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  1. See this post: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=96428#forumpost96428
  2. True, gameplaywise Arcadia path is the best. But if you haven't checked out the Ferry one earlier, I suggest opting for it. You may be in for a suprise Not only would you get to meet Roper (additional PC) who's quite an interesting character but also 'missing' pieces of story will be revealed. It's up to you
  3. Strategy by MrMoo, the creator -- Half the battle is the preparation, so I think as long as you've got good elemental protection you will be fine. By the way lotus bombs don't work, and don't try it cause it heals him. Ether shield is inside the Lunar tower ghost chest, and Marianne's "Cute" set will also be a good set to wear. Aqua capes on Jacque might be a good idea, otherwise protection rings for the melee damage. If you haven't already try to get Uroboros [Clermont Cave sword]. It's light based so it'll help in killing this dark element enemy. He is also water based as well, meaning fire and electric elements will help. He's armored so melee attacks are weaker than a ranged attack. If you have any of Jacque's Tempest guns, make sure to do a melee attack using Jacque to either lower his ATK, DEF or ETH. Right off the bat, your teammates are dead. If you're stuck here, you aren't prepared. Basically you want to mix the Ether solution with the neutralizer before the battle to make the life ether. Use the life ether during battle to bring back your dead allies. The real battle starts right here. Have Marianne use Dragon Flash for light based melee dmg, or use your strongest fire spell for ether dmg, whichever is higher. Sierra should be healing every turn with nurse, or at least every second turn so she can also use photon. Ether charge everyone for better spell damage, and Jacque should be using aim assist and guard assist whenever you need it. Otherwise desperado. Don't try to blind him because he can't be blinded. Poison also doesn't work. This should be no problem if you keep your party alive at all times, fully buffed, and having one or two of them attacking. Eventually you'll get him to 25% hp, where he will then use Elemental Laser. Usually I keep the mystic symbol on Sierra, but if you use ether drives on her instead, just make her use her ether shield. You want protection against all elements, because this laser hits all targets with every element. The key is to keep your party's hp above 50%, and you'll be fine. Good luck with the fight, and be sure to keep the reward code handy for the next game.
  4. You can find it in Todd's house, upstairs in a chest.
  5. VelvetDew

    Ella's Hope

    Just started playing this game and loving it so far Great character art and story! @Val: He's on the third floor, east side of the castle, hiding between some dresses.
  6. VelvetDew


    Just finished the demo playing as all 3 characters. Seems like a great game so far so I'll probably purchase it ASAP Btw, noticed a minor typo while playing as Julian : Off to search for the artifacts, do doubt. Just thought I should let you know.
  7. It's to the north of where Branchville was if I recall correctly.
  8. If I remember correctly, you have to return to the temple and enter the middle room (between the fire and ice trial rooms). Hope that helps
  9. You have to activate the power by finding the key to the generator room and turning on the power on both sides. After that the bridge should be able to extend.
  10. Awesome story! XD I enjoyed reading it, can't wait for the next update.
  11. @Revvie: Yeah, Celestrine is right... Bill's package is a long quest but he's impossible to miss when the time comes. If you find him you'll get a good prize. As for the train trips, you can buy a permanent pass later in the game that'll let you travel to all the towns (unlimited times) for free. @Celestrine: Glad you enjoyed the game as much as I did! Yup, the quests are the best part
  12. Yup that mountainous area is quite tricky. Luckily, the solution to it is available -- To the first treasure room : 1. [Entrance] Go though the middle door. 2. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 3. [Vertical Node] Go through the middle door. 4. [Passage] Follow the path and you will reach the first treasure room. To the second treasure room : 1. [Entrance] Go through the right door. 2. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 3. [Horizontal Node] Go through the middle door. 4. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the treasure room. To the third treasure room : 1. [Entrance] Go through the right door. 2. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 3. [Horizontal Node] Go through the right door. 4. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 5. [Horizontal Node] Go through the middle door. 6. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 7. [Vertical Node] Go through the left door. 8. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the treasure room. To Teachey "Strife Dragon" the Discordian : 1. [Entrance] Go through the left door. 2. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 3. [Horizontal Node] Go through the left door. 4. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 5. [Horizontal Node] Go through the left door. 6. [Cave Crossroads] Leave through the northern exit. 7. [Horizontal Node] Go through the left door. 8. [Passage] Follow the path until you reach the next intersection. 9. [Vertical Node] Go though the left door. 10. [inner Bridge] Follow the path until you reach the next screen. 11. [Outside Teachey’s shrine] Save if you wish, then enter the house. Should you ever get lost in the Cumberland Mountains (because you wandered randomly or something), you may eventually end up on the right side of a chasm. Should this happen, you can use the Grimorum Avia to fly to the other side. Go though the left door. You'll be at the Vertical Node. Go through the left door and you'll be at the Inner Bridge. Go north and you'll be outside Teachey's shrine. When you want to go back to the entrance after reaching one of the four places worth noting, just go back the way you came. As for the pirates, I think you'll come across their leader at Teachey's den.
