bit of trouble with this, actually, which makes fighting difficult. I think I chose wrong... I keep running out of mana all the time. What did you guys choose to start out with?
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