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  1. Another tester here! You guys are going to LOVE this game. Just you wait and see!
  2. I have been waiting since Aveyond 3 for this announcement! Haha, yeah, that long. I just love Aveyond. I've previously beta-tested Aveyond 3 (all the installments). It was so much fun helping to find out the bugs.
  3. I would like it too if we could change the hairstyle but that would be too hard. Ugh.
  4. The things I really loved: Shovel/Magic Keys/Treasure Maps - these are amazing! They're so much fun. I don't know why but I love digging up stuff. Attraction Points - These are always great. It's always funny to see characters get mushy. Fast Travel For a lazy person like me, this is perfect. Dressing Up I love changing outfits. If I could change the hair color it would be even better lol. Buying Houses YES! It's so much fun! If you can't buy houses it would also be kind of cool if you could have a secret base. You know, like in some random desert or jungle, there could be this unusually big rock or something like that and you need a..um...let's see...a Drill Spell(XD) to make a hole in the boulder/rock and you can go inside and make it your home. xD Split Party This is quite good too. It's sort of like a challenge sometimes.
  5. yes, it will. you will get used to it soon. and also(this is my belief, just sharing) I know that one day we will all meet in heaven.
  6. I'm so sorry for being so late. I offer my condolences, wolfie_girl. I lost my grandfather in this month 4 years ago. He had prostate cancer. Though he always used to smoke so its not surprising. He was still a good man though. I know exactly how you feel. It will hurt, believe me. It will hurt a LOT. But as my deceased grandfather always told me, 'Time will heal all wounds, slowly but surely. Maybe not completely but, to a certain degree.' I am so very sorry.
  7. Sheesh, yamenasai yo! (Won't they stop?) Do something worthwhile instead!
  8. Lolz so do I....the rivalry sucks... Can't we all just get along, honestly? Oh Masala is THE BEST! My fave is Butter Chicken Masala with Naan.
  9. crazy thing? I live in a place where you'd find lots of weird things lol. So where I live, let's just say the traffic rules are very lax and the accident rates pretty high....why? people don't follow the rules except for a few. SO recently there was this rule that people have to wear helmets if they ride motorbikes/scooters. So my family was very happy about this as we wear helmets even without the rules....and made fun of for following traffic rules too btw. SO coming back, everyone's like 'What? Wear a helmet? Its so inconvenient! Ruins my hair style...feel so stuffy' and stuff like that. So here comes the funny weird part. If you don't wear the helmet and cops catch you you have to pay a heavy fine. So, what do the people do? Make their kids/pillion rider/person in the backseat catch the helmet or make the kid wear the helmet and when they see the cops, they immediately put it on. Lol? oh oh and other people put it on the rear view mirror in the bike....you know, a place to hang it. And when they see the cop, take it and put it on. So this is what has been going ion for the past week here in my place. EDIT: And that's the craziest thing I've seen this week.
  10. @An Yea India is hot most of the time. You like South Indian food? Cool!
  11. I had Norton before and it used to say many programs which were safe were risks. plus it made my computer slow down. :/
  12. I'm pretty? XD I didn't think so. Thanks though. That made me happy. @An You too? That's uber cool! I'm from waaaaaaaaaaay south. As in Tamil Nadu. Yea. The hot place? yea.
  13. been a while since I posted here so instead of people fishing through tons of pages, I post again. I'm from India.
  14. Saw this on Fb. I am soooooooooooooooooooo happy for you guys. He is so cute. <3
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