  13. It's Exit Fate. I think there is a treasure chest with a charged jet in the university. You can also steal them from enemies, can't remember which, but obviously dark element. Also, you can win charged jet in Gaia’s Heart from one of the enemies. Hope that helps!
  14. Umm, do you have the RTP installed? If not, you can get it here -- http://tkool.jp/products/rpgvx/eng/download.html If you're only missing that one particular file, try downloading it from here.
  15. Looks great, downloading now! Thanks for sharing, Val
  16. Here's an amazing game I just finished playing. It was incredibly fun... intriguing story, great music, interesting sidequests... it could even rival a commercial RPG Maker game imo. The developer is currently working on the sequel, yays! :celebrate: The Story You take the role of Marianne, a Liberte Knight whose strong sense of justice and liberty sets her apart from her peers. In a corrupt and abusive class system, those with the power can bring about the destruction of the entire nation. Ever since the discovery of a mutagen known as Ether, those who have mutated and taken on a new power are taken at a young age and recruited to be used as knights. The children's memories are wiped and they are trained in a specialized battle art. Their full names are changed to a single first name, and only upon reaching a high rank in the chevalier will they learn their last names. These knights can then be used as super soldiers for any purpose the government wishes, causing tyranny to the lower peasant classes. In the town of Strasbourg live the old Franco-Germans, which has been known as one of the many epicenters of tension due to the aftermath of World War II. Marianne's initial mission is to escort the Prince of Ferrand back to Lyon from the powder-keg town of Strasbourg. Immediately, something goes wrong... Meanwhile Sierra, a knight of Lyon, learns of another knight's plan to assassinate the prince and the rest of the crew during the convoy mission. Desperate to find and kill the knight responsible, she barges into the Clermont parliament in search for the knight. However, she arrives too late as they have already left early on at midnight. If the Prince of Lyon were to die, the buildup of tension throughout the years of Ferrand's existence might finally explode into a revolt against the noble population. It is up to Marianne and her crew to stop this from happening at all cost... But will they alone be enough? The Setting The game takes place in a fictional country in Europe, divided into three major provinces based off a class system. We have the Nobles, who live a modern lifestyle most Europeans today live. The Bourgeoisie who are the 2nd highest rank in the system, they make a living off trade and exploration. Finally there are the peasants, who live poorly and do not live with any modern luxuries. However, some peasants aren't that poor, but just aren't that rich either. The three classes are divided into the three provinces, and most blame the nobles for the problems that arise in this split up. The Class System Highest rank to lowest Highest Class - Prime Minister (PMs are elected by the people, however since nobles and bourgs make up most of the class system, the PM is usually biased) - Royal Family (The royal family have no real power, they are mere symbols of the country's past) - Liberte Knights (With the power of a noble, they serve under the Royal Family and PM) Nobles Bourgeoisie Peasants The World Around Due to the events in the game, some countries have been altered from the timeline of history and has been offset by historic changes. Of such countries, one of them is France, which is now known as Ferrand. Most countries around the world have developed into modern first world countries, but Ferrand is the only country to be a first world, second world, and third world country all at the same time. Despite this, the European currency is still the Euro, and the United Kingdom is one of the few countries to keep their old currency, although Euros may be used to purchase items from the UK. This game, and games to come will mostly take place in Ferrand, and will never reach farther the the Mediterranean Sea. The Characters Marianne Age: 16 Sex: Female Origin: Clermont, Ferrand Class: Knight of Fire Occupation: Liberte Knight The main character of this chapter, she is a Liberte Knight for the capital city of Clermont. Marianne was a name given to her by the Knights Legion, and only she knows her real name. Marianne is usually a calm and cheerful