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    eh. Oh, but what pretty words he told! Oh, but what meaning did they have? Oh, but what love he spoke of! Oh, but what lies they were. ------------------------------------ Another sleepless night another dreary day another heart broken One more lie spoken One more dream denied One more love torn open And one more life dead. I know, my poetry isn't the best, but id love feedback.
  2. _Meow_

    The Fate; Riona

    eh, sorry everyone! With school ending, life's been hectic, and kinda depressing.But, im good now! So, on with the story! Charlotte rode till the early morning hours, her cloak dripping from the heavy rain that had unleashed its wrath as soon as the cottage had left her sight. The horse was damp with sweat as she walked it toward the stables for a stableman to take care of it. She entered the inn weary, halfway between there and dreamland. "Miss, Can I help you? And does the babe need a thing?" A girl, about as old as Charlotte herself, wiping down a table asked. "I..I need a room. Please. How much?" The girl, seeing how exhausted she was, walked over, and gently took the child from her arms. "Don't worry about that right now. Let's get you a room." She bustled about behind the counter, finally finding a piece of paper. "Ah! Thats where it was!" She glanced over it. "Lets give you the top room. -Okay guys, i know i don't have very long segments, and i apologize. Its best for me that way tho. I have a short attention span lol.
  3. _Meow_

    The Fate; Riona

    An distressed, middle aged woman frantically stuffed things into a rucksack. "Here child, take this," She talked in a quick, brisk manner, putting food, clothing and other things into the bag. "Charlotte, quickly, head to the storage and grab all the salted meat." Charlotte stared at her for a moment. Taking all the salted meat meant that there would be none left for her mother. "Hurry child! You know they're coming! You don't have much time! GO!" Charlotte ran outside, grabbing the venison and looking out to the main road. The cloud of dust was getting closer. She ran faster. "Here!" Her mother finished packing the bag. She gave Charolote the bag, who swung it over her shoulder and grabbed the babe. She wrapped her up, and then looked at the woman. "Bye Lass." Mother's eyes were watery with tears. She gave her a long hug. " I love you. I'l be back." "Don't worry lass, about that. Hurry! Leave!" The tears swimming in her eyes flowed over, and Charlotte walked out the door. outside, was a light grey horse. She carefully got on it, balancing the babe, and checking the cloud, rushed it into a gallop. thank you everyone for the feedback!
  4. _Meow_

    Chnge The Destiny Rp

    Next to her, appeared a girl in dark blue jeans and a flowing white shirt. "Let's find out more about him. Like, Misuki, we should give him a chance." She turns to the boy. "I'll be watching you though."
  5. _Meow_

    The Strange Friendship

    his words "i hold themclose to my heart" seem very sad. I wonder how his family died.
  6. _Meow_

    Love Laws - The Noncanonical Av2 Pairings

    @Hikari oh.. .i forget at times. My apologies. Thanks 4 reminding me.
  7. _Meow_

    Blank Slate

    oooh. Sounds intriging. Please do continue
  8. _Meow_

    The Fate; Riona

    Thank you, and @theAdept_Rogue, I shall. I love your username btw. Every two hundred years, there was born a Fate .The Fate controlled what happened to the rest of the world. With a few tears, it rained, a smile the sun shine bright, filling the world with radiance. The fate was a savior, but also a dangerous weapon. if influenced by the wrong people, captured by the Dark Riders, Riona could help them take over the world. Everyday would be filled with despair, cruelty, and malevolence. Love, hope, and happiness would disappear, and all that was good would be tainted and twisted. But, if she was good, then the Demons would be pushed back, allowing peace and prosperity through-out the land for the next two hundred years. It was an eternal race, one that raged on and on. and this was the latest.
  9. _Meow_

    Chnge The Destiny Rp

    Is it too late for me ta join in? Username- _Meow_ (Look up ^) name- Riona name such as- The Hearer, The Tower Age- 17. Gender-Female Palace- The Space Between the Lost, and uncertain, and the Found and Assured (Long name I know, Just call it Space please. Or The castle between) Appearance- Long, wavy auburn hair, knowing hazel eyes, with a calm smile on her face most of the time. Slightly tall, and thin, Personality- Calm, thoughtful, Mentally Strong, takes on the role of the Counselor. She listens and worries about and to everyone. She is wise, and much older than her years. She wants people to take the things she says seriously, because she has a reason for saying anything. Likes; Music, Calm, And helping people. Dislikes; Cruelty, Gossip, And Stubbornness. Main element; Spirit and Air Attacks- Mind of the Soul, Emotion Charge, and Quiet Submitancy . Name of transformation; Cries of Heart Motto- All shall be well in the end.
  10. _Meow_

    The Fate; Riona

    It was dark and stormy. The sky had turned ominous long ago, the light clouds changing, as if foretelling that the horrible things that would happen. Charlotte, turned, and looked at the swirling weather. "Mother! Mother!" She yelled." It is time!" She took off to the house, as if demons were chasing her. On the horizon, however, rode a band of just that, They were the Dark Riders, and their name brought chills to the spine of any man who heard the name. They slaughtered and killed with no mercy They touched everyone's lives around them; For the worse. and they were coming. They had finally glimpsed what they had been looking for. They found the babe. The sought-after babe, was not yet ten months old. Her grey eyes were wide, holding the knowledge of that of the wisest man , and her dark hair was in the tiniest pigtails around her head. Her name was Riona, and she was the Fate. ( It's not that long, but please, do tell me if you want me to continue.)
  11. _Meow_


    Qwillie- Aw! Its cute. Twiceth- I loved how it rhymed, and was, like ujwal08 states, sweet and simple. My personal Dilemma My heart aches My love is for two And both will leave me soon... whoever shall I choose? I've known one for longer but the other better. One is kind and sweet the other funny and thoughtful. My time is short for my two loves and What'er shall I do? Here's the friendship one; Your call down the hall calms the squall Your laugh through the air makes me feel cared your Smile to my frown eases the slightest down You have the solutions to my questions the patience for my fears To my insecurities, you reassure to my doubts you confirm You are strong, and you are confident and beautiful in your way not the world's. You are independent, and crazy, and I could go on and on, but for now, I'm just grateful That you're my friend. (Yet again, sorry if these suck. But thanks for the feedback!)
  12. _Meow_

    The Clearing

    I like the story so far! Its intriguing ! Please, continue on.
  13. _Meow_


    Thank you!
  14. _Meow_


    Fire, and Pain The glint in your eye I cant contain And i scream. You laugh at me weak and frail but tis i who shall prevail... I was inspired by the poem starter that BadMagick wrote and i wanted to write one of my own. I dont plan on having this like theirs though.This was a single poem, and id like it to remain that way. However, feel free to add your own creations! :dragon:
  15. _Meow_

    Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

    Ya, like Zorom said, i like how hes finally accepting Rhen! . His distaste of Damien; I cant help but agrree. I never liked that dude.