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  1. Please check the forum, beta testing has started. But you can still sign up.
  2. We're now looking for beta testers! Let me know if you're interested. Beta testing starts tomorrow but you can jump in anytime.
  3. Thanks, guys! If anyone knows how to use the "RPG Maker XP" engine, I am now looking for a (paid) mapper: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=18667&post_id=416173#forumpost416173
  4. No, it's okay, you can use it. I probably submitted it as a resource a few years ago haha. BTW what's the "Songs" feature? Does it play the game's songs? Sounds interesting.
  5. Is that my windowskin from Whisper of a Rose? O.o
  6. Wow, MCM, I'm really impressed you recognize the characters just from the back of their heads! You're right, it's Bubbles, Lars, Lily and Kratin. The game's cast is like a mix of well-known characters + new ones, taking on over-the-top cliché dangers.
  7. Thanks! Epic Quest is a parody of sorts, containing characters and events from games like Aveyond~.
  8. Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals is an upcoming game we're working on at RosePortal Games. It will be a stand-alone game, unrelated to Whisper of a Rose, Sweet Lily Dreams or The Princess' Heart. I decided to make a topic here as Epic Quest references Amaranthia games as well. Everything here is WIP, including the synopsis. Story: The Emperor of the evil Empire is going to use the 4 elemental crystals to destroy the Kingdom. The Oracle, however, tells him of a boy that will lead to his down-fall -- the Chosen One, Theodore. The Emperor sends General Kujae to capture this boy at the village of Farmville, but Theodore escapes with his best friend Mary and must set out on a journey to stop the evil Emperor from destroying the world! He is joined by Stiletta -- the sensual Black Mage -- and Zipadeedo -- the umbrella-carrying female dwarf. Screenshots:
  9. The official trailer has now been released! Go check it out and 'Like' it, and next year you will receive plenty of fortune! ^_~
  10. Alpha testing is now closed! For those interested in beta testing next week, check out this announcement: http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&type=&topic_id=17484
  11. Still looking for one more alpha-tester!
  12. For those who are interested, there are still 1-2 spots left.
  13. Okay guys, it's here!! If there was a spot available for you, you've now received a PM with your own download link. Now please bare with me as we've used a new encryption method, and let's bugtest!
  14. Thank you. Prepared the alpha version for you guys today and attempted to encrypt it, but it wouldn't work. Sent the problem to the programmer to fix.
  15. I'm afraid the company will go down-hill from here. They can only milk the existing products so far, and to be honest when something like this has happened in the past 99% of the time it did not turn out well...
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