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  1. I know this topic is old, but are there any news on whether Aveyond 1 and 2 will come to Steam?
  2. I have many fears. Sometimes I even think that I'm a paranoid. Some of my phobias: 1)Lygophobia (fear of being in dark places), Myctophobia Scotophobia (fear of darkness), Nyctophobia (fear of the dark or night): I can add all of these. For me anything that has to do with darkness causes anxiety and fear. I can't even pass through a dark flat in which I live 2) Agliophobia (fear of pain): I've no idea where this phobia appeared from, but as far as I can remember I fear any kind of pain. That kinda makes my life harder. 3)Altophobia (fear of heights): I think I got it when I first flew with plane. The pilot landing was awful and since then I can't stand being high. 4)Arachnophobia (fear of spiders): Ugly, hairy, many legged creatures, what else to say about them. There's nothing that would change my opinion about them. I feel terrified seeing them.
  3. Sorry if I'm posting in a dead thread, but I need help and it's getting frustrating. Can someone tell me where to find a broken piece of machinery for "Historian 2" quest?
  4. "Hey! You're stealing Lars's signature move!" Tei'jal laughed. xD This has to be the best line xD Awesome work. Keep it up.
  5. Oh no. I'm sympathizing with the pansy. I'll turn into a pansy too if I don't stop. Haha that was the best line :goodjob: Awesome job! Keep up the great work ^^
  6. @IvanaDeRossi it's not a glitch, it's the end of the demo ^^
  7. awesome update. Love the part were Dameon was getting some whacking. Thanks for the update.
  8. great update. love it. love the way Lars is writing about maids xD
  9. wow...i'm speechless can't believe Lars did that. The way you write is amazing. sad yet amazing. Great story. Hope to see more like this.
  10. Great update Kirroha. Glad that it's not the ending. Hope to see more soon
  11. It's okay. Everyone needs a break. Take your time.
  12. I love this op. I hope you'll finish it soon. Love the music. You pick great music for the openings.
  13. haha i feel sorry for Volg XD and that Ciel surely is filled with naughty thoughts XD
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