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  1. ok, here's an update.. I found this post of a nice RTP that contained some nice sounds and it's kinda nice.. I found it in rmrk.. plus, I already got the title for the game(Or maybe not >.<)..
  2. thanks, I've tried to do it once but it really is not so good. If you could smoothen the lines I'd be happy. i'll send a pm later, I still needed to find it..
  3. Hi! I have a drawing that I wish someone can color it in photoshop for me.. I don't have one and i have a lot of files in my computer right now.. I'll pm it to him/her who can help me... I promise i'll include him/her to the credits.. Please and thank you.
  4. thanks,But I'm not good at story making, it's my sister who makes good stories.. I can't post pictures yet since I got 5 exams after 2 days.
  5. Okay, I'm starting a new game, but the problem is: I don't have a name for it yet.. I've been too busy this year, but here are some screenshots to see how i have been working: Story: it's not well developed, but, here it goes: Aaron, (the main character)is forced to leave Velaria Port for his dream and to find a new apartment. But as he travel to the capital city of the Mainland, a mysterious person and a spellcaster named Ara is trying to stop him and murder the king. (You'll find out why in chapter 2)Then, Aaron is ordered by the king to get the murderer with his son named Klaus, who is only 10 years old. In this chapter, it will bring you to the Mainland Region, from a small town, to a big city, then to a floating town.. Features(So Far) -a Animated Sideview Battle System -Light effects wether it is nighttime or inside the sewers -two chapter endings -a couple of minigames -Trading System Main Characters: Aaron Aaron is an unemployed 17 year old with a bit knowledge in using swords. Aaron was a long lost son of a knight of Kronos City. Aranielle Gwendale Ara is one of the few spellcasters left in the world. Ara was paid to spy on Aaron, but it was not for money, but to know the evil plans of the Mysterious Man. Prince Klaus Thermopolis Klaus is the son of the king and queen of Kronos. Klaus is a 10 year old learning mage that wanted to travel around the world. Jennifer Hartnet Jennifer is a lovely girl who lived in Heavlin with her relatives. She is 15 years old and she is a priest and loves kids(especially 10 year olds). Screenshots: Demo: Well, I have to get to 50% so i can show the demo. Credits: Enterbrain CCOA Lambchop(Amanda) NearFanastica MOROMAGA DerVVulfman CACAO Arcane Realm Like it? Well, it's going to be a game with 7 chapters.. And for the first chapter, I've done at least 25% by now.. I'll post another pic when I get to 30%.. Update: Hi I have progressed a bit and would like to let everyone know that the progress is becoming so slow.. Not that I'm very busy lately, but i'm lacking some tilesets.. It won't take so long but if you would like to share some tilesets, I would be very grateful.. Thank you..
  6. Jeea


    yes, i am aware that i can encrypt--i was trying to avoid that so if the need arose, i could replace just a map instead of the entire demo. or, in this case, a piece of music. -------------------------------------------------- but if you encrypt,your audio files wont be encrypted and i found a way to separate the map files from being encrypted, just separate it from the data folder.. There is a script that creates the main directory of the map.. You can change the directory....
  7. Jeea


    oh.. sorry XD I will not do it again... I didn't quite understand the rule at first, but since that's what you meant, i will not try to do it again..But, you do know that you could encrypt it?
  8. Jeea


    Sorry for going through game files but i went through game files so that i could fix some errors and play the rest of the demo.. But I really can't wait untill the whole part of the game shows up.. *thumbs up*
  9. Jeea


    Just checked the demo out, and found that there was a couple of glitches.. 1.I noticed that there's no way to onyx's tower.. but a way out somewhere in the entrance hall.. (it may not be a bug..) 2.The exit to Neras from the castle is leading to map 1 which does not exist.. and 3 are some graphical bugs but the game seems nice.. bye the way, I finished practicing.. I tried going out but it still says i'm not allowed to leave.. how do I get to Neras? Thanks ^^
  10. Jeea


    that explains why it's small(the file).. I have been wondering how you got it smaller. And since I've been waiting for this game since last year, it sure won't hurt to try the demo ^^..
  11. KTC, i have a problem with a switch in Venwood. The letter in the weapon shop won't appear,(yeah, I'm reading the walkthrough XD)but if i'm not mistaken, it's supposed to turn a switch on right? To make it nighttime when I leave the city? Well, i'm really excited to play the chase part(yes, the walkthrough again)in the game... pleASE fix it fast! http://www.mediafire.com/file/u21mzrz30ccr8pa/Save02.lsd it's next to the post that says Venwood,
  12. Jeea

    Soon to be!(Only a pic)

    Yeah.. I'm still having writer's block on the storyline.. There's no title yet, not a sing plot, name or anything, but maybe when I get a clearer view, and sometimes I may change some things.. The Post for this game can only be posted when I really got to 60 percent.. (A really long way up)..
  13. Yep, I formatted the colors of the normal pictures and compiled them..(note: All of the tilesets came from Enterbrain, I edited their colors..
  14. Hmm, I can send you a file to help you fix it..
  15. I was interested in making facesets, well, I had a hard time making it fully white and black with smooth texture, And colored it, well it turned great with Photoshop cs3 from my mom's pc, but then I suddenly forgot to place some faces on it! If anyone could help me for placing anime eyes only, I'd like to give credit, and please don't use it on some of your game projects, I worked hard on it, because it's my first time making those, It took me Precious Hours to make those.. I'll Pm it to you if you are willing to help, :cry: Please do hurry!