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    Failure to adjust profile pic

    Seems to be working well for me, Amanda. Yay~~
  2. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    broken links (404 page not found)

    Which links are you actually looking for? Exact examples please?
  3. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    broken links (404 page not found)

    I believe that when we moved from amaranthia.com's old forum software to this current one, the URLs all still point to the old URLs. The topics still exist of course, and I'm sure you can find it again if you search through the respective game forums, but the URLs have now been changed in the database.
  4. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Feature To Edit Thread Title Disabled?

    No, indeed. Thank YOU for bringing this issue up for our attention! Yes, unfortunately if you need a title change for this particular topic, you'll have to ask a mod to help you with it. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what the issue is with this topic so that it won't happen again in the future!
  5. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Feature To Edit Thread Title Disabled?

    Hmm... Looks like some *~*Magic*~* got the title changed. O.O Unfortunately it's a mod-only way tho. But at least the title is now short fics
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    Re-enabling links?

    I believe they have been removed because Amaranth Games has changed to Aveyond Studios, and are no longer hosting games from other developers.
  7. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Re-enabling links?

    That is rather interesting. If you don't mind, can you PM me some examples of those purchase confirmation emails (with your personal info and any unique identification blacked out, of course) so that I might take a look?
  8. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Failure to adjust profile pic

    Hello again everyone! I've checked with the admins and they've confirmed the issue. However, they are as of yet unable to isolate or solve the problem. For the moment, please continue using the gravatar method as your primary avatar method, thank you!
  9. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Re-enabling links?

    Any non-Amaranth games you bought here are probably affiliate links linking back to the developer / publisher's official store, so just return to the original developer's site (or Big Fish Games if that's where the game's buy link linked to) to inquire about re-download links. If in doubt, try checking your purchase completion / invoice emails for further information about who you'd need to contact.
  10. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio


    Not that we know of. There's nothing of the ilk announced in any case.
  11. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Get the Aveyond 4 Strategy Guide!

    I believe this is currently the only strategy guide for AV4.
  12. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Failure to adjust profile pic

    Hello! I just tried to upload a new avatar myself and it didn't work either! I've raised the issue to our admins, but in the meantime, please use the gravatar method for your avatar needs. Cheerio!
  13. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Are we allowed to change the facesets for AV2?

    The AV1 facesets were provided by Amaranth Games as they were originally part of v1.0. Players aren't allowed to modify the game themselves as it contravenes the Terms of Use for the game. So no, you can't modify the facesets for Aveyond 2.
  14. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Aveyond 4 Clock Issues

    A good place to start would be to check what the differences are between your own PC and the "PC not owned by you" that the game ran perfectly fine on. Perhaps one of the few differences can explain the discrepancy between performances.
  15. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Looking for a new RPG

    Anything developed by Dancing Dragon Games, though I'm a bit iffy about Deadly Sins (I haven't completed the game past the first 15m). Deadly Sins 2 (not a direct sequel) and Skyborn are magnifique. Which reminds me, I need to try out Echoes of Aetheria soon .
  16. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio


    If you're trying to upload from a URL and it's not working, try downloading the picture onto your desktop, then use the "Upload from File" to upload the picture from your desktop.
  17. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    The Sister Wish (AV2 fanfic)

