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  1. Once such a incident took place in my life too, but i was not able to save the pet. I tried hard to save him, but it was just out of my capability. Me and my friends tried very hard to save the pet but we only got defeat at the end. though we gave that pet a longer life. Meaning, we saved the life of the pet nearly 4-5 times. But death was just not accepting defeat and in the end we weren't able to save the pet and he died because of his injuries. Maybe we could had saved him if we would have showed some more braveness.
  2. LOL this is fun! after 54 translations- No Pain no gain - Disease (O_O ) kbljkl - kbljkl (huh?? No help lol) Eternal Eden (yeah you guessed right, its a game) - In the eternal Note- If the following translations offend you then do PM me and i will remove the one which offends you. This is just for fun but if it offends you then do tell me. I don't wanna spoil anyone's fun. (No offence but i have one word- LOOOOL) Note- SOmething was written in urdu or maybe some other language before europe.I wasn't able to understand it so i just copied Euorpe._ Valkyriet - Europe Valkyriet - Valkyries (Wow! We can't stop one valy-poo. Who will stop so many XDD jk jk jk :laughing: Shaz - Shadow (Aisling, Your wish (somewhat) came TRUE!! Aisling - Pressure These were the one after 54 translations(max) Now i present the 24 translations - Aisling - Oh, Ping Plug (Sorry again!) Shaz - Shadow (Again!) No pain no gain - No, no, pain (Someone wants no pain xDD) Now lets pull the leg of this translator(After all it has pulled legs of so many ppl XDD) - (After 25 translations) Bad Translator - Compile Error(It really seems so) Bad Translator - Failure to collect (Collect what?? your Burgers? Beware. Cats are going crazy and snatching and eating everyone's cheese burgers ) LOOL Okay. i am tired now. So i am stopping it here. I again ask to DO PM me if anything offends someone. I will surely remove it. I don't wanna spoil anyone's fun
  3. Quote- Aisling wrote- "ALL guild members are ELIGIBLE to put their names forward to be considered as beta testers of a game. But of course, not ALL will be chosen. After all, there are only a limited number of available spots for each game's beta test." Quote ends. Yeah thats what i wanted to say. Aisling can explain better than me :shy:
  4. @Shaz: Agreed! @Ktc: yes but correcting is changing the meaning lol. Umm..as much as i heard, only selected guild members can do beta testing. Not all guild members get to do the beta testing(I heard from one of my guild friends)
  5. @Ktc: Don't twist my posts. Please read them with comfort and cool mind and see what i said. I said that "Admins would surely decide in the end but there is NO HARM in asking ppl's opinions". Is their any harm in that?? @Shaz: Lol so late? I thought sending messages(PMs) to spammers about forum rules will solve the problem(Of course PM should show strictness and anger which you already have ) Looks like spammers don't listen that easily :P Off Topic- @Aisling: Your siggie is awesome! I hope Ryo is not seeing me here. *Runs away slowly-slowly*
  6. @Tinponi: I don't know about the old forum. you talking about the old site or this new site? Also ppl used to live without even fans in ancient times. but today we(not all but some. i use cooler Truly saying, that cooler if of no use. Heat never drops by cooler lol. I am happy that i am living in 45 degree Celsius.) use ACs. Quote- "If the cost to be guilded is lowered to 500 as you suggest, then it will cheapen even more what we oldies accomplished. It has already been cheapened way too much. " If you think if it has already been cheapened a lot then okay. i agree with that. Some users achieve guild member ship only after 3 months lol. They are proofs that it has been cheapened so i agree that it has been cheapened. Though i would still have to say that it needs a lot activeness on site to achieve a guild member ship in three months(i am perfect example). Maybe its because i don't go in hbt which is a real gold mine lol. @Mae: I was telling about how rules are made. Not how admins are made. Rules as in democracy are decided by a group of ppl(admins, mods) but theres no harm in asking ppl's opinions also. Of course no one is loosing by a small poll.
