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  1. Hello! I've had this account since 2009. Glad that i still know my username and password after how many years! Just dropping by to say hello to the first game i've been in love with! There was even one rainy morning I didn't go to school just to play this game! ha ha ha! I started playing Ahriman's Prophecy when I was 14 years old. And now that I'm 24, I'd like to play it again! This thing is for sure: "I will always love Aveyond games!"
  2. windaver

    Aveyond: Gates of Night [July 31, 2009]

    woah! I love the first chapter..i tot when they have temporarily defeated that witch in Quin's palace is the ending. lol i can't wait for the next game..ahaha but, why is it not in one game? i mean, why are they separated in different chapterS?