    Don't ask me why I'm writing AV2 fanfics years after it's been released, but I guess I just couldn't resist --------------------------- Swabbing the decks was hard work, but it gave him plenty of time to think things through while his hands were busy. And as Nicolas was previously a scholarly white mage, he didn’t lack for thoughts or topics on which to occupy his mind. However, at present, his brain was thrashing about in a different and entirely new direction, that of his captain, Ava, or as he now called her, Rip. Nicolas smiled as he recalled the various sticky spots Ava had gotten him out of during the Shaenlir Resistance. Thank goodness Uthar asked Ava to watch over him. He could still recall his own disbelief at Uthar’s weird request. He had thought that Uthar’s year away from the Thais court had been to blame for his completely insane change in behaviour when he returned. And then to saddle him with Ava! Now as he swirled the mop across the deck, he couldn’t imagine never having met her at all. Never having felt her care and compassion (hidden by her gruff exterior), not to mention learnt from her cunning and intelligence in captaining her newly restored pirate ship (which to be perfectly honest, was WAY better than that junk they were forced to use during the Snow Queen’s lockdown), and her calmness in dealing with everything and anything to cross her path. She was truly the big sister he wished he had. And to think that he would’ve been ostracized in his own country if not for her interference! Now that was a narrow escape. Thoughts darkening momentarily, Nicolas found himself regretting that Ava prevailed over Uthar on his marriage proposal. He did agree with Ava however that the new Uthar was a really good man, and would be a great king someday. Already he managed to display his leadership skills in organizing the Shaenlir Resistance in their parents’ absence, and prevented Shaenlir from overtaking Thais the way Shaenlir had done to Seri port. Most importantly, the Thais ministers already look up to and trust him as implicitly as they did their parents. And it was all due to Ava. He was suddenly struck by his remembrance of Ava’s reply when he asked her what changed Uthar’s mind about marrying her. Ava told him only that she wouldn’t let him stay because he would make a great king. She never said anything about not reciprocating his feelings. And now that he thought back on it, there was a special softness in their eyes when they saw each other again while on Resistance business. He was too arrogant and dismissive then to credit Uthar’s fondness for a (Nicolas chuckled at his old self) lowly pirate, but now he saw and understood just what Uthar had lost. Sighing forlornly as he looked up at Ava manning the ship, he hopelessly wished Uthar had married Ava, could marry Ava, so that she could be his sister in truth. Perhaps not if the only recourse was to run away from Thais (Nicolas did NOT want to be king, thank you very much), but surely…? No, he immediately contradicted himself. The court would not accept Ava as its queen, any more than she would accept having to be, quote, “stuck in a castle”. And though it had only been a few weeks, Nicolas could understand why. Still, surely there could be some compromise made, right? They weren’t just royalty, they were descended from the greatest warriors of Aian history, and though Aia had been calm for centuries, his great-great-grandparents certainly had had their share of adventures. Too bad Ava married that evil warlock scum. Nicolas scowled even as he saw Gavin join Ava at the steering wheel. That was the only part of Ava which completely and utterly confounded him. Just what attraction did Gavin have over Uthar anyhow? Well, other than non-stop boasting and flirting, that is. Not to toot his family’s horn, but even if he wasn’t brother to Uthar, he would still back Uthar over Gavin any day. Despite the long journey together for the Resistance, he still couldn’t bring himself to like that featherbrain whose magic couldn’t even hold a candle to Iya. If it weren’t for Ava, he wouldn’t even have tolerated being on the same ship as Gavin. (And he was pretty sure Orc, Thorp and Dog felt the same way.) If only they hadn’t helped that wartless witch in Bogwood (Helga, was it? Who knows anymore?). Why did they have to be so nice all the time anyway? ------------------------ Also posted at: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9068614/1/ More of my works: Reclaiming Thais (AV3) The Price of Prayers (AV3) The Silent Guardian of Hope (AV2) Practical Excursion (AV3) Link to my FF.net profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/852744/
  18. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Have yet to get a response

    Hello! Your best bet would be to try contacting the admins directly on this matter. Try PMing or emailing admin at amaranthia.com!
  19. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Needing a Paladin (Saving Princess)

    You can't go straight through the entrance of the grounds, but you can go east from there to the back of the grounds where the stables are. There you will find the paladin you need.
  20. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Ara Fell Steam Greenlight Campaign!

    Welcome back, BadLuck! Grats on the Steam Greenlight! This is Ara Fell: Legend of Dirisetsu Hollow and not Ara Fell: First Light? Was kinda still thinking about that XD Also, do you still have a site up and running or is it just the Ara Fell forum you're still running?
  21. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Ferry help

    Ouch! In the short term, my advice would be to either load an earlier save and play from there, or redownload and reinstall the game in case a fix has already been patched in. If the issue persists, you may want to email / PM either Amanda or Bryce directly about this issue.
  22. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    The Sister Wish (AV2 fanfic)

    Well to be fair, Nicolas *was* a brat in prince's clothing in the beginning, but if you do Ava and Nicolas' interaction points, you'll see him slowly change for the better
  23. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    The Pendragon Family Tree

    Otherwise known as the World of Aveyond. I've drawn up as accurately as I can the various important family trees in the games. Also, please note that all family connections are what I perceive as CANON ships. http://houseofngaio.byethost6.com/?p=159 (Note: The tree is currently correct at the end of The Lost Orb) I've added the facesets of the main characters in Aveyond (I hope you don't mind, Amanda! ) Feedback/info submission always welcome!
  24. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Can someone copy their save file for me?

    You don't actually have to start over LoT to get your save file, just play from before Mel disappears in GoN. Also, a new game in TLO will automatically have you marry Mel by default, if you're so inclined to play from there.
  25. Aisling Yinyr Ngaio

    Aveyond 4 Beta Tester Sign Up Sheet

    What Mopiece and tini said lmao. Count me in!