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  1. Which links are you actually looking for? Exact examples please?
  2. I believe that when we moved from amaranthia.com's old forum software to this current one, the URLs all still point to the old URLs. The topics still exist of course, and I'm sure you can find it again if you search through the respective game forums, but the URLs have now been changed in the database.
  3. No, indeed. Thank YOU for bringing this issue up for our attention! Yes, unfortunately if you need a title change for this particular topic, you'll have to ask a mod to help you with it. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what the issue is with this topic so that it won't happen again in the future!
  4. Hmm... Looks like some *~*Magic*~* got the title changed. O.O Unfortunately it's a mod-only way tho. But at least the title is now short fics
  5. I believe they have been removed because Amaranth Games has changed to Aveyond Studios, and are no longer hosting games from other developers.
  6. That is rather interesting. If you don't mind, can you PM me some examples of those purchase confirmation emails (with your personal info and any unique identification blacked out, of course) so that I might take a look?
  7. Hello again everyone! I've checked with the admins and they've confirmed the issue. However, they are as of yet unable to isolate or solve the problem. For the moment, please continue using the gravatar method as your primary avatar method, thank you!
  8. Any non-Amaranth games you bought here are probably affiliate links linking back to the developer / publisher's official store, so just return to the original developer's site (or Big Fish Games if that's where the game's buy link linked to) to inquire about re-download links. If in doubt, try checking your purchase completion / invoice emails for further information about who you'd need to contact.
  9. I believe this is currently the only strategy guide for AV4.
  10. Hello! I just tried to upload a new avatar myself and it didn't work either! I've raised the issue to our admins, but in the meantime, please use the gravatar method for your avatar needs. Cheerio!
  11. The AV1 facesets were provided by Amaranth Games as they were originally part of v1.0. Players aren't allowed to modify the game themselves as it contravenes the Terms of Use for the game. So no, you can't modify the facesets for Aveyond 2.
  12. A good place to start would be to check what the differences are between your own PC and the "PC not owned by you" that the game ran perfectly fine on. Perhaps one of the few differences can explain the discrepancy between performances.
  13. If you're trying to upload from a URL and it's not working, try downloading the picture onto your desktop, then use the "Upload from File" to upload the picture from your desktop.
  14. Hello! Your best bet would be to try contacting the admins directly on this matter. Try PMing or emailing admin at amaranthia.com!
  15. You can't go straight through the entrance of the grounds, but you can go east from there to the back of the grounds where the stables are. There you will find the paladin you need.
  16. Welcome back, BadLuck! Grats on the Steam Greenlight! This is Ara Fell: Legend of Dirisetsu Hollow and not Ara Fell: First Light? Was kinda still thinking about that XD Also, do you still have a site up and running or is it just the Ara Fell forum you're still running?
  17. Ouch! In the short term, my advice would be to either load an earlier save and play from there, or redownload and reinstall the game in case a fix has already been patched in. If the issue persists, you may want to email / PM either Amanda or Bryce directly about this issue.
  18. Well to be fair, Nicolas *was* a brat in prince's clothing in the beginning, but if you do Ava and Nicolas' interaction points, you'll see him slowly change for the better
  19. You don't actually have to start over LoT to get your save file, just play from before Mel disappears in GoN. Also, a new game in TLO will automatically have you marry Mel by default, if you're so inclined to play from there.
  20. I have updated the link to reflect the correct topic link. However, as noted in the topic title, the patches are meant for GoN build A ONLY, as these glitches have been fixed in Build B. I would suggest that you download a fresh copy of the game from wherever you purchased the game from and try again from there. I am also unsure which part of the game you are currently playing, given that Aveyond is constantly accessible due to the fountain that upgrades Edward's sword gems.
  21. If you get stuck on the journal in the sewer, I recommend that you hold down your right key while scrolling the pages with your spacebar so that you can immediately walk away from the journal the moment it has finished scrolling and before it starts looping again.
  22. Just for this I have replayed Aveyond: The Lost Orb through again and I think I know what the issue is now. I suspect you are playing Build C of TLO while following the walkthrough of Build B. In Build C, there was a tightening of the storyline and gameplay - as a consequence, the entire subplot of digging up clues from Mordred about the location of the Orb of Death has been scrapped, and the journal you see in the Peliad Sewers will immediately direct you to the cave system where the Orb is hiding. There is therefore NO dirtpile to dig up in Build C. You can therefore skip that entire section of the walkthrough directly to the part where you need to head to Stonetooth Caverns. I understand that not being provided with a solution immediately can be frustrating - believe me, as players, we've all been there! However, as moderators, we also have a duty to uphold the forum rules in order to make this forum a safe space for all users. So please understand that by enforcing them, we are not trying to be rude or unhelpful. We're always here to help, even if we don't know how to yet.
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