  7. @Aisling: Of course! though if it would be 500 gold then there will be more TEAS XD lol. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: 500 gold should only be if cottage gold system is removed(though Shaz already told about the problem so i think gold system won't be removed) hmm. *goes and checks in cottage forum* umm?? Admins can always warn spammers and they will surely stop after receiving a Admin's message. @Connie: I agree that Welcoming is important and is good. But where did the gold system came in between?? If ppl welcome only for gold then it means they are spamming.
  8. @Adept: Mel can be a Descendant. Not the real friend of jack lol.
  9. @Ktc: Exactly!! thats what i am also saying. But theres never any harm to ask ppl's opinions. Quote- "We can chat and debate all we like, but the admins have the last word on everything." Quote ends. Isn't that same as Presidency Democracy? A group of ppl decide which laws should be added or removed in democracy also. @Shaz: Aah.Yeah! I remember now. You told about this problem when a user here asked for a separate forum like Spam Haven for Aveyond talks. @Whoop: Exactly!! Those who don't spam on cottages much usually have less gold. Maybe 1000 gold is a lil high for guild. It should be 750 or 500 gold. if someone doesn't spam, he/she would have to wait for too loooong for membership.
  10. @Mae and aeternus: i agree with both of u. Though if it would just be among guilded members then(as Aeternus said) it won't be democratic. @Ktc: There is no other Democratic way. Of course admins can remove it without adding polls lol. I was just telling the democratic way. And as for "Activeness" in forum, i don't think that polls can ba added in cottages so no, we can't ask that in cottage so that spammers can give their opinion. Though in forums, still there are some ppl who can tell their opinion. Ppl come on this site and it doesn't matter how many ppl come. Who come, are Amaranthians and cottage issue considers Amaranthians. Though i agree that the poll should be set up in holidays so that more ppl can vote. As for ppl who don't log in for months, also don't goto cottage for months, thus for meanwhile we can still set it up. Maybe the best idea is that Admins should remove gold system without polls. Whatever happens in poll, even after that, only Admins will decide what to do. So maybe we should leave it to Admins then. @Aisling: I am also wondering the same thing. I don't remember if someone ever mentioned TEA forum lol.
  11. Quote- EsmeAmelia wrote- "It's 30 years between AP and AV1, 200 years between AV1 and AV2, and 100 years between AV2 and AV3." Quote ends! Its 300 years between av2 and av3 if my memory serves me right though i can be wrong also. Oh well. How old is galahad now lol. @Agas: Sorry but i didn't understood what you are asking lol . I don't think Ahriman wrecked Thais AFTER Talia defeated him. At least the group didn't went to wrecked Thais.
  12. Its surely 30 years after ap. But i don;t know why i think its not 30 but instead 50 lool. Some times it looks strange. Though we never have been told if ap and av are situated in ancient times and if yes then how can ppl survive for 70 years lol. At that time life span was quite small imo.
  13. Lol 800 gold?? Thats really high lol. maybe he was just giving a idea. :evil: Oh btw did anyone ever wanted to live in a mansion or palace rather than cottage. (Joking joking jk.) Oh well, i think as ktc said, there is no stop to spamming. If it would be stopped at cottages than it would be somewhere else. Though spamming would surely reduce but theres no stop to it. umm..How about a poll. That way we would know if Amaranthians want the gold system to be removed from cottages. Though i don't think that plan would also work as most ppl will deny. Though theres no problem in trying.
  14. Gold system should be removed(as i said before) from cottages(one of the reasons i haven't made cottage till now. I don't want "Welcome to AM" now lol) Also maybe you should write it specially in hall of rule that "cottage Spamming and Collegium Spamming are wrong". *Goes and checks* umm...thought of adding "No Spamming" in Castle Amaranthia as some ppl SOMETIMES ONLY don't go to hall of rule. Just like this (Quotation)- 'A big Elephant attracts more attention than a Ant"
  15. Its promotion has been done quite less. Maybe thats why its late. I think it would be middle june (june 12-24) Lets wait and see when it will be out. I wonder when we will get exact date. Truly saying some of the ppl don't even know that ydf is a Amaranth production(I also wasn't knowing till i join amaranth after playing aveyond. I played ydf but didn't knew it was a AM production lolz). The name "Aveyond" is more famous than "Amaranth" lol *Waiting for an exact date*
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