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  1. @Mizzou, I'm glad you liked it enough to want to come back, Alice springs has some beautiful country over that way. I know what ya mean bout the heat, I always complain when its summer and we are melting in the over 40 celicus heat but I know I could never live without it.
  2. { its all good Lav } Aaroha takes her staff, she doesn't bother to test it for she knows how bad her powers can be. "you gave it up, you people have know idea" Rinaii's words echo in her head, "if only she really knew" Aaroha thinks to her self " she's a wolf and she thinks thats bad, wait until she see's the true extent of my power" "I'm a prince from the palace of emrald" she hears, turning slowly she notices the young male from the park, Smiling kindly she walks towards him, still she senses his reluctance to get to close so she leaves a little distance between them. "welcome prince, I am Aaroha, will you be joining us on our quest your majesty" not waiting for a response she turns back to the group "speaking of quest, we really should get started" {Don't under estimate Aaroha, I have some wicked twists coming up lol}
  3. {lol yes it is Lav, I updated my post, I have another character elsewhere called Adara, I got them mixed up}
  4. Aaroha listens intently as suddenly everything begins to make sense. "is there anything else you can tell us or teach us squirrel, if so please hurry, I fear we are running out of time to find Lilly's friend and the woman"
  5. I won't give my exact location but I live in the country about 2 hours from the nearest city and 30 minutes from the local town. There are approximatley 20 - 30 people who live in the area and my closest neighbor is about 10 kilometres away. We have mountains to one side and nothing but land the other, Its a bout a 5 minute drive to the ocean. I've lived in south australia my entire life and I love it. I've been to perth (western australia) and to melbourne (victoria). Melbourne was way to busy for me and it seemed everyone was always in "go go go" mode. Perth whilst being a big city seems quieter somehow, more peaceful and I fell in love with it, I could never live there though, I'm a country girl always have been. I hate adelaide (south australia's city), lots of people love it but I could never find anything I liked with it.
  6. I started reading it but I very quickly got bored, I watched the movie all the way through but it wasn't a movie I'd go out and buy, To each their own (as they say)
  7. Adara is startled at first as the stranger aproaches, But then she see's him holding out of glass of water "thank you" she says quietly, "Yes I am Adara, what is your name may I ask?" Adara waits patiently for the male to respond, from the distance she can see a girl leaning into a pond, falling in and then jumping out and falling over. Adara does not wait any longer for an answer from kind stranger who brought her the water. She moves quickly to the girl "are you ok?" she asks. {Thanks for the welcomes}
  8. Aaroha stands silent for a few moments, Its hard for her to discuss her past and she doesn't really know these girls very well. She looks at the group and then begins. "I was born in the temple of darkness, I was taught to hurt and cause pain, But unlike everyone else I sensed that it was wrong to hurt others" she says "I've always known that I was able to do things others couldn't, I was told that when the time came I would be able to make others see whatever and feel whatever I wanted them too" Aaroha looks to the ground, her face full of shame, she does not bother to look up for she is certain that the other girls won't like her anymore now that they know what she is.
  9. After landing at the temple Aaroha is a little confused, " I should have been paying attention" she thinks to herself, for a moment her mind wanders back to the young male standing in the park, "Hopefuly we will go back and see if he knows anything" she thinks. Aaroha decides to see what else the mysterious squirrel has to say.
  10. KittyKatz

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    I was going to use my real life nickname that a bunch of friends gave me (Speccy - short for Spectolas) but I was sitting here and 2 of my cats (I have 2) came wandering into my room so I typed in KittyKatz lol
  11. Adara feels the exhaustion start to take over, she has been walking for two days and her energy is almost gone. "just a little further" she tells herself "the school has to be here somewhere, if only the invitation gave better directions" Walking through the clearing and up the path Adara see the gates ahead, Luckily it appears to still be day and the gates are still open. As she gets closer an overwhelming sadness feels her heart. Terrible things have taken place and Adara considers turning around, "no I can't, I've come this far" she tells herself. Adara stands there for a few moments contemplating what to do next
  12. Username: KittyKatz Character Name: Adara Delton Character Age: 24 Gender: Female Breed: Human Looks: Long black hair, blue eyes, short, average body, pale skin, almost always dresses in jeans and a hooded jacket Secundary breed (if he has): Main Job: Goddess Of Life 2nd Job: Fortune Teller 3rd Job: Dancer Background history (if you wants, small sinopsys): nothing known Personality (stick to it): kind, gentle, a little shy sometimes but very honest, will always say what she thinks. Likes: Flowers, Music & Cats Dislikes: Oranges, Mud & Demons Weaknesses: Adara's biggest weakness is her hate for hurting living things. Strenghs: Adara has the ability to control nature, she is a dancer which makes her very agile. Adara also has the ability to predict the future of others (she can not see her own) Elements controlled (if so): Nature - Plants & Birds Weapons: A good strong punch (though she hates doing it) Faction (if wishes to enter one): Good {Entrance coming shortly}
  13. Aisling, I agree 100%...I don't know what her parents were like they had nothing to do with me or my siblings. My grandparents on my dads side were wonderful, they both passed on but they were great grandparents.
  14. @KTC: He never knew, we were to afraid of her to tell him what was happening and she was always careful enough to leave bruises in places we could hide. After she left I told him everything and the pain in his eyes was very hard for me to see, he said if he had ever known he would have made sure she would never hurt anyone else. and I agree, shes a very cold and evil person
  15. "I can't belive I'm listening to a squirrel" Aaroha thinks to herself, Turning around she checks to see if anyone is watching, She notices a young male hanging further back but close enough she belives to be able to hear. She notices his red hair and his eyes the colour of grass. Aaroha senses the young males reluctance to get to close. "maybe" she thinks to herself "he may know something we don't" Aaroha beckones the young male closer "come over" she silently mouths
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