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  1. So, I bought this game a long time ago (five years or so) and I can only find an Activation code, Product ID, and an Unlock code but none of them are the 'key' that I need to put in to say that I have already bought the game. Is there anyway I could get that sent to me?
  2. I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada. About a 1000 people live here I think. It's really beautiful in the area that I live in - about two hours away from Toronto. A lot of forests, waterfalls, and old rock formations. I plan on living in other places too, Haneul, but I probably going to end up settling down back in Canada
  3. Connie, nice to meet you too and the one, there's just one thing I wanted to be clearer on...so you don't think gays should adopt because they'll 'spread their gayness'? Really? It's not like it's a disease.
  4. hey everyone . So I was on the computer and I was thinking, wow, I haven't been on amaranthia in an unbelievable amount of time. (2 years I think) It made me so happy and really suprised to see this still active. I don't have time to read through all the opinions and no doubt heated conversations that I missed, but I just wanted to let everyone know how happy i was to see that this was still here P.s. Mom and Kate (my stepmom) are still together and happier than ever!
  5. wooo update! I'm enjoying the sexual tension between Lars and Rhen. It's fantastic XD
  6. Oh wow O.o It's been so long since I've written this story I pretty much forgot about it! I don't think I originally planned for it to be longer than one entry - but I've been in the writing mood lately so maybe I'll go for it. It's just hard to find the time to sit down and WRITE, but summer holidays are in two weeks, So I promise I'll get on this. Thanks for all the comments guys
  7. Kiko !! OKAY, all I've been able to read so far is the first chapter, but I thought I'd leave a comment anyway. I haven't been on the site in FOREVER, but I promise I'll come back to read more of this - so far- amazing story. So so so so so great, just like all of your other ones ^^ Now I have a major incentive (<- spelt wrong ?) to come back on more often. XD yay this was definitely the highlight of my day. EDIT: So I finished what you have written so far. It's excellent, of course! I ACTUALLY burst out laughing, and I'm and "inside reader", you know what I mean? You are extremely talented ! Congrats on the boyfriend ...but just remember us amaranthians waiting ever-so-not-patiently for your next update aislingyngaio: Edited out offensive word
  8. Hmm, it wouldn't be too late to share my opinion, would it? I'm sorry if I repeat things, I'm too lazy to read over all the posts XD Alright. First of all, I absolutely adored Twilight, and I thought that the characters actually had a lot of depth to them. They get better as the books go on... I always thought that Bella was actually pretty strong for the circumstances. She did move away from her mom...She was strong enough to do everything she needed to do. But it did get a little annoying at sometimes, when everything was 'Edward can't love me as much as I love him. Oh, everything about him is perfect.' In fact, throughout the series, EdwardxBella kind of sucked for me and I admit to skimming through the parts where they were together. I would have to say Jasper is my favourite character. I loved all the other vampires, and Jacob Black too, but Jasper just seemed to click. It would be easier to explain if this was a Twilight series discussion My favourite part in Twilight would be when they were driving home from the restaurant, and it's basically complete torture for Edward and Bella first finds out for sure he's a vampire.
  9. Anyone hear the scandalous news? The little girl that sang in the opening ceremony was lip sinking- but not to her own voice. There was a another seven year old girl that wasn't 'cute enough' to put in the spotlight. That made me Grrrr.
  10. Awww. My face got all Awww-ish when I was reading this. Though it does kinda suck that lars isn't in love with her. I guess that would've been totally out of character...and yes, cliched. Love it!
  11. Poop! I just caught the end of it- where this one guy is running sideways on the screen. And all the fireworks- WOW.
  12. Question: I'm assuming those that took part in it shouldn't vote?
  13. Oh, no. Missed it. Anyone have a link so I oculd watch it on the internet?
  14. Hmm...small little thing I enjoyed writing. This is Talia's time, unconcious, healing from her burns. --------- Pain. No one knows the meaning of pain until they've felt this. Burning, stinging, agonizing fire erupted and roared throughout my entire body. It oliberates any reason, control, sense, or thought. Pain strips you to your bare minimum until you have nothing left, nothing but a drive. A drive to escape.
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