person, she is the type to make things work when it comes to disputes. She also has a strong moral standing against drugs, alcohol, guns, and many other things she finds morally offensive. Despite being such a positive person, she isn't very confident in herself as a woman and her appearance. Marianne can also become quite serious when she needs to be, and this causes her friends who are used to her positive side to become concerned. She is a very observant person, usually saying out loud what she thinks, as if to inform somebody else of what she is observing. In terms of combat, she is a very powerful front line fighter, and a decent Ether user. She can use varying types of blades, from rapiers to two-handed swords. Sierra Age: 15 Sex: Female Origin: Lyon, Ferrand Class: Knight of the Moon Occupation: Liberte Knight Sierra is a knight for the Auxen capital city of Lyon. Her job is to protect members of the royal family, as well as preform other tasks typical of Knights. Being from the province of peasants, her group of knights are also treated as such by the other knights. She easily gets over excited, and over passionate in her endeavors, which usually causes her to fail. Her failures and Marianne's constant successes causes her to become co-dependent on Marianne, as Sierra thinks of her as a superior knight in every way. Despite this, Sierra is the main Ether user of the party, with a wide variety of skills to take advantage of. She is easily one of the most powerful Ether users in the country, as her Ether variation is rare. She also makes a decent melee fighter, since she can duel wield any combination of close range weapons such as sabers and daggers. Jacque Age: 22 Sex: Male Origin: Lyon, Ferrand Class: Sharpshooter Occupation: Teacher/Explorer Jacque is the name of a man whose thirst for adventure ends him up in a lot of trouble. He ends up in a trap during one of his excavations, and would have died there if Marianne and Sierra didn't show up. However, his real profession is not exploring, but it is as a teacher in an orphanage. His exploration of ruins are in the hope that he will one day find something to pay for the children he takes care of. He is a very knowledgeable person and very resourceful when it comes to exploration. Despite this, he still winds up in all the traps and gets the party in a lot of trouble. In combat he stays in the back and shoots with his Ether gun, a gun which uses TP (rechargeable with a skill called reload). He's powerful when he has ammo, and when he doesn't his pistol whip still packs a punch. Using Ether Drives on him can raise his ammo capacity, as he does not gain more TP as he ranks up. The Details Scripts used:- Lomexi's Battle Theme Adjuster - Quest Journal V1.1 + Paragraph Formatter, by modern algebra - Caterpillar, by unknown - Advanced Lighting, by Kylock - Simple Sideview Battle System + Backdrop system, by Claimh - Moghunter Animated Title Screen - Syvkals Menu Bars - On Screen Shop + Battle Results, by Worale - No Battle Entry Message, by Magica Music used is from the Xenogears OST Snake Eater by Cynthia Harrell Aurora by Eri Kamiya Graphics are mostly RTP, custom sprites from a character generator, Windows Mobile 7 based window skin created by me. Quests Available (The ones listed in the mission log)21 total so far. Total Maps 165 so far Expected Game Length Act I: 5 Hours + Act II: 8 Hours + Game Size 65mb Screenshots Download Prelude of Identity Player Survey If you have completed the game, then feel free to do this survey to tell the creator what you think, as it will improve future games. Download demo of the sequel, Crescendo of Identity (Contains 10 Hours of gameplay!) Patch You must download and apply patch to continue after version 3.1. (Simply replace game files) Have fun! NOTE: Press the Alt and Enter key to switch between full screen and windowed mode.
  17. Thanks for the awesome interviews! They were interesting to say the least.
  18. Looks awesome! I'm really looking forward to this game. I hope you can get it released by March as I have my exams in April. Good luck!
  19. Oh, I see. Thanks! Actually, I found the skill system quite interesting. It kinda gave a unique touch to the game. The only drawback was that you miss out on some nifty stuff as you can't be sufficiently skilled in everything. It could have been fun if you could make some changes to it.
  20. Try this site-- RPG RPG Revolution As you can see there are many RMXP games hosted